This Simple Method QUADRUPLED Their Leads




This Simple Method QUADRUPLED Their Leads

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It’s a simple method that led to a dramatic increase in bookings for one business.

And it can do the same for yours.

But first, there’s a problem you probably have that we need to talk about.

If you’re ready to solve that problem and increase your bookings, this is the video for you.

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This rehab center quadrupled their leads Using one simple method leading to a Dramatic increase in bookings but before They stumbled upon what I'm about to Show you they were struggling to make Any meaningful connections with their Potential clients in fact their approach Was so offputting that nobody wanted to Work with them so in this video I'm Going to share what the trick is how it Works and exactly how you can pull it Off yourself in minutes but before we Get to that we need to talk about the Problem that these guys needed to solve If they ever hope to get leads and Paying clients from their website and It's a problem that you probably have Right now too most companies write their Websites themselves or they Outsource it To someone who doesn't really know their Customers this leads to a major Disconnect like a toddler writing a Manual for nuclear warheads adorable but You wouldn't trust it and these websites Sound more like a sales pitch than a Conversation they talk at the customers Not with them the result well potential Clients visit the these sites and then They leave without a second thought they Don't connect they don't feel understood And they definitely don't click that Let's get started button so what can you Do instead I mean it's not like there Are magic words you can put on your

Website there are magic words you can Put on your website oh okay well she Would know this is website conversion Copywriter Sandra Bey and she helps Business owners get more leads out of Their websites just by changing the Words okay Sandra so what are these Magic words that any business can use on Their website to get more leads anything That your target audience is using you Want to be listening really carefully to What they're saying and actually use the Language that they're using and why does That work so well when you are um in Tune with who your target market is and How they are describing their problem How they're describing what they're Looking for you're speaking their Language in other words anytime you can Articulate the the problem they have or Reflect your customer's feelings back to Them in their own words they'll think This person gets me this is what Marketing Pros call voice of customer Messaging and it's been scientifically Shown to work time and time again Researchers found that when two people Talk to each other using the same kinds Of words in style they understand each Other better and they can convince each Other more easily they called this Concept language style matching and it's A crazy powerful tool to have in your Back pocket remember the rehab center I

Brought up earlier they were using the Headline your addiction ends here just Something they came up with and their Website was pretty much ignored barely Getting any clicks or inquiries at all But then they did the research and they Learned the real words that real rehab Patients were actually saying so using The gold nuggets that they found they Revamped their website and changed their Headline to if you think you need rehab You do the result was night and day Clicks soared and inquiries went up over 400% but it's not all about using the Same words that your ideal customer uses There's one more thing you'll need to Get right and we'll get to that in just A bit but first how exactly do you Figure out the words your customers are Using sure you could interview them and If you have customers who would agree to That it's a great way to go but there's Actually a much easier way to get to Those gold nuggets all on your own and This method combines some old school Advice with a brand new twist so Marketing experts have always Recommended scouring sites like Yelp for Reviews of your business as well as Reviews of your competitors to see what Words your customers and their customers Are actually using but it can be really Hard to keep track of all the common Phrases that people use over and over

Again so that's where the new twist Comes in I don't know if you know this But chat GPT can actually now browse the Internet in real time making it your Best friend for doing this kind of Research in just a matter of minutes all You need is one really great prompt to Get you going but to get the most out of This prompt let's get really clear on What we're looking for first you're Looking for commonalities if they're Describing something the same way There's some really excellent nuggets You can get from reviews that you can Actually use in your copy because it's Described so perfectly because it's the Perfect buyer these commonalities can be Common feelings or thoughts but even Better if the exact same wording or Phrasing comes up over and over again Next we want to use what we found to try And understand four main things about Our customer first what happened to make Them need you in the first place next You need to know what your customers Consider to be the problem you know you May find that you solve problems you Didn't even know about then it helps to Know who your customers see as your Competition and what they may have tried Already or at least considered and Finally addressing objections in your Website is really important so you need To figure out what those common

Objections are so now let's put it all Together into one Epic chat GPT prompt So first we're just going to start by Giving it some context of why you're Asking having context just helps it get The right information faster so we're Just going to type in I want to use Voice of customer messaging on my Website to increase conversions to do That that I need you to analyze lots of Real customer reviews of then you insert Your Niche or your industry here for Commonalities including common phrases Words sentiments and ideas that appear The most organize these commonalities Into rough answers to these four Questions now here's where we get to the The four questions we talked about Earlier so when did you realize you Needed a product or service like ours What problem does our product or service Lesson or fix for you did you consider Any alternatives to buying or working With us and finally what concerns or Hesitations did you have before you Decided to buy or work with us then You're going to say deliver in the Following format commonalities that Answer all four questions followed by a List of the most common phrases then Just let it scour the web crunch the Data and work its magic not only is it Going to give you a great summary to use As a starting point it also let you ask

Questions to get more detailed Information out of it then once you're Happy with what you've got just tell Chat gbt you want it to take those Talking points and use them in your Website text wherever it makes the most Sense I like to ask it to put the new Text it creates and bold so that I can Easily check it to make sure it sounds Good then just copy the text from your Site one page at a time paste it in and Let it do its thing once they started Using voice of customer messaging Beachway rehab center ended up Quadrupling their leads within a week But there's more to Turning site Visitors into paying customers than the Words you use there's also a simple Website blueprint that gets insane Results that most businesses completely Ignore so go watch this video next to Find out exactly what that blueprint is So that you can get ahead of 97% of your Competition click here and I'll see you There in a second

Internet Marketing’s Best Tips For Today

Are you looking for information on Internet marketing? Between the breadth of the field and the constant innovation of internet marketers, anyone trying to run an online business can learn more about how to market their company (or themselves). You will gain valuable information simply by reading this article.

Be as detailed as possible when marketing a product. Studies show that large percentages of the population need profuse explanations about the benefits of the products they are thinking of buying in order to be persuaded. If customers genuinely believe the marketing, they will be much more willing to buy the product. Researchers have found that many people will trust a website with several paragraphs of information about a product over a website that is very succinct.

A great tip for internet marketing, is to collaborate with someone else. We can pursue many avenues online, but we can only do so much on our own. If you’re a filmmaker, for instance, you can get in touch with a storyboard artist. That’s just one example of a collaboration.

Broken links will turn off visitors, especially multiple broken links. The web keeps changing and moving and unfortunately this means that links break. If a customer keeps running into broken links on your site, they will stop trying to click on them. Make sure to test out your links often to confirm that they are still working.

Not surprisingly, there is plethora of Internet marketing information and how to be successful with it. What is great is Internet marketing isn’t a topic that needs an insane amount of attention to become successful in. The information you’ve learned from this article offers you the knowledge needed to begin Internet marketing. There are many quick approaches and steps for different avenues that bring about success. Always keep your eyes open and alert to any information that comes your way and success is sure to follow.

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