How Oatly Used Baristas to Boost Their Brand




How Oatly Used Baristas to Boost Their Brand

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Dive deep into the world of Oatly, the trailblazing brand that turned oats into a $206M enterprise. This video reveals the genius marketing strategies, from maintaining a unique brand voice to leveraging strategic partnerships, that led Oatly from humble beginnings to a global powerhouse. Get to know their effective use of digital platforms, and the valuable lessons any business can learn from Oatly’s success.

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00:17 The Beginning of Oatly
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02:10 Strategy 2
03:54 Strategy 3
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Do you want to learn from a brand that Not only reshaped the whole Market but Also pocketed a cool 206 million dollars In the process well grab your favorite Plant-based snack and get comfy we're About to dive deep into the world of Oakley a Trailblazer that turned oats Into gold with some genius marketing Scraps Oakley was started by a group of Swedish researchers who were seeking Sustainable alternatives to traditional Milk in the 1990s they now sell their Oat products in over 20 countries from Its humble beginnings Oakley has grown Into a global brand but how did they do It Strategy one unique brand voice and Authentic messaging Oatley maintains a Consistent distinctive brand voice Across all marketing channels be it on Their packaging website social media or Even their TV commercials wow Wow no cow the voice is conversational Light-hearted opinionated and playful This makes the brand more approachable And resonates with his target audience Take their help Dad campaign for example This Innovative and humorous campaign Targeted teens with the aim of Motivating them to encourage their Fathers to switch to plant-based milk Despite certain criticisms that labeled The campaign as somewhat narrow-minded And ageist oatley's Unapologetic tone

And audacious messaging remained Prominent reinforcing the Brand's Personality and positioning this spirit Is also present in their stop Plant-based censorship campaign the Campaign was launched by Oakley in Response to the European parliament's October 2020 vote in favor of amendment 171 a proposal calling for heavy Restrictions on plant-based food they Raised awareness by showing the Potential consequences of the band and Encouraging the public to sign a Petition against the proposal they they Also confirmed that people could in fact Tell the difference between oat drink And milk through focus groups the Campaign rallied nearly half a million Signatures leading to a withdrawal of The amendment by the European Parliament In may 2021. clearly oatley's unique Brand voice is the winner but what else Did they do strategy 2 targeted Strategic Partnerships it's all about The right Partners instead of just Throwing their brand name around hoping It would stick to something or someone Only came up with a focused plan they Zeroed in on coffee shops understanding That they were hot spots for people Looking for dairy Alternatives through Baristas they positioned themselves as The best alternative to Dairy Effectively reaching their desired

Customer base in a unique fun and new Way but it didn't stop there they went a Step further by not just providing their Product of coffee shops but instead Developing a special product exclusively For them the Barista blend this version Of their oat milk is thicker than Traditional products allowing Baristas To create better and more attractive Coffees hold on hold on now look I'm not An oat milk Aficionado out here but They're talking a really big game let me Try this [Music] Hold on [Music] Oh yeah that's pretty good pretty good I Came pretty good by targeting Baristas Instead of coffee drinkers Oakley was Able to turn coffee shops into Distribution channels for their products By creating something specifically for The Barista they were able to get into The shops and introduce the new products To Coffee drinkers Oakley strategy and Shortage product wasn't just available In stores but became a preferred choice For the Baristas actually making the Drinks boosting its visibility and Acceptance among customers strategic Partnerships have clearly given Oakley a Strong presence in cafes worldwide but How does the brand maintain its Relationship with its customers strategy

3 create Community with social media Oakley is a pro at sparking online Conversations that mirror their beliefs And click with their crowd back in 2018 They created an Instagram space just for Baristas cleverly linking it with their Move to get Oatley into coffee shops hey Barista and everyone else we've created An a new Instagram account all about Baristas and it even has a website to go Along with it neither one even mentions Arborista Edition oat milk because we Thought it would be way more interesting To take a break from telling you about Ourselves and our products and instead Focus on the stories dreams ideas and Aspirations of the Baristas Roasters Coffee Shop owners and all the other Amazing people that make the coffee Industry what it is like Ona Barista at Pinnacle Coffee San Francisco Bobby Valentino here hope you'll check it all Out at hey Barista mag and hey this instacorner gives Coffee experts a place to mingle trade Tips or simply hang out helping to Strengthen oatley's brand image and Values by using social media in such a Creative way they not only keep their Key crowd engaged but also keep Reminding everyone else about their Pledge to build a community around their Brand and Spark open dialogues while you May not be able to turn and oats into

Gold there are three low-cost Universal Lessons that you can use to help your Business shine lesson one craft an Authentic and distinctive brand voice The tone and personality you use in your Messaging can significantly influence How your audience perceives your brand Oatley's conversational and lighthearted Brand voice makes them more approachable And resonates well with their target Audience you can start by defining your Brand's core values and personality Consider your target audience and how They communicate adopt the consistent Tone across all platforms that is both Reflective of your brand and appealing To your audience an easy hack to ensure Brand consistency is to use online tools Like grammarly's tone detector you can Use it to check your Brand's tone in Your messaging remember it doesn't cost Money to be consistent playful or Engaging in your messaging lesson two Leverage targeted Partnerships strategic Partnerships can help you reach your Desired customer base way more effective Oatley's collaboration with artisanal Coffee shops allowed them to position Their products directly to customers Seeking Dairy Alternatives identify Potential partners that align with your Brand and have access to your target Audience these don't have to be big Businesses think about partnering with a

Local community event festival or meetup Group that aligns with your brand values You can then offer free samples that Will make your brand memorable to that Target audience lesson three create Community Through social media digital Platforms are an excellent medium to Reinforce your brand principles and Engage with your audience creatively Oakley uses these platforms like social Media to spark conversations that align With their brand values and resonate With Their audience make the most of Free social media platforms to engage With your Audience by creating Interesting shareable content that Reflects your Brand's values you can Utilize user generated content here run A photo contest on social media where Your followers submit pictures related To your Or products this not only provides you With free content but also directly Engages your audience and broadens your Reach use these platforms not only to Promote your product but also to create A community around your brand creativity Doesn't necessarily require a big old Budget these strategies are not just for Brands with millions of followers and There you have it some of oatley's Smoothest oatmeal marketing strategies Craft a unique brand voice smartly Leveraged Partnerships and creatively

Utilize digital platforms Oatley is now A giant with plans to create the world's Largest oatmeal Factory and has expanded Its reach to extend to Partnerships with McDonald's and Starbucks with both Companies offering the Barista blend Remember if you can keep it authentic Strategic and creative even in a crowded Market you're definitely going to make a Splash comment down below to let me know Which brand you like to see me dive into Next until next time Bye-bye I can't find this client info have you Heard of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM Platform so it shares its data across Every application every team can stay Aligned no out of sync spreadsheets or Dueling databases HubSpot grow better [Music]

Use The Internet To Your Advantage – Follow These Expert Tips

The internet marketplace is ground that is constantly shifting. From one year to the next, platforms for selling come and go. Some improve, others decline. The following tips can help give a clear view of the marketplace as it is now, and how to keep an eye out for new markets as they open up.

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Starting a blog will give a big boost to your Internet marketing efforts. It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays, and your business should be no exception. Blogs give you increased visibility and provide many opportunities to incorporate your keywords into yet another web page. Customers love it, too, because it makes them feel like they can actually interact and have a conversation with you.

Internet marketing requires you to work with the search engines, meaning you have to design your campaigns around what the engines like. One way to make sure your site is always ranked highly is to use proper Meta and title tags, and to ensure that they’re not complicated, broken, or off-topic.

Whether you have been selling on the internet marketplace for years or are just beginning, these tips should help provide direction toward your future. It is a highly competitive marketplace. The more you know, the better you will be able to gain the right platform for your products.

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