LinkedIn Ads is definitely for you (if you fall in these 7 categories)




LinkedIn Ads is definitely for you (if you fall in these 7 categories)

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In this video, I will talk about LinkedIn Ads, whether it works as a channel and how and when to use it

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What do you think about LinkedIn ads as A paid media channel you'll hear a lot Of mixed opinions about this question Some will say it has expensive CPM CPL CPAs compared to Google Tik Tok meta ads Some will say LinkedIn ADS works for us And it's always part of our media mix And some will say it's not scalable and Then there are certain digital marketers Who will say it's good for only B2B Advertisers and some would say we love This channel because it has such unique Targeting capabilities actually LinkedIn Ads is a very unique channel it's a he Channel for certain advertisers and for Some scenarios it's not among the first Choices so that's why I decided to do This video where I'll go through my Experience and I'll tell you the top Scenarios when LinkedIn must be a part Of your media Plan the first one is if you want to Explore inmail ad formats or kind of Expand on your email marketing we all Know that email marketing has kind of Made a comeback in the past few years But the reasons behind it is our Different topic alog together and maybe A topic for another video but we all Know that there's a big issue with email Marketing which is that you need to have These email lists even if you have these Email list there's no way to kind of Expand on it or make this channel

Scalable and Linkedin in this case kind Of fills that Gap somehow so you can Reach out to audiences beyond your email List and directly deliver your message In their LinkedIn inbox and with the Right email email copy we have seen some Very good results one of the campaigns I Would highlight is we were working with A client where they needed almost 200 Leads of Architects who they wanted Basically for a paid survey now with Such Precision audience requirement and Scale it's impossible to do this Campaign anywhere except LinkedIn and Linkedin makes it easy you go you Target Only architects now before we jump into The point number two and the power of LinkedIn ads I want to share a very Important resource with you which can Help you to become a pro when it comes To LinkedIn ads I recommend this ebook Called how to run successful LinkedIn Ads which is a complete guide to set you For Success on running LinkedIn ads you Can download this ebook for free from The link in the description below the Book starts with the basics like how to Set up a powerful LinkedIn page and then Dives into how to prepare and launch a Very successful LinkedIn ads campaign It's like a step-by-step guide on how to Create a campaign manager account create Campaign objectives set targeting Strategy in your campaign set budgets

And bidding and not just the campaign Setup it also covers how to optimize Your campaign post launch my favorite Part in the book is the ad format Section because you will know all the Available ad formats on LinkedIn ads and The best practices for each of these Formats which will help you to get the Most out of your LinkedIn ads campaign This book was created by HubSpot who is Also sponsoring this video so back to Point number two the Second Use case of LinkedIn ass is when you're promoting a Professional event I have worked Extensively with event management Companies like DMG events Ina and worked On a lot of projects with them when it Comes to event whether the objective is To generate awareness or sell tickets or Get leads for the sponsors it's very Difficult in most of the cases to reach To such Niche audiences for example Let's talk about the hotel show it's an Event where all the companies who make Products and services for the hotels and Hospitality industry come together and They showcase they're offering and the Ideal attendees for this is people who Work in hotel industry now if you have To do a ticket sales campaign for this It's very difficult to reach out to Specifically people who work for hotel Industry on Google YouTube meta Tik Tok But LinkedIn makes it easy and if you

Are working with such an event Management company LinkedIn is one of Your first choices the third category is If you want to do account-based Marketing using online advertising for ABM LinkedIn is for sure the hero Channel and the first channel you should Look at account-based marketing is Basically you create a list of all the Companies whether it's 100 200 500 all These companies you want to be your Customers and then you focus all your Marketing only on the decision makers And the decision influencers working for These companies and if you want to know More about ABM I have a detailed video About it on my channel so what better Option do you have than LinkedIn ads Where you can literally Target only People who work for certain companies And who have certain job roles basically Not just ABM l LinkedIn can be used for Any B2B Advertiser whether they are into Management consulting or digital Marketing agencies or they are it Solution providers so any B2B Advertiser LinkedIn should be their first choice Now to give you a quick brief if you're Doing ABM imagine you have 100 companies You want to be your customers you target Employees of only those 100 companies on LinkedIn and you keep sharing as an ad You run testimonials you run case Studies and this will influence a lot

This will a very impactful account-based Marketing strategy and Linkedin makes it Super easy for you number four promoting Higher education or training programs Now this one is a no-brainer because Everyone knows that you can easily Target People based on their experience Or their education level on LinkedIn so If you're promoting a master's degree of Any University you can go ahead and Target people who recently graduated or People who are graduates and working From a year or two or people who are Currently doing internships plus one More thing you have to understand about LinkedIn in this case is even if you're Able to reach out to these people Somehow on YouTube or Tik Tok or Instagram the mindset of people when They're on LinkedIn is very very Different so if your offering is Something related to upskilling or a Training program or a master's degree They will take it more seriously because They are in that zone while they are Surfing LinkedIn I can vouch for this One because I have worked with two big Universities in UAE and in both cases LinkedIn was a major part of our media Plan now our fifth C category is when You're promoting a webinar or an online Event or even digital products this goes Back to our second category which is Promoting an events but this one is more

Focused towards online events and b2c And specifically for promoting an online Event LinkedIn event ads make the job Very easy you can literally create this As an event on your LinkedIn page and Promote it using LinkedIn event ads and This one too I can vou for because I Have experience in this because one of My clients in 2020 or 2021 was a nonprofit organization and we Have done a lot of event promotions on LinkedIn for them and it used to do Really good and the same case applies to Digital products which are like Professional digital products for Example on my store I sell uh digital Products and if I ever have to do Advertising for these digital products My first choice would be LinkedIn Because I can easily Target people who Work in media industry digital media Industry and the probability of them Engaging with these professional digital Products like media plan templates is Higher while they're LinkedIn compared To Tik Tok Instagram or YouTube or any Other channel and the sixth one in our List is pension schemes and actually a Broader um I would say systematic Investment platforms if you have been in Digital marketing for a while you might Have heard the concept called hni or High net worth individuals and a lot of Companies Target them because they have

Higher buying potential but there's a New Concept in digital marketing these Days floating called high earning Individuals these people not necessarily Have high net worth but they make a lot Of money experienced it Consultants or People working in senior roles in it or Senior lawyers or people working for These big consulting firms people Working for brokerages now these are People who make a lot of money and Pension schemes and these systematic Safe passive investment ideas might be Very prompting for them and if you are Working for such a company it's very Easy on LinkedIn to reach out to them You select certain industries certain Job roles and bingo why I specifically Mention pension schemes is because one Of my colleagues used to he used to Handle one client who was a pension Scheme basically they have pension Scheme products and Linkedin used to Work uh very well for them and even in Mail format used to work uh very well For them the last one and the seventh One on our list is Consulting and Advisory Services I came across a Particular campaign recently and that's What motivated me to do this video in The first place now the short story is Like this one of my friends owns a Company in UA and on his LinkedIn his Designation is mentioned as founder now

Recently he got an inail message on his LinkedIn about the cut off date of Corporate Tex in UAE basically the Inmail was a very brief uh of the Government notification them that came Out and at the end they kind of sold Their services that if you still have to File your corporate text for the Financial year we can help you with this And he actually went ahead with them This this is a brilliant idea and Actually it'll work for any company who Is in consulting or advisory business But just keep in mind that inmail Messages might not be available in all European countries so in short the Conclusion of this video is there are Three factors which make LinkedIn unique The first one is the capability to Target jobs experience job roles Industry and the second one is formats Like event promotion or inmail messages Or conversation ads and the third one is The mindset of the people while they are On this particular platform and if You're an Advertiser who can leverage Any of these three factors of LinkedIn Then LinkedIn becomes a must channel for You to have in your media plan I hope This video was helpful thank you so much And I'll see you in the next one

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