HubSpot 2024 Sales Trends Report (Free Download!)




HubSpot 2024 Sales Trends Report (Free Download!)

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Download HubSpot’s Official 2024 Sales Trends Report [FREE RESOURCE]

πŸš€ Dive into the future of sales with the HubSpot 2024 Sales Trends Report! 🌐✨ Discover the latest insights, strategies, and game-changing trends that will shape the sales landscape in the coming year. πŸ“ˆπŸ’Ό

In this must-watch video, we break down the comprehensive HubSpot report to provide you with a deep understanding of the evolving dynamics in the sales industry. πŸ”„πŸ’‘ From emerging technologies to customer-centric approaches, we’ll guide you through the key findings and actionable takeaways that can supercharge your sales efforts.

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We surveyed over 1,400 sales Pros across The globe and in this video I'll go over The top three Trends we're seeing this Year and one of these Trends is about How AI is changing the game for both Buyers and sales reps which may just Surprise you so stick around let's dive In starting with Trend number three most Sales Pros are outperforming their goals Our report revealed that 56% of sales Pros are exceeding their sales goals This year 29% are meeting them and only 15% are underperforming the even better News is that AI is expected to boost Their performance one of the first and Most popular ways is by helping them Spend less time on manual tasks Currently sales Pros are only spending Around 2 hours a day on selling it's not A lot of hours AI can save them 2 hours A day and help them be more efficient How exactly well one example is by using AI to automate and streamline Outreach Messages say you're a sales rep and you Want to send an email to a prospect you Found on LinkedIn first start by picking A general generative AI tool to write Your Outreach em this could be chat gbt Bard or another tool at your disposal Next it's time to write your prompt the More specific you can get about your Desired tone and message the better Something like this will do the trick You're a sales rep and you're reaching

Out to a prospect with the following bio Insert bio here using that write a short Compelling and friendly email Introducing yourself and explaining how Insert product or service can address Their current pain points from there all That's left to do is to tweak the output To fit your needs and send that email it Can be a massive timesaver for sales Reps who can now spend more Time sell it oh and by the way if you Want to see the full list of sales Trends check out our 2024 report Linked In the description below literally just Giving away uh Mana from Heaven here Really revolutionize the game for you Trend number two self-service tools and Sale enablement content are more Important than ever think about product Demos free trials and chat Bots those Are all examples of resources companies Can make available to prospects to help Guide their purchases buyers are already Doing their own research so the more Resources they have the more confident They'll be to make a purchase 64% of B2B Sales Pros offer self-service tools and 85% of them say it's effective in fact Sales Pros who offer buyers self-service Tools are 47% more likely to exceed Their goals This year compared to those that don't So I don't want you to be left behind You know what I'm saying want to get

Your own self-service tools up and Running start with an FAQ and or a Knowledge base it's low cost and low Effort start by asking your sales team To write down the most popular questions They get from prospects as well as Current customers you can even check Your social media accounts to see what Questions followers are asking the most About your brand then take those Questions and organize them by theme Some will be very product specific Diving into specific features others may Be more general account setup pricing Customer Support options Etc from there Write down the answers to these Questions in a blog format then all That's left is publishing it to your Website and letting those sweet Prospects come to you the great thing About a knowledge base is you can always Add more layer whether you start with 10 Articles or a 100 the most important Thing is having valuable information Your audience can use to guide their Purchasing decision this leads us to our Number one Trend AI is supercharging Your buyer research process 96% of Salespros say that when they first speak To a prospect they've already done Research on their product or service not Only do buyers know about the company And the products or Services they offer They also know how it compares to

Competitors we also know that 71% of Consumers prefer to gather information Themselves rather than speaking to a Human with AI buyers can come equipped With all the knowledge they need to make A decision so what does that mean for Sales reps higher quality conversations Shorter sales cycles and a focus on Relationship building as a sales rep You'll have to rethink the value you Bring you won't just be sharing product Information instead you'll be working on Boosting your buyer confidence Personalizing your approach based on Their needs and creating a personal Connection and that starts with asking Questions to get to know your prospect Better you want to uncover who they are Their goals and their challenges Questions like you specialize in X why Did you choose that Niche what are your Goals for the next three six or 12 Months what's holding your team back From reaching your goals tell me about Your average day how would this solution Impact your daily work are all great Starting points to understanding your Prospect and don't be afraid to follow Up and dig in even more into their Background the more you know the more You'll be able to solve for the customer So that wraps up our top three sales Trends of 2023 if you want to discover More sales Trends as I said my friend

Download our free report Linked In the Description below which Trend surprise You the most feel free to comment below And let us know and don't forget to Subscribe for more insights now if you Excuse me I'm going to go read the Report on who's been stealing cookies From my cookie jar got a couple leads I'm hoping to Crack the Case by Nightfall until then I'll see you next Time I can find this client info have You heard of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM Platform so it shares its data across Every application every team can stay Align no out of sync spreadsheets or Dueling databases HubSpot grow Better

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