These 10 Website Mistakes Are Costing You THOUSANDS




These 10 Website Mistakes Are Costing You THOUSANDS

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What if I told you that most small Businesses would get more clients and Make more money if instead of spending Time on marketing for a whole month they Focused on fixing these really common Website mistakes that are scaring off Potential customers in fact this Business was able to get 54% more leads Just by fixing two of these 10 mistakes Now odds are you know that your website Isn't working as well as it should but You never got around to fixing it so in This video I'll show you how your Website scaring away new customers the Exact fixes you need to Triple your Leads I'll even share the one secret fix You should make even if you ignored Every other mistake on this list because It can honestly change your business Overnight but first you need to Understand how your website scaring off Potential customers in the first place So think of your website like a Restaurant things aren't going so well So you're thinking about moving to a Busier location to hopefully get some More customers the thing is the food you Serve is bad and you know it's bad so if You move to a busier location but keep Serving bad food yes you'll have more People in your restaurant but those People won't be happy and if they're not Happy they're not coming back what Really matters is making sure those

People who do visit your website get Exactly what they came for even small Changes can really dramatically boost The number of clients you get we don't Just want visitors to show up we want Them to stick around and become Customers so how do we do that well Let's look at the first mistake that so Many websites make all the time have you Ever walked into a fancy restaurant Excited for a good meal only to find That you can't understand a single thing On the menu you can't even pronounce Them let alone know what to order and Odds are you're making the exact same Mistake with your website you talk about Your business using fancy business Jargon that makes sense to you but not To your customers and when you confuse People their brains shut down but when You fix this mistake your clients will Stay engage and more importantly they'll Understand how you can help them so if Your website says something like we Offer comprehensive Revenue enhancement Solutions replace it with we help you Make more money easily and effectively Just focus on clear simple language That's about your client's problems and How you solve them make them the star of Your website not your business and if It's hard for you to rewrite your Website in a way that even newbies can Understand this is a great use case for

Chat gbt all you got to do is give it What you've got already and say hey chat Gbt rewrite this in a way that an 8th Grader could understand it and for a Really deep dive into everything you Need to turn your website into an Automated client getting machine I've Got a seat for you in my free on demand Master class and the link for that is Going to be down in the description I Loved that show Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay would visit struggling Restaurants to help save them every Restaurant seemed to have one common Issue that left customers overwhelmed And the kitchens in chaos and the way Chef Ramsey would fix it always made the Restaurants run better they sold more And they saw more repeat customers the Problem in those restaurants the menu's Far too big yes yes oversized menus with Too many choices and Chef ramsy would Always cut them down to just the best Dishes but you're probably making the Same mistake with your website too many Pages up at the top that confuse people Make it simpler just show them the most Important Pages these are your signature Dishes and it helps your visitors find What they need quickly and it's easier For you to keep those pages looking Great so what about the other Pages you Know just put them down at the bottom of Your website in the footer menu that way

Your website just becomes a lot easier To use and focuses on what really Matters another thing business owners Misunderstood stand is features versus Benefits especially on their website so How would you feel if you were about to Order your meal but your server starts Bragging about all their fancy kitchen Gear you know they're going on about the Latest oven Tech they're using how sharp Their knives are and super fast mixers You'd probably think okay but how is That going to make my dinner taste Better and this is exactly where a lot Of websites mess up so what if instead Of just listing all your features you f Focus on the benefits right how it makes Life better for your customers it's not Just about what you have it's about what Your customer gets that's how you Attract way more of them now here's a Powerful trick to get this right use Chat GPT you know you just tell it all The cool things about your service the Features then you ask it to flip those Features into benefits then the benefits Become the big bold headlines on your Site and the features they're just the Details that show how you deliver those Benefit This next mistake is way too common and The fix is so easy now to understand it Picture this you're sitting in a diner And you notice the specials board you

See soup dour but there's no details no Description of what kind of soup it is No hint at the ingredients or flavors And when you ask what is the soup toour It's the soup of the day whether you're Deciding on what to order at a diner or On the fence about booking a service a Lack of clarity about what comes next is A deal killer and most call to action Buttons I see are definitely not clear Now there are generally three ways that You're call to action could be missing The mark first up if it's trying too Hard to be witty but it ends up just Being confusing instead you know say you Run a vet's office and your call to Action says unleash Better Health it's Cute sure but it doesn't tell me what I'm actually clicking for next is if You're called to actions too vague the Classic example of this is contact us Contact you for what to see if you can Help to pick your brain just to talk and The third call to action misfire is if It's at all misleading about what comes Next like if your button said chat with A vet now but it leads to a form to fill Out instead of an immediate live chat or A call back you know the visitor expects An instant chat here not a delayed Response the good news is all three are A super easy fix you know if you want Them to fill out a form book a chat or Schedule something just say it no clever

Lless needed be clear and you're golden Speaking of golden to understand this Next mistake imagine you're approaching Those iconic golden arches of McDonald's You're in your car hungry ready to order The drive-thru but wait the menus Changed instead of those easy to read Lists and pictures now there's just a Wall of text paragraphs describing each Combo you'd be squinting and confused Right and imagine the line of cars pil Up behind you you'd give up and leave if You weren't trapped there well people Aren't trapped on your website they're Distracted as it is and they definitely Don't have the patience to Wade through Walls of text on your website people Skim websites they don't really read Them so if you give them easily Skimmable content they'll feel calmer And they'll better understand what's in It for them you just need to break your Content into bite-sized pieces you know Use headings short paragraphs lots of White space bullet points images and Bold text to highlight your most Important messaging so think about how It feels walking through a huge grocery Store sure everything is at your Fingertips and you've got a zillion Options but let's be honest it feels Kind of cold and Anonymous right but the Farmers market is a whole different vibe You know you're chatting with the guys

Who actually grew the apples or baked The bread and this isn't just about Buying better tasting food it's about That feeling that you're supporting real Hardworking people but yet I see it all The time time websites with literally no Traces of the real humans behind the Business and that makes people feel like You're some kind of scammy Fly by Night Operation whether they know it or not Your website visitors need to see and Know who they're doing business with so Introduce yourself or your team right Here on your homepage just after you've Laid out the problems that your Clients's face and your about us page That's where you can share even more Your journey what you fight for what you Rally against and why it's so personal For you imagine someone serves you a Bowl of pasta with marinara sauce and It's this exaggerated almost neon red Color it looks unnatural and you can't Help but feel like something's a little Off here it seems like it's just a Visual Quirk but as any foodie knows we Eat first with our eyes and if your Website's first impression feels fake People are automatically going to think That any claims you make on your site Must be fake too so avoid these kinds of Super exaggerated unnatural images and Don't worry I'm not telling you that you Can't use stock photos there are

Actually lots of great ones out there That don't scream stock photo just be Picky about them right I always Recommend filling your site with photos That are meant to show how happy your Customers are after they've worked with You so look for real satisfied Expressions not those over-the-top super Excited faces I bet you you've been to One of those touristy towns that's Really just a bunch of T-shirt stores And way too many ice cream shops right And you could go for a scoop or two but You can't decide which flavor to try or Even which shop to walk into suddenly One catches your eye with a free taste Sign you think why not when you step Inside you get to try a bunch of flavors No strings attached oh can I try the Tiam missu that's good that's a good one That's a good one get that this not only Helps you decide on a flavor but you end Up buying from that store see most People who visit your website are just Window shopping really you know we're Talking 96% of your traffic if you don't have a Plan for them you're literally ignoring 96% of your potential customers so you Need your version of a free taste sign You know a chill low pressure way for People to connect with what you're Offering and for you to set yourself up To be their Top Choice when they're

Finally ready to commit this strategy All about creating a pool of future Customers and the key here is to offer Something valuable that they can grab on To without too much commitment this is What we call a lead magnet you know it Could be a free guide a checklist or a Webinar something like that so just Decide on the right format topic and Title that helps solve a small problem That your potential clients have and put An opt-in Block in a really prominent Place on your website and then repeat it On every single page I love how Pizza Solved this problem they were having so A lot of people who started ordering a Pizza on their app gave up halfway Through the ordering process so they Invented what they called zero click Ordering open the app do nothing and Bam Your favorite pizza's on its way so if Your website's contact form has too many Fields or it's just a bit too Complicated people won't bother filling It out did you know that the magic Number for form Fields is exactly three And every additional question makes Conversion rates drop in half so just Keep your form short and sweet name Email maybe one more thing that's all You need and you can actually make it Even smoother you know giving your Visitors control and cutting down on the Back and forth tools like calendly give

You a form that does more than just Collect info it lets people actually Book a call right then and there now I Promised you one more fix that's going To help you drive triple the sales once You fix it so here it is this is all About your hom Page's hero section that Top section right here that's a real Make or break moment for the rest of Your site so what do most businesses do With this super important section they Either go overboard with their branding Slap on some bland welcome message brag About themselves or even worse they get All jargon heavy here's what you got to Do instead tell people clearly what you Offer how it makes their lives better And what they need to do to get it so Start with a headline that's not just Catchy but talks about Real Results then You're going to add a sub headline that Gives a little more info about what you Do or what you're selling they should be Crystal Clear talking right to your Visitor what's in it for them and what Should they do next so don't forget a Call to action button that's Straightforward and hard to miss but This is all just general cleanup so if You really want your website to step up And be the client generating machine That you need I I'm saving you a seat in My free ond demand Master Class where I'm just going to show you the exact

Formula I've used to help over 20,000 Service business owners double or triple Their clients on autopilot so click Right here and I'll send you your free Access right away I cannot wait to show You how easy it is to Triple your leads With this system so click here and I'll See you on the inside

Internet Marketing Is Good For Your Business. Learn Why.

Internet market is an extremely effective way of introducing your business products and services to people all over the world. There are many types of internet marketing to choose from and many of them are perfect for your business. This article can introduce you to the popular types of internet marketing and help you find one that will be perfect for your business.

One of the most important things to do if you are looking to market your business online is to put its name everywhere. I don’t just mean on google. I mean put it on google, bing, yahoo, and any other reputable search engine you can think of. The upfront cost might be larger than you’d expect or hope for, but the pay off in vastly increased clientele will make it well worth it

You can present your product more efficiently by adding pictures or videos to your review. Film yourself using the product and commenting on its advantages. Demonstrate all the features of the product. You should look natural and sincere in your videos and pictures. The goal is to show how the product has helped you.

If you are going to use other languages than English during Internet marketing, make sure you know what the word means. Just doing an online translation of an English word will produce poor results. Ask an expert, you may have to pay for services yet it will be worth it. Look at it this way: they speak a different form of Spanish in Spain and in Mexico. You want to target the right people with the right words.

As indicated above, internet marketing is extremely successful. By using the web you can introduce your services and products to a much wider audience of potential customers. There are many methods to choose from. By following the solid internet marketing practices in this article, you can help to bring your business to the world.

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