How to get AI to make you $200 a day




How to get AI to make you $200 a day

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to use AI to make you $100, $200, or even $900 a day as a side hustle or as a solopreneur without needing to hire a team or any employees at all.

This is literally the exact path I would take if I had to start all over from scratch today but it’s also something you might want to consider if you’re just looking for a few ways to add a little extra cash without needing to do a whole lot of extra work.

And the secret is that we’re going to be using AI in order to provide one of the most profitable, in-demand, and future-proof services available. Something that every business out there knows about, wants, and needs.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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Hey my friend Adam here and in this Video I'm going to show you how to use AI to make 100 200 even 900 a day as a Side hustle or solopreneur without Needing to hire a team or any employees At all this is literally the exact path I would take if I had to start all over From scratch today but it's also Something that you might want to Consider if you're just looking for a Few ways to add a little extra cash Without having to do a whole lot of Extra work and the secret is that we're Going to be using AI in order to provide One of the most profitable and in demand And future-proof services available Something that every business out there Knows about wants and needs and that is Marketing but not just any kind of Marketing as there are a few services And packages that you can offer that are Going to allow you to charge more get Better results and work less which I Appreciate sounds way too good to be True but if you watch this video through Till the end I'm sure you're going to be Pleasantly surprised maybe even shocked Or dare I say completely blown away it's Just how possible this really is and the Only question you'll have is is why Didn't I do this before so let's get Started by talking about the first Service that I think you should offer Which is lead generation

In the us alone there are over 32.5 Million small businesses and all of them Need leads all of them and this is where You come in as a supplier of those leads By putting together a compelling Google Ad or Facebook ad you're able to make The connection between business and Customer and charge a retainer for Providing those services or earn a Commission on every lead you generate This is why lead generation was one of The main services that my marketing Agency offered for years as it was very Profitable and it was always in demand After all if you're able to generate a Lead for a business let's say costs ten Dollars and that lead is worth a hundred Dollars to the business you my friend Just generated a 10x Roi or return on Investment which is kind of like going Up to a business and saying hey give me Ten dollars and I'll give you a hundred Dollars back it's a no-brainer and if You're just getting started you can Offer this service for 500 to a thousand Dollars a month which means that you Only need a small handful of clients in Order to reach 5 to 10K a month in Profitability now up until recently the Hardest part part of running a lead gen Campaign was the actual writing of the Ad itself figuring out what to say and How to say it and what it should look Like and what it should sound like and

Feel like and this is gonna sound crazy But I honestly used to spend between Four to eight hours sometimes more Writing what I felt was the perfect ad And if we were spending big money on the Campaign well I'd also bring in friends And consultants and mentors and other People to look over the ad and critique It and try to make sure that it was as Good as it possibly could be but now now I just head over to chatgpt type in Something like write me a Facebook ad For the online course the digital Marketing Academy make the ad persuasive Funny and conversational and highlight The benefits and importance of having a Solid marketing strategy to grow a Business and just like that it gives me A perfectly usable ad that I can Literally copy and paste into my Facebook or Google ads manager and you Can do this as many times as you like in Order to come up with the perfect ad if You want to beef up your packages though And separate yourself from the Competition and really impress your Clients then you're also going to want To add a way to convert those leads into Actual paying customers in other words Facebook ads and Google ads these are The tools that you're going to use in Order to get someone to click and to Enter their name and their email address Or phone number but you may also want

Something else to carry on that Conversation in order to warm them up And qualify them and nurture them and Turn them into an actual paying buying Customer and my top suggestion here is a Tool called high level and specifically Their AI conversational appointment Booking workflow and setup that allows You to automate the entire marketing Process now this one isn't free but if You are doing lead generation Professionally it's one of the top tools That I use and I can't imagine running My business or my agency without it so I'll put a link in the descriptions Below that'll get you access to an Extended free trial and I highly Recommend you check it out this video is Not sponsored but this is a tool that I Use personally every single day okay the Next AI powered service that you can Offer is social media marketing which is Kind of similar to Legion but also kinda Not so let me explain social media Marketing and starting a social media Marketing agency or smma is someone of My top business models for new Entrepreneurs as it allows you to Provide a valuable service to other Businesses and make a very good living Doing it plus with your social media Marketing you can choose whether you Want to offer lead generation services Or not because as great as I think

Offering lead gen with Facebook ads or Google ads is I also appreciate there's A learning curve there and so it might Be something you want to introduce after You've got your first few paying clients Now when it comes to social media Marketing Services the sky's pretty much The limit on what you can offer that Said there are three services in Particular that I'd suggest you start With as they're going to allow you to Use AI to get you the best results with The least amount of work possible and The first is content creation content Creation is where you create posts and Graphics and emails and blog articles And pretty much anything that you can Think of that a business would need in Order to maintain an active social media Presence and the key here is to continue Using chat GPT just like like we did for Our lead gen ads but now we're gonna ask It to write a blog post or an email Sequence or a social media post or Whatever else it is that you want to Create content for and you can Supercharge this by pairing it with Another free to use AI tool called Dolly Which is going to allow you to create AI Generated graphics and visuals and Photos all of which you're going to be Able to use alongside of your text-based Content now when it comes to creating Content you can choose to Niche down and

Focus on just say a single type of Content like LinkedIn posts something That a lot of businesses are sadly Neglecting or you could offer a broader Range of services but then focus more Selectively on a certain Niche or Industry or market like say Fitness or Coaching or possibly even Target a local Geographic area like whatever city or Town that you happen to live in now Content creation rates vary widely Depending on your experience and the Client that you're working for but for Creating longer form blog posts the Average is around 5 cents a word so a Thousand word blog post could net you About 50 bucks which isn't terrible Seeing as it takes you all of about 20 Seconds in order to use chat GPT for Plus maybe a minute or two to read over And make sure that it all makes sense And as for shorter social media posts Well you could charge anywhere from say 15 to 30 dollars and possibly look into Creating monthly packages around these Services again around 500 maybe 750 Maybe a thousand you can even offer the Next surface alongside of your content Creation which is posting and management One of the biggest objections you're Going to run into when creating content For business owners is them saying they Don't have the time to post all of the Stuff you're making so why not offer to

Do it for them and use software like Metricool to help you plan schedule post And analyze your content for them this Video is not sponsored but I'll put a Link in the descriptions below where you Can sign up for free to that as well and For this service you can charge anywhere From five hundred to a thousand dollars A month or more but there's another Service you might want to consider as Well which is a little more Niche but It's still very cool and that is Offering translation services fun fact About chat GPT is that you can also use It to translate all of the content that You've just made into other languages For your business clients to use across Other social media platforms or maybe Even across different websites if they Want to reach a more Global or more Diverse audience I played around with This a little bit myself and I'll be Honest it's pretty powerful stuff or Should I say es pastante poreroso but There's still one more service you can And should be offering thanks to all of The content that you're going to be Generating which is SEO or search engine Optimization so let me walk you through That now did you know that there are Over 2 billion websites on the internet And do you know what almost all of them Would like more of is it a pain b Bananas c a DVD copy of the director's

Cut of top gun Maverick with behind the Scenes footage and exclusive interviews Or D traffic Well if you guessed traffic you guessed Correctly because every website out There wants more traffic if they're on Page two of Google they want to be on Page one if they're on page one of Google they want to be higher up on page One and if they're already high up on Page one of Google they want to make Sure they stay there and you can help Them do that by offering to create SEO Optimized content for their websites Using again the power of chat GPT by Asking it to create long-form blog posts And articles that are 1 000 or 2000 Words or longer because if there's one Thing that search engines love is Content that said there is a problem That you might run into in creating all Of this good content for them which is That because the content is being Written by a robot it can often come out Looking feeling and sounding exactly Like that and that's not good Fortunately there is a two-part solution Part one use software like writer to Quickly analyze the text in order to Make sure it passes the grade and if not Then run it through another piece of Software like quill bot that'll rewrite Your text for you but as cool as all of This is It's really just the tip of the

Iceberg so if you want to see how I got Chat GPT to build me an entire marketing Campaign from start all the way through To finish then you're definitely going To want to check out this video right Here where I'm going to walk you through Everything I did step by step so you can Do it too so make sure to check that out Now and I'll see you in there in just a Second

The Best Cache Of Tips And Tricks On Internet Marketing You’ll Ever Find Is Here

Obviously, the advent of the internet has radically changed the way we do business today. Marketing your products online requires completely different methods than offline marketing. This article will introduce you to some simple internet marketing techniques that you can start using today to make selling your products online easier and more successful.

You should be using some sort of analytic tracking. If you are not sure where your customers are coming from, you won’t be targeting the right audience in future marketing pushes. Use of this kind of tracking will give you much needed geographical information and usage patterns while customers are on your site.

Take the time to do as much research as possible and look to others that have found success. Choose a trustworthy admirable online mentor. Many veteran internet marketers give out free advice, and some mentor newbies for a fee. Choose a method that suits you, and use that method. Internet marketing is well worth your time and effort, so be patient, and you will see results.

Make sure you take the time to choose the right advertisements. You should try to find advertisements that you think suit your audience. Additionally, you should find ads that look good as they may attract attention from your visitors. Choosing the right ads can make the difference in your business venture.

A great tip for internet marketing, is to take a step back and ask for an outsiders opinion. Sometimes, we might not notice our own spelling or grammatical errors that a fresh pair of eyes can easily detect. There’s nothing more unprofessional than a web site, littered with typos.

The most successful businesses today understand the value and importance of implementing a smart internet marketing strategy. You have to make a real effort to be successful at selling your products online. By following the tips shared in this article, you can have even greater success with online marketing than you ever did offline.

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