What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Native Deodorant




What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Native Deodorant

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This video explores how Native leveraged a simple consumer frustration into a multi-million dollar business, offering invaluable lessons for marketers and SMBs. Discover the strategies behind effective brand messaging, customer-driven product development, and innovative influencer marketing. Learn how Native’s founder capitalized on unique market insights and transformed them into a competitive advantage. Ideal for marketing professionals seeking inspiration, this case study highlights the power of listening to your audience and adapting to their needs.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Founder story
0:55 Proving the Business
1:33 The Power of Feedback Driven Customer Service
2:14 The Acquisition
2:25 Scaling via Influencer Marketing

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I bought Axe deodorant for my entire Life I'm an attorney uh I should be able To like speak English um and I cannot Pronounce a single one of these Ingredients this is moy Ali the Creator And founder of native he turned a simple Frustration into a million-dollar Business here's how launched in 2015 Native was created with a unique value Proposition deodorant that isn't a Chemistry experiment most deodorants are Made with parabens sulfites and aluminum Outside of the controversy surrounding The potential risks parabens and Sulfites can dry out your skin and hair By removing natural oils NATO's value Proposition informs their clean simple And effective messaging throughout their Website and products coconut oil shea Butter baking soda and tapioca starch Make up four out of the 10 easy to Understand ingredients for comparison an Average deodorant can have up to 30 but Native still had some questions to Answer would people care about Aluminum-free deodorant and would they Pay $12 a stick three times the usual Price after selling 50 orders on its Second day native saw an overwhelming Response from consumers eventually Reaching between 25 and 30 million in Annual sales but at the time in the Words of their founder we launched with A pretty mediocre product we had a low

Repeat purchase rate I think our average Review was something like 3.8 Stars we Quickly realized that there was a need For uh better for you deodrant and Customers were willing to pay a higher Price for it um but we also realized That we didn't have that product so he Took a direct approach if you bought the Bar from our website I emailed every Single customer for you know the first Two years of the business saying you got To stick a native deodorant love to know What you think about it if you love the Product please leave a review on our Site if you don't just reply back to This email and tell us what you don't Like and we'll go try and fix that their Feedback a tough deodorant to reply with Too many powders and not enough oils by Summer 2016 after experimenting and Revising the native team unveiled a Winning new formula thanks to this Feedback driven approach NATO's reorder Rate went from 20% to 50% in 2017 in Less than two years of being in business They were acquired by PNG for $100 Million before being acquired native Only sold their product direct to Consumer through its website afterward They massively expanded in both location And product variety with reach now in Mind they pivoted to engaging Influencers on YouTube and Instagram to Tap into existing audiences why would

Anyone want to put aluminum and other Harsh chemicals on their armpit by Collaborating with YouTubers like Jackjack they were able to double down And continue positioning native Deodorant as natural crueltyfree and Aluminum free to drive sales and track Performance the video description Included a coupon code and a bitly link Redirecting to native's website this Link not only provided value for viewers But also helped native monitor the Influence each content creator had on Sale Over the years this influencer Le Approach has not only generated millions In sales for Native but also has Amplified their brand to hundreds of Millions of viewers in recent years the Brand has continued to put on a Masterclass and understanding audience Feedback by introducing plastic free Packaging in 2020 native transformed a Simple frustration with Theodor and Ingredients into a million dooll Business their unique value custom Feedback loop and smart influence of Marketing along with the very powerful Acquisition drove their remarkable Growth what are your thoughts on Native And the strategies they used drop a Comment down below share your insights And as always don't forget to subscribe For more interesting case

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