The Simple Trick Big Brand Websites Use to Hook You




The Simple Trick Big Brand Websites Use to Hook You

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You’re probably pushing potential customers away instead of drawing them in with your website…and you don’t even realize it.

But I’ve got the magic ingredient that the big brands don’t want you to know when it comes to connecting with your potential customers.

And I’m sharing it all in this video where I’ll break down the key elements that make your website feel authentic and relatable, creating a genuine connection. AND I’ll show you how to do it all without a big budget.

If you’re ready to ditch the fluff, hit that play button, and let’s take your website to a whole new level.

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There's something unexpected that a lot Of big businesses do on their websites That most small businesses Miss take a look at these two websites Both aimed at helping people start a Business this one is from a local Attorney I found compare that to the Website and this is a Website pretty typical of a local Interior design firms now check out this One from a bigger player in the design Niche havenly at first glance do you Feel a stronger connection to these Local websites or these larger ones if You said these you wouldn't be alone so Why when we've been trained to think of Big businesses as faceless Solace Corporations do they seem to do a better Job at Being Human the answers actually Surprisingly simple you know bigger Brands typically just have the Confidence to be authentic they don't Have the Mind blocks or the Hang-Ups That smaller businesses tend to small Business owners and entrepreneurs will Often prioritize this idea of Professionalism above everything else And this can come across a lot like Those little dogs that bark louder and Seem much more aggressive than their Size would suggest it's kind of like They're trying to prove themselves and Show that they can play with the big Dogs so they end up over stuffing their

Websites and using all these fancy words In Industry jargon thinking that it Makes them look more professional and Legit but here's the thing just like With those little guys this approach can Totally bite you in the Ankle instead of impressing your future Clients and making them feel like they Can trust you it actually pushes them Further away so they're left scratching Their heads trying to you know decode What's being said and ultimately feeling Like they just can't relate now are These bigger businesses doing smarter More strategic things with their Websites just because they have more Money to spend on it well you know sure Having a bigger budget definitely helps Those businesses create that more Appealing online presence but it's not The only factor or even the biggest one You know you can apply the same Principles to your Small Business Website without spending anything extra It's all about understanding the key Elements that just make a website feel Authentic and relatable and you know it Works because the thing about big Businesses is they have the budgets and Usually whole departments that are Dedicated to testing this stuff so let's Just steal a page right for near proven Playbook see what they're doing right And how you can do the same things to

Get the same results the first element That all these big brands have mastered Is this idea of using casual Conversational copywriting writing Conversationally does a much better job Creating an emotional connection making It a lot easier for customers to Understand what you do and why it should Matter to them plus it shows that you Actually know what you're talking about So there's a quote by Albert Einstein That I love it says if you can't explain It simply you don't understand it well Enough so while you may think that using Big words signals your expertise it's Actually the opposite Brands who can Distill all their expert knowledge on a Subject into plain English are going to Win every time because they do a much Better job helping their customers Understand how they can help them in a Way that's easy to get and relatable but Now I want to give you some really Tangible marks to hit in terms of Writing in that relaxed casual way that Helps people understand and feel more Connected to your business and the the Best way to think of this is to Simply Write the way you'd speak you know if You were explaining your business and The problems you solve to a prospective Customer over coffee how would you talk About it what words would you use I bet You wouldn't say stuff like synergistic

Solutions right and if you struggle with This like a lot of businesses do this is A great use case of chat GPT just put in Your current website content and tell it To rewrite it in simpler terms with a Casual friendly tone also throw out all Your grammar rules this is not a term Paper the more you focus on writing it Like it is One You're Gonna Lose That Human connection remember your customers Aren't nearly as impressed with perfect Grammar as Mrs Davis was back in senior Lit use contractions in slang if your Customers use it this all goes back to Writing the way you speak and if it's Appropriate to your brand and you can Pull it off sprinkle in humor now and Then and definitely include personal Anecdotes and experiences even little Story areas to keep people reading and Engaged and try your best to avoid those Overused cliches whenever possible you Know if you're writing a sentence and You're pretty sure you've heard it a Million times before just try saying it In a more real or relatable way just to Make sure that people are paying Attention you know I just came across a Great website for a wedding DJ business And while almost everyone in that Industry uses phrases like we'll pack Your dance floor they went a Step Beyond And they said making you dance till your Feet bleed since 2005. kinda gross sure

But to me it works in the context of This site because it all just feels like They're having a lot of fun with it next You want to keep your content nice and Skimmable you know people scan over Websites they don't really read them From top to bottom so we've got to play Into that behavior you know making your Content scannable helps avoid that Feeling of overwhelm making it a breeze For visitors to find what they're Looking for or they're going to be gone Before you can say so synergistic Solutions and by making your content Scannable you're meeting your audience Where they are and you're helping them Just quickly get the info that they came For here's how to do it so the key is to Break things up and make it visually Appealing so start with headlines that Grab attention use strong descriptive Words that really convey the main point And Peak curiosity people should want to Stop in and dive deeper as for Paragraphs keep them short and sweet so You want to aim for two to three Sentences Max because long blocks of Text can be intimidating and people just Won't bother you know you want to make It easy on the eyes and keep your Readers engaged throughout so you can Also break things up by using lists to Help create visual interest and Emphasize key points making your content

More digestible and don't forget to bold Those key phrases that you really want To stand out so this is going to help Guide your reader's eyes and ensures That they don't miss the stuff that you Want to make sure they see and Understand and finally in embrace the Beauty of white space you know giving Your content room to breathe makes it Look cleaner and more approachable it's A really common small business mistake To want to cram something into every Little space thinking that it looks Empty otherwise you know it doesn't look Empty it just looks clean and clean Design makes people more relaxed and Willing to stick around longer now let's Talk about what the bigger guys do Better when it comes to images they Really seem to get it when it comes to Reflecting their customers stories in The photos that they choose and that my Friend leads to a much stronger Connection with your customers it's just All about tapping into the emotions and Aspirations of your audience making them Think hey that could be me if I work With them so here's what you need to Remember so when choosing images for Your website think about your audience First and foremost you know choose Photos that show happy people with Natural expressions and poses because we All know that awkward overly pose stock

Photo when you see it right Sky reaching Fist pumping whatever this is capture Those realistic looking moments that Show what your clients happy ending is Going to look like thanks to what you've Given them consistency is also key here So make sure your images share a similar Style and tone creating a cohesive Visual experience throughout your site This is going to help reinforce your Brand identity and just keeps things Looking polished and professional and One more thing here be really mindful of The balance between images that Represent your business and those that Focus on your customers super important To strike the right balance showing off Your expertise while still always Keeping the spotlight right on your Customers and their needs if you want to Show photos of you and your team I Generally recommend doing that on your About us page and keeping the rest of it Focused on your customers and if you Want a much more detailed roadmap of how To tweak your website for maximum client Generation power I am saving you a seed My friend inside my most in-depth Training on the topic so click right Here and then just sign up for my free On-demand Master Class video training The automated clients on demand website Blueprint so I'll show you exactly what To include and exclude from your website

To make it much stronger than it is Today and start attracting and Converting those casual visitors into Actual paying clients so click here to Sign up and I'll see you on the inside

Take Advantage Of Internet Marketing With These Tips

Internet marketing sounds like it could be a difficult method of advertising for your business. Once you have enough information about how to go about making the most of your efforts, Internet marketing can prove to be one of the most valuable methods of marketing to use. Learn tips to succeed here.

You should be willing to go the extra mile to to satisfy your online business’s customers. This is important to a sensible internet marketing strategy. While online customers’ demands may seem unreasonable to you at first, remember that every customer online is a model. If you make them happy, more customers in the same situation will soon follow.

You can use social media to your advantage. Try joining appropriate social media groups and communities. You will not only encounter like-minded individuals but you can lead more visitors to your site who may become your future clients. Make sure you keep it friendly and professional so that you can be taken seriously.

To help you jumpstart your Internet marketing, take a moment to check out your competition. By visiting their websites and seeing how they use keywords in their copy, you can get your own creative juices flowing. It will also give you the insight you need into who will be your real online competition when the time comes.

When designing a website to market a product or service online, include a “resources” section. Adding a resources section attracts potential clients to your site by increasing your search engine ranking. It also means that viewers of your site are more likely to return to view those resources, and might end up buying your product later.

Now that you have obtained some very helpful tips, you can get started on your marketing campaign. You are likely to be quite surprised at just how easy it actually is once you get going and applying these tips and tricks to the methods that you use for your business.

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