Write Your Whole Website – in Minutes – With ChatGPT!




Write Your Whole Website - in Minutes - With ChatGPT!

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Have you heard about the new AI tool, Chat GPT? In this video, you are getting a front-row seat to the process of using Chat GPT to write a killer homepage.I’ll be showing you how easy and effective it can be and how you can get your whole website written in less than a day.

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Creating a new website for your business Is exciting from the creativity of the Design to the anticipation of the launch What's not to love the writing it's the Writing writing content for your website Almost always sucks and statistically It's the number one thing that'll stall Your site from actually launching in the First place but it's not all bad news Here because that job just got a whole Lot easier as in next to no work at all Easy as in you can get your whole Website written in a half hour easy and It's actually kind of fun now how is This possible well you may have been Hearing lately about a new free online AI tool called chat GPT it blew up Practically overnight and for a really Good reason it works way better than Anyone expected it to so Elon Musk Actually put it best when he called it Scary good I've wanted to make a video Like this for months basically testing If you could really write your website Using those free AI writing assistance I Even got pretty far into planning one But I ended up scrapping it at the time Because it just felt really gimmicky and The tests that I tried were pretty Terrible and not ready to share with you Yet well the game has changed with this One and in this video I'm going to show You how easy and effective chat GPT can Be and how to use it to get your whole

Website written today not only is it Going to help you produce well-written Website copy but it can actually create The kind of benefit driven messaging for You that'll help sell your products or Services if you use it the right way now I do need to say that this is still in Beta as of when I'm recording this Meaning they're still working out some Of the Kinks and this definitely isn't a Magic Bullet you may need to use a bit Of trial and error in your requests to Get what you need as you'll probably see As we go through this now I'm not going To edit this video to make it look any Easier or any harder than it actually to Use it you're going to get it completely Authentic front row seat to the process The Good the Bad and the Ugly so that You can decide for yourself if it's Something that you want to try out so Let's get started with the first test Writing the hero section for your home Page now I've seen other videos try to Write whole web pages at once basically Just saying write a home page for a Plumbing company in Dallas the problem With that approach though is that AI Doesn't really know the optimal start to Finish page flow that's going to help Maximize conversion so in my testing it Works way better to first know what Sections you want on your pages and then Make those requests on a section by

Section basis okay so here we are on the Chat GPT website you're going to need to Create an account for it but it's easy And again it's 100 free to use at least Right now it is I definitely think this Is probably going to have some kind of a Pro level feature later are on but for Now it's free and the reason it's got Chat in its name is because you can Literally just chat with it so all you Need to do is go down here and just type In exactly what you're looking for as if You were texting with a real human Copywriter so Um what we're going to start with here I Think is just a hero section which is uh The the top section of any modern Website and we just need a headline and A sub headline for that let's do this For um a whale watching Excursion Company in Puerto Vallarta for our test Here so I would just type in something Like write a results focused Writer results Focus headline for the Home page of a whale watching excursion Business in Puerto Vallarta and then Just click this button right here and It's going to go to work so let's see What it comes back with Okay so pretty good experience the Thrill of watching Majestic whales up Close on our expert-led excursions in Puerto Vallarta I actually think that's Pretty good and it's better than what

Most people would probably come up with On their own you know most people would Probably just write something like you Know whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta you know this means a little Bit more because it's got that result Attached but you don't have to take Exactly what they give you what let's Say Um the tone was wrong what you can say Now is something like you know rewrite In a friendly playful tone or you could Type in for more professional tone you Know whatever kind of adjective you want To go with so what is it coming back Here it says uh come join us for a Splashing good time on our wheel Watching excursions in Puerto Vallarta So you know your mileage may vary you May like that you may not but the point Is you can kind of go back and ask it to Do things a different way which I think Is super helpful and it's really what Makes this better than other AI tools I've ever used so let's say we wanted to Use this so you would just kind of write It down in a word doc somewhere but then Now we want the sub headline so we would Write something like you know write a Sub headline that includes this specific Thing like maybe you have something Specific that you want to include and Here would be you know we can do custom Charters or you can be part of a group

Tour so let's see what kind of sub Headline they come back with oh and it's What I should say here is they remember What this is for it's not like you have To re-explain each time that this is for A whale watching tour like it's a Conversation and they remember what was Said before so I think that's pretty Cool all right we have book a private Charter or join a group tour to see Whales up close and personal I think It's pretty good and you definitely want To do a quick pass just to make sure Nothing's inaccurate here or to make Sure Um that it's it's in your voice okay so Now let's put this to work on a more Text Heavy section let's say you want to Have a section Um that talks about the problem that you Solve and how you solve it which is just A great section to have on any website So there's actually a proven copywriting Formula that marketers and copywriters Have been using for decades and it's Called the Pas or problem agitate Solution copywriting framework so the Idea being you lay out the problem your Customers likely experiencing then you Agitate it to really paint a clear Picture of what the pain Point looks Like you know with examples and then you Lay out your solution and maybe you Already know the problem that you solve

And a few examples of how that problem Looks and how you solve it but just to Show you what this can really do let's See uh what they can come up with on all On their own because maybe you're Thinking well we're a will watching tour Like what problem do we solve so I'm Actually just going to type right in Here you know use the problem agitate Solution framework to write a few Paragraphs showing the main problems we Solve so Um I'm being really specific here and That's the point you know you want to Really tell them what you're looking for Um so they come back with something good That's how this tends to work best so Let's see what they got for us here Okay so we have are you tired of being Stuck on land watching whales from afar Through binoculars Um do you want to get up and close and Personal with these majestic creatures But don't know where to start look no Further because our whale watching Excursions are here to solve all your Problems so here's the thing maybe that Lands with you and maybe it's like oh That is the problem we solve maybe it's Not though right maybe the real problem Is that you know people come to Puerto Vallarta and they tend to just go to the Beach but we have something that's more Unique than that so let's just say here

I'm going to say um you know rewrite This section with the problem that most Vacations in PV are just going to the Beach but this is a more unique Experience Just going to correct that in case it Matters probably doesn't all right cool Let's see what happens next Okay so are you looking for a vacation Experience in PV that goes beyond just Lounging on the beach See they've taken what I've what I've Given in there want to add some Excitement and adventure to your trip Our whale watching excursions are the Perfect solution then we have Um kind of the agitate part where you Know people tend to stick the Traditional stuff but with us you get to See a side of the city that few get to Experience so I think this is written Extremely well now again you may want to Go through and kind of make little Tweaks here and there and you're free to Do so you can even write you know write In that more playful tone if you wanted To do that but I want to show you our Next thing here which is um let's have It write a nice benefits and feature Section so you always want to let people Know on your website what you include in Your offer to help you stand out against Your competition but the thing is most Business owners confuse benefits and

Features so using chat GPT here is a Great tool to help you not only Brainstorm the features that you can Include for your business but it can Help you find the hidden benefit behind Each of those those features too so Since benefits sell better than standard Features do I like to use the formula of A benefit driven headline followed by a Short description of the feature that Makes the benefit possible so maybe you Already have a good handle on the Features that you include with your Offer in which case you might just type Those in and then ask for it to come up With a benefit for each of them but Maybe you need some help coming up with The whole thing so in that case we would Just brainstorm a bit by typing in Something like write 10 benefit feature Combos right each with a one to three Word benefit driven title followed by a One sentence description of the feature Behind the benefit I'm getting super Specific here but feel free to use this This is a great way to come up with this Um this section so let's see what they Come back to us with here Okay so it came back with 10. now I Would say these aren't all great but a Few of them I think really are so I Think up close encounters is great so That's the title that's the benefit you Get up close and personal right get

Closer to the whales than ever before With our custom Charter options Um you know maybe tailored tours is a Good one Um Scenic views family friendly Adrenaline pumping that's a great one Get an adrenaline rush as you come face To face with these Majestic whales um Lifelong memories so it's basically like I asked for more than I needed on Purpose so that I can Whittle them down And you know some will be better than Others and you can go back and say hey Actually Um we do like we provide lunch and we Provide beverages or something like that Like add that in there too and just type That in and it'll come back with that Okay so now what about SEO right how can We add in certain keyword phrases that We might want to Target so Um I highly recommend using an SEO tool Like semrush that can not only to come Up with those possible keyword phrases For you but they can also show you the Numbers in terms of how many searches Each gets per month and how competitive Each of them are so I really encourage You to start there then bring in your Top keyword phrase but let's just say That you wanted to use chat GPT to help You find those phrases right in here so I would just type in you know what are 10 relevant keyword phrases I could use

On this page for SEO Let's just see what it comes back with Now Okay so we've got whale watching Excursions Puerto Vallarta whale Watching whale watching tours then you Know you'd pick the one you want to go With or a couple you want to go with and Then just ask it to insert the phrase a Few times but to make it read natural so Let's just see like I've never gone this Far with it but let's just see what that Would look like so Um Let's just say we want to use Puerto Vallarta whale watching number two so um Um use Puerto Vallarta whale watching Keyword phrase in the problem solution Section from before Let's just see what it what it does here Okay so it's writing the same thing it Looks like Um and then Okay so we've got our Puerto Vallarta whale watching excursions are The perfect solution so it did it it Remembered what it did before and then It added that phrase in Um Which I think is great I think this is a Really slick tool to use And you'll probably want to do some Light rewriting possibly but the really Big thing that this tool can't do for You is show you the type of content that

You should be putting on your website so This definitely as you can see works Best if you tell it specifically what Type of content to create so to help you Solve that problem I want to invite you To my free on-demand Master Class where I'm going to show you the exact types of Content that you need on your website to Turn it into that automated client Generating machine then you'll just use My proven content suggestions as prompts Inside of chat GPT for really Bulletproof copy that's 100 optimized For conversions so click right here and I'll save your seat and then you can get All the little things that I recommend You do that you can use right with chat GPT to help you go even further click Here and I'll see you there

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Hold contests for users to submit content that you will incorporate into your online marketing efforts somehow. Users will not only feel like you respect their opinions but they will see that they have the opportunity to personally take a role in improving your brand, essentially doing the work of figuring out what consumers want for you.

One of the things that you can do to improve your marketing strategy, is to address the recent news topics that are current and desirable and how they relate to your company. If you find that a particular story relates to your product or service, this can help boost the following for your company.

Although it can represent some money up front, companies who can afford to do so, should consider hiring an internet marketing consultant to help them best maximize their on-line presence. There is always room for improvement and getting suggestions from a professional, can easily translate to increased cliental and increased revenue.

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