Tips For Elevating Your Next Go-To-Market Strategy (+ Free Templates)




Tips For Elevating Your Next Go-To-Market Strategy (+ Free Templates)

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I've got a brand new app about to launch As part of my software business Jac Capital but I've got one major problem The launch got pushed To tomorrow that means I've got 24 hours To come up with my full go to market Plan so in this video you and I are Going to get into the nitty-gritty the Nanul granular of what a successful go To market strategy looks like and the Steps you can take to elevate your next Big launch whether you're a seasoned Veteran or an entrepreneur just starting Out and I'm going to do it all in a day 24 hours starts now so the first Question I need to make sure I'm Answering is what makes a rock solid Framework for an impactful go to market Strategy the first important question to Ask when walking through a plan is what Problem does my product solve a great Way to identify the specific problem Your product is addressing is to ask its Potential customers by creating a survey With a tool like Survey Monkey if There's a competitor in the market ask Those customers what they aren't doing That your product could knowing that I Need to answer that question Forge Capital I went ahead and already asked My potential customers and they told me They're looking for a better solution For tracking and itemizing their Receipts and expenses so I decided to

Solve that problem with a new product Designed to easily track tag and sort User receipts whether they're printed or Digital by getting this feedback Directly from the customer I was able to Gather Intel on not only the need for my Customers but also data on what the Minimum viable product could be that Will address their concerns in a cost Effective and timely manner and was able To build a product road map to get there So in our go to market plan we'll Position this problem and our solution As the value proposition of our new Product after surveying my customers I Developed a minimum viable product and Built out a product road map for the Next year year now that I'm confident in My product I need to figure out how I'm Going to position it in the market Luckily hubspot's got a collection of Free templates for a comprehensive go to Market kit grab yourself a copy if you Want to follow along in the description Below all right time Check okay we can do this the next phase Of the go to market plan is answering The question who is experiencing this Problem these are the people you're Betting will be interested in your Product and crucially the ones willing To pay for it tailoring your messaging For your target audience is critical Generally customers fall into one of a

Few categories initiators start the Buying process or are the ones to show Initial interest decision makers give The go-ahead on making the purchase Buyers are in charge of a company's Spending budget approvers are typically At the executive level and are often the Final Green Line Gatekeepers are Blockers in getting a product off the Ground most of these personas are Directly related to B2B businesses but But since we're working in a b Toc Scenario with my financial app the two We're going to focus on for my plan are Users and influencers users are the Folks who interact with a product Regularly and influencers convince Others that the product is needed Crafting a message for users will vary Distinctly from seite approvers for Example so it's important to know your Audience in order to maximize your Impact when reaching out to them about Your product we learned from our survey That this is something that users want But you'll also want to be selling to The influencers who will help you get The word out about why your product is a Better alternative than the competition This means you'll want to do a deep dive On your potential buying personas review The survey data and look for Trends or Similarities in their profiles do many Of them share a similar industry or type

Of profession what age group do they Fall into things like this will prove to Be key data points in pinpointing who Exactly needs the product you're Offering and how best to reach them so For JA Capital the data revealed its Most appealing to business professionals 35 Plus living in a major economic Hub Making at least 75k annually who travel More than twice a year for their jobs This means you can not only Target that Specific grouping of users but also Those who may be able to influence their Purchases HR professionals office Managers or travel coordinators would be Great examples of an influencer Persona In in this case knowing this info will Help narrow your scope on where to Target those potential customers users Might be best reached through ads on Their social media Pages or paid Promotion in an app Marketplace for Example while you might have more luck Reaching influencers through business Oriented platforms like LinkedIn more on That in just a few minutes okay two more Steps to go and about 10 hours left uh I Think I have time for a quick break Don't laugh this is my favorite shirt And it's also going to help me Crush the Next 10 hours I can do this let's go so Another key component of a go to market Strategy is through research on the Current landscape for your product and

Who your competitors might be it's Possible that there's too many frogs in The pond so to speak if the market is Oversaturated with similar products it's An opportunity to find what the value Proposition of your version of a similar Product might be it could be Functionality it could be savings or a Combination of the two it's simple Enough to do a basic competitor anal Anis using the good old internet Google Search from relevant to your product Like searching apps for receipts which Is relevant for J capital and do some Investigation what ranks the highest Does its functionality match yours What's the price difference which is the Highest rated what do users seem to like Just as important what don't they like In my competitor research for my finance Software business I found a couple of Options that offer receipt cataloging But the user experience seems to be Absolutely lacking on one and the other Is far far too expensive this suggests That a best-in-class product offered to Our existing user base could yield Promising results so we include this Info in our go to market plan along with Counterpoints to any features our Competitors might have that we Don't okay and with that 4 hours left This is going to be a breeze finally a Go to market strategy would include

Planned distribution methods depending On your product or service this could be A variety of things including the Creation of a website email newsletter a Physical product delivered to a Customer's home or an app in the case of J Capital this is a direct to Consumer Effort distributed via a multi-pronged Marketing effort to get them to the app So in the last remaining moments I'm Going to use every possible way of Getting the word out to those user and Influencers Persona everything from emao Blasts and editorial content to video Direct mailings and social media so I'm Including all of that in the go to Market [Music] Plan and with that we are done and not a Moment too soon thankfully I was able to Get my goto Market plan done on time and All the stakeholders are pretty happy With it but before we celebrate and I Take a much needed shower I want to Point out some of the mistakes I was Sure to avoid in order to build a Successful framework the number one Error you can make is not researching The market thoroughly you really want to Make sure that your product is servicing A particular need or doing it in a way That your competitors are not even a Great idea can flounder if the market is Oversaturated number two ignoring

Customer feedback it's genuinely so Important to listen to the experience of Your customers and make the adjustments Necessary to keep them happy you might Remember some years ago when Netflix Announced they'd be splitting their DVD Rental by mail service and streaming Service into two distinct entities this Effectively meant a 60% price increase For users who were using both Services Which promptly netted them losing 800,000 subscribers and a dip in their Stock value ultimately the company Rectified its lackluster communication Of the change to start regaining the Customer loyalty it had damaged at the Time which leads to the next big mistake To avoid last of adaptability Netflix Showed its willingness to Pivot its Strategies based on customer reaction And was able to bounce back stronger Despite that huge hit to a subscriber Base and stock price being flexible is a Key piece of the equation for launching A successful product and being rigid in Your plan will only work against you When the trends of the marketplace flow In a direction you didn't expect so with All that said you helped me write a Killer go to market strategy we talked About pitfalls to avoid and we even Hooked you up with some free templates To help make your dream product launch a Reality the last 24 hours would have

Been a nightmare without these templates And they have everything you need for a Robust go to market plan from product Road maps to SWAT analysis to sales Plans and Beyond let me know in the Comments below what you found to be Successful in your own go to market Strategies or any potential mistakes You've learned from and of course be Sure to like And subscribe for even more Tips and tricks from the marketing Mavens here at HubSpot now if you'll Excuse me I'm going to go lie down you might not See me for a while until then I'll see You next Time I can find this client info have You heard of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM Platform so it shares its data across Every application every team can stay Aligned no out of sync spreadsheets or Dueling databases HubSpot grow Better

The Best Internet Marketing Tips To Help You Build Your Brand

Internet marketing is a great way to get your product or service known. Millions of people use the internet each day and you could have hundreds of people looking into what you are selling. Here are some some quick and easy ways to use internet marketing to your advantage.

To best market your website, hire a quality SEO designer. These professionals can set up your website so that when relevant keywords are typed into a search engine your company is found. A novice SEO writer can run into many pitfalls, so having a professional on your side is important.

Put ads that complement and work together with your site. For instance, a detailed review of a product along with ads that feature it can be more effective than just having ads of your favorite products. Not only will your readers be more interested in your ads, but also affiliate ads can even make your site more informative, and can help your readers find what they are looking for.

Observe your competitors. You could learn from their successes and mistakes. If you could see yourself purchasing something from them, then you can guarantee that they are doing the right thing. Look for ways that you can use their ideas into your own unique strategy.

Use prizes, giveaways and drawings to increase traffic. People love something for free. Use this to your advantage by offering a prize as an incentive for them to go to your website, sign up for your mailing list and be entered in a drawing. This not only gets you traffic, but also builds up a mailing list for future use.

Now that you have learned some tools for internet marketing, you will be able to take your business to the next level. It is not an easy job, but it is something that can turn a small side business into a full time income for you and your employees.

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