How to Grow Your Brand with Social Search Optimization in 2024




How to Grow Your Brand with Social Search Optimization in 2024

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This video is your go-to guide for understanding the current landscape of social media and how you can leverage Social Search Optimization (SSO) to grow your brand like never before!

Discover how optimizing your social profiles and content can dramatically increase your visibility and engagement. We’ll run through how to maintain a consistent and compelling brand voice, create engaging content, and interact with your audience in meaningful ways.

Join Marketing with Sam on this journey to mastering social media in 2024!

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Maybe you've noticed but consumer Behavior has really evolved and changed Over the last few years and as a result The platforms have to adapt to keep up With that behavior Google isn't the only Player in the search game anymore I'm Sam by the way you might have seen me on Tik Tok at marketing with Sam Bumble Needs help consumers will love these Updates and marketers will hate them These books changed my career and by day I'm a marketer and I'm also an adjunct Professor teaching social media Marketing for a long time business Owners and marketers have always created Content to rank their websites higher in Search results Real Talk how many times Have you gone to a recipe website to get The recipe and then had to scroll Through like paragraphs and paragraphs Just to get to the recipe itself I know I can't be the only one let's play a Quick game of would you rather would you Rather go see a Brand's commercial about A new sneaker drop to get an idea of Whether or not you want to buy those Sneakers or go on social media search For those exact sneakers and see a Review from a real person I know I Choose the lad all day and this is also What people are doing too this is one Reason why people are changing the way That they search in fact according to The state of social media report Linked

In the description below 87% of social Media marketers have noted that they see Consumers looking for Brands more on Social channels than they do actually in Search engines in 2024 alone let's talk A little bit more about using social Search for your Brands content I always Like to start with a little bit of Research to figure out what people are Posting within my focus area or my Category this way as I'm conducting my Research I can quickly see what's Working and what's not and I always ask Myself the same three questions one is The content that I'm seeing engaging and You can look at the engagement metrics On specific videos or pieces of content To see this two is this content actually Helpful and three is there a way that I Could make this cont content better as You're looking through videos in your Specific category you may also start to See some Trends in terms of the Different types of video styles for Example we know that how chose en lists Always seem to work pretty well when it Comes to engagement but if I Specifically go to search for best Croissant Nashville I find that a lot of The videos and content that shows up in That specific search result kind of all Follow the same style and flow based on Doing research and conducting our Takeaways now is a good time to start

Brainstorming out the type of content That we want to create now just like There are best practices for regular SEO There are also best practices for social Search that I recommend if you really Want to optimize your content for Example clearly I'm biased here but I'm Making a video and video tends to work Especially well for social search now Why is that well when you create videos For social you're given the option to Include subtitles that automatically Transcribe what you're saying like this Right here and subtitles help signal to The algorithm exactly what your content Is about think of it just like content And text that lives on a website or a Blog post it's the same exact thing Using video is a definite win but if You're still not comfortable with video You can always use Photo carousels which Are like the little photo swipe throughs And as long as you're using text Overlays in your photo carousels you'll Still be able to index that content and Make that signal to the algorithm just Like you would in video content Regardless of which Style video you Choose you'll always have the Opportunity to create something called a Post caption and post caption is just Another way to add keyword-rich text so For example if I am writing a post about How to Market my small business I would

Include in the post caption how to Market my small business five tips that I've seen work really well to be Completely honest there's no definitive Research that says that a longer caption Automatically helps your post perform Better so don't feel like you need to Write a novel here you also want to Encourage people to watch your video so Try out different types of captions try Out longer captions shorter captions Also you don't need to give away all of Your content in the post caption let the Viewer go through watch the video swipe Through the carousel that's really the Fun part after you've written out your Post caption there is one more thing That is like the icing on the cake and That is hashtags hashtags help further Index your content but you don't need to Go and start making up hashtags within Your post there's actually an easier way To do this remember how you conducted Research in the search bar before we're Actually going to go back to that and Use the same post caption that we've Used for example how to Market my small Business in the search toolbar from There what I can actually do especially On Tik Tok and Instagram is I can scroll Over to the hashtag section and this Hashtag section is going to give me a Ton of relevant hashtags that I can then Use in my post not only can I get

Hashtag ideas by doing this but I can Also see how frequently certain hashtags Have been used and from there I can mix And match and experiment with different Types of hashtags to see what yields me The best possible reach with that said I've typically found that five to8 Hashtags is like this sweet spot for a Post sweet now you have your post Caption your hashtags and your subtitles All ready to go by the way some of these Tips might sound familiar and that's Because we're really taking the Foundation of what traditional SEO is And we're applying it to the social Search model search is all about getting Our content indexed for Discovery but Instead of that Discovery happening on Google we're now using it to program Social platforms okay so now we've gone Through how to optimize your posts for Social search but there is one thing That is missing and I think so many Business owners sleep on this and that Is the fact that you can actually also Optimize your profile it makes such a Big difference I swear just like you can Search for videos or hashtags and places On social you can actually search for Users and that's where optimizing your Social profile comes in handy more Specifically the name that you have on Your social profile for example let's Say I go on to Instagram and I search

For my city plus the term hair stylist And I'll start to see a bunch of Different hair stylists that live in my City but how did they get there instead Of using their name for their social Profile they're actually going in and Using keywords to program the name in Their profile so they're using things Like the services that they provide hair Stylists and they're also using the city That they live in let's say Nashville And so that's how they're able to show Up in these Search terms and you can do This for your brand and pretty much any Social media platform but let's say You're a popular brand like crumble Cookies if you're more well recognized As a brand you might just want to stick To using your brand name versus using a Variation of like your name and the Services that you offer because people Are going to be more inclined to search For that anyway keep in mind all of the Tips that we're talking about are Helping you get discovered in Social Search so let's fast forward you've Optimized your profile you've started Creating content you're in a little Groove and you're feeling tired like Really tired cuz this is a lot of work This is exactly why I recommend Brands Take advantage of what I like to call Content cycling content cycling is Repurposing your content across

Different platforms so that you're not Coming up with unique content for every Single platform for example this video That I'm making right now lives on YouTube but I can slice and dice six Different pieces of this content and put It on Tik Tok and Instagram and other Platforms to really maximize my Reach This is the true power of content Cycling but once you're in the habit of Content cycling you're also going to Want to make sure that you're checking Your reporting and your analytics and I Know well it might not sound super fun It is super necessary so there's a few Different ways that I like to do this One is taking a look at your website Analytics to see which sources are Driving your traffic especially given This video we want to take a look at Which sources are coming from social Which traffic is coming from social Platforms we also want to evaluate our Engagement rates so what I like to do is Add up all the different types of Engagement likes comments shares saves And then divide that by the number of Impressions that my post got and Multiply by 100 to get the engagement Rate for that specific post if you do This for a few of your different posts You'll start to see trends like which Posts do you notice are getting higher Engagement rates and are there certain

Themes within that content that you can Continually replicate the last thing I Always like to do do is look at positive And negative sentiment like are people Commenting with a lot of positivity or Do they have negative feedback for me And what does that say about the style Post that I'm doing and how can I Rethink that for the future okay and one More thing it's the time in the video When I need to give you just a little Bit of tough love just because you Create content optimize it optimize your Profile look at your analytics do Content cycling all of the things we Just talked about doesn't mean that Overnight you're going to become a Social search success and have Incredible results at least not right Away and I'm sorry listen we're all at The mercy of each platform's unique Algorithm but even if your content Wasn't High performing according to the Algorithm guides doesn't mean that it Wasn't actually helpful to someone Somewhere out there who knows maybe the Few people that engaged with your Content are actually the people who are Going to end up being your future Customers down the line don't don't get Embarrassed don't delete but learn and Iterate and create content in the future From those learnings there are also a Lot of other factors that go into

Creating quality content that also help With social SEO like the type of photos And videos that you use your hooks that You're using at the beginning of your Video or your content that we didn't Even go into in this video but Experimentation and discipline are key Here don't be afraid to experiment with Different types of topics too like you Never know when and new topic is Actually to get you a ton of reach and Engagement you might also want to try Different formats or Trends and really See what sticks oh and one other thing Do not okay Pinky Promise me do not post In ghost okay posting once or twice on The platforms isn't going to do you any Favors to be successful and social you Really have to be consistent and that Means not showing up just once a month But actually showing up at least once Weekly and putting out content make it a Priority and you will reap the rewards I Promise social and search when combined Are very unexpected together but when Done right this combo creates the most Beautiful marketing strategy that is Perfect for the modern brand social SEO Truly is the way to get discovered by Your current and future customers also Side note the best part by the way is That social SEO is relatively new so if You start putting it into practice now You really are going to reap the rewards

Early you'll also see a big advantage Over your competitors so don't wait Start implementing social SEO today and See where it takes your brand who knows Where you could be by the end of this Year do you have questions are you Already testing social seo let me know In the comments below and I'll see you In the next video

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