Are Facebook ads still relevant in 2023?




Are Facebook ads still relevant in 2023?

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Are Facebook Ads still relevant, and still worth using?

Or are there better, cheaper, and more effective advertising alternatives out there that can help you generate more leads, get more customers, and make more sales that you should be using instead? It’s a good question, and an important one too.

Unfortunately, most of the information out there on the subject of Facebook Ads and their relevance is either all doom and gloom with headlines like “Facebook Ads Are Dead” and “Facebook Is Failing”

…or, they’re all sunshine and rainbows talking about how Facebook is still the biggest and most powerful social network out there right now and how you’d be crazy to ignore it.

So who’s right?

Let me show you how it’s done.

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Are Facebook ads still relevant and Still worth using or are there better Cheaper and more effective Advertising Solutions out there that you should be Using instead in order to help you Generate more leads and get more Customers and make more sales it's a Good question and an important one too Unfortunately most of the information Out there on the subject of Facebook ads And their relevance is either all doom And gloom with headlines like Facebook Ads are dead and Facebook is failing or They're all sunshine and rainbows Talking about how Facebook is still the Biggest and most powerful social network Out there right now and how you'd be Crazy to ignore it so who's right well My friend unsurprisingly the answer is Somewhere in the middle After all the doomsayers completely Ignore the fact that there are still Millions and millions of people who are Managing to run quite successful in very Profitable Facebook ad campaigns today But the sunshine and rainbows crowd Somehow doesn't seem to care that meta's Stock price fell up to 45 and iOS 14 Basically decimated tracking and pixels And that ad costs have consistently Risen year after year after year and That's why it's Michael here today to Set things straight and show you exactly What's going on how people are using

Facebook ads right and how they're using Them wrong and what you can and probably Should do moving forward and it all Starts by first understanding the single Most important element to advertising Success the profitability formula this Next part is going to sound painfully Obvious but I want you to stick with me Because you'd be amazed at just how Often this part gets overlooked so here Goes in most cases you can judge and add As successful based on whether or not it Returns a positive Roi or return on Investment also sometimes called a Positive row as or return on ad spend But the point is is the same and that is If you spend one dollar on Facebook ads Are you able to make at least one dollar Back in return which would be your Breakeven point now ideally you get to The point where you're putting in one Dollar and getting back three or five or Even ten but all you need to achieve in The early days is something I call the Magic metric of one dollar in one dollar Out because if you can do this then you My friend can technically run an Unlimited amount of ads and never run Out of money for as long as you're able To maintain those numbers but Kicker most people don't know how much They're spending per click how much each Lead or sale is costing them and most Important of all how much they're making

Back in return at least not in the long Run the good news though is that Answering all of these questions is Actually really simple so here's how you Do it the first number you want to pay Attention to is CAC which is your cost Of customer acquisition if you're Running say three different advertising Campaigns across three different Platforms say Facebook Instagram and Google well what you want to do is track How much you're spending per Network and Then making sure that you're tracking How many sales you're generating from Each of the ad campaigns that you're Running and this is going to give you Your cost of acquisition per channel in Other words if you spend a hundred Dollars on Facebook and make one sale Well your cost of acquisition is one Hundred dollars spend a hundred dollars On Google and make two sales while your Cost of acquisition is fifty dollars and Spend a hundred dollars on Instagram but Make no sales well you don't really have A cost of acquisition because you're not Making any sales the key thing to know Here here is that these are incredibly Important metrics to know not only in Regards to tracking the performance and Results of the campaigns in each Individual Channel but also later when It comes to comparing and contrasting The results you're getting on one

Channel versus another but more on that In just a minute the next number you Need to know is your clv or customer Lifetime value which is the total amount Of profit you generate on average per Customer over their lifetime then once You have this number all you need to do Is compare the two against each other in Order to figure out if you're coming out Ahead you're breaking even or you're Losing everything for example if you Spend 100 on Facebook ads and make a Sale and a customer is worth five Hundred dollars to you over their Lifetime then you my friend have a Successful and profitable campaign but If you spend that same hundred dollars To make a sale but the customer is only Worth ninety dollars to your business Over their lifetime then technically Every time you make a sale you lose ten Dollars not a good deal so do Facebook Ads work well if you're able to run a Campaign that allows you to acquire a Customer for less money than that Customer is worth you over their entire Lifetime then yes and if not then no but I appreciate that's not all that helpful So let me break it down just a little Bit more first you need to understand That Facebook ads are basically any Other kind of advertising is just one Small piece of your entire marketing Puzzle and it's up to the rest of your

Marketing funnel meaning your landing Page or your sales page or your webinar Or your sales call or your email Sequence or SMS follow-up to help you Nurture them and convert them and Essentially maximize the lifetime value That you're getting from the customer Putting all your efforts just on the Facebook ad itself is one of the Quickest ways to run into a losing Campaign scenario whereas by focusing on Your entire marketing campaign again Looking at your funnel and your landing Pages your sales Pages your follow-up And so on and so forth is one of the Quickest and most effective ways to Literally transform your entire campaign Overnight next though in order to help Us answer the question of whether Facebook ads are still relevant and Still worth it well we need to compare And contrast them against the other Advertising options out there so let's Do that now when it comes to running Online advertising campaigns you've got A pretty much endless supply of options Out there and the ability to reach Basically anybody in the entire world Provided they have an internet Connection the big players though aside From the obvious one of Facebook are Also Instagram Google YouTube and a Rising player in the space Tick Tock ads Though there are many many others such

As LinkedIn Twitter Amazon Reddit Pinterest Snapchat Bing and the list Goes on and on whatever the case though They typically fall into one of two Different categories search and Discovery search based ads are exactly That ads that appear on search results After someone types in a question or a Query Google is the major player here Though Bing and other search engines Also play a small role and YouTube is Kind of a special case here as it Straddles the line between search and Discovery Discovery platforms then are Anything that someone uses while not Directly searching for something which Would be most social media channels in Other words nobody shows up to Facebook Or logs into Instagram with a credit Card in hand looking to buy something But they will buy something if they see An ad that's interesting or relevant and Desirable so one of the biggest Questions that you need to ask when it Comes to deciding on a search or Discovery platform is whether your Business would benefit more from search Or from Discovery or to put it another Way do you have a product or a service That people are actively searching for In which case you'd obviously want to Favor a search-based platform like Google or YouTube or do you have Something that you know people would

Want If Only They knew about it in which Case a discovery platform is going to Deliver better results be it Facebook or Instagram or Tick Tock now when it comes To choosing which platform is best for You it's going to depend largely on the Target market that you're seeking to Serve in other words are you serving a Crowd that say 30 35 and up in which Case Facebook is still the dominant Player in the advertising space or are You trying to reach a slightly younger Demographic of say 30 25 and younger in Which case Tick Tock is still a very Good option or do you find yourself Somewhere in the middle say 20 30 or 40 Roles in which case Instagram is a very Good option and it appeals more to Brands and businesses that have sort of A visually appealing aesthetic and as For ease of use well Facebook ads are Still probably one of the easiest ad Platforms of all of them in order to get Started and get an ad up and running in The shortest time possible so if you do Decide that Facebook ads are the best Fit for your business then I want to Give you everything that you need to Succeed so next let me give you a few of My best tips on how to optimize your Campaigns starting with optimizing your Business Optimizing the business side of your Facebook ads means taking a look at your

Overall business model and finding ways To increase the price and profitability Of your offer and looking for ways to Add value for example let's use some Crazy big numbers here because they help To make this all more clear if you're Trying to sell something with Facebook Ads for say one million dollars that Only costs you a hundred thousand Dollars to make well you've got a lot of Margin there to try to make that sale in Other words you could spend a hundred Thousand dollars on ads get only one Single person to buy and you'd still Make nine hundred thousand dollars in Profit on the other hand if you're Selling something less expensive for Like ten dollars twenty dollars or Thirty dollars you have to hustle and Grind and try to squeeze out every Single percentage Point possible to Increase your conversion rate after all Let's say you're paying one dollar to Get a click so you have a CPC or cost Per click of one dollar and then you Have a conversion rate on your sales Page of say three percent this means if You spend a hundred dollars on Facebook Ads you'll get 100 clicks over to your Sales page and three percent of them Will convert so another words you'll Make three sales which means if you're Selling something for ten dollars you'll Lose money selling something for twenty

Dollars you'll still lose money even Selling something for thirty dollars and You'll still lose a few dollars with Every sale yay advertising this is why You need to be optimizing your business First in order to make sure that it Actually makes sense to be spending any Money at all on advertising and this is Also why I pretty much never advise Running ads for low ticket or low price Products or services that is unless You're committed to becoming a master Marketer and trying to squeeze out every Single conversion percentage point at Every stage of the funnel don't get me Wrong it can be done and it is a lot of Fun but it's also a lot of work whatever The case though next you need to Optimize the marketing side of your ads The key here when it comes to optimizing The marketing side of your ads is to get Crystal clear on your ICA or ideal Customer Avatar and making absolutely Sure that you're targeting them and Using language and AD copy that appeals Directly to them into their pains and Problems and frustrations and positions Your product or service as The Logical Solution to all of those problems with Facebook ads start with demographic Targeting like age and gender then move On to interest targeting and start Typing in interest that you know they're Into as for audience size there really

Is no one-size-fits all but if you go Too broad your ad is likely to be shown To a number of people who are irrelevant And uninterested then again go to narrow And you end up severely limiting your Audience size as well as paying for Targeting options that may not even Matter so a very rough rule here is Aiming for an audience size between say Five hundred thousand to one to two Million for people in the US if you're Targeting National or International but This doesn't override whatever you need To do to Target the right people so it Could be bigger or even smaller Especially if you're targeting local Geographic areas next you really want to Make sure that you're using the right Campaign objective my personal favorite Right now is using leads as the campaign Objective and using an instant form in Order to collect name and email address And maybe even phone number and then Using a software called high level in or Order to follow up and to nurture those Leads and convert them into a sale now This video is not sponsored but you can Check out or check Out the link I've put in the description Box below which is going to get you Access to an extended free trial as well As to a free training that's going to Walk you through exactly how to use this Software with your marketing and last

Note on the marketing side of things Before we dive into the metrics is that You want to make sure that you're Regularly reviewing and updating your ad Creative this means new ads new images New videos new angles new hooks new Offers new everything not only will this Help you avoid ad fatigue which is what Happens when someone sees the same ad Too many times and causes them to Basically completely ignore it but it Will also allow you to find winning Combinations a whole lot faster than if You just sort of set it and forget it And hope that things work out okay next Let's talk metrics now that you've Optimized your business model and you're Sure that advertising your business at All makes sense as in you're not going To be spending a hundred dollars in Order to make a 10 sale or any of that Nonsense next you need to get crystal Clear on what I call your red light Yellow light and green light metrics Your red light is when your advertising Campaign Falls below Breakeven and you Start losing money this is obviously bad So you need to pause your ads and figure Out what's going what's going on yes There is an adjustment period And yes Facebook does have a learning phase but You don't want to bleed your bank Account dry so if things are looking Ugly after a couple days well don't be

Afraid to shut the whole thing down grab Your bag of cash and get out of there so You can try again later the yellow light Is when things are at break even or just Above so you might be spending a hundred Dollars and making back a hundred and One dollars or 105 or 110. now it's Important here to not get overly excited And just crank up your budget because That'll simultaneously crank up your ad Costs and you'll watch that beautiful Yellow light turn red yellow lights are An opportunity to improve upon not scale Up so don't turn them off but don't Ignore them either and then green light Ads are all of your ads that are Delivering a 3X or more Roi these are The ads where you're spending a hundred Dollars and making back 300 or more Scale these up study them learn from Them and try to make more that are just Like them and if you want even more of My absolute best Facebook advertising Tips tricks and strategies then you're Definitely going to want to check out This video right here which is going to Give you some of the secrets behind my Best performing campaigns so you can use Them too so make sure to check that out Now and I'll see you in there in just a Second

Tech-Savvy Internet Marketing Tips To Get Results Fast

Internet marketing is just what the name implies. Advertising products and services online. There are several types of online marketing, including search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing. This type of marketing makes it easier for companies and individuals to target specific advertisements to a defined audience.

There is only so much Internet marketing you can do for your business without actually having a user friendly website. Even if it is a free site you create on your own, you need to have this web front available to your customers with basic information about your business, where you are located and what your hours of operation are. It should also include a way for them to contact you.

Writing content on your site is important, but it’s even more important that you cater to your customers first and not the search engines. When you check out a top-ranked site, you will never see an ugly site inundated with tons of keywords and links. The best sites out there are legitimate businesses whose usage of keywords is so that their customers can find them, not so search engines force them in everyone’s face.

To save money, you should keep a close watch on your paid ad campaign. You can reach a large audience on social networking websites for instance: make sure you are targeted the right audience by using the right key words and demographics. Once you have found your niche, concentrate your efforts.

Although internet marketing can be much less expensive than traditional forms of advertisement and results can be measured quickly and accurately, some disadvantages do exist. A major problem is that some people refuse to purchase anything online and others just don’t trust the internet. Personal information can be hacked and abused when held by online companies.

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