I started YouTube as a joke & it turned into a huge business




I started YouTube as a joke & it turned into a huge business

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In this video I will show you step by step how I startedmy YouTube channel as a joke and it ended up being a full feldged business

I will explain all the challenges and learning I applied to grow my YouTube channel from scratch

Also, I will explain how I created different income streams from my YouTube channel by leveraging the reach
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I started YouTube as a joke and in less Than two years I have more than 115 000 Subscribers and it made me a lot of Money than I initially thought in fact In slowly and gradually it turned into a Full-fledged business for me I started My YouTube channel when I was in Dubai And it was crazy within six to seven Months of starting the YouTube channel I Could have quit my job and lived off on My YouTube income I was thinking about It and I thought why not share this Bumpy Journey with you guys so that it Might Inspire someone or you might learn Some lessons which I learned along the Way so if you are someone who is looking To create an online business or a YouTube business stick around till the End of the video and I'll show you Exactly step by step how I overcame Different kind of challenges while Creating this YouTube channel and Scaling it and then I will show you Exactly step by step how I set up Different kind of income streams which Are related to this YouTube channel Foreign Why I created this YouTube channel in The first place we will have to go back In time and basically look at three Events in my life which acted together And I basically created a YouTube Channel when I joined Google I was a Technical account manager on dfp and

Within six months because I had good Performance they gave me an offer to Promote me as a trainer now initially I Was a bit reluctant because I had a Different opinion about trainers I used To say people who can't do train but Then you know initially in your first or Second job in your career how important Our promotion is so I basically went Ahead with it and took the promotion and Job opportunity as a trainer but when I Started delivering trainings I realized That this is something I really like I Really enjoyed delivering trainings so That is the first event and the second Event is after two and a half years I Quit this job and I moved to Dubai I Moved to Dubai for an agency as a head Of programmatic and Performance Marketing but soon I realized that I Started missing trainings I wanted to do Trainings but I had some experience as a Trainer in a prestigious company like Google so it was easy for me to find Some universities and institutes where I Went on weekends to train on digital Marketing but it didn't go for long Because unfortunately pandemic hit and All the offline trainings were shut and Even in my job we started working from Home I don't know what happened during Those work from home days there was a Lot of uncertainty and people started Looking at alternative sources of income

And things like that I personally bought A lot of stocks cryptocurrency I started Learning about it and I started watching Videos about which cryptocurrency is Going to the moon and stuff like that And I lost a lot of money I learned a Very valuable lesson with that I think That if you cannot read the balance Sheets of the companies if you don't Understand from the balance sheets Whether a company is in a good shape or Not if you buy the stocks or trade their Stocks it's just gambling but even after Kind of giving up on actively trading Okay it was kind of in back of my mind That I want I was looking for some Passive income Source I wasn't actively Looking but it was somewhere in back of My mind now one day what happened is my Friend's wife ordered a ring light and They were not home so it got delivered To our house and I opened it and as a Joke I started kind of recording a video In front of it saying that hi guys my Name is always Ahmad and stuff like that And it suddenly hit me trust me on this It suddenly hit me I'm like why don't I Create Um online courses or why don't I train Online because one it kind of checks all The boxes for me I am passionate about Delivering trainings it is risk-free Investment business and it has a Potential to make money for me and I

Decided that I will give it a try and Create a YouTube channel Foreign Didn't even take me a minute to decide On the channel name because the first Thing that came into my mind was Mark Zuckerberg's iconic words Senator veran Ads I was so impressed by this line and The way Mark Zuckerberg said it I even Wanted to uh have it printed on one of My t-shirts but anyways soon after I Created this channel I realized that I Should have given it a thought because I Realized that it's very difficult to Rank on this keyword the channel name Sanitaviran ads I used to go to Google And YouTube and search for my channel And all I could see is CNBC CBS FOX News All these big publishing houses their Stories about Mark Zuckerberg's reply And I realized that it is probably a Mistake but slowly in few months I made My way through all these results and I Basically ranked on the first result on Whether Google or YouTube for my channel Name and this is something I learned There because YouTube Google and Facebook and all these platforms they Really respect consistency if you post Consistently with certain channel name Or hashtag or keyword nobody is going to Stop you ranking on that particular Keyword Foreign

Publishing videos this is where the most Overwhelming phase in this journey Started because you start doing so many Things all together for example the First thing was talking to the camera as A joke one of my friends also started a YouTube channel and he practiced a lot And the first time he was speaking to The camera he even forgot his name he's Like my hi guys my name is and he forgot His name and this is real getting Comfortable with the camera takes some Videos it takes some time though I had Done public speaking I had delivered Countless trainings with 30 people 50 People in the training rooms but when I Started making videos I used to really Get nervous in front of the camera and Along with getting comfortable with the Camera you have to learn how to make Titles how to make thumbnails what kind Of tags to use in your videos come up With different kind of content that Actually works and then publishing that Editing that it's all overwhelming Because it's all comes all together for Creating a video you have to do all of This you have to learn all of this Foreign Started to look at other channels who Were making videos for years and I Started to kind of replicate their setup I used to look at their setups with the Blue and red backgrounds and and nice

Video quality nice audio quality and I Used to kind of copy them but it Overwhelmed me a lot and it happens with Everyone you kind of focus so much on The production quality of your videos And you lose the track of the most Important thing which is the content of Your videos and it happens with all YouTubers I have spoken to so somehow What you think is if you acquire a lot Of gear you buy expensive cameras lights And mics your video production quality Will become certainly will become good But that's not true making good quality Videos it takes a lot of learning it Takes a lot of efforts and that's when This gas thing happens to you which is Gear acquisition syndrome it's a real Disease it happened with me as well I Acquired so much gear I bought expensive Cameras live but still I mean when I Used to replicate the other YouTubers my Results would be funny I mean I tried a Lot with the background lights and the Results were funny and that's when I Learned some important lessons one of Which is that when you start making Videos every next video Target that you Have to make one thing better start with Whatever you have and with every new Video you have to focus on making one Thing better maybe light maybe the audio Quality maybe the camera setup maybe the Framing when you start focusing on one

Thing at a time it makes a lot of Difference with the overwhelming the Other thing I realized is the most Important part in a video is the actual Content all you need is a decent mic and Rest you can just ignore in the Beginning maybe the mic is the most Important thing and after that I would Say the lighting is the most important Thing and after comes the video quality Whether it's 4K HD that honestly doesn't Matter a lot and after I learned these Lessons I didn't honestly give a lot of Thought about the production quality Even if you watch my videos after one Year of starting the channel they are Not good production quality but I kind Of understood that the most important Thing is the content of the videos and I've focused all my energy there Foreign Posting videos on a particular topic and I realized that there are other channels Who post the same topic videos on the Same topic and their videos will get Like half a million views and mine will Not even cross 100 or 200 and I used to Feel that my videos are way better than This which in certain cases was true but I didn't know that YouTube algorithm Works in its own way it values its YouTube is a Time game so if you have Been on YouTube for a while you have Been consistent you have been posting in

A particular Niche YouTube obviously Gives you a lot of exposure compared to A new Creator no matter how good your Videos are and this is true with Training and these kind of videos Obviously the entertainment videos can Get viral in one day and this is where I Learned one more important lesson my Perspective changed about YouTube Because YouTube in itself is three Different products the first one is Search YouTube search is just like Google search but it gives video results And then the other two products are the Suggested videos and the home page and Browse features now why is it important To understand because whenever I used to Create a video I used to understand that Okay you know what this particular video I am making for the search so for Example if I uh I'm planning a video and I decide to create a video on how to Create your first tiktok campaign now This is a search this is for YouTube Search because people search for this Nobody general public when they see a Video with a thumbnail how to create Your first Tick Tock video nobody is Going to click on it so this is designed For search and accordingly because I Know that this is for search I will Choose a particular title for this video Which people are searching and I will Create a thumbnail which somebody is

Looking for how to create a tick tock Campaign the thumbnail is engaging for Them I don't create videos Um thinking that okay somebody searching Will click on it as well and randomly Some guy will see this thumbnail and Click I create 8 videos for each of These products separately because for Browse and suggested I will create Videos like life in a digital marketing Agency even if somebody is Loosely Related to digital marketing field they Might click on this thumbnail when this Appears on their home page or suggested Videos so that's how I used to think and I decided that I will create a mix of Videos there will be a percentage of Videos for search YouTube search and There'll be a percentage of videos which Will get views from the browse and Suggested video products five to six Months I got like 5 000 subscribers and With all this learning and getting some Traction now I started looking at the Bigger picture and where the next Chapter of my YouTube Journey started Which is Foreign Now what I mean by this is at this stage I came out of this uh thinking about Views and daily subscribers and things Like that and I started looking at Bigger picture which is YouTube in Itself is a platform which gives you

Reach and as a digital marketer I Understand the value of reach how you Can leverage this reach to kind of Monetize that's how I started looking at It if I have 5 000 subscribers if there Are 5 000 people who listen and who Watch my videos who listen to what I Have to say I have to kind of somehow Monetize this reach talk to my friends I Talk to my acquaintances who want to Start a YouTube business the thing I Tell them is that before starting a YouTube channel because they ask me Things like what Niche we should make Videos about and things like that I tell Them before you start making videos or Choose a niche or create a YouTube Channel you first have to rethink about What kind of business model what kind of Business can you create on top of it It's okay in the beginning if you are Not sure but once you start the YouTube Channel and within first few months you Have to kind of focus and understand That what kind of business model you're Going to create on top of YouTube If you Are taking this seriously and you want To kind of monetize your efforts you put In creating content now the same thing Happened with me the first stream of Monetization for me for this YouTube Content was AdSense obviously you create Videos that YouTube shows ads on your Videos and you make money but as a

Digital marketer it benefited me a lot As well because how I used to look at it Is I know the type of keywords you use In your videos your titles or the things You say in videos or the category you Choose while publishing a video matters A lot in terms of how much money you Will get for a thousand views so for Example if your video is about Entertainment you will get maybe two Dollars for every thousand views but if Your video is about technology Technology marketing business you will Get maybe ten dollars every thousand Views I literally used to go to Google Ads and see the CPC bids for each Category each keyword and that's how I Kind of used to use the keywords in my Titles and the topics I choose for Videos because this really helped me a Lot because when I compare my Monetization with other channels Sometimes I see that my cpms are way way Above than the other people who are in The same category now I knew that AdSense is not something I can Completely rely on I have to create Efficiencies to kind of monetize my Content in better possible ways and That's when I started getting inquiries From different sponsors they wanted to Sponsor my videos and pay me for it I Knew that how much my videos are worth Was like a different income stream for

Me I created a Blog where I would Basically initially redirect traffic From YouTube to my blog to kind of Monetize it as well to show ads display Ads that and monetize it as well and YouTube really helped me initially to Get traffic on my blog and slowly it Started getting a lot of organic traffic As well and once I started getting Traffic there along with the AdSense ads I started some affiliate businesses Which I never focused a lot on but I Still make some affiliate commissions From the links I put on my blog and even When I talked to sponsors I kind of give Them a kind of a combo deal or a package That I tell them okay I will sponsor one Of the videos plus I'll mention you your Affiliate link on my blogs and my Newsletter and that I give them a combo Deal obviously the rates are much higher Than just sponsoring a video and this Created one more income stream for me And once this stabilized as well within A year I realized I got a lot of Requests from people to create detailed Videos and courses and I realized that There are some videos people really like They want me to kind of train them on In-depth topics that's when I decide Excited and I created my own courses and I published these courses on udemy and While I uh my courses were getting a lot Of traction on udemy what I decided is I

Will leverage YouTube reach to kind of Generate membership so I posted the same Courses on my YouTube channel as well And uh created these memberships uh Where people have to buy these monthly Memberships to access my courses and This kind of helped me to create one More stream for these courses I was Creating and apart from this one thing Led to another thing and then I started Creating these digital products which I Hosted on my website as well and if you Realize that all these income streams Were basically based on my YouTube reach I leveraged my YouTube reach I didn't Stop at just monetizing my YouTube Content I kind of used this reach to Sell courses to sell the digital Products and that is what I mentioned in The beginning now for example to give You an idea on udemy I have like more Than 5 thousand course sales I have a Thousand sales of my digital products I Have affiliate commissions and at the Same time I have like almost 700 monthly Memberships on YouTube who pay every Month now one thing I want to mention Here is when I started my YouTube Channel I didn't know all of these Income streams and I didn't have plans To create all of these as far as you Have this thing in your mind that okay You know what digital reach is a Currency I need to leverage it in most

Possible ways to create different income Streams there'll be people who will come To you and give you ideas about it Because for example how I started Digital products is there was a company Who approached me and asked me to create Digital products and host on their Websites they did all of the work I just Provided them the product so when you Have reach there will be people who will Come to you and give you ideas and that Is kind of my journey which started as a Joke and uh this is where I stand now Foreign Ly sum all of this journey in just two Lessons I have learned the first one if You have any kind of questions you have You are willing to start a YouTube Channel just go ahead create 20 videos You want to experiment long short Technical videos non-technical videos Screen recordings whatever confusions You have just create 20 videos and Experiment everything you want and in This process of creating 20 videos Publishing 20 videos you would have Learned so much you would know 80 of the Things which biggest YouTubers know the Second lesson I learned is the most Difficult thing in this YouTube journey Is publishing your first video that is The biggest step you have to take now That's all about this video I hope this Was helpful in any way thank you so much

I will see in the next one

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