What do Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Charles Darwin have in common?🤔




What do Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Charles Darwin have in common?🤔

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It’s easy to assume that the most accomplished and productive people in history must have worked tirelessly and non-stop to achieve their success.

But if you were to take a closer look at their daily routines, you might be surprised to find that they actually spent very little time working.

Charles Darwin, who wrote the ground-breaking book The Origin of Species, only worked about 4 hours a day. Stephen King, known for his prolific writing career, also only works for 4 hours a day. Even Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, two of the most innovative minds of our time, took a year off to travel before starting college. And let’s not forget Leonardo Da Vinci, who famously took 15 years to complete the Mona Lisa.

So next time you feel guilty for taking a break, remember that even the most accomplished individuals need some downtime. #productivity #success #worklifebalance

If you were to take a look at the daily Lives of some of the most accomplished And productive people of all time you Might even mistake them for being lazy For example Charles Darwin who wrote What is arguably the most famous book in All of science the Origin of Species Worked only about 4 hours a day Stephen King who's written something like 63 or 64 65 novels and over 200 short stories Says that he also only works about 4 Hours a day Elon Musk took an entire Year off to travel before starting College and so did Steve Jobs when he Dropped out of college to spend a year In India and one of the greatest Thinkers and inventors and artists of All time Leonardo da Vinci took 15 years To finally finish the Mona Lisa out of Laziness

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