How To Market Your Ecommerce Brand on a Shoestring Budget (Free Kit!)




How To Market Your Ecommerce Brand on a Shoestring Budget (Free Kit!)

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to market your e-commerce brand with absolutely nothing!

In this video, we’re going to show you the top budget marketing hacks that will skyrocket your brand’s visibility. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your e-commerce marketing strategy, this video is packed with actionable insights and creative ideas.

Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from making a big impact!

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[Music] If you build it they will come doesn't Really work in 2024 sorry Kevin cner you Beautiful man there's just too much of Everything all the time it takes hard Work and sometimes big money to get your Business in front of the right eyeballs If you're running an e-commerce business Chances are you're already doing the Basics I'm talking SEO optimization Building your social media presence Using targeted social campaigns Google Ad campaigns oh and maybe some PP Placement that's awesome keep doing that But most businesses don't have the Capital for fancy TV spots that will Really get your brand out there that was Brutal wish planners had just killed me Off again and budgets are stretched thin As it is I mean a TV spot in this Economy who are we Teemu the good news Is there are some clever and affordable Ways to help your business Stand Out Among the noise all while building Valuable relationships with your Customers and increasing sales you ready You're probably already utilizing email Market Right sending out information about a New product or big sales that's great But there's so much more you can do to Activate your email list even though It's base level digital marketing There's a reason it's a staple it's

Cheap and it works email list can be Leveraged with Hyper personal emails to The customer check this out follow up With them after their last purchase and Ask them how they're enjoying it ask Them for a review retarget Shoppers who Left items in their cart 70% of Sho Shopping carts are abandoned and that's A retailer reminding me I left something In my cart one Sec see how effective that was and it Was probably automated in fact research Shows an email like this is the most Effective the first hour after cart Abandonment offering a discount code to Make that purchase more urgent and Enticing is a great idea too you know That hole you miss 100% of the shots you Don't take well you also Miss 100% of The 70% of abandoned shopping carts on Your site that math Works re-engaging Any of those customers is worth the Effort okay so if email is the old School digital marketing tactic what's The new hotway social shop integration Is booming these days with Brands taking Advantage of on platform e-commerce like Instagram or Tik Tok shop one cool way To leverage your social media is to call Upon your hours of QVC watching bust out That ring light and start a live stream To connect to your followers and show Off your projects hi everyone today we Are demonstrate your products interact

With your customers all while using Tik Tok or IG shop or Amazon live YouTube Shopify whatever you prefer as an Ecommerce platform if you feel like your Social media following isn't big enough Or you just don't want to be on camera That's totally cool there are Professional influencers who will gladly Showcase your products on their feeds For the right price what's cool is that There are different tiers of influencers Allowing you to choose whoever is best For your Target customer and your budget Nano influencers will be less expensive Because their reach is smaller and that Makes sense but don't sleep on the Nano Influencer you want to know why research Shows that their engagement rate is Actually 5% higher than influencers with A million followers talk about Bay for Your buck and one study shows that 37% Of people trust influencers more than Brands this is because they know their Audiences if you're working with an Influencer leverage their creativity and Opinions on how to create content that Will best showcase your product for Their audience with whom they've already Built trust leveraging outside audiences Doesn't just mean influencers though Incredibly 16% of e-commerce sales come From affiliate marketing essentially Partnering with another brand or website To cross-promote your items with their

Customers and receive a percentage of Sales in return the most notable example Of this is Amazon affiliate marketing Where bloggers and influencers use a Specific Amazon link that tracks which Sales came from Their audience and earns Them a commission in return try Partnering with popular newsletters Podcasts or websites in your industry to Feature your links in return for Commission you might lose a little bit Of profit but you'll definitely reach New customers and once you've got those New customers you have to keep them Easier said than done I know but you Know what always always always hooks me A reward program sign me up literally Sign me up so I can earn points and get Free stuff who doesn't want free stuff Right plus studies say that the Probability of selling to a repeat Customer is 60 to 70% versus the 5 to 20% probability of selling to a new Customer so why not play those odds and Incentivize them to spend more you can Offer rewards that make sense for your Pricing structure 20% off 5% off BOGO Things like that I mean you probably use The Starbucks app right they do double And triple star days and guess what it Always gets me back in the store even Though I'm more of a pizza girl in fact Hang On I'm sorry where were we oh

Yeah hey Siri mhm play my last video They do double and triple star days and Guess what it oh right right it's Awesome having a little pocket assistant Isn't it oh that brings me to an Emerging Trend I wanted to mention we Already talked about how you're probably Managing your SEO optimization but There's something else you should be Optimizing for voice assistant I know it Sounds wild but hear me out 40% of Internet users say they use voice Assistant like Siri and Alexa sorry I Have to whisper so they don't answer me All at once anyway the Big retailers Like Walmart are already letting their Customers use voice assistants to order Products and you can bet the other big Fish will follow but it can work for a Small e-commerce business too by Matching your digital content to match Voice search intent just as you would Try to match Google search intent to Traditional SEO for example people Usually ask a who what when question hey Siri uhhuh what are the coziest socks I Can buy see how the headlines to these Results are basically answering my Question directly but if I say hey Siri Cozy socks what I would normally type Into a search bar the results are and It's good people talk to their voice Assistant in a casual conversational Tone so your content should reflect that

And speaking of optimization estimates Say over 40% of sales will be from Mobile and 75% of users prefer using Mobile so the days of having Non-responsive websites what what is Going on Here are dead and gone yeah this is a Must think about the old adage about how Making a customer click more than once To get to a product is basically asking Them not to to make it all the way to The sales funnel I would start thinking About not optimizing for mobile shopping In the same way if I open a link on Tik Tok and it goes to some janky site that Doesn't function intuitively for Mobile then I'm out and it's not just me We all do this attention fans are short People you got to hit them with the good Stuff while you got them like a great Product video for example it's not Exactly a New Concept but in 2024 you've Got to do it in a grabby short firm way That not only effectively showcases your Product but answers potential questions About it at the same time it takes work But the good news is it's a great way to Showcase your business's personalities Or your employees and make the shopping Experience feel a little more intimate Also research shows that 80% of Marketers say that video content Increases sales that's a number that's Hard to argue with but don't just show

Off the product itself make a video About how that product can be used in a Way that the viewer might not expect or An explainer video on how to best use The product or even a funny video on Ways not to use it all of these things Add value to the shopping experience and Might entice someone on the fence about A product to try it out building Valuable informative content about your Products is one of the best ways to Build customer trust and establish Yourself as an expert and if you are an Expert another great tactic for Expanding your e-commerce reach is by Starting a podcast I know I know another Podcast these days it seems like Everyone has a podcast but why not the Audience craves content and if you have An interesting take on the industry you Serve or maybe the way you make products Well then that might be worth Sharing mic check 1 21 2 3 for example Hubspot's super good at marketing right That's why we've got a whole podcast Network full of smart people talking About what they do Best But if your Specialty is making custom scarves that You sell on your e-commerce site maybe You should start an expert podcast on What goes into creating your fashionable Line of outerwear you've definitely got Insight to share so why not share it With an audience who wants to hear it

Sticking to the tried and true methods Of e-commerce marketing is important Because they work no doubt but in a Crowded Internet space you've got to go The extra mile to stand out and that's Where ideas like these come into play Being creative Innovative and unexpected Can pay dividends to your brand like who Knew I could fake knitting so well Luckily hubspot's got a killer E-commerce planning kit that can help You get started on the right path to Growing your business check it out at The link below and get help with Everything you need to build your E-commerce marketing strategy reduce Abandon cart rates track sales and so Much more what e-commerce marketing Strategies have you found successful in Your small business let me know in the Comments and don't forget to like And Subscribe to the HubSpot YouTube channel And stay tuned for more marketing tips Obviously I'll see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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