Best Inspirational Moments @ INBOUND (Life changing advice/philosophies!)




Best Inspirational Moments @ INBOUND (Life changing advice/philosophies!)

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There's a special place in hell for People who kiss up and kick down if you Say that failure is not an option then Success is not an option I want to know The world view of people who do not see The world as I do that way I'm better Able to understand the world show up for The right reason to make change happen There is no excuse for hurtful Behavior Period I believe people are doing the best they Can even the people who made the Mistakes the people who shame the Out of people who make the mistakes I Believe everyone's doing the best they Can so my question becomes what Boundaries need to be in place for me to Be in my integrity and be generous Toward my with my assumptions toward People and so I just can't participate In it or see it if somebody you know Someone writes something really Ugly on my Facebook page which happens It used to within seconds my community Would just annihilate that person I mean Like I so what did you think about that Oh I said come on take a deep breath People that's not who we are I'm Deleting this comment because it's my Facebook page if you want to have the Stuff on your Facebook page go for it But if you really Want to do something meaningful It can't involve hate and rage so if

It's hateful or if it's full of Rage It's not helpful and in the world today You're either making the world a better Place or you're making the world a worse Place and when you sit back and do Nothing That silence is also a contribution what Is it the quote from when you choose not To decide you still have made a choice Nothing like a good Rush lyric to bring Home the point But I mean really and so I think for Evil to succeed it takes good people to Do nothing to do nothing and I really Noticed that people don't really realize When ten thousand people are telling a Single person that they're disgusting And they need to get out and they're not Good enough to be in society like like What happened with Justine Sacco it's Profoundly traumatizing it's way more Traumatizing than the shamers like to Think it is and it mangles up your Mental health and then if one person Comes along Like I did with Justine Sacco and say I Think you were really poorly treated I Think you're you're a victim here you're Not the perpetrator Really Healing you know oh yeah the cure for Shame is empathy yeah I mean I always Say if you put shame in a Petri dish it Needs three things to grow exponentially

Secrecy silence and judgment if you put The same amount of shame in a Petri dish And you douse it with empathy you've Created a hostile environment for Shame Shame absolutely can't survive Empathy and it can't survive being Spoken and The people who rage the loudest and Blame the most usually lack the courage It takes to truly hold people Accountable We are spending an enormous amount of Our time you and me in social media World trying to get these ducks in a row You know I just need a little bit more Juice on Facebook I need some more Followers our funnel needs to be Adjusted we need to figure out how to Have more interactions with these people Like if you watch Mad Men it's Positively relaxing they make an ad they Run it they're done And we you guys are constantly getting All these ducks in a row the question is Once you get them what are you going to Do with that duck what's the duck for Who are you trying to change are we Trying to win this tiny little race Or are we trying to make a bigger Difference in the world Ellen Langer writes about the idea that Some people are walking around with a Giant bowl of frogs and what they're Trying to do is keep all the frogs in

The bowl And if you're sitting there focusing and Wondering about your boss and your Boss's boss and all those people are Following you you can't possibly do that Work That you are actually here to do that Sometimes we've got to let some frogs Jump out Because keeping the frogs in the bowl Isn't the point the point is to make Change happen and somewhere along the Way when you try to make change happen Someone's going to come up to you and Say you're not as good as you think you Are how dare you do that who gave you The authority to say that or make that Or do that when brene Brown wrote her First book she had never written that Book before When brene Brown gave that magical Ted Talk she had never given that talk to That audience before That when we think about anyone who has Touched us who has moved us who has made Something that mattered that person was Completely unqualified to do the work They had just done because they had Never done it before All the things that get you hired for a Job the resume the proof that you've Worked for the famous Brands the proof That you can follow instructions none of Those things are actually relevant to

You doing great work We spend hours every day in meetings What are we doing in those meetings what We're doing in those meetings is waiting For someone else to take responsibility It's a whole bunch of people sitting in A circle waiting for one person to say I'll do it and then the other thing we Do Is we compromise and then we compromise Again So I want to talk for a minute About the difference between Quality and deluxness And then contrast it with its enemy Deluxeness means super fancy expensive That's not what quality is Quality means meeting specifications Quality means being good at what it's Supposed to be good at And all of us would like to believe we Make a quality product and then we go to Meetings and what happens in meetings is Our quality product becomes crappy Because crappiness is about compromising So you can get it out of the meeting Crappiness are all the edges we sand off To make everybody happy but we make Everybody happy we don't do anything for The people at the edges we don't do Anything for the people who care And when we sand those edges off we lose My friend Michael Landau and his sister Started a chain of stores called dry bar

And if you go to dry bar and say would You cut my hair they will say no And if you go to dry bar and say can you Please give me a blowout the place next Door is half the price can give me a Discount they will say no And if you go to dry bar on a Thursday Afternoon without an appointment they'll Say we're sorry we're taking care of People there are a lot of edges at dry Bar dry bar flies the same architect it That built the first door to every Single City they build a new one in If you talk to Danny Meyer about how he Built Shake Shack into a billion dollar Company in just a few years he didn't do It by figuring out how to be McDonald's But cheaper He didn't do it by figuring out how to Beat Chipotle but hamburgers he did it By being Danny Meyer He did it by making something that some People won't wait in line for Which is how you make something that Other people will wait in line for A lot of people make a mistake with Radical Candor thinking that they have To take a bunch of time to be radically Candid but the origin story for me with Radical Candor happened in less than a Minute on the street of Manhattan I had Just gotten a new puppy and I love this Dog had never said a harsh word to the Dog and as a result it was out of

Control and had no idea how to behave And it jumped in front of a cab I pulled It out of the way just in time and all Of a sudden this man Perfect Stranger Standing next to me looks at me and he Says I can see you really love that dog It's all he has to say to move up on the Care personally access doesn't have to Know my name doesn't have to have Schmoozed with me just I can see you Really love that dog and then he says to Me but you're gonna kill that dog if you Don't teach it to sit now he's got my Full attention then he says sit the dog Sat I had no idea the dog knew how to do That and I kind of looked at him in Amazement the light changes he looks Back at me and he says it's not mean It's clear and he crosses the street and Leaves me with words to live by right Didn't have to take him forever and he Changed my life in just that brief Amount of time so radical Candor can be Quick doesn't need to require a lot of Schmoozing next obnoxious aggression I Will tell you I will assert for the Record I'm not an but I do Occasionally behave like one and I bet All of you have just occasionally done The same thing so this also comes from a Time I'd shortly after I joined Google Amazing I left lasted there as long as I Did I had a disagreement with Larry Page About an AdSense policy and I wrote an

Email to 30 people that said Larry Claims he wants to organize all the World's information but if it'll make us A buck he's willing to create clutter Sites that muddle the world's Information right not my most Politically astute move worth taking a Second to understand why I did it I did It because I believe there's a special Place in hell for people who kiss up and Kick down but it doesn't mean doing the Exact opposite makes a ton of sense Either right caring personally is Something that you owe to every human Being you interact with either at work Or in life So that was my foray into obnoxious Aggression as with all things the Cover-up is worse than the crime Larry Didn't actually mind that in fact I Learned later that he thought it was Funny but what happened next was where I Got into real trouble when instead of Moving up on the care personally axis I Moved over in the wrong direction on the Challenge directly axis I bumped into Larry a couple of days later a friend of Mine was like wow that was pretty stupid Kim and so instead of instead of looking Into it and and actually understanding The challenge that he had had made and Caring personally I just went and said I Lied I said oh Larry I'm sorry about That email I realize you're right I'm

Wrong and then he's got a pretty good meter and he kind of looks at Me like I'm a pigeon that pooped on his Shoulder and walks off so a friend of Mine patted me on the shoulder and said He likes it better when you disagree With him so don't move in the wrong Direction when you realize you've been a Jerk last but not not least ruinous Empathy the quadrant where most of us Make most of our mistakes to explain What I mean by ruinous sympathy I'm Going to describe probably the most Painful moment in my career I had just Hired this guy Bob I really liked Bob a Lot he was funny he was quirky there Were just one problem with Bob his work Was terrible absolutely terrible I Learned later the problem was he was Smoking pot in the bathroom which maybe Explained all that candy but anyway I Didn't know it at the time I kept trying To Buck Bob up with false praise and say Bob you are so smart this is not quite There yet but I know you can do it and He had no idea how bad things were until 10 months later it became clear to me That if I did not fire Bob I was going To lose half my team And when I sat down and told Bob explain Bob the situation when I finished he Pushed his chair back from the table he Looked right at me and he said why Didn't you tell me and as that question

Is going around in my head with no very Good answer he said why didn't anyone Tell me I thought you all cared about me And I realized I'm having to fire Bob Now because of mistakes that I made six Really important mistakes I didn't ask Him to tell me what was going well and I Never asked him for criticism maybe I Was doing something that was driving him To toke up in the bathroom I don't know I I didn't find out and I should have I Never gave him praise that was Meaningful I basically just gave him Praise that was a head fake I never told Him when his work wasn't good enough and Worst of all I failed to create the kind Of environment in which everyone would Tell Bob when what was truly good and When he was going off the rails and all I could do in that moment was to make a Very solemn promise to myself I would Never make that mistake again and I Would help everyone whom I worked with Never to make that mistake again and That is why I spent the time to come up With this radical Candor framework So this happened at another University The commencement exercises were done There was a lovely lunch on for people Who'd been honored and our families and I had some Nigerian friends come and Join my my husband and my family and Being Nigerians we spend a lot of time Talking very loudly and we don't

Necessarily respect time constraints and So in the end we were the last to leave The venue of the luncheon and the other Well-behaved honorees had you know they Left when they were supposed to So So it was me and my family left And the organizer said to me oh there's A shuttle waiting for you and you know The shuttle driver knows that the Honorary degree recipient is is coming One more person is coming and so when I Was done we we go and we find the Shuttle and there's a white man driving It he's wasting there so I I tried to go In and he says no no this is not for you This is reserved and I said yes but I'm It's actually me I got the honorary Degree and he said no it's for the Honorary degree recipient and I said yes That would be me and he goes no this is For the person who got an honorary Degree so at this point I'm actually Wanting to bring out the thing and say Well here look it actually wasn't Pleasant I can laugh about it now but I Remember thinking genuinely thinking and Wondering how is it possible that this Man's view of what an honorary degree Recipient should be is so narrow and so Hardened that he resisted even in the Face of evidence sometimes we're held Back by what we carry in our head By what we think should be instead of

What actually is I believe that we can Truly hear each other's stories I Believe that we can create a world where Everyone truly feels that they matter But the reason it's difficult to do is Because we have long had a world in Which we did not hear each other's Stories and where everyone did not feel That they truly mattered and so to truly Hear one another we need to create more Space we need to extend the boundaries We need to widen our ideas of everything Or we will be left behind Foreign We go through life acting as though Everything is rigged against us acting From a kind of victim Consciousness as Though things are happening to us and That's a very disempowered place from Which to live and from which to lead you Cannot lead from that place because you Know what everyday things are going to Happen That you don't like I'm predicting that Everybody here will have things Happening to you today tomorrow the day After that you are not happy they're Happening to you so the only thing we're In control of is our attitude to what is Happening to us and if we can move to a Place of impermeability it's a big word For a Greek girl but it's a fabulous Word because you can really practice to Be in that place and whatever happens

Deal with it from that place it's an Incredibly powerful place to lead from Because whatever happens you kind of Expand to include it you are bigger than Whatever happens to you the alternative Is to contract the minute something Happens and then you're smaller than What just happened to you and you see Leaders are able to take the most Adverse circumstances and turn them Around they're able to take criticism And move on on despite that and it gets Easier and easier and easier trust me I Know when we launched the Huffington Post on day one Who had terrible reviews one of one of Them I've learned by heart Um it said The Huffington Post is an Unsurvivable failure it is the movie Equivalent of Gili Heaven's Gate And ishta all rolled into one And the person who wrote that review a Year later sent me an email saying I was Wrong and the African process become an Indispensable part of the internet can I Write for you [Applause] And I said yes because you know what is The worst thing you can do that totally Saps your energy is to hold grudges Holding grudges is like drinking poison I mean one of the worst worst little Needle point pillows That if I see it in anybody's living

Room I'm really tempted to take it away And burn it Says living well is the best revenge Really that's that's such an other Directed way of living your life that's Again how people lead their lives in Some way based on what somebody else Wanted them to do you know how when People change careers Which I love sometimes when they decide You know what I'm not happy doing that I'm doing that because that's what my Mother wanted me to do or my neighbors Wanted me to do a magazine I wrote in my Teens it's not who I am updating our Images of ourselves is absolutely key And defining success according to what Is important to us because that's our Life and we can't leave anybody else's Life you know I had an amazing mother Who taught me a lot of things including The fact that failure as she used to say Is not the opposite of success failure Is a stepping stone to success and as Seth Godin said in his speech here if You say that failure is not an option he Said then success is not an option Increasingly today when everything is Constantly changing and evolving we need To be able to create teams that are Willing to fail and as Leaders who need To be able to say failure is part of the Process of leading to Great products and Great companies and if you're not

Willing to do that you're not really Willing to do something great

Tips On How To Get The Best Internet Marketing

There is always a push to make something good, even better. This is no doubt true with your internet marketing business as well. Perhaps there is something that may need a little tweaking. Below are some practical tips to help you make the changes needed to put your business on the way to great!

To make sure you join the right program, do some research about the company first. If they have a bad reputation, chances are people will not buy anything from you, no matter how good of a salesperson you are. Remember also that some companies have bad reputations because they do not pay their workers.

A key element of internet marketing is joining a social network. Staying active on a website your customers frequent will help you convince them to come and shop, and it can help draw in their friends to shop too. You can also use these websites to get feedback from your customers and use this to improve the customer’s experience.

Make sure your buying process is simple. Checking out should be a quick and easy event for the consumer. If there are too many steps, or pages take too long to load due to heavy content, a prospective buyer may rethink their decision and back away. Keep everything flashy to a minimum to increase sales.

Most search engines show brief descriptions of your business, product or service on the search results page. If your description stands out from the rest, you optimize your chances of driving traffic to your website. Instead of using the manufacturer’s bland description, write your own unique content using keywords that potential buyers are likely use in their search engine description. Don’t wildly embellish the usefulness of the product or service, but be creative and resourceful in your word choice.

As you can see from the practical tips above, your internet marketing business may need an adjustment or two. If so, be diligent about applying any suggestions that will make your business not only better, but great!

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