7 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales | Lessons From Amazon Accelerate




7 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales | Lessons From Amazon Accelerate

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In this video I want to share with you 7 tips to increase your ecommerce sales.

You see, I just got back from Amazon Accelerate in Seattle and I’ve got a ton of notes, strategies, and announcements to share with you here in this video. #Ad In case you didn’t know, Amazon Accelerate is Amazon’s premier annual conference dedicated to supporting and empowering its independent seller community.

You can stream all the event sessions online for free from the comfort of your home, office, or car at

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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Hey my friend Adam here and in this Video I want to share with you some E-commerce marketing strategies I Recently learned directly from the Largest e-commerce company in the world Amazon see I just got back from Amazon Accelerate Amazon's Premier annual Conference to support independent Sellers and fuel their growing Businesses it took place live in Seattle But you could also stream it online for Free from the comfort of your home your Office your car wherever you like Streaming things from really and if you Missed it you can still catch the Recordings online so I'll make sure to Put a link in the descriptions below This video the conference offered three Keynote sessions breakout sessions Personalized across seller experience Levels and multiple topics from building Your brand to optimizing fulfillment Operations and I took a ton of notes Some of which I want to share with you Now that I think you're really going to Find valuable including some advertising Tips from the top 10% of all Amazon Advertisers the two most important Metrics every business should pay Attention to I've been talking about This one for years so it was good to get A little backup here and a few tips on How to maximize your sales for the Holiday season and and what's especially

Good about these tips is that they're Not just for the holidays but can apply To pretty much any peak season or event In your business they also had a drone I Mean look at this thing it's nuts and a Doughnut wall which is exactly what it Sounds like a wall covered in Donuts That you can just go up to and eat mind Blown I think so but as cool as those Were this video isn't about drones or Donuts it's about making you more money So let's start with tip number one show Me the Money Let's play a game imagine for a second There are two doors in front of you Behind door number one on the left are All of your potential customers gathered Together I'm talking hundreds of Millions of people who could would and Want to buy from you enough people to Make your business a raging success for Years to come on the other hand behind Door number two on the right there's Nobody like not a single customer so Which door you going to choose it's not A trick question and the answer is Obviously door number one with the Hundreds of millions of potential Customers and yet but every day Otherwise very smart business owners and Entrepreneurs keep walking through door Number two and then wondering why they Aren't making any sales this is why you

Need to go where your customers are not What's cool or trendy or primed to be The next big thing but where they Actually are right now and if you're Selling anything that could be sold on Amazon then you should be selling on Amazon Amazon has 310 million users Which for context is more people than The entire populations of Italy England Canada Switzerland nor Norway and Mexico Combined and selling in the Amazon store Gives small business owners 24/7 access To customers worldwide along with the Tools and resources independent sellers Need to grow their Business I attended a breakout session On the advertising strategies that the Top 10% of brands use in their ads so I Wanted to pass along the best and most Helpful ideas to you here the advice and Recommendations that Amazon delivered Were based off 1 million small Businesses and calculated based on roaz Which stands for return on Advertising Spend basically High Raz is good low Raz Is bad now some tips were obvious but Still important reminders things like Making sure to use remarketing in order To Target people who have visited your Business store or website before also The use of negative keywords was brought Up repeatedly so that's a good sign that Amazon thinks it's important if you're Not familiar think of negative keywords

As the kind of terms that you don't want People to associate with your business For example if your business sells High-end organic fair trade products for Premium prices then you'd want to use Negative keyword words like cheap or Inexpensive to make sure that your brand Doesn't show up when users were Searching for those terms the point I Was most excited to hear though was when The speaker brought up when not to use Advertising in your business and that Deserves a point all on its own so let's Talk about that Next advertising is often seen as a Magic Bullet a secret to overnight Success getting rich quick but here's The deal advertising is an accelerator Not an initiator what this means is that It can take something that's optimized And selling well and make it sell even Better or it can take something that's Not optimized or not selling that well And make it fail even faster this is why Before you run ads and pay to promote Your offer you need to make sure your Business your products your listings Your shipping everything is optimized First as great as advertising is for its Ability to put your business in front of Even more people it also adds another Level of complexity to the game so you Want to make sure that your business Foundation is solid first before running

Any advertising to it and this leads me Perfectly to the next tip which is Another Point I've been preaching for Years and can help you identify and Diagnose your business's biggest Marketing problem and Opportunity when it comes down to it Most marketing problems can be put into One of two different camps traffic or Conversions in other words is your Business getting enough clicks visits And people interested in your store but You never seem to make enough sales if So you've got a conversion problem or do The people who click visit and engage With your business seem to buy more more Often than not but you just can't find a Way to get more people to come over and Check you out in the first place if That's the case you've got a traffic Problem it's important to identify which Problem is most prevalent in your Business because trying to solve a Conversion Problem by just throwing more Traffic at it is only going to make Things worse likewise trying to solve a Traffic Problem by further optimizing Your marketing funnel and improving your Customer Journey isn't going to solve Anything either as what you need is more People to know that you exist and be Willing to check you out in the first Place and this leads me perfectly to the Next point which was really drilled home

In a breakout session on analytics and Growth we went deep into the world of Metrics analytics and tracking in a Breakout session led by Dr Henry cook a Senior ux researcher fun fact I actually Ended up in this room by mistake as I Was trying to catch the other session on Analytics and I messed up the room Numbers but as luck would have it this One turned out to be pretty interesting First off if you ever want to find the Real marketers the data driven numbers Focused profit-minded people determined To reach success than attending a Session on metrics and analytics is the Secret like I said we went deep in this Session and the quality of questions That people were asking proved that they Knew what they were doing but to keep us On track here I want to break things Down into their most simple and usable Forms starting with a statement that if You want to start grow or build a Business then you need to know your Numbers period this will help you Determine exactly what's working and What's not where your best customers are Coming from and what channels are Working so you can do more of them and Which ones aren't delivering the good so You can do less of them or fix them or Cut them out completely now when it Comes to marketing metrics there are Basically way too many things that you

Could possibly track so the ones that I Want you to focus on for now are clv and CAC clv stands for customer lifetime Value and it's the number that Represents how profitable a customer is To you and your business over their Lifetime this number is incredibly Important to know because it's going to Help guide you in figuring out how much You can spend on this next metric CAC Which happens to stand for customer Acquis cost and it measures how much you Spend to acquire a new customer for Example if you allocate $100 to Advertising and it brings in one Customer then your CAC for advertising Is $100 and if you allocated $100 to Email marketing but it brings in two Customers then your CAC for email is $50 The fact is though that the best Businesses know their numbers as it Allows them to make databased decisions Don't guess there's no need to guess With online and digital marketing you've Got access to pretty much every metric You could ever dream of next up let's Talk about the holidays seasonal Promotions and events because whether Your business is seasonal yearr round or A combination of both these next few Tips will help you increase your Sales one of the biggest reasons that I Love doing marketing around the holiday Season is that it has a natural organic

Urgency baked right into it I mean Black Friday is a day and once it's gone it's Gone Cyber Monday is also a day and Likewise when it's over customers have To wait another year before it comes Back around and the same could be said For pretty much any other holiday out There Christmas Easter Hanukkah dwali Chinese New Year you name it the key Then is to plan ahead and be prepared so As to maximize your opportunity to serve And sell to your customers in this time Period there were a lot of good pieces Of advice shared but I think I can sum Them all up into the following three T's Timing topical and tactical first timing The key here is to plan ahead and make Sure that you've got all of your Marketing done well ahead of time your Products in stock and supply chain Ironed out so that when the rush comes You're prepared and ready for anything Next topical this has to do with Updating and customizing the images Videos and overall design Aesthetics That you're presenting to align with the Seasonal promotion that you're running Easy example here but Christmas trees For Christmas and ghosts and spiders for Halloween and fuzzy little bunny rabbits For Easter adorable then tactics first You want to make sure your bestselling Gifts are highly visible front and Center if you're going to run paid ads

Then focus on running them on your Bestselling items first your most Giftable items next and then lastly on Any excess inventory that you're trying To clear out to attract new customers to Your brand focus on lifestyle images That reflect happy customers having a Good time in an ideal environment to Bring back repeat customers or those Already familiar with your brand then Focus on showing nice clean and clear Images of your products a couple more Tips when it comes to product images First make sure that they're Professional high resolution photos and Add some seasonal photos depending on The time of year or the event that's Taking place and also make sure to show Some images with customers interacting With your product to boost sales even More and if you'd like even more E-commerce tips to help boost your sales And grow your business then you're Definitely going to want to check out The video that I've got linked up right Here which is going to give you 10 more Of my top e-commerce marketing Strategies so make sure to tap or click That now and I'll see you in there in Just a second

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Always remember to keep your focus when marketing on the Internet. Once again, follow the advice given here to make sure that that you’re following the best ways to contact customers. Make use of the advice you have read here to see an increase in traffic, and more importantly, in sales.

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