7 AI Marketing Tools To Automate… EVERYTHING!




7 AI Marketing Tools To Automate... EVERYTHING!

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I’m breaking down 7 AI marketing tools the right way when it comes to marketing so you can minimize your efforts while maximizing your impact.

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The best AI marketing tools should feel Like a cheat like you're actually Cloning yourself into a whole marketing Team and we've got seven AI tools that Will absolutely slash the time you have To put into marketing your business use Them right and AI can almost build a Business for you but that's the trick Using them right so I'm going to show You which AI marketing tools can buy Your time back but there is one a Marketing category that just doesn't Live up to the hype that I say you Should 100 stay away from more on that Later so obviously I use video for Content marketing but I was really Intrigued to start adding short form Videos to my marketing mix too just Because they're getting so much Attention right now so I tried Repurposing some of those ideas that I Talk about in my longer videos into Shorts that I could use across YouTube Instagram and Tick Tock but it was Pretty manual work and to crank out Seven of these babies a week was just Way too much to justify with the results That they were getting so I had to stop Up but had I known about get Munch and Tools just like it I could have Published all sorts of viral ready short Clips without any extra work get Munch Is a video repurposer that takes your Long-form videos and automatically dices

Them into social media sized pieces it Automatically selects the most viral Ready tidbits and then spits out short Form content that's ready for tick tock Instagram reels and YouTube shorts and It's not just a clipping tool either get Munch does some of the actual thinking For you AI clip selection means it finds Key moments to highlight so you're not Pouring through every video AI caption Generation saves you tons of time with Manual editing and typing it even Handles publishing to social media for You so you're not doing everything Manually if you do any long-form video You need to use this but I know not Everyone's publishing videos to social Media what if you use videos a different Way say sending private client facing Videos to help you make sales and close Over email if you have be human you can Let AI take over that process too so you Can record yourself just one time and Then have it create all kinds of fresh Videos with your face and your voice This one's by far the most sci-fi of all The tools that I'm going to talk about And honestly it's kind of freaky so why Would you need to create a video version Of yourself so if you have a service Based business you might offer some kind Of free consultation or sales call and If you do that you're probably all too Familiar with all the no shows who Skip

Your calls I got them too but then when I started sending a quick off the cuff Video to that Prospect before the call You know just letting them know what to Expect and then I'm looking forward to Speaking it really cut down on the No-shows it's a really nice Personal Touch but it's also time consuming so I Found myself having to whip out my phone And record these videos at really Inconvenient times which actually made Me stop doing them all together but with AI it's a personal touch you can scale Here's how it works you just create a Video Welcome message one time and There's no reason to make it super Polished either just record and go then Be human can fill in your clients names With both audio and video so you're not Recording these every day hi Jackie hi Patch and you can even integrate this With zapier so that whenever someone Schedules something one of these is Automatic generated and then sent to Your prospect not only is this one of The coolest uses of AI I've seen yet but It's a massive Time Saver while you're Still putting your personal stamp on Each message and that's just one use Case but you can use be human videos for All kinds of things you could create a Personalized greeting for people who Download your lead magnet complete with Mentioning their actual first name or a

Quick reading video to make your cold Email stand out of all the small Business websites that I look at and Consult on there's almost always one Thing that misses the mark and just Makes the marketing feel a little off And when I used to design websites for Clients we'd come up with this really Great looking new website but that one Element was still there dragging the Whole thing down so if your logo is Outdated amateurish or if you don't even Have one yet it used to be kind of a Pain and never as fun as you think it Would be when you go into the logo Designing process you could either hire Someone cheap off of Fiverr or create One yourself from scratch using Something like canva and either way the Results were usually lacking luckily Brandmark takes care of all of that so Just enter in your business name your Slogan and your off will it be perfect The first time around probably not it's A little like chat GPT that way you know It's first answer might not be perfect But every iteration gives you a better And better starting point so rather than Paying a designer 75 bucks an hour for Each round of revisions you can just Keep iterating with brandmark at no Extra cost and here's what I really like Here you get unlimited revisions without Paying a subscription fee so you just

Pay to use it once if AI is creative Enough to handle a logo then why not Hand over some more creative work if You're trying to figure out running Facebook and Instagram ads you can stop All that manual time consuming work and Assign the task to add creative.ai you Just tell it what you need and then ad Creative is going to spit out ads that Previously required skilled Freelancers Or really expensive ad agencies to Handle it can do everything for you it Can iterate text and headlines for a b Testing you know either write your own Headlines or click Text Ai and it's Going to generate some headlines for you It'll generate the right social posts in The right sizes so all you have to do is Hit publish and if that's all ad Creative did it would be a really useful Tool but what elevates it above the rest Is its creative insights features you Can connect your actual ad accounts to Ad creative.ai and it automatically Pulls in all your previous ad data if You have any then you'll learn which Creatives are scoring the best which Image sizes are having the biggest Impact which headlines what are the top Performing creatives overall you know Their dashboard outlines everything so There's no guesswork they give it like An ad agency in a box and you're halfway There sure there's going to be some

Tweaking to do but just use creative Insights as ad score it'll tell you Exactly how much more tweaking it needs So that covers you for those static Image ads but 68 of advertisers say that Video ads drive way more clicks and Conversions making them much more Profitable the problem is video ads are Usually way more time consuming not to Mention just harder to pull off Scripting pulling Clips editing again You'd need a clone to avoid hiring Someone to handle it all for you but That's where today's sponsor comes in in Video's brand new AI video creation tool Makes any kind of marketing video you Would ever need with nothing more than a Simple text prompt you can enter in the General idea for the video a more Detailed description or a full script if You have one and Nvidia is going to take That text prompt and put together all The video clips voice over even captions To make it come to life and here's what It looks like and honestly it really Couldn't be any easier all you need to Do is tell it exactly what you want Using natural language but the trick Here is the more detailed you can make That prompt in terms of you know making It a real content brief the more or Differentiated the results are going to Be so a really great prompt that can get You the best results might look

Something like this make a Facebook ad For my mobile car detailing business you Know obviously insert your business There you can even give them the name of It and now you just want to give a Little context of exactly what you do so I go to customers homes or workplace and Do a full detail while they're free to Do other things so you're kind of Telling what you do and you're also Mentioning the main benefit and now if You want to make your ad about an actual Offer you would talk about that I'm Offering 20 off the first detail and my Ideal customers are young Professionals In the LA area between 25 and 45 so We're talking a little bit about who our Customers are that's super important and Then I'm asking it to give a call to Action to click the button on the ad to Get the offer you can even ask for what Kind of VoiceOver you want so I'm just Going to say use a realistic young male Voice over for this from there we'll Click on generate a video then it's just Asking for you know what audience so I Already specified young professionals But if you wanted to change it it's Going to come up with some stuff so even If you don't ask for it specifically It'll give you some options and look and Feel I'm going to go with minimalist Modern platform will stick with Facebook And then continue and what it's doing

Now it's generating a full script for You it's pulling premium stock Clips Which honestly would cost a lot of money If you were to get those on their own so This is worth it for that by itself and It's also creating an AI voiceover that Sounds pretty realistic okay so it's got Something ready for us let's check it Out real quick in the hustle and bustle Of Los Angeles time is a precious Commodity Imagine a world nice it sounds pretty Good it looks pretty good now I'm going To show you a few ways you can edit it So obviously you'd want to watch through The whole thing and make sure it sounds The way you want it to sound and it Looks the way you want it to look so Just click on edit and there's a few Ways you can edit this so the first way Is you can go down here and you can Actually just chat with it and tell it Something to change like you could say I Would say like maybe introduce the offer Sooner or you could say something like You know make make the beginning more Exciting or change the voice over to a More American sounding Voice or Something like that so you can do that Or you can just click on edit media and Then you can swap out individual Clips So maybe we want to start with something More exciting here so I'm going to click On the first clip and then go down to

You can if you have your own clip you Can upload it here but they've got Access to so many stock Clips right so I'm just going to click down here and I'm going to type in fancy car and then See let's see what they got here so then We just gotta find an actual clip Because a lot of these are images so Maybe I'll just choose this one I like That And then apply So now it's changed that for us and we Can also edit the script so just click There and you can go through and if Anything doesn't seem right to you you Just change it in real time then click On apply changes so it's all editable Every single bit of it and this feature Isn't ready quite yet but in a few weeks You're going to be able to get even more Granular control over it because you can Actually export this to a timeline where You can do all the little editing tricks You want to do but for now this works Pretty great and then you just click on Export it's going to make a high Definition version of it for you and on A paid plan you can even get rid of These watermarks but again you can try This all absolutely for free by using my Link in the description below So once you get rolling within video You're churning out these high quality Profitable video ads drawing those

Inbound leads but that might result in More leads than you can close on your Own in that case you can train your own Chat GPT style chat bot to handle all Those new web visitors yep we've all Seen chat Bots and we've all gotten Frustrated at the ones that feel like You're just talking to a robot but AI is Making serious strides here now you can Train your own version of chat GPT as a Chat bot that's much more sophisticated More on brand and can answer your most Frequently asked questions like a real Human who's been working in your Business for years wanted to have a Specific personality you know friendly And professional funny and Casual you Get to choose and just like most of the Tools I've shared there are a few Options that more or less do the same Thing but Customgpt.ai seems to be the fastest way To build an extension of your customer Support team that's assuming you even Have a team it's gonna be real really Hard for your customers to tell but There is one category of AI tools I 100 Do not recommend you use just yet with All this AI talk you're probably Thinking hey if AI is that good I can Probably use it to make me a whole Website not so fast my friend here's the Thing AI web Builders are okay if all You want is a really quick and easy

Template to slap something up online but Who would want that you know they're not Going to help you with the content you Need to sell those services or even give You a layout with the right sections That you actually need what they will Give you is a Bare Bones generic Template filled with seemingly random Content blocks so you're gonna need to Basically rework it from the ground up With your own content if you want it to Pull its weight as a client generating Website but that doesn't mean you can't Use AI in bits and pieces to help get Your website created so I actually love Using chat GPT for all your written web Content you're not going to get it to Spit out the perfect content from Scratch but there are some smart ways to Prompt chat GPT to build your content Plan first of all you'll want to start With an idea of the sections that you Need for each page and if you're stuck You can ask chat GPT for that part too Then just ask it to write it for you Section by section this works 10 times Better than just asking it to crank out A whole page for you at once you can Even ask it to write in a really Specific tone like casual friendly Serious or funny and if you have a Website for reference that you think Uses a tone that you'd like to use just Paste it into GPT and tell it to mimic

This tone and write all future responses In that tone and I do have a whole video That shows you how to write your website From scratch using chat CPT and I will Link to that down below and that's not All chat GPT can do to help you with Your marketing so I've got this video Showing you all my best tips strategies And prompts to help chat GPT help you Market your business like you had an Army of clones doing it for you Everything from social media marketing To email content marketing you name it So click right here and let me show you How it's done

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Internet marketing is a bustling new area of business that shows great opportunity and growth. Internet advertising has reared its head as one of the biggest industries around, best characterized by the prolific giant Google. Initially based off of their advertising revenue from their search engine, Google has realized the potential profits to be earned by selling their search hits to the highest bidder, at least with respect to the larger corporations. This article explores the origins of search engine advertising.

To promote yourself or your business online, you need a presence on social media sites. Make a Facebook page or create a Twitter account. It is best if you can do both in conjunction with each other. These venues will allow you to communicate with your target audience on a daily basis to offer incentives and to get feedback.

While it may not be your cup of tea, online video can be a great push in your traffic. If your product has something to say or even if you have something to say about it, a video online can give a personal edge to your clients. When a customer can relate a face, and hopefully trust, to the seller, they will be more likely to buy and repeat.

On your website, try to organize a contest where the winner takes in a prize every month. This can be a fun. It will help your site to stand out from the websites on the Internet. People will have more incentive to visit your site. You can use this tactic to begin to form relationships with your customers.

Google’s almost subtle usage of advertising is characteristic of the current technological epoch. Innovation and outside the box thinking are necessary when dealing with a new market. Google’s exploitation of the available resources and their consequent launch into mainstream corporations indicates just how valuable a good idea can be.

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