7- Launch your first Facebook Ads campaign




7- Launch your first Facebook Ads campaign

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In this video, we will launch our first Facebook Ads campaign. We will know about all the options available in campaigns settings in Facebook Ad Manager

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Hello and welcome to the seventh video Of this Facebook ads Mastery course in This video we are going to create our First Facebook campaign I saw in my Previous video I mentioned that in this Video we'll be creating our first Campaign and I see some of the people Who already know about Facebook ads or Probably have been working they have Commented that how can we set up a Campaign without the conversion setting Up the conversions now to clarify that In this course I'll be creating multiple Types of campaigns okay we'll work on a Like a real life project where I'll be Promoting my courses that campaign will Create but uh for this week there are no You do not need to set up conversion Tracking for all kinds of campaigns Because this first campaign what we are Going to do is we are going to create a Legion campaign now assuming that I'm Creating a campaign Um for I have an offline course which I'm going to start in Dubai Hypothetically and for that I'll be Creating a campaign and asking people to Fill lead forms if they are interested To join that course so the dates will be At least soon and Um basically this is a lead gen campaign And for Legion campaigns you do not need To set up the conversion tracking so we Will go through all aspects of the

Campaigns which are similar for almost All types of campaigns there are minor Differences here and there we'll first Understand how to structure a campaign How to create a campaign what are the Different settings and how do we use it How to set up a proper campaign and then After this we will learn about Conversion tracking and then do a Conversion campaign where we need that Conversion tracking okay so that is the Basic idea for this particular video so That being said let's jump into the Dashboard and we will set up our first Campaign okay probably I'm more excited Than you guys So um the first step is to go to the ad Manager I told you there are multiple Ways to go there one is you go to your Meta Suite by business.facebook.com it Might ask you to log in if you're not Logged in on this browser and you Reached here and you have the ad manager Link here or if you do not see this then Click on edit I have to reply um Mentioned this multiple times check add Manager here click on Save and you will See this shortcut here in this panel now That is one the second one is you Directly go to admanager.facebook.com And it'll bring you here most of the Work now we do in this course it will be In this ad manager I told you in last Video we have campaigns then we'll have

Ad sets and then we have ads these are The three tabs present in our ad manager Okay now to start our first campaign Always check that before you start a Campaign I told you this before if you Have access to multiple ad managers in Case you have multiple clients always Check which ad account you are in for Example I'm in always Ahmad swra account Now and this is what I'm intending to Use now you will have all the ad Accounts listed here under see more but This is always check this don't create One campaign and Somebody else's account So now we are here we don't have any Campaigns here and Um we will create our first campaign to Do that you go to campaigns Tab and you Click on create As we discussed in the previous video That it will ask you what kind of Campaign you want to create now I told You this campaign we will create is for My offline course hypothetical course Which is going to happen in Dubai I want People who are interested to click on my Ad fill up a lead form and then we will Somebody from the team will reach out to Them asking them to pay for the course These are the dates if you are Interested and all that Shaban Now uh to generate a lead gen campaign I Told you last time it is under leads now

I click on leads I select this as the Objective of my Campaign which I had a Dedicated video about if you see also if You are sometimes confused just scroll Through see leads okay good for instant Form So this is what we need right because we Are creating an instant forms campaign Find people willing to share their Contact information and other details by Filling out a form Okay Um then um you see this name your Campaign optional you can click on this You can name it now or you can change it Later you can even already decide the Name of your ad set and your ad but Nobody does that unless your company Follows a particular syntax and you have To use it then you can do it now this Message you started getting recently After they changed the objective some People get confused so this is for what The new objectives are how to find the Objective within the new list if people Are used to the old list okay so now we Click on continue Once you click on continue get familiar With this you will still be in the same Tab and on the right hand side you will See this particular thing where you will See the new campaign you're creating and You'll also see if you are creating any New ad sets within this or within ads it

Will all show here so it's easier for You to toggle between if I want to Change something in the ad if I want to Change something in the headset or Campaign okay now we'll first go to Campaign settings The first one it will ask is um The Campaign name now always name your Campaign there is no hard and fast rule About how you name your campaign but Always follow a syntax which is useful For you for example the syntax I like to Follow is um The first thing I choose the client's Name which in this case is Senator viran Ads then I put a hyphen and then I put a The campaign name which is course 23 then I put another hyphen what kind Of campaign is this it's a leads Campaign and what was the date of this Campaign or some people select only the End date or start date and end it as Well so that once they are in their ad Manager if they have multiple campaigns They can see okay this should be the end Date of this campaign is it live it or It should have been paused it makes it Easier but how I um do it is basically I Will set the start date which is September 19 and that is it but if you Are working on for example a client who Have multiple products you can choose a Different syntax name let's say senator Viran ads I could have chosen trainings

If I had a digital agency I had training And I created campaigns about different Things so whatever but always at least Select the objective of the campaign Name the client's name or the start date And date or something it becomes easier Later once you have a big list of Campaigns it becomes easier and even if You are generating reports you are Sending it to the clients they at least Understand that okay you are an Organized person but you can choose any Syntax like you you can put any Information that is important for you to Just look at the campaign list and you Understand what the campaign is about Okay so yeah I hope you understand but This is like the simplest syntax you can Um use okay uh maybe I'll just put in The description below I'll put some of The syntaxes you can use which are Useful because right now this is the Only thing that comes to my mind and Then the next one is uh special Categories before that you see this Create template here you can also use This because it's saying okay name your Campaigns consistently by creating a Template based on your naming convention So for example you can use that it will Be a template so that you name all the Campaigns in the same syntax so for Example campaign fails objective Campaign ID you can choose anything you

Want in the campaign names going forward They'll be automatically pulled up and Put in the campaign name But yeah nobody uses this and then Special ad categories is the second Setting declare if your ads are related To credit employment or housing or about Social issues elections politics and Um requirements differ by different Country because for example if I'm Creating a campaign related to alcohol In um in let's say Saudi Arabia and uh It's a big issue there you cannot Advertise there are certain rules if you Are running a campaign for a healthcare Product in UAE then they have certain Rules and certain permissions you need To take so you need to declare if you Are in a particular Um particular country and your a Particular type of Advertiser let's say For example crypto or politics or Whatever right if you don't know how What what you should know about your Country click on learn more it'll open An help send the article it'll tell you What all categories you need to be aware Of in which country but there are some Generic ones Which is credit employment housing Social issues or politics if you are any Of those regardless where you are based You need to check that then um campaign Details the third thing which is buying

Type auction if you click on edit you Will still see only auction so that is The only option available for leads and Um so some of these options will change Based on what objective is selected for The campaign okay for now let's go ahead Campaign objective is leads these are The ones you already selected so it's Just giving you option if you changed Your mind Which nobody does so quickly okay show More options it will show you campaign Spending limit if you want to put this Is very important now I have seen a lot Of problems happening with a lot of Clients from a lot of people and Sometimes it gets messy always if you Are have to create a campaign and you Are following a particular media plan That came came from the media media Planning team or the camp the client Signed it always set a limit because in The media plan it shows or you agreed With the client that okay for this Campaign we will spend a maximum of five Thousand Euros okay ad campaign spending Limit so I will say okay no matter what This campaign should not Spend more than five thousand it's like A hard cut off when the campaign reaches This limit the campaign is paused even If there are few days left for the Campaign to run this is like a Um a very safe setting you should always

Do this always but always remember this As well if the client increases the Budget sometimes they'll be like Yeah The Campaign is doing good let's Increase the budget just come back here And change it this is one setting you Should always uh use okay then we have a B testing a b testing is about to help Improve our performance test variations With different images text audiences or Placements for accuracy each one will be Shown to separate audience group okay What this means is because when you Actually set up campaigns when you talk To the client or if you are creating Creative for them or if you there's a Creative team right they always are Confused between some minor changes of The creative okay whether we should show This or this whether our tagline should Be a happy million customers or whether It should be cutting-edge technology Whether our tagline should be zero Percent interest rate or zero percent Dld or whatever or whether it should be Move in today right so creatives they Always come up with ah yeah we have this Creative but these two we don't know Which one to use right or maybe anything Right ad copies creative or even if you Are advertising for let's say mac you'll Build they'll be like okay our best Sellers are the brown lipstick and the Red one I don't know which one you

Should use right one is you can directly Go in the campaign you upload both the Creators and for a few days You observe Which one is doing better which one is Getting better results Now you'll be like why the setting is There Now what happens is when you put these Two creatives in a campaign and a user Because when you run a campaign a user Might see that campaign five times two Times eight times ten times and randomly Facebook will sometimes show him Brown And sometimes show him red maybe Facebook will show 200 people it will Show red one to all of them initially And the second ad second times it shows The ad they show the red one and Everybody clicks the second time let's Say right so as per your reports the red One is doing better but maybe the brown One is first creating interest in the People and then when they see the red One they click on it or whatever the Reason Now the difference between uploading Both the creatives later or choosing a B Test is if you are targeting let's say Females from 18 to 36 years in UA if you Create a B test Facebook will Automatically choose these this R Audience which is 18 to 36 women and Separate in two groups one it will only Show red one one it will only show brown

One so that there is a fair comparison Okay which one is doing better right That's the That's what a B test does but we will Not use a B test in this campaign but we Will later in the course I'll show you How to do a B test which is Straightforward but I just told you the Logic behind it but yeah that's what it Is Advantage campaign budget then it Says Advantage campaign budget will Distribute your budget across currently Delivering ad sets to get more results Depending on your performance goal Choices and bid strategy you can control Spending on each ad set now what this Advantage campaign budget means or it Was called ad set budget optimization What it means is I told you when we Create campaign we said we create Multiple assets let's say in my campaign I'll create one generic demographics and Interest ad set then I'll create one More targeting only custom audiences Then I'll create one more targeting only Retarget accordances so I'll have three Assets within my campaign right if you Turn on this setting and Facebook thinks That only let's say add group 2 the one Targeting custom audience is generating A lot of leads for Less Price Facebook will allocate most of the Budget there in the real time even if The performance changes Facebook thinks

Okay now this ads has started performing Better it will allocate more budget There you don't have control at the end Your campaign has three ad sets and you Have 300 budget it's quite possible that 290 dollars were spent on only one ad Set and two not right now for example if You have images videos and uh carousels Three ad sets you are using in one you Are just using images and second ads That you're using videos Only you can at the end if you turn on The setting Facebook let's say Um understood that videos are doing Better most of the budget goes to videos Right but if you turn off this setting You can choose that how much budget Should be allocated to each ad set Because the client said okay we have These images and videos we want 50 Budget to be spent on images and 50 on Videos maybe they are working with four Influencers with two they just have Images with two they have videos so they Want to spend it evenly right let's say It's an awareness campaign so that is What the setting does if you turn it on Facebook automatically allocates budget If you turn it off Facebook does not Right you can automatically manually Select for each Ad set okay so that is like the first Page of the settings now once we choose These we click on next one

Now once you click on next one it will Take you to this setting which is if you Let on the left hand side now you see The ad set is highlighted so campaign Whatever settings where possible in Campaign we did that now we are are Going to choose our settings for ad set But that is where I will pause this Video and that's all for this video in The next video we will know how to Configure our ad sets thank you so much I'll see you in the next one

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