9- Facebook/Meta Ads course – Audience settings




9- Facebook/Meta Ads course - Audience settings

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In this video, we will discuss the Facebook provided audience options like Demographics, Interest and Behaviour and some use cases about how to use them

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Hello and welcome to the ninth video of Facebook ads Mastery course in this Video we are going to go through Audience in details if you remember in The last few videos we are trying to set Up our first campaign and uh this is Your Campaign which we are trying to set Up it's all kind of saved and if you Click on campaigns here it will go to The adsets this is the first adset we Are trying to create and I'll click on Edit and this is the adset we said we Will Target only interest and behavior Along with the age group and um this is The name which shows we selected all These settings and now we are on this Particular setting tab which is the Audience now in Facebook always remember There are only three types of audiences You can Target now you have to get Familiar with these three types of Audiences and understand a little bit About them before we actually Target These kind of audiences now here if you See the first one is Facebook provided Now these are the audiences which Facebook provides Facebook provides to Any Advertiser anyone who creates an ad Account and wants to run a campaign they Get this kind of audience available by Facebook so basically when youy anyone Tries to set up a campaign on Facebook Facebook provides certain kind of Audiences which are available to

Everyone which are called Facebook Provided these include demographics Which is age um gender then interest and Behavior will go through each of them But Facebook does provide interest and Behavior type Audiences and these audiences are Generally broad audiences so they are Not very specific let's say for example If I'm advertising my Cod es and Facebook will not give me very specific Audiences people who are looking for a Digital marketing course just an example So these are broad audiences people who Are interested in digital marketing Facebook provides audiences like people Who are into digital jobs into Industries related to digital marketing Maybe and these are generally called Cod Cold audiences because you generally These kind of audiences you show your ad And tell them okay this is my brand this Is my offer do you want to buy when I Say they're not very efficient it does Not mean that these does not work work It just means that compared to other two Types of audiences they are not as Efficient which you will know in a Second why and they but they are Scalable scalable meaning okay among the Facebook provided audiences I want to Target people who are into Industries Related to digital marketing they have Huge audiences Facebook provides huge

Audiences so they're scalable you can Run as much uh budget as possible and You will be the more budget you put the More reach you will have the more leads Or conversions you will probably have And then the second type of audience is Custom audience which means that this is Advertiser's own data now custom Audience in Facebook means that if I Have any kind of data which is owned by Me which is related to me as an Advertiser that means custom data for Example website and app visitors so for Example I can connect my website using a Tag to Facebook or let's say I have uh Email addresses of student pass students I can upload that into Facebook ad Manager and because that will be my data Whether it's the email addresses whether It's the people who visit my website and My app that is my data that's why it Comes into custom data and it's the data Which advertisers own page engages Similarly if somebody has engaged with My page uh because that is my data my Specific data and CRM if you connect Your CRM to Facebook um ad manager Because it will connect the data your Data then as well it is um custom data Then warm this these are warm audiences Because these generally these kind of Audiences know about my brand right they Have interacted with my brand that's why They're called warm audiences they're

Very efficient I mean if you target uh Specifically if you know this is the Audience who kind of um attended my Webinar last time right so they will be Interested in my course so these are Generally warm audiences they have Intent when I say cold and warm Audiences it's basically how much intent They already have to buy your product or Service they are very efficient uh and Scalable with the limit so this really The scale really depends on how much Data you have let's say I have just Th000 email addresses okay my scale will Be limited some companies have millions Of email addresses of their existing Customers okay for them the scale will Be high so the scale is with a limit and It completely depends on how much data And advertisers have so basically pH two Types of audiences we came to know so Far is one is Facebook provided the one Facebook provides for everyone the other Is custom which is owned by the ad iers If you are a new Advertiser you will not Have any data at all so you will just be Relying on Facebook provided and the Goal always is to use Facebook provided Audiences Target Facebook provided Audiences and once they visit your Website and app you basically converted Them into your custom audiences the goal Is always to use Facebook provided Audiences and build on your custom data

Whether it's email addresses your Website visitors or whatever and apart From these two there is one more called Look alike in Google we used to call Them similar audiences so what this does Basically is if you have any kind of Data whether you have Facebook provided Data you have found a certain Combination of age interest and behavior That really works for you that generates Good results for you or whether you have Your own custom data let's say 10,000 Email addresses Facebook gives you an Option called lookalike audiences where You can tell Facebook okay this is my Audience which works for me but I have Kind of reached a limit find me similar Audiences you basically have a limited Set of audience but you want to tell Facebook find me similar people like Them you kind of increase your reach Right it works for most of the Advertisers so to give you some examples You can create a lookalike audience of People who visited my website okay these Are the people who visited my website That means they are somehow interested In my brand uh find me audiences like Them similarly similar audiences of past Students these are the 2,000 email Addresses which have previously bought My courses find me people like them and Past customers these are generally cold Audience because they they have not

Interacted with your brand because you Are finding people like your warm Audiences and um they are fairly Efficient as well they are somewhere Midle in between uh Facebook provided And custom audiences they're not as good As custom audiences they are not as uh And they are not as broad as Facebook Provided audiences and they are scalable Because when you create local like Audiences we will see in the course when You create loc Alik audiences you Basically uh can choose how much Percentage similarity you want to find Anyways we'll do all of this in Practical and you will understand but I Just wanted to have a broad Outlook About there are three types of audiences When it comes to Facebook now going back To our ad group if you see here uh in The audience section for this ad group We will choose a targeting because we Will create multiple ad groups and this One will Target 18 to 35 year old and Interest and behavior related to our Courses which we think we be interested To buy our courses so this is the Audience where we actually choose if you Go to audience now this first section is To create uh new audiences custom or Lookalike that's the two types okay Apart from that there is the below this Is the audien's Facebook provided Audience okay this section is Facebook

Provided audiences and meanwhile you can Create your custom audiences and Lookalike audiences now in this one we Are not creating uh neither custom nor Lookalike so we are working only with Facebook provided audiences for this ad Group so here we go I'll show you what All um examples what all options do you Have in Facebook provided options can Target certain locations for example I'll go here let's say this campaign I Want to Target to Germany I'll go to Countries then I'll go to Europe and I'll go to Germany and I'll select Germany right and it will show me okay This is the area I'm targeting and apart From that if I have to uh I can also Exclude locations so for example if I Want to uh Target Germany but exclude Let's say Munich so I can go ahead and Exclude Munich so now I'm targeting Whole of Germany and I'm excluding Munich so for whatever reason let's say I want to have a separate campaign for Munich or I don't I'm not operational in My company is not operational in Munich Right I can do that I so you have to Play around a bit around here how to Include exclude different locations you Can uh when you click on browse you can You don't just get list of countries you Get regions free trade areas and stuff Like that there's a lot of options there You can just check there but this is um

One of the ways one more important um Thing you have to remember about Locations is this drop pin let's say for Example uh I don't want to Target Companies I want to Target let's say uh 10 km around my shop let's say I have a Particular shop or a hospital or a Restaurant and I just want to Target 10 Km around my um around my restaurant I Don't want to Target the whole country The most used feature in that uh case is Uh the drop pin feature let's say for Example I'll click on drop pin and my Restaurant is based in let's say uh Berlin right so I'll go here Berlin I'll Zoom in this is Berlin okay and you can Go very um you can zoom a lot my Restaurant is somewhere here on this Junction I can zoom as much I can I want Even to stasa which is like um which is Like the street so let's say my Restaurant is here I drop my pin here And I'm telling um Facebook that around The pin I want to Target um 7 miles okay So this will be my targeting so my Location right now is at this pinned Location which is my restaurant and 7 Miles around it now this feature is very Useful for um for example retail Businesses you might have realized that Sometimes you go to a mall you are Around the mall vicinity and you see uh An offer from a shop inside the mall Mall now that's what they do they have a

Facebook campaign and they pinpoint the Mall and let's say 1 mile or 2 miles Around the mall anyone in this region They should see our adart this really is Helpful and can be used to drive Physical traffic in a physical store but In my case I'll be targeting um the Whole um India let's say so I'll go here I'll select India this campaign will be Targeted to India and that's it right so Now it will show that this is the Country I'm targeting and the next Option you get in audience we this Section is Facebook provided audiences Is the age group so we mentioned that if For this particular campaign I'll be Targeting 18 to 35 year old so age Between 18 to 30 35 because I know that this is the Age group that usually buys my courses So um that's the age I am selecting so Now so far what we have done is my camp Campaign will only show in India and it Will only show to users who are 18 to 35 Year old right and then genders I can Choose whether my campaign should T Target only men or women but in my case I'll Target both so I'll say all and Then this is the section which is where You have interest and Behavior now Detail targeting okay I'll click on edit This is something you will have to get Used to um when I say used to you have To kind of play around a lot to

Understand what kind of options are Available there because when you go to Pitch a new client or even if you are Targeting a campaign to um for a new Client and you know the product you Should basically have a little bit of Understanding and familiar familiarity About all the options that are available There because for example let's say an Example um I'm working with Western Union and they have a particular offer Which uh specifically is for people who Are sending uh money from UAE to um Egypt right because they come up with Such offer sometimes now when they tell Me okay we have to start a campaign I Know that in Facebook uh targeting uh Behavior targeting I have an option Where I have I can choose people who Have lived in a particular country which Means when I'm targeting when I'm Targeting a campaign in UAE and I'm Targeting people who have lived in Egypt Most probably they are Egyptian experts Living in UA and those are the people Who will send money to Egypt It's just to give you an idea that you Should be familiar what all options are Available there you will not remember Everything but at least you have an idea Sometimes right or sometimes let's say For example I have an idea about people Who I have a campaign about honeymoon Package and I know in Facebook I can

Target people who recently got married Right because I I have been through this List I'm quite familiar so this is where You'll have to spend some time to get Familiar what all options are available There in interest and behavior you have Two options one is suggestions and one Is browse if you select certain options Facebook will give you suggestions to Add to your target but first I'll go to The browse now if you click on browse You have three different kind of options Available as uh targeting which is Demographics which is interest and Behavior if you click on demographics It'll tell you you can Target based on Education level so for example people um Who have um college degree directorate Degree high school graduate in college In graduate school in high school Master's degree right so for example if You're advertising for mat University You'll be obviously um interested to Target people who are in high school Graduate right if you are targeting uh If you have a campaign for master's Degree offer by MIT University you Should be targeting in grad school People who are in grad school right Similarly you have to think about okay What kind of uh audiences are available Here and how can I use them so similarly You get options if you see some of the Options have search option here which

Which means you can search for a Particular thing for example uh if I Want to Target people who have studied In a particular school and they have Mentioned that in their Facebook profile Let's say for example I know that there Are 10 colleges in um in the world who Generally do digital marketing courses For example I can click on schools and I Can search for let's say MIT this is Just an example okay me business school If you see if you hover your mouse here It shows you okay uh this uh There is Almost 70 to 880,000 people uh these are People who listed their school as me Business school to their Facebook Profile right so you can have granular Targeting in our case we can Target Certain schools which do digital Marketing after demographics you have Not just education you have Financial Let's say income household income this Only works for us uh whether they are Among the top 10% 15% or whatever but um Also there are life events let's say Away from family away from Hometown uh Then based on birthday upcoming birthday So if you have let's say for example um If you are a restaurant who generally Hosts birthday parties you can come here And Target these people so there are Almost 62 million to 73 million people People who are going to have their Birthday within one week because

Facebook knows this everyone lists their Date of birth on Facebook right and then Similarly you have friends of Long-distance relationship and new job New relationship newly engaged newly uh Married and recently moved and all these Things now you have to always when you Go through the list always think okay When will this be useful right so for Example if you are a furniture shop you Have a discount and you do free home Delivery okay um this is probably where What you will be targeting recently Moved uh people who have updated their Profile within a new city in the last 6 Months if you talk taret Berlin and if You target this audience people who Recently moved okay you are good to go With the furniture shop I cannot go Through all of these there are a lot of Options I want you to go through all of Them and keep thinking about okay when When when will this kind of audience be Helpful what kind of Advertiser will the Will this be helpful for right and then Uh in demographics you then have Work-based okay um employers Industries People who work in certain industries Right business decision makers business And finance Community company generating 1 to 10 million company size 1 to uh 10 So for example if you're working with Monday.com you'll be targeting employees Uh between let's say 1 to 10 100 to 500

Because every company has some has a Target uh audience so if you are into uh Software as a service you know what kind Of companies are uh will be interested In your product so here you'll be able To do that as well construction and Extraction uh education and libraries Farming fishing and Forestry food and Restaurants so for example if you're Working with someone who wrote a recipe Book so you'll be targeting people who Work in food and restaurant business Right people with rols in food and Restaurant example include cashier Server waa waitress Chef Barista line Cook Etc okay and uh now then this was All about demographics now similarly you Have interest where you have people who Are interested in something for example Uh they watch content they watch videos About this particular topic so uh for Example uh people who are in advertising And marketing industry so if you hover Your mouse it will show you people who Have expressed an interest in or like Pages related to advertising marketing Right uh Similarly uh you can Target people who Have shown interest into Banking I mean there are a lot of Options right sales retail entertainment Shopping family technology you can Target people who have shown interest in Computer Electronics uh whether it's

Computer hardware software a lot of Things right but in our case we'll be Targeting um this one people who are in Interested in advertising and marketing Because I know anyone who will be Willing to buy my course they would Definitely be engaging with any page or Content which is related to advertising And marketing so this in in itself is Good enough for me because this audience Segment globally has 46 5 million users Which means it's very very broad right So this is good for me so I will Target people who are in 18 to 35 both Men and women and who are interested in Advertising and marketing so if you see Here now um here it shows that audience Definition is still fairly Broad and now It's showing that I will be able to Reach 7.3 th000 to 21,000 per day and I Will generate 24 to 69 leads per day Once you have selected certain things Like advertising and marketing you can Click on suggestions and it'll show you Now even more options related it'll Suggest based on your selection now see It's showing me digital marketing I can Click on here so these are interest Business and industry online Computing Digital marketing social media marketing Online advertising social media online Instagram advertising agency now you see I just selected one option and how many Options now Facebook is suggesting me

Facebook is really good at that now it's Showing me lead generation marketing now These are the people who will buy my Course people who are interested in Payperclick marketing people who are Interested in Google analytics people Who are interested in web analytics People who are interested in search Engine marketing it's now showing me all The options right so now here this is These are the things I'm targeting if You See within uh interest advertising Agency Google analytics lead generation Interest business industry advertising Um interest business industry online Computing digital marketing online Advertising I think now I'm good to go For this particular ad group and this Audience I'm targeting India I'm Targeting 18 to 35 year old people I'm Targeting men and women both and these Are the interest I am targeting right Similarly just one I'll just just show You once more if you click on browse It's not just demographic and interest There is something called Behavior as Well in Behavior you'll be able to find People what their behavior is online for Example what their digital activities New active business uh new active Business less than 6 months this was the One I was talking about they are experts People who have lived in Brazil people

Uh who have lived in Algeria Argentina Australia and things like that so Similarly the example I was telling you About Western Union they having offers On uh if you transfer money from UA to Uh Egypt you can be part of a big offer So similarly in that case you will Target go here Target UAE and then come Here and target people who have lived in Egypt which means people who are in UAE Now but they have lived in Egypt Probably they'll be sending money home You have to come up with creative ideas How to use these target audience but I Want you to go through all of this there Are lot of other options available which Is like consumer classification for Example you can go to India and you can Target people who prefer high value Goods people who prefer mid and high Value Goods so you can Target people who Only basically are rich people and Things like that there's a lot of Options available here I will not go Through each of them I want you to go There and explore but once I'm kind of Done with um this kind of selecting my Audience I'll have one more look okay The audience looks fairly broad uh these Are 7.5 to 22k reach per day 24 to 70 Leads per day it's basically estimated Uh looks good so far for this ad group And once you're done with that uh before Saving the audiences you have two more

Options one is Advantage Detail Targeting now what this does is Facebook Tells you if you check this box if I Select okay what happens is what Facebook does is it says okay Beyond Whatever you have selected as targeting We might find people who are outside This targeting but they might still be Able to buy your courses the Facebook Algorithm will find audiences which are Not in your target audience but they Probably will buy your courses now in Most of the cases it performs better I Personally have done my team has done a Lot of tests And this always has in most of the cases Let's say 90% of the cases it improves The performance but if you don't want to Use it for any reason you just want to Target only specific audiences it's okay And then you will have languages you can Target certain languages so enter a Language to show your ads to people who Use a language that isn't common to your Location otherwise leave this blank now This language option is useful in Certain cases generally you should put It blank because you anyways are Targeting whole India let's let say in India the people speak a lot of Languages but then in certain cases Let's say I'm a Chinese hotel in UAE and I'm only want to Target Chinese tourists In that case I'll Target UAE and I will

Add Chinese language here and because my Ads might be in Chinese only so I just Want to Target Chinese speakers and Reach out to basically people only who Speak Chinese Mandarin and that case I Can use the language and once you're Done with your audience the next option Is placements which we will discuss in The next video I hope this video was Helpful in anyway thank you so much I Will see you in the next one

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