Why I left Germany (& might never return)




Why I left Germany (& might never return)

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As you know by now from the title I'm Leaving Germany and maybe forever it was Fun two years but I guess it's the time To say goodbye to Berlin and if I have To give my tldr version once you live in Dubai it's very difficult to live Anywhere else and it applies to most of The people I just wanted to share this Life update with you all and share the Reasons which actually forced me to make This decision and it might help someone To make similar decisions if they are in A similar scenario few days ago I was Speaking to my siblings and I tried to Remember all the apartments I have lived In since I moved out of my home in 2014 When I started working and I did Remember nine Apartments clearly these Are the apartments where I actually Lived longterm and I had Leasing and Renting contracts I'm not even Considering the apartments where I lived Shortterm like for for a month or two The point is this digital marketing Career took me to places a lot of places You know my mom says that I would be a Millionaire if I had just saved the Money I spent on Furnishing different Apartments every now and then so since I Started working I have worked in jobs And projects in more than half a dozen Countries but most of my time in this Career was spent in Dubai I lived in Dubai for 5 years and I enjoyed every

Bit of these 5 years but as they say Nothing can make you happy forever and The same applies to Dubai as well I Guess so in short after living in Dubai For 5 years 2 years ago I decided to Move out of Dubai and go to Germany and I even posted a video about it why I was Moving to Germany and there were a lot Of reasons and one of the major reasons Was I guess I was looking for more work Life balance I wanted to slow down a bit And focus more on my online business and Content creation because in Dubai Generally the work culture involves more Hustle than in Germany and once I moved To Germany it honestly did work that way After moving to Germany I became more Calm I had a lot of time to do outdoor Activities and a lot of stuff I even Invested a lot of time to learn a lot of New things and grow my onl online Business and one of the things I learned Was website design and development and Specifically for enhancing my website I Took this online class called build a WordPress website with no code and with This class I brushed up my skills about The WordPress website and most Importantly how to integrate the E-commerce setup on the website because I wanted to host my online courses as Well as the digital products I sell on My website and I discovered this Learning path on skillshare and if you

Don't know skillshare is the largest Learning Community for for creatives and Just like this one skillshare has Designed these learning paths that are Handpicked classes meant to be taken in Order that build on one another and You'll find these classes and learning Paths in a lot of categories including Photography graphic design music cooking Business marketing and a lot more and I Want to say thank you to skillshare for Also sponsoring this video and making Content like this possible if you want To learn a skill like this as well you Can join skillshare I have put a link in The description below and the first First 500 people to do so using my link Will get one month free trial of Skillshare so back to the topic of why I Left Germany I think one of the biggest Reasons was taxes I used to pay around 35 to 40% of the taxes honestly before Moving to Germany I knew about the taxes And I don't mind paying taxes but then How I look at it is what do I get in Return and there are a lot of things you Get um for your taxes there's free Healthare there's free education for Your kids but when I look at that like When when when we talk about the Healthare it's not a very good situation There because unless you're literally Dying you it's very difficult to get an Appointment to the doctor so it doesn't

Matter whether it's free or not and that Too when I used to compare it with the Healthcare in Dubai you could literally Walk into a hospital and ask them I want To meet this specialist and they'll just Probably give you an appointment right Away and I was like o and plus the taxes Don't just stop here I was shocked when I moved to Germany and I got a Relocation Bones from a company and There was deductions of 40% on that as Well not just this if your company gives You stocks they sell half of your stocks To just pay for the taxes for that so it Is not a capital gain basically they Just deduct on whatever you get from the Company and imagine this was happening With me after I lived in the buy for 5 Years and the total tax I paid for all These 5 years was Zero their arms and Even after I made peace with the taxes And everything there were other problems I faced that I think one of the things I Realized is there is lengthy Bureaucratic processes in involved in Everything you do in Germany and it's Not an entrepreneur friendly uh country I would say it took me 4 months to Realize that I should not register a Company in Germany because long story Short I had a registration in Dubai my Company was registered here and when I Went to Germany after a while my text Consultant told me that any income I

Make in the whole world though my Company was registered in UAE the income Was generated in UAE in the bank account In UAE I still have to pay taxes on my Global income and I was like okay but Then why don't I register my company in Germany because I'm paying taxes anyways And when I tried to do that there was so Much to Andro communication with the tax Department with my tax consultant and They were asking strange things they Were asking me that if anyone buys my Udi course in EU Zone I have to charge That and nobody was able to understand That it doesn't work that way I don't Talk to the end customers UD me sells These courses on my behalf I get a share There is no way I can charge that and These kind of problems and after 4 Months my Tex consultant was like I Think you are better off in Dubai having Your business registered in Dubai and With all these problems going on then Comes the personal problems which is Like the food and language but I know This the food and language it has Nothing to do with Germany it has to do With me because I wanted to move to Germany so it's only fair for the people There to expect me to learn their Language and basically adapt to the Culture and food and everything there Which I did I tried to learn Dosh but uh I find it very difficult and I mean even

If I put efforts it would have easily Taken me two years to learn the language But the frustration and the problems you Face by not knowing the language it's Too difficult to bear it for 2 years Until you learn learn it and honestly I Didn't have much time to focus on Learning a language so it became a Problem for me and when it comes to food I only eat halal food so the choice I Had was very limited I mean I would have To literally research a lot just to go Out to have a meal and it's okay if you Visit a place for a week or two and then You do these kind of things but when you Live there you have to do it every day And every week of the month and year and At a certain point it becomes very Difficult and I think with 6 months or Seven months I used to compare Everything with Dubai like life in Dubai Is easy everybody speaks English and When it comes to food you have so much Variety you have so much options even Just talking about halal food the Government related services are easy They are smooth everything is online Malls and shops are open till midnight It's everything is easy getting an Apartment getting in car like when I Landed in Dubai honestly on my third day I already had a car on my name I had an Apartment and I had a regular life Within just 3 days everything was sorted

Already and one more factor is I mean It's so easy for my parents to visit Here they can literally come anytime They want and live as long as they want So these were the kind of problems which I directly realized but then there were Certain things which not everyone might Agree with me it's very easy to find People with a lot of ambition with a lot Of energy in Dubai and it's really Helpful if you are an entrepreneur and You are surrounded by such people and Honestly there are there is so much of Stuff in Dubai which kind of keeps you Motivated which kind of keeps you Inspired all the time and I didn't Realize this until I left Dubai because When I used to live here for 5 years Because you lose the value of things if It's kind of available to you in Abundance and it's not just about these Kind of people it's also about social Connections and I think with age it Become comes very difficult to find Those deep and meaningful connections When it comes to friendships I lived in Germany for 2 years and honestly I don't Have that energy in me anymore to find To create those kind of connections and Friendships and when it comes to Dubai I Have a well-connected Social Circle Which matters to me suddenly and I I Guess I'm just getting old and meanwhile I was thinking about all this I what I

Realized is a lot of content creators on YouTube I Follow they actually moved to Dubai and and I assume it's the same Reasons so with no tax and ease of life And ease of access to everything I think For Content creators Dubai is like a Heaven and what I realized is Perspectives changed so quickly like When I left Dubai 2 years ago I had a Different perspective and the last two Years my perspective about Dubai and Where I want to live what are my Priorities again changed a lot and what I realized is the priorities I have at The moment and the things I want to do In the next few years I think Dubai was A better suited place for me and I Didn't mind to change my mind again and Move back from Germany to Dubai and Again I already know this now I mov to Dubai there are a lot of things I'll Even miss about Berlin and Germany like The outdoor walks the the hiking the Outdoor activities there's so much Nature around every city there are so Many Forest there are so many things to Do there the weather in summers is Amazing amazing and honestly I used to Be a lazy person but if you look at my Stats in last 2 years I have walked an Average of 9,000 steps every day and I Used to work from home most of the days But the conclusion is this I guess it's Very important for a person to go to

Different places absorb the place and Understand and make a conscious Decisions and it's okay to change your Perspective about things and make a Right decision based on what priorities You have and I hope all these things Answer to the question questions of a Lot of people who I think care about me And they used to ask me why am I moving Back to Dubai and thank you so much and I will see you in the next one

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