This Format Made Me Actually Love Meetings




This Format Made Me Actually Love Meetings

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Leading an efficient meeting goes way beyond just sending out an invite. It takes planning, preparation and management. Otherwise you might end up asking… “Could this meeting have been an email?”

In this video we’ll show you step by step how to plan and host a super productive meeting, including:

– How to write an agenda
– What to include in meeting invites
– How to lead an efficient meeting
– Setting actionable objectives
– How to write a follow-up email
– Tips on boosting productivity

Download the HubSpot guide to running an efficient meeting with 7 email templates to help you get prepped and lead a super productive meeting.

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If I want my meeting to have actionable Outcomes I need to go into it with clear Specific objectives what's the purpose Of this meeting generate new ideas plan A product launch solve a problem analyze Data the most effective meetings have no More than three main objectives so your Discussion stays focused plus knowing The purpose of a meeting helps set Expectations and motivate everyone Towards a common goal okay so why does My meeting need to happen the main Purpose is to convince investors to get On board with the expansion there's a Lot writing on this so how do I make Sure this meeting is a success what are Some potential roadblocks identifying Potential roadblocks before the meeting Means you can prepare Solutions ahead of Time for example one of my stakeholders Is worried about the risks of expansion So I'm going to include a clear Financial breakdown into my presentation Another way to navigate Roblox is to map Out how you're going to make sure the Objectives happen by turning them into Tangible action points what are your Action points everything in the meeting Should be heading towards actionable Next steps for example how are we going To action our plans what tasks need to Be delegated what are the deadlines and Does anything need to be clarified Before we move forward so what are my

Action points after the meeting if all Goes well I want to finalize our budget And confirm the timeline but before I Get on to scheduling the meeting one Very important question does this need To be a meeting look everyone's time is Precious and limited so make sure a Meeting is the the best use of that time Sometimes asynchronous communication is More effective emo threads project Management tools and collaborative Documents for example on the other hand Meetings can be essential for issues That need live brainstorming multiple Points of view quick decisions or Instant feedback they can also help to Build relationships strengthen teams and Land clients in my case I need to Impress my investors with a stunning Presentation and that needs to happen in A meeting but there's a lot to discuss Here how do I make sure my meeting Doesn't go off topic creating an agenda Will give me a stepbystep outline for The meeting I'm going to break down each Discussion Point into separate sections With clear objectives that way everyone Knows the order of proceedings and the Meeting should flow smoothly let's Create an agenda so presentation Followed by brainstorming session and Marketing plans and now let's include a Section for setting actions and Confirming the next steps so we know

Where we're headed okay I put together a Step step agenda and I'm feeling prepped Now I just have to send out the invites But wait it's not just as simple as Sending out a call link or setting a Meeting time let's do this right we need To include the agenda in the meeting Invitation so attendees know what's Going to be discussed and what's Expected of them that way they're more Likely to engage in discussion ask Relevant questions and work as a team to Find Solutions you could use the HubSpot AI content assistant to write your Invite or HubSpot also has some great Templates we can use as well let's grab This one and fill it out right now first A title that clearly explains the Subject and the scope of the meeting and Of course you need basic info like the Date start time and end time don't Forget to factor in different time zones For International Teams next up where is The meeting on location or remote we're Meeting online so I also need to include The link and software requirements and Don't forget that agenda we can Summarize the main points in the invite And attach a more detailed document if Necessary finally do we need to share or Request any pre-meeting documents this Can really help streamline your meeting So you're not hunting for info on the Day okay let's finish filling out the

Template thank you and I look forward to Seeing you at the meeting And Sam all right time for me to put the Final touches on our presentation I'll See you at the meeting today is the day The first thing we're going to do is Walk through the agenda this gives us an Overview of what we need to cover in the Meeting and what objectives we're aiming For so today we've got a briig Presentation then we'll be discussing The budget and ideas for expansion it's Useful to establish expectations for the Meeting early on to help from Overrunning and to keep us focused for Example I've set time frames for each Discussion point so we stay on track and Work through the agenda one point at a Time on that note we need to keep the Conversation flowing and on topic it's My job as host to manage input and make Sure we're getting a fair balance of Perspectives we've all been in meetings With dominant personalities who need a Little raining in and sometimes quieter Participants need encouragement to speak Up as well we can also split the team Into breakout sessions to work more Efficiently oh and make sure someone's Taking minutes so you have an accurate Record of what's being discussed I need To focus on the presentation so I'm Using fireflies AI to take automated Notes for me which is really fantastic

It also analyzes your transcript to pull Out important data topics and even how Positively people responded during the Meeting but the conversation is kind of Going around in circles and I think I Know why our discussion is maybe a Little too broad we're stuck on Overviews instead of focusing on the Most relevant data remember an efficient Meeting should stick to just a few major Points and move towards specific Outcomes so let's get back on topic and Only look at the most relevant data and Information to make this meeting worth Everyone's time I've started to notice People lose focus so it's time to Celebrate some WIS those meetings are Also an opportunity to build team morale Encourage collaboration and boost Motivation now it's time to nail those Action points as a meeting comes to a Close let's take a look at practical Actions we can take to meet our Objectives for example we're going to Need to finalize our budget and delegate The tasks in the expansion plan we also Need to set clear expectations and Deadlines for each action so everyone Stays accountable all right are we all On the same page any final questions Cool time to wrap this meeting up this Has been great thank you so much for Coming okay I think that went well the The investors like the presentation and

We brainstormed some exciting new ideas I have a bunch of notes to write up and I should really send a follow-up email While it's all fresh in mind so the Meeting may be over but we're not done Just yet a follow-up is crucial for Clarifying important decisions and Ensuring we meet our goals it also shows Clients stakeholders or investors that You're committed and efficient and it Could make or break a deal like this I'm Going to use one of the HubSpot email Templates to make this quick and easy Thank you for coming a brief summary of The topics we discussed in the meeting a List of action items including deadlines And who's asside to which task and a List of next steps and expectations if You need any clarifications please get In touch and done let's finish up with a Few final tips and some common mistakes To avoid too many different topics and Objectives in one meeting can be Overwhelming and counterproductive Tackling the most important objectives And scheduling another meeting to cover The rest is is actually more effective Having too many people in a meeting can Make decisions difficult to manage and Cause you to overrun so limit your Attendees to people with the most Relevant expertise and knowledge poor Meeting etiquette can create a bad Atmosphere and leave people out of the

Discussion create an inclusive Respectful space where everyone feels Like their voice can be heard don't Waste time by going over information That could just be shared more Efficiently in other ways and analyzing Data is important but could this have Been an email meeting should be focused On actual tasks and objectives Scheduling your meeting at the wrong Time can result in poor attendance or Short attention spans did you know Midweek morning meetings are the most Effective for energized discussion just Avoid first thing on Monday last thing On Friday or just before lunch hosting An efficient meeting goes Way Beyond Just sending out an invite it takes Preparation time management facilitation And clear actionable objectives it's Also a great opportunity to celebrate Your wins and encourage your team to Work collaboratively but most Importantly a meeting should be a Valuable use of everyone's time helping You make tangible steps towards your Goals okay the investors are on board Time to get to work on those action Points and start prepping for our next Meeting and while I do that you should Be sure to download the HubSpot guide to Efficient meetings for a whole load of Other tips on running productive Business meetings along with seven seven

Email templates genuinely can't think of Anything more helpful when you need to Get something like this done and as Always for more advice on building your Brand be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and like and comment Down below any tips that you have for How to run an effective meeting now if You'll excuse me it's time to go take a Victory lap you know what I'm saying I I Can already smell that expansion rolling In for Jamal's cookies until then I'll See you next time I can find this client Info have you heard of HubSpot HubSpot Is a CRM platform so it shares it data Across every application every team can Stay aligned no out of sync spreadsheets Or dueling databases HubSpot grow Better

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Get e-mail software for marketing purposes. This allows you to manage an e-mail list and allows you to automate some of those functions. E-mail software frees up time for you to concentrate on other business, and what’s more, looks professional and makes subscribers trust that you are competent and know what you’re doing.

You can use your website to determine how well your direct physical marketing is doing. When you send out your next flyer or postcards, leave a link to a page on your website that is not linked elsewhere. By tracking the hits you receive on that page, you’ll know how many people are engaged in your physical marketing efforts.

Develop a strategy that focuses on, not only attracting new customers, but keeping the clients that you already have. Offer incentives and reasons why your current clients should stay with you, so that you can maximize your overall profits and keep everyone happy. This is an effective way to improve your visibility as an organization.

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