You might not like this email trick, but…




You might not like this email trick, but...

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This email marketing advice is 100% true, but … a little hard to swallow.

You actually have to regularly kick people OFF your list. 🤯

If you don’t regularly throw out the people who haven’t been opening up or clicking your emails, you run the risk of having your emails marked as spam and reducing the open rates of ALL the emails you send.

To prevent this from happening, just remove those cold subscribers a few times per year at least, pretty much anyone who hasn’t engaged in the last thirty to ninety days.

This counterintuitive step ensures that you’re sending emails to a list of engaged subscribers who are interested in what you have to say.

This will help increase your open rates and clicks, leading to more successful email marketing campaigns.

Remember, it’s not personal, it’s just good business. 😎


This email marketing advice is 100 true But a little hard to swallow so you Actually have to regularly kick people Off your list if you don't regularly Throw out the people who haven't been Opening up or clicking your emails you Really run the risk of having the rest Of your emails marked as spam and Reducing the open rates of every email You send so to prevent this from Happening just remove those cold Subscribers a few times per year at Least pretty much anyone who hasn't Engaged in the last 30 to 90 days and This counter-intuitive step ensures that You're sending emails to a list of Highly engaged subscribers who are Actually interested in what you have to Say that's going to help increase your Open rates and clicks overall leading to A much more successful email marketing Campaign remember it's not personal it's Just good business

Useful Tips On Conquering Your Online Market

Millions of people use the internet every day to make purchases. Wouldn’t you like to have just a few thousand new customers buy your products? You can, if you make internet marketing a priority in your business. Here are some great tips to help you market online and reach a whole new set of customers.

The most important aspect of your site is your content. You need excellent content or readers won’t come to your site. Spend the most amount of effort on providing great, relevant, and helpful content and worry about the affiliate ads afterwards. Don’t compromise your readers with articles that promote ads. Traffic naturally follows such a site and word will spread, generating more money in the future.

Did you know that cemeteries are among the most common WiFi hot spots for many cities? The reason is that genealogists like to visit cemeteries to collect information about their ancestors. By giving genealogists access to the Internet right where they are working the cities providing the WiFi are meeting a very important need.

Promote and perform your own give-aways. Many websites gain readers, and therefore buyers, by holding a give-away of a product they have reviewed. People love free goodies, and many other websites cater to finding these give-aways for sweepstakes aficionados. These people may come to your site first for the give-away, but many will return for the content in the future.

When first designing a company website, it is important to consider several questions. Who is your target audience, for example? What customers are you trying to attract? What would you like your website to achieve – higher profits or perhaps greater brand recognition? Answering basic questions like these will most effectively allow you to develop a successful on-line presence.

Take advantage of all the opportunities the internet has to offer by targeting customers that are just waiting for you. Internet marketing can bring a line of brand new potential customers to your website, so you can show them what you have to offer. Take these tips and put them into practice today.

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