habits and mindset that make me more than 200K a year




habits and mindset that make me more than 200K a year

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In this video, I will share the habits of top digital marketers which lead to exponential growth:
0:00 Introduction
0:56 Consumer Psychology
2:17 Long term goals
4:27 Never stop
6:19 Be Hand On
8:13 Stay connected
9:50 Build something

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In my nine years of experience in Digital marketing I have worked with a Lot of digital marketing Specialists With the different types of experiences With different types of skill sets I am Really sure I make a lot more money than An average digital marketer with my Experience and skill sets and when I Think about it I have reached the Conclusion that it's because of the Mindset or the kind of habits I Inculcated in me and that's what I'm Going to discuss in this video I'm going To tell you what are the habits or Mindsets you should inculcate in Yourself in 2023 which will eventually Compound over the years and in few years If you develop these kind of habits and Mindset they will make you like the top Five percent digital marketers in the Market and the money you'll be able to Make after few years will be Exponentially high now some of these Habits I have inculcated and myself some Of them I'm still trying and some of Them I have seen in other successful Digital marketers who I know so number One is learn fundamentals of marketing And the consumer psychology now this is Very important because I am seen a lot Of people who just started their career In digital marketing they think it's all About the numbers it's all about the Percentages it's all about the analysis

Of data which it is they are very Important fundamental aspects of digital Marketing career and you should know all Of those uh skills however if you are Talking about becoming a top digital Marketer you cannot do that unless you Understand fundamentals of marketing Right now these kind of skills like Understanding the Basic Marketing and Fundamentals of marketing become even More important as you progress in your Career and you basically go to strategic And Leadership roles even in digital Marketing there are multiple reasons for This why I'm I mentioned this one of the Reasons is because when you go into Leadership and strategic roles you Basically talk to Chief marketing Officers sometimes if you are talking to A startup you talk to the CEO you talk Talk to the Chief Financial Officer Chief Operating Officer sometimes and They don't understand the Impressions And clicks and those metrics they Basically know marketing they know the Base basics of growth and in order to Kind of speak to them in their language You need to understand marketing and not Just this because it helps you to kind Of sometimes think out of the box from The specific tactics of Performance Marketing and digital marketing this Leads us to our second point which is Every digital marketer should have a

Goal and work towards it they can work Slowly or fast whatever the base they Have but at least they should have Something in mind that which what is my Goal and where do am I progressing Towards like any other industry and Field people feel burnt out in digital Marketing as well and in most of the Cases it's because people feel they are Doing some monotonous work they are Doing repeating the same thing over the Years and they are living the same day Again and again but in most of the cases From what I have observed is you Yourself can change that only you can Change that if you just have short-term Goals for a particular promotion or Particular working for a particular Company once you get there you'll be Like now what for me personally early in My career I set up a goal for myself That I should strive and work towards Reaching a point where I am basically Able to Define an end-to-end strategy For a client I repeat this in a lot of Videos but this is very very important Now my goal was to reach a point where I Can tell a company that okay you know What I can handle all of your digital Marketing strategy now that includes Being able to kind of Define a strategy End-to-end strategy from defining like The objectives of the company and then Translating them into different kind of

Campaign Concepts and then basically Helping them to develop creatives we Justify that campaign concept then help Them understand what media mix to use And then help them how to measure the Impact reporting analytics and how to Learn from that so this is what my goal Was and I started working towards it Very early in my career I initially Worked with Automotive clients and Within few years I was like I knew Everything about automotive industry in Terms of digital okay I can work with Any Automotive client and Define Everything for them then I worked with Healthcare then I worked with some Government departments then I worked With Forex companies that I worked with Education sector and once you get well Versed with few Industries like this Then basically you can work with any Industry and once you have this kind of Mindset there is a guarantee that you Will never feel lost again because You'll know that okay I'm progressing Towards this and this leads us to our Next point which is kind of interlinked Which is never ever stop learning if you Are in digital marketing the reason is Digital marketing is a fast-paced Industry the technology we use the Strategies we use change every now and Then and not just the technology and the Platforms even how businesses operate

Online change very frequently there are A lot of things you can develop as Habits to make sure that you never stop Learning for example I always have a Reading list whenever I get time I spend Every week I spend some time going Through those reading lists for example Last week I came to know that I got an Email from adjust that with the new iOS 16 update there will be some changes and How it just is kind of developing Different kind of reporting metrics and Tools and how they are changing their Algorithms to kind of make sure that They report accurately on iOS devices it Was always in back of my mind that this Weekend I have to go through this and This is just one of the examples then You have a lot of other free resources For example every digital marketer uses Google ads right and then you know that There is a help center article that Which is specifically about new releases I have that bookmarked on my laptop so I Often go there and check if there are Any new releases and read about them in Google ads similarly I do it for Facebook ads and other platforms and on Top of this I mean every Google ads has An account manager nowadays you get Calls from the Google ads strategist ask Them okay send me the beta cards the new Betas you are leasing for Google ads for The next quarter for Facebook you can do

The same thing and you basically stay Updated with all the betas these Platforms are releasing so create a plan For yourself for example you can include Certifications as well for example Personally every six months I do a Particular certification whether it's Adobe marketing cloud or anything else This leads us to our fourth point which Is innovate and always be ready to get Your hands dirty digital marketing is a Field once you go away from getting your Hands dirty you will very soon become Irrelevant I have seen a lot of people In big digital marketing agencies Multinational agencies they are general Managers and they've been working in the Field for 12 years 14 years but for them It's been a while that they have done Something with their own hands and they Really struggle with the client Communication and a lot of other things But this is one thing in digital Marketing you have to make sure that no Matter what level you go to you always Have to sometimes get your hands dirty And even if you're not a senior at a Senior level you are in a junior Position you have to still innovate and Do new things for example if you just Started working in digital marketing Have been working for a year or two on Google ads try some Innovative things Try to come up with some kind of

Automation go to Google data Studio try To create an automated report because You will know what your client asks try To automate all of it it's free go ahead Make your hands dirty play around I mean If you are working on Google ads or Facebook ads go ahead create a dummy Tick Tock camp and see how that platform Works always do some tests in my team we I remember I had some people in my team Back I when I used to work for agencies And when a client would say okay we want To do some tests and these guys will be Like my team and everything is working So so nice we are getting the results Why do they want to do the test and they Basically were reluctant to do this I Always used to tell them when you do Test you basically use your clients Money for you to learn something whether It gives them some results or not but You will learn something In your digital marketing campaigns even If you are working on one single type of Campaign on one particular platform There are so many tests you can do and In turn whether it fails or not you will Learn something new and that goes back To being an expert in a particular field Because you have done so many tests you Basically know most of the stuff in that Particular industry this leads us to our Next point which is be connected and Consume the right media what I

Personally do is I follow all the Newsletters of all the important Platforms let's say Google ads Facebook Ads adjust Branch Google data Studio Google analytics and all these basically Not just Google all the other platforms And what happens is whenever I receive Newsletters basically I understand What's going on because I have developed This thing now that from the subject Line I would try to understand if I Already know about this or not and then How it helps is you stay updated most of The online conferences I attend I get Those from the newsletters I follow There where I follow these companies Because they send these invitation and There are other channels you can follow For inspiration for staying updated for Example one of the channels I can think Of is mad over marketing I follow them On linked and I follow them on Instagram For example that particular Channel I Follow because I get sometimes get a lot Of inspiration from their posts so Similarly you can try to understand what Other channels to follow for example on YouTube as well let's say I have a video About digital marketing benchmarking That is such a strategic video for Anybody related to digital marketing to Watch and it can help them so much but Not many people watch that and it's for Free and I know if that I had created

This a video about how a digital Marketer drinks coffee in the office That would have got at least 10 to 20 Times views and I understand some most Of the people come on YouTube to chill And not just keep learning but I'm just Saying there is some important free Stuff on YouTube as well and other Channels as well and this finally leads Us to our last point which is create Public digital assets now why I'm saying This is I was speaking to one of my Friends he's like a Solutions architect Or something basically he's a computer Science engineer he used to do coding And stuff and he was telling me that in Computer science and coding industry They have something called GitHub and Other stuff where they basically create Public profiles and kind of submit their Own work and it's so easy in in these Days for a software developer to Basically prove what he what skill sets He has to kind of share that public Profile and it existed in digital Marketing as well I mean since the Beginning to give you an example I once Used to handle the paid media I was Director for one particular account in An agency and that client said once said That okay they want to have us as their Social media marketing agency as well to Basically do the organic stuff and all And once we onboarded that client the

Head of social media told me that you Already know this client okay can you Just be a part of the hiring for that Client for social media roles like Social media manager and stuff and um I Remember I went with her in an interview And we were hiring a social media Manager for them and we asked her okay Tell us something about yourself so she Was like okay my name is this this this And if you want to know how good I am at Social media this is my Instagram page Which was about lifestyle or something And she had like 27 000 uh followers Back then and we saw the post and Everything it was all public we saw the Engagement and everything and we didn't Even ask much because we understood that She understands uh this this thing and It can apply for other fields as well For example if I am hiring someone for SEO and they already have a Blog of Their own and they'll show me you know What these are the keywords I rank for And this is the thing I did in last Three months six months I don't even Have to ask a lot of other stuff so this Existed in digital marketing as well and It's very important because we are Headed to online uh remote jobs we are Heading to freelancer economy and we are Heading to things like this and it's Very important to have some things these Kind of digital assets which you own and

Work over the years and kind of progress And so that you have some something to Show in in few years because and to give You another example so for example if I Go ahead and I talk to a startup and I Tell them you know what give me 10 stake And I will handle everything digital Marketing just say and they'll be like Okay what will you do I'll show them the Marketing stack I have developed for Senator viren as how I have a Blog I how I have an email newsletter which is Automated how I have different kind of Pixels how I collect data how I sell Courses how I use YouTube and how I Publish content how I grow all these Channels I'll basically demonstrate my Marketing stack to them and it will be Very easy for me to kind of show them What I am worth and what kind of things I can do and that is the end of the Video I hope you enjoyed the video thank You so much I will see you in the next One

Run A Great Internet Marketing Campaign With These Tips

The world of Internet marketing may seem confusing and full of road blocks. However, the advice in this article gives you many different ways to understand the concept. It does not have to be as confusing as it first may seem. These hints will get you on your way.

Make a website for your business and keep it up-to-date. If a customer or potential client is interested in your business, the first thing they’ll often look at is your website. You want to include any relevant information about your business on that site, make it look nice, and above all, make sure it’s user friendly!

Customer service should always be the cornerstone of your internet marketing plan. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is far more important online than in more traditional business models. Because of the Internet’s terrific opportunities for social interaction, a dissatisfied customer can (and will!) register their displeasure far and wide, spoiling your website’s reputation with potential visitors who might never have formed a poor opinion otherwise.

Before even thinking about getting your website ranked, you must put together a well-planned, organized site. This should be the first step for everyone in web business. If your website looks, good you will not have to change it as much over time.

Internet marketing can be a very easy way to make money. People will be able to buy higher and sell lower. If you buy products in bulk then you will be able to sell the products at a lower price which yields a higher net profit for you.

Applying the advice given in this article will help you navigate the world of Internet marketing and possibly give you an edge in the field. This advice guides you through some simple and effective processes that will make you enthusiastic about your work.

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