How To Get High-Paying Agency Clients & Book 3+ Sales Calls Per Day




How To Get High-Paying Agency Clients & Book 3+ Sales Calls Per Day

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In this video I'll show you the best Methods to actually book three plus Sales calls a day and land high value Agency clients right now I've personally Used these exact methods to book Thousands of sales calls that have Landed me hundreds of clients and Enabled me to build multiple seven Figure agencies I've also tried and Failed with countless other methods so Let me save you years of pain and Failure and frustration disappointing Your family and just give you the Absolute best methods to use right now So that you're going to be able to go Out there and start generating three Plus sales calls each and every single SLE day right away so here's how it Works first I'll show you the sales Surge method to get you in front of as Many people as possible and I'll give You the exact script to you so that when You're reaching out to these people You'll know exactly what to say and You'll be able to turn these Conversations into as many booked sales Calls as possible allowing you to get Your next client in the next 30 days or Less next I'll show you the High Caliber Call Formula sorry I did that anyway the High Caliber call formula is what's going to Enable you to get directly in front of Hot high-paying quality leads without

Having to sound like a sleazy Salesperson cuz that ain't no fun and Finally I'll show you the great client Multiplier method that is probably one Of my all-time favorite methods in order To have warm qualified leads coming Directly to me allowing me to sign up Clients faster and easier than ever Before and without requiring any kind of Cold Outreach whatsoever if you're not Doing this already in your agency I Promise you this one's a game changer so Let's Dive Right In with the sales surge Method all right so the story that I Tell here is that if somebody came to my House and kidnapped my entire family and Told me that I had to make $100,000 in The next 30 days or less or something Very bad was going to happen well this Is the exact method that I would use in Order to make that money and get them Back dad for the win now all that said Let me tell you the truth about this Strategy that a lot of the gurus and So-called experts out there are trying To hide from you first of all the method That I'm about to discuss it ain't fun Oh yeah and it's also not Sexy to make things worse it's also not Easy or passive or automated whatsoever But it is the two things that you need If you want to make as much money as Quickly as possible with your agency and Those are it's effective and it's

Profitable oh yeah I guess the Technically a third one cuz this one's Also free now the method that I am Talking about here is none other than Brace yourself for it cold calling but Stick with me because let's just do a Little bit of easy math here and I'm Going to show you how profitable this Can really be for example let's say that You were to do somewhere around 100 to 200 cold calls per day with the sole Intention of booking appointments and This is an incredibly important point The purpose of a cold call is not to Convert a sale right there on that Initial Outreach attempt rather it's to Book a sales call a sales appointment That's going to give you more Opportunity to really dive deeper into Their pains problems fears frustrations As well as their wants their goals their Dreams their desires and really lay out A plan to help them achieve it and all You need is a 2% conversion rate on These calls making these cold calls in Order to book anywhere from 2 to four Appointments per day now when it comes To actually having the sales call and Having the conversation with these Clients after we've booked them on these Uh appointments essentially well let's Say that you're relatively new to sales And you're still sort of getting your Footing and you're figuring out your

Confidence well a pretty conservative Number is converting around 25% of your Sales calls into closed clients and you Can see just a little bit more more easy Math here if we take 25% of 2 to 4 looks Like we're booking essentially 0.5 to one new Client every single day or every single Time that we make these initial 100 to 200 cold calls now I appreciate at this Point if you've never done cold calls Before or you're relatively new to lead Generation in general for your own Agency and you're trying to figure out Where are exactly are you going to find All these people well looking at these Numbers 100 to 200 might sound like a Lot of leads especially if we have to do This every single day day in and day out I mean 100 leads where are we going to Find these people well my friend the Fact is is that there are millions and Millions of leads out there it doesn't Matter what Niche your agency is in Doesn't matter what kind of businesses You're serving doesn't matter who your Target market is there are millions and If not Millions at the very least Hundreds of thousands even if we're Dealing with the most niched down agency Ever we're still looking at tens and Tens of thousands of potential leads and You're able to find them essentially Anywhere that you could possibly think

Of anything that pops to mind your Target market is present and active There and we're going to be able to go Out there and actually get them collect Their data and then reach out to them For example doesn't matter if we're Talking about Med spas or plumbers or Roofers or landscapers or lawyers or Whatever it is we can find them on LinkedIn we can find them on Facebook we Can find them on Instagram we can find Them on Twitter we could probably even Find them on Tik Tok we can find them on YouTube they're all active and engaged On one or more of these platforms and Many of them their contact details baked Right into their profiles but I Appreciate that's still pretty broad so Let me give you some more tactical Practical and actionable advice that you Can go out there right now in order to Start building a lead list of your very Own to start reaching out and contacting These people let's start with the Obvious one being LinkedIn because as Everybody knows LinkedIn is pretty much The world's B2B busino business social Media site well the best and probably The easiest way certainly the fastest And the cheapest one is to Simply use a People's search so we don't need sales Ator we don't need to upgrade our Accounts we don't need to pay for any Premium subscriptions all we really have

To do is go in and conduct a people Search by typing in some relevant Keywords that are going to be relevant To the target market that you're trying To get the beauty here is that you can Also narrow these things down based on Location current company past company What school they went to what industry They're in what language opportunities They're open to different service Categories and of course that all Important keyword which is what's really Going to enable us to make sure that We're connecting with the right people People let's say that you want to get a Little bit faster results though and You're not afraid to throw a few dollars Behind it well this is where something Like Facebook ads comes in really handy This is kind of also a mandatory tool to Use if you have an advertising a Marketing agency that runs Facebook ads For clients at the very least it's Beneficial to be running some of your Own ads not only for experience and the Amount of learning that you're going to Get but it also kind of proves that You're taking your own medicine you're You believe in what you're doing enough To actually do it for yourself Anyway with Facebook ads it's very Similar essentially we would select our Ideal Target markets age gender location Any other valuable relevant

Characteristics we can choose from Demographic details and Geographic Details and psychographic details like Behaviors and attitudes and affiliations And organizations or we could simply Leave It Wide Open like so many people Are doing today and we're running about 50% of our campaigns with detailed Targeting and the other 50% with Wideopen targeting essentially allowing The Facebook ad algorithm to do all the Heavy lifting for us and allowing most Of the targeting and the identifying or Ideal prospects to happen in the ad copy Itself okay one more example and then We'll move on to exactly what to say and That is of course our good friend Google And ideally what we're going to be Looking for here is the Google Maps Because what's going to happen here is All you have to do is head over to Google type in the niche that you're Going after as well as a location Something like landscapers in Phoenix Arizona and then you're going to be able To see all of the different listings That pop up for that and then they've Got their phone number on the vast Majority of them and all you really have To do is pick up your phone and start Calling them so with all that said it Leads us perfectly to the next section Which is all right now that I've got This lead list I've got people that I

Can contact what exactly should I say to Them in order to turn them from somebody Who's never heard of me before into a Trusting and maybe someone that's at Least willing to give me a chance so That I can present my case at a further Opportunity and that's where the perfect Cold call script comes into play so let Me break that down for you now and I've Done that in three different parts so Part one is the opener and you'll open It up just like this hey Prospect name This would be their name of course this Is your name in this case I would say Adam from your business in this case I Would say agency accelerator how are you Doing the reason I'm calling you today Is to follow up on a recent email I sent Does the name agency accelerator ring a Bell now the opener is one of the most If not the most important part of the Entire call and the reason is is because They're making a split-second decision And judgment on who exactly is this Person is this a telemarketer a cold Caller a spammer or is this somebody That actually has something that I might Be interested in hearing now one of the Most overused pieces of cold call Advice Out there and one that I strongly Suggest you avoid is starting it out by Admitting this is a cold call Essentially saying hey Mr business owner This is Adam look this is a cold call

But if you give me 30 seconds I promise I'll make it worth your while now full Disclosure that approach can work but It's a little bit dated a little bit Cheesy a whole lot corny jeey corny I Mean you're much better off to just be a Human by asking how they're doing Introducing yourself and carrying on the Conversation all right part two the Transition so it's here that we're going To respond to however they responded to In the previous section when we said hey Does it ring a bell have you heard of us Have did you get the email etc etc and They're either going to say yes or no Either way your goal here is to simply Introduce yourself and the value that You provide using this formula well hey We work with niche in this case it would Be the niche of whatever kind of Business you're calling in my case say It would be a marketing agency to help Them with the outcome that you help them With in this case it would be to help Them with growing their agency getting More clients and essentially scaling up And then you ask them is the outcome That you help them with again in my case This would be growing your agency Getting more clients and scaling up is That a priority to you and then that Leads us perfectly to the CTA the call To action the grand finale to wrap this Whole thing up if they respond yes this

Is a priority well go with option A Right here if they resp on with no not a Priority that's cool go with option b Right here I'll leave them up on the Screen if you want to screenshot it Otherwise I'll make sure to put a link Somewhere around the video where you can Download a copy of This now final note on cold calling Before we go into the next strategy and That is that the script is responsible For around 40 50% of your success on the Cold call the other 50 to 60% is the Tone and the style and your delivery if You go into these calls uh Super Hyper Aggressive and overly masculine you're Going to turn a lot of people off but The same is true the other way if you go In really passive really timid really Weak you're kind of feeling like you're In a position of need and you're begging And asking for their time it's not going To go well either you need to strike That balance that middle ground where You're someone that has something of Value that you want to share with them That's your goal you've got something That could potentially help them and It's your responsibility no your Obligation to make sure that they're at Least aware of it and then they can make Of course an educated decision all on Their own so that's exactly what I would Do if someone came to my house kidnapped

My family and told me I had to make 100K In the next 30 days but as great as that Method is if somebody came to my house And didn't kidnap my family but ask me To make a million dollar in the next 365 Days well the strategy I would use is is Actually completely different and this Next approach in my opinion is a better Way certainly a longer term more Sustainable way to get even more high Quality leads that will snowball and Accumulate and compound over time so now Let me share with you the High Caliber Call Formula now unlike cold calling the High Caliber call formula is actually more Fun it does leverage technology and all Kinds of automation it also shifts the Power Dynamic turning you from a pushy Sleazy salesperson into a trusted Adviser by delivering value upfront and Most importantly just like with cold Calling I guess well it's effective and Profitable technically it's not free Because there are some minor software Costs but they're well worth the Investment as they typically provide Outrageous returns so here's how it Works first you want to find all of your Ideal prospects and clients on social Media using the methods that we Discussed previously whether through Linkedin or Facebook ads or Google or Buying a lead list or building one

Yourself or general prospecting anything You can think of all fair game next You're going to conduct an audit of Their marketing of their business of Their online presence and we're going to Use software in order to do this which Is going to save you a ton of time and Allows you to present a very Professionall look report to your Potential clients and then finally You're going to email them this report And you're going to follow up with a Phone call in order to make sure that They actually received it now this video Is not sponsored that said I do use Software for this and it's the exact Same one that I've been using for years Now in order to help me grow and scale Multiple seven fig agencies it's also The one that we use inside of the agency Accelerator program and teach all of our Students to do the same so I'll make Sure to put an exclusive link down in The descriptions below this video that's Going to get you access to an extended Free trial uh whole bunch of snapshots And funnels and websites free trainings Free courses all kinds of goodies or you Can simply visit highl either One is going to take you to the same Place and again not sponsored but truly Amazing powerful software that I use Every single day also side note here if You're already using high level inside

Of your agency well still make sure to Check out the link because it does have Some pretty cool upgrade features if you Decide to upgrade your account to the Next level and you'll get a whole bunch Of bonuses that go along with that so Just like we did before with cold Calling well let's do the math real Quick here on sending these loom video Marketing audits to potential clients Let's say that it takes you around 3 to 5 minutes in order to conduct one of These audits for a client over time you Get significant ly faster but at first It's going to be a little bit longer Than this while you figure out exactly What to say and how to do it now using This as our Benchmark well you this Means you can send around 60 to 120 in a 4 to 8 hour day and carrying on with our Basic math let's say that we round out At about 100 looms a day we get a 10% Response rate this means that we've got Now 10 potential calls and potential Clients and of course if we can convert Even 25% of them That's 2.5 clients I mean even if we Were to take these numbers and slash Them in half again and say forget two And a half we're going to get 1.25 or Forget that even we're going to get I Don't know 0.5 whatever it is uh the Point is that by following this system We're still able to book a significantly

Large amount of sales calls with Potential clients and as long as we've Got even half decent sales skills things That can be learned and improved over Time we converted around 25% well this Allows us to add a brand new new High-paying client to your agency every Single day or every two days but I mean Even imagine if we just messed Everything up and all we got was one new Client a week well we're still adding Four in a month then four the next month Then four the next month and provided We're doing a good job getting the Results our retention stays we end up Making a whole lot of money very quickly And this is literally one of the exact Systems that I've used to scale multiple Million dooll agencies simply wash rinse Repeat everything that I'm sharing with You here of course there is a way to Take everything that we've just done and Put a little gas on the fire to Essentially multiply it and what better Way to multiply it than with the great Client multiplier formula so let me walk You through that Now first let me ask you a question have You ever had a client that was just so Amazing so nice and kind and valuable And courteous that you just wish that Every single one of your clients was Exactly just like them because then your Agency would grow life would be easy

You'd get amazing results and you'd make A whole lot more money well if so I have Good news because here's the thing good People typically know other good people Which means that good clients typically Know other good clients I mean I know You've heard these cliches before but They're worth repeating birds of a Feather flock together you become the Average of The Five People You spend the Most time with misery loves company Actually that last one's a good example To avoid bad clients like the plague Basically though good people tend to Hang around other good people so if you Can attract even one of them into your Agency as a paying client the odds are Pretty good that they know other people People that would also benefit from the Services you offer and that you would Like to work with so one of the best Ways and certainly fastest and easiest And most profitable ways to get more High-paying clients is to Simply clone Your already existing best clients now In the business world this is generally Known as a referral so you could simply Just ask them hey do you know any other People just like you that might want to Hire us but let's be honest that's a Terrible request it's broad selfish it's Kind of boring so with that said there Is obviously a right way in wrong way to Do this the wrong way being that example

That I just gave you or even worse not Asking at all which is sadly what most Agency owners do never asking for Referrals never asking for testimonials Or case studies or any help whatsoever Madness I tell you Madness but the right Way it's powerful and for that I like to Use a little system I learned from Phil Jones that goes like this you wouldn't Happen to know just one person someone Who just like you who would benefit from Let me break this down line for line and Show you why this is such a genius Strategy starting with with the first One you wouldn't happen to know you see This is a non-confrontational challenge Question it's something that doesn't put Them on the spot immediately and makes You and them feel uncomfortable and Awkward if they can't think of anybody But rather allows you to come back later And also allows them to think about it And get back to you the next line just One person is an amazingly powerful line Because it doesn't overwhelm them by Asking for three referrals or five Referrals or heaven forbid a 100 Referrals but more powerful than that it Also makes it clear and and specific Meaning that they're probably going to Be able to think of one person and then Follow up with them which is far more Likely to happen than trying to maybe Piece together three or five potential

Fits that are unlikely to convert the Question I like to ask here is would you Rather have one referral by asking for One referral or no referrals by asking For five it's it's not a trick question You you want to go with the one the next Line someone who just like you is both Flattering and a compliment by showing Them that you care about them and They're the kind of people that you like But also sets them up for success by Showing them exactly the kind of Referral that you're looking for someone Who's just like them then lastly would Benefit from and just insert whatever Benefit that you gave them with your Service this line also has two benefits In that not only does it show them the Kind of people that you're looking for In regards to the benefits that they Want to experience but it also reminds Them of just how awesome you are by Restating all of the benefits of the Service that you provided up to this Point now after over a decade of doing This by far one of the biggest things That I see that stops people from Getting referrals is simply not asking For them one of the biggest things Though about requesting referrals is That in order for them to work you have To ask for them it's crazy I know so you Want to make sure that you find a way to Implement this into your agency sop your

Standard operating procedures to make Sure that it doesn't get forgotten and It actually gets acted on and if you do That as well as the other tips that I've Shared with you here you will book three Plus sales calls per day every day so Long as you put in the work and don't Give up lucky for you you're already way Ahead of the curve cuz most people can't Even focus enough to make it all the way Through one of these videos so to reward You for your attention and your focus I Want to share with you my 10K agency Blueprint for completely free that's Going to give you the next steps that You need in order to start building and Scaling a very profitable and successful Agency of your very own it's going to Help you dramatically cut down your Learning curve skip all the fluff and Get straight to making money fast also If you're curious how we help agency Owners scale to six and seven figures I'll make sure to link that up down in The descriptions below this video as Well and if you're looking for even more Agency growth strategies got another Video linked up for you right here that You can tap or click now so make sure to Do that and I'll see you in there in Just a second

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If you are trying to increase your profits by advertising online, the best thing to do is provide a simple yet thorough website for your business. This involves clearly stating what products you have and what they do. Having a complicated website that is void of prices and simplicity, will certainly have web surfers going elsewhere for the product.

To encourage visitors trust your opinion, include positive and negative reviews on your site. While negative reviews shouldn’t be used to market a product, using them in conjunction with positive reviews of your merchant’s products will make you look trustworthy. This technique can also be used to sell older products. When giving a product a negative review, mention how it doesn’t compare to one of your merchant’s products, and include a link.

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