why Gig mentality will ruin your career (in the long term)




why Gig mentality will ruin your career (in the long term)

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Recently I came across many people who fall for the mentality to make money based on certain tricks and the gurus call it Digital Marketing. These tricks are easy to learn and work for a short while. If someone wastes their time and efforts for such tricks to make easy money, they unfortunately lose a lot in the long term

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When I used to work with agency I used To wonder about the theme structure and The salaries each of us would make Because I was head of Performance Marketing and I basically had a say in Determining the salary of the team Members and their sip salary hikes and I Would basically know everybody's salary In my team when I initially started with These leadership roles I used to Basically get surprised the in the Difference of salaries between the two Team members to give your context for Example we had performance director in Our team he would work with the head of Strategy and other team members Basically three or four people will then Sometimes work on client pitch or Strategy for a client and this Performance director would sometimes Work on the same pitch for the whole Week so the outcome of his work Sometimes for the whole week was three Or four slides that would go into the Big pitch so when I used to compare his Work with work week with our digital Marketing executive for example in that Week the digital marketing executive Would launch multiple campaigns like a Dozen maybe and then optimize work on Reports adjust pacing and do a lot of Stuff upload creatives when you look at The salaries the performance director Would make four to five times that of a

Digital marketing executive of course There was a difference in the work Experience they had but what was it that Basically determined who will make how Much money or salary and the irony is All the action in an agency for example In our case would happen on Facebook ads Google ads TV 360 and when you compare The technical knowledge and know who Knows the tricks around these platforms A digital marketing executive would Sometimes know more than a director Because he has been out of touch from The operations for a while but then what Determines the salaries a salary of a Person in a company is determined by how Much impact they can make to the Client's business to the company's Business they are working with for Example this digital marketing executive He would work really hard but then what He primarily does is he gets a strategy Approved from the media planning team or The strategist and he executes that he Gets the creatives he gets the budget And most of the cases he even gets what Bidding to use he probably gets an idea About what keywords to use and then he Puts all of it together in a campaign And launches the campaign but if you Look at the impact probably he can make A mistake by not adding a keyword by not Using the exact target uh bidding what He should be he's not optimizing he

Makes some mistakes in the reports or he Uploads around creative or whatever I Mean even if he does any kind of Optimizations it would make a marginal Difference in the performance he can Improve the performance by 10 or he can Let's say degrade the performance by 10 But on the other hand the guys who work On the strategy that say the performance Director for the paid Media stuff his Strategy can make a lot of difference so I'm telling you all of this just to make The point that our salaries or income as Digital marketers are directly Determined by how much impact you can Have directly on the business of your Client or the company you're working With and that is in fact the objective Of digital marketing growing Profitability and growing the business Using digital Market getting channels Now that I have made this point fairly Clear now let me tell you why I think That this gig mentality is like a poison For a person's digital marketing career So basically what I mean by gig Mentality is kind of the ideology which A lot of people promote in their videos That you watch this particular video or The series of video and directly you Will be able to make money in a week or Just after watching this particular Video now the first thing is in most of The cases those videos the promises they

Make in their videos are false they are Far far from reality they don't care Because their target audience is people Who just started who have no idea about Digital marketing the funny thing is While I was researching about this video I was just looking at videos and I Played one of the videos and this guy Even mentions in the beginning if you Are a beginner and you want to make Hundreds of dollars every day then this Video is for you the most common ones These days are the social media Marketing agency how to set up a social Media marketing agency watch this Particular video or a series of videos We'll show you how to get a client we'll Show you how to scale your businesses After that five thousand dollar each Client and make it millions of dollars Most important thing that how to handle That client and what is the actual work They don't teach that and what happens Is once somebody goes to these videos He's fully charged and okay let me go Ahead they send millions of emails to The clients and nobody even responds and Even if somebody responds and you land Up in a call with the client all the Dreams of that social media marketer are Shattered when the client asks a basic Operational question that okay if you Want to work with us we have a DMP do You think we can integrate it with our

Facebook campaigns or we have this Floodlight setup do you think we can Integrate it with Facebook pixels or Anything like that and this guy is just Like a dare in front of a headlight of The car in middle of the road in middle Of the night like but how I get an idea Is because from last two months I have Been receiving multiple emails and they All have the same exact script telling Me that they have created a gift for me They call it captivating something and Do I want them to send that gift to me Which are like the ad copies or and the Email scripts they have written for me So that I can send it to the people and I get thousands of sales of my course And things like that but the funny thing Is all of them have the exact same Script probably from the same Guru then Multiple gurus learned from that Guru And they teach it to everyone and some Other common examples are people telling You to spend your own money on planning Ad campaigns for big companies and earn Affiliate commissions anyways I have a Detailed video about that but let's now Talk about some strategies which Actually might work which might generate A dollar or two every day so for example I was searching for YouTube and I saw One of these one of the videos I saw was This one they all fall follow the same Structure so let me divide the 17

Minutes video into five easy steps so What this person is suggesting is first Create an account with an affiliate Network and go and generate some links For let's say a weight loss program Generate this link the second step is go And steal somebody's ebook on weight Loss program directly okay go ahead copy Me edit it and steal it basically and Add your affiliate link on the first Page so once you have this book you Stole it you edited it you added your Affiliate link now you go to Facebook Groups and you just promote it but the Funny thing is in the last step he even Gives a particular script as well like The script I was talking about the Emails I get and he says like my friend Recommended this book to me anybody has Has anybody heard about it if you want This book by the way just send me a Personal message and I will forward it To you that is the strategy for the Media distribution free of cost now okay I understand that sometimes you might be Able to kind kind of sell some products Some people will say Okay I want this Book they will take this book which you Stole and they will click on the link Anyways and you might probably make few Dollars by the commission to understand Why this is bad you will have to first Understand some of the analogies I'll Give I understand that some people who

Will be who will fall for this Particular trick is people who just Finished their college or school or People who just started working and they Want to make money online their first Few bucks online and let's say now you Started making few dollars in the first Week or 10 days it's a few dollars every Day but in the long run if you keep Doing it for years and years what new Are you learning what skill sets are you Getting so that you will become that Person who will be able to make an Impact which we discussed in the Beginning because if you do this work For years and years it is the same thing You will never acquire any skill set for Which someday you will be able to make An impact you will exactly make the same Money if you do it for years and and Basically even less because the Affiliate commissions actually decrease Day by day because there is more Saturation the other thing you have to Understand is if you do it for three Years and somebody after three years Starts doing the same thing what is your Competitive Advantage you will both be Able to have the same capacity to make Money imagine that kind of skill set you Have that anyone who watches the video Who has 16 minutes to spare to watch This video they can acquire the same Skill kit which you have maybe after two

Years of doing this five years of doing This and that is a very bad situation to Be in now this trick and wasting your Time on this and thinking that you can Make a career out of it and because You'll get used to the Easy Money Whatever it is maybe sometimes you won't Even make something but even if you are Able to make something it'll be as a Poison because it will drag you into This hole and you will not develop you Will not gain any knowledge or any skill Set which you can later sell as and Prove your impact you can make in any Let's say for example Facebook comes With a new rule that in groups you Cannot even publish links what happens Then to this guy who basically follows This particular strategy or this Particular video so basically what I'm Trying to convey is if your objective is To become make digital marketing as a Career a long-term career and basically Progress in your career the more time You spend in this field the more Valuable your time becomes the more Impact you can make with your experience So basically I would say just stay away From all these tricks in certain cases They might work for a while in the long Term they are a poison for your career And you should stay away from these kind Of shortcut if you want to make career In digital marketing you will have to

Spend a lot of time and efforts before You can even start monetizing your uh Your skills but then the progression Would be exponential once you start Making money every year will be more Valuable and you'll be able to make more Money with your sake giving same time so What I would suggest is start with Having strong fundamentals and even that Will take time for example in 16 minutes With this video you'll be able to make Few dollars but if you go for Fundamentals for example I have this Course here for now it's ongoing and I Already have 10 videos and it's all About Basics and fundamentals it's time Consuming to just understand the Fundamentals leave being an expert in Something I mean there are certain Genuine road maps on YouTube which you Can follow how to become a digital Marketer basically give you an idea and Even I have one video explain what you Should strive for like okay a lot of People ask me okay what should be my Goal how do I progress what should be my Vision the vision of a digital marketer Should be that he should be someday able To become a person who has enough skill Sets to basically talk to a business Understand their business and tell them I can give you end-to-end strategy in Terms of how you should handle your Digital marketing that is like the that

Should be the goal of every digital Marketer and once you reach that point You can easily negotiate with companies That you know what give me a stake in Your company I will handle everything Digital marketing or give me a profit Margin and I will handle everything Digital marketing so you should be Basically able to kind of understand the Business needs Define a digital Marketing strategy and basically have it Implemented or implemented yourself that Should be your skill set and then you'll Be able to negotiate these kind of Things and businesses I have seen people Who did this I know few people who did This who negotiated these terms with Companies the companies were okay Because they knew that this person can Transform our business they can bring a Lot of growth to our business and it's Only fair to share a percentage of that Growth with this person it's not easy For some people it might take five years Some people it might take 10 years but That that's what I see like the goal of A digital marketer should be basically And that's why if you see any good Digital marketing agency they work on Markups they don't work on okay you know What uh we will have we will charge five Thousand dollars per a month for you or Ten thousand dollars the all the good Digital marketing agents sees how they

Work with clients is on markups you Spend one million Dirhams or you spend 5 Million Dirhams we will charge you 10 We'll charge you 15 because they know That digital marketing agencies know That when they grow they will spend more And more on digital marketing it is our Impact we are basically giving them this Growth so we deserve a percentage of Their growth as well so when you grow a Client from 1 million to 10 million Dirhams spending 10 million Dirhams a Year that means that you deserve 15 a Certain percentage of that increased Budget that's how this industry is set Up and at the end I would also like to Highlight one thing you might be asking That okay these gurus they some of them Know the digital marketing in and outs They know that what they are telling People to do and what impact it can have Because some of them are experienced so Obvious that this can be detrimental to Somebody's career if they follow which Most of the people do why do they create Such videos now the short answer to that Is these people before anything else They are YouTubers and their only Objective if not the most important Objective is to make videos which get a Lot of views and traction and to do that What they have to do is they have to Come up with titles which sell which People will click on and which some

People who are a bit desperate to make Money and who have no idea they will Fall for this because they will say make Money in one week a screenshot of their PayPal balance thousand dollars in six Months some people even show that I'll Be sleeping and I make money because if They go back to fundamentals and show How difficult it is and how much time it Will take it'll be boring nobody will Watch that so that is the reason why They come up with these videos because They have went so deep into this Rabbit Hole of generating views from their Content that that is the Paramount for Them so I hope in this video I was able To provide any value to you and this Video was helpful in any way thank you So much I will see you in the next one

The Internet Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

If you have hit a wall in your plans for successful internet marketing, it may be time to take an honest look at your strategies and make some tough decisions. If you believe that your plan has true value, it may be that you just need some practical advice to get back on track. Try some of these tips.

In the world of internet marketing you will always be presented with the opportunity to take advantage of a popular scam. It is important that you resist this with everything possible. Maintaining a profitable company overtime requires a company that has the trust and respect of its customers. This cannot be reached through shady or sneaky methods.

To make sure you join the right program, do some research about the company first. If they have a bad reputation, chances are people will not buy anything from you, no matter how good of a salesperson you are. Remember also that some companies have bad reputations because they do not pay their workers.

Develop a particular color scheme to be used in all of your online marketing messages to help people easily recognize your brand when surfing quickly around the net. Often users do not stay on a single webpage for a long time, so if you can have a color scheme strongly associated with your brand, people may be impacted and reminded of your brand whenever they see those colors.

Increase the amount of hits you get on your website link by posting it on different social media sites. Twitter is a great resource for this, especially because a tweet with your link can be re-tweeted by people around the world. The more hits you get on a link, the higher up it will travel on a results page.

As mentioned above, even though you may feel that you have hit a wall with your internet marketing, there is something that you can do to get moving again. The strategies you use can always be improved with some good advice and practical tips. Try one or more from the article above to get beyond that wall.

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