Salary parity of Digital Marketers in Dubai (Issue & Solution)




Salary parity of Digital Marketers in Dubai (Issue & Solution)

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I'm a digital marketeer so how much Salary should I ask in Dubai okay the Salary in Dubai for a digital marketer Starts with uh 10 to 12,000 dams a Month If you're wondering who is this guy Talking about digital marketing salaries In Dubai hello my name is OES Ahmed and I have been working in digital marketing Industry for last 9 years in last 5 to 6 Years alone I have handled and overseen Digital media budgets of $100 million I Have helped more than 30,000 students in Last 2 years with my bestselling and Highest rated digital marketing courses On udem me alone and to qualify for this Video I have hired dozens of people in Last 5 Years for three different digital Marketing agencies in Dubai and I still Take part in hiring process in Dubai I Even did a public survey where I asked How much money do you make as a digital Marketer there were around 10 people From Dubai who filled this form and even There I see that four out of the eight People make only 4,000 dams a month so I Know that these salaries exist but at The same time there are three people who Make more than 12,000 dhams a month and It's all public now my point is this if You are among those people who is stuck In the lower end of the salary Spectrum In Dubai as a digital marketer you are An exception you are an extreme case my

Only intention to make this video is to Explain why this Gap exists and and what Can you do about it to be among the Higher end of the salary Spectrum I Genuinely wish we all get there and we Achieve the success we deserve and if You are a digital marketer or you just Want to be one listen to me very very Carefully let's first try to understand Why there is so much Gap in the salaries See there are certain countries like Germany or most of the Western Europe Where salaries are fall within slabs They are rather standardized for example If you're working in Germany and you are A digital marketing manager and you have Like 3 years of experience your salary Most probably would be within € 55,000 a Year to €75,000 a year but Dubai Works In a very different way it's a pure Capitalist corporate world it's a huge Marketplace think of it as a huge value Market place you work for a company the Amount of value you provide to that Company or the amount of money you help That company to make proportionately They will decide your salary so they Generally give a chunk of the money Money as a salary which you are able to Make for them more you can make for them The more salary you will have it's as Simple as that and specifically if I'm Working in Dubai and I am stuck in the Lower end of the salary Spectrum there

Can be only two cases now let's talk About both of these scenarios and I'll Tell you if I was stuck in each of these Scenario one by one what will I do to Basically jump to the higher end of the Salary Spectrum before we proceed with The video I want to give a quick shout Out to cap cut online it's a One-Stop Content marketing tool you can choose From hundreds of templates to use Including the Christmas templates to Create engaging marketing videos for Facebook Instagram Tik Tok and other Social media platforms for example if I Just want to create a video for my Christmas campaign all I need to do is Register for free go to the templates Search for Christmas templates and Select one I like and then all I need to Do is add assets and my Christmas video For my marketing campaigns or for my Personal platforms is ready to use the Best thing about cap cut is if you go to Magic tools here and if you go to the Business for business section here all My favorite tools which I use very Frequently are present in the free Version as well like batch edit text to Design AI model product photo script to Video and AD script it makes your job as A marketer very very easy so click on The link in the description below and Mify your social media platforms for Your personal profiles or your business

Now back to our video case number one I Do my best to provide as much value as I Can but even after that my company Decided this is your salary which means The value I'm able to create for my Company they think this is the salary I Deserve have you known anyone who got a Big break in their career like a pivotal Point which you observed in their career Where they grown 3x 5 in terms of salary In terms of growth in terms of Designation and ever wondered a lot of People go through that pivotal point in Their career have you ever wondered what Brings that point is it pure luck in Almost all cases I tried to understand Consciously or unconsciously that person Was working on something called skill Stacking skill stacking is a strategy of Combining some normal skills to create a Combination of abilities that will make You Extraordinarily valuable for example as A student you study maths in your school Which everyone does now let's say after School you go to college and you study Finance and Accounting now for a certain Industry you became a bit more valuable Now after that let's say you go and you Become a chartered accountant but the Sequence of learning these skills was Important the math the Finance and Accounting in your college and then the Chartered accountancy after that let's

Say you pursue the skill and you learn The skill of IPOs how do companies Become public and things like that and Boom you suddenly are eligible to become A chief finance officer in a startup and This is the pivotal point where you have Grown 5x or 10x in terms of the salary And all other things now what does it Mean for me so if I am stuck in such a Job I what I will do is I will decide on A skill stack I need to develop within a Particular time frame and go after it With all my wit and might let me give You some personal examples I once worked For a company and within 2 years my Salary became three times and you know Why because when I joined that company I Was just another performance marketer in The team and I was an expert in Programmatic advertising so I would have Expected a promotion every 2 years or so And maybe a salary hey so while I was There I learned the strategy I learned Media planning in agencies because I had Never worked in an agency and then I Worked on some programmatic tools like Oracle Bluey which gave me an edge and At the same time I knew that there was a Huge demand for these kind of tools Within big clients in the GCC region and After I was technically very strong what I realized is the most important part For agencies is to win businesses and I Started working on my skill of to

Learning the art of winning business Pitches the moment I learned this skill To win businesses with my technical Knowledge I became 3x more valuable for My company now let's just say you Understood the value of skill stacking And you developed a back yourself this Leads us to our second scenario which is Okay I am underutilized I am capable of Providing a lot of value to the company It's just I am underutilized I don't Have the platform to exercise and show How much valuable I am now this is quite Possible and you might have seen some People like this as well because there's One important thing you have to Understand a company will pay you based On the value you're creating for them And not based on how much you could in a Particular snar So if you are underutilized that means The value output you have you create for The company is less than what you can And the company will pay you based on What you are creating let's say in this Scenario I work for a gym let's say they Need an media associate who can run a Campaign on Google Search and social Media around 4 kmet around the gym to Get new subscribers to the gym now if The incremental profit of running these Marketing campaigns for the gym itself Is 20,000 dams I cannot expect them to Pay more than 3,000 to me now you will

Ask me okay in this scenario what does a Digital marketer do now in an Ideal World the gym needs to go to an agency And ask them can you handle our account Can you handle our two campaigns can you Manage our two campaigns and in that Particular agency the person who will Manage their campaigns he will have 10 Accounts like them so the aggregated Value he's creating for 10 different Clients is 200,000 dhams I go ahead to The gym and they get a full-time employ Employee I accept their offer and it's Not solely their problem because if they Are getting a full-time employee for the Same cost which they have to spend with An agency they will obviously go for it And they wouldn't care that what is my Capability I will have to use the same Strategy for them which I will use Probably for a chain of gym where my Marketing budget and the impact I could Incremental value I could create for That gym chain is maybe 500,000 dams a Month the strategy is the same you know It after a particular point no matter How much marketing budget you increase The strategy is the same it's just that You increase the daily pacing the daily Budgets of the campaigns now in this Case when I know that okay I am Underutilized I cannot blame the company Then I have to take certain steps to Come out of this and get what I deserve

And the first thing I have to do is aim Higher I know this is a cliche but it's So true let me tell you a quick Story Once upon a time there was a wise man And he had a son and he gave him a watch From his grandfather and told him that Can you go in the market and sell this Watch but the instructions where you Have to go to three different places the First one was a watch shop they offered The boy $10 because they said this is a One out watch and they probably need to Service it and before they can sell it Again and it's an old technology the Second place he went to sell was a pound Shop where they offered him $200 because They said this is an antique watch and With a little bit of servicing they Could sell it for a way higher price and The boy was amazed with the difference In the two stores offering him and then The third place his father instructed Him was a museum a war museum the moment He went there and the person working There realized that this is a watch that Was a limited edition watch given to a Particular Air Force section in German Army so they offered him $200,000 for The watch now the moral of this story is Simple to understand and and to get your True worth you need to be at the right Place and you need to know what is the Right place for you that you would know Because you have the skills you know

What's your expertise and you know where You can make a lot of impact and no one Is going to do that for you if your Company is not paying you what you're Worth go and find a company which does The second thing I'm going to do is take Some uncomfortable decisions one thing I Learned in my life is if nothing is Making you uncomfortable and nervous Any day of the week you probably are not Growing if you are in a job and you do Everything you manage everything while You are comfortable you probably are not Growing there are a lot of graphs that Define that you need to be in a little Bit of stress to have your best Performance and to grow at the same time Funny enough it's a coincidence few days Ago I saw one of my connections on LinkedIn she had posted a very Interesting post now she asked that okay I follow a lot of growth influencers and They say you have to come out out of Your comfort zone to grow and for me the Uncomfortable zone is getting up early And going for the job I'm working Currently and at the same time they say Sleep is very important sleeping on time Is very important now these are two Contradicting statements in my case what Should I do what I wanted to reply to Her is in this case uncomfortable is not Just leaving your sleep leaving your Warmth bed now in this context what I

Understand that coming out of the Comfort zone is oh I have never worked With a global agency I don't know how They work with the clients who have Multi-million dollar budgets shall I Apply for this job they might ask me for A case study I might not know some Things going and applying for that job Is the uncomfortable thing it is Applying for an e-commerce giant when You know that your expertise in shopping Ads is limited and you don't want to Make a fool out of yourself so just Going for that interview for that Particular position is coming out of Your comfort zone when your boss tells You someday out of nowhere that today The lead is not present you will have to Present this particular report to this Big client or you will have to present This strategy to the client and never Done that before saying yes is that Uncomfortable thing and trust me when You do this every now and then you do Something that makes you uncomfortable Now and then in a particular time frame You will have become a very solid and Fundamental digital marketer and you Would have come a long way across Towards your success I can go on with The examples it can be going and Speaking at different events it can be Being an antisocial person going to Different conferences and talking to

People because when you do something Like this you already step into a new Phase of growth for yourself even if you Fail you fail in a next stage of your Growth and one day you will pass there As well but you already stepped in a new Phase towards the success now at this Stage you might tell me okay I have done That I have the skill stack I know I'm Good at what I do I have always aimed Higher I have applied for those jobs I Have done all of this but still I'm Stuck at this job there are certain Cases like that now in that case my Friend you will have to do use a little Bit of marketing for your own personal Branding you simply have to make Yourself a brand and make yourself more Desirable in the marketplace now that Leads us to our third and the last Section of this video where I tell you How I think you should do your personal Branding and grow connections now one Thing I want to highlight here is work Connections and acquaintances are very Important in the growth of a career Sometimes knowing someone is as Important as being a very skilled Digital marketer they will actually Compliment each other and when it comes To personal branding regarding growing In career I think the most efficient Tool is LinkedIn if I was in this Scenario I would utilize LinkedIn in

Every possible way for example if I'm a Programmatic ads expert I will post Continuously about programmatic Advertising on LinkedIn this helps in a Lot of ways number one if uh recruiter Or Talent acquisition is looking for a Programmatic specialist manager director Whatever my profile will be on top Because I engage and post about Programmatic advertising as a topic I Personally got one of the biggest Freelancing project I ever done in my Career I got it from LinkedIn there was An agency owner who approached me and She told me that I know you from uh this Mina search Awards event and now on LinkedIn LinkedIn keeps suggesting your Profile to me and I was like okay we Needed a person who has experience in Setting up agency teams so you're the First person that came to my mind and That's what I want to talk about and I Got that project the second idea I would Say is attend conferences and webinars Now there are a lot of webinars arranged By Google Facebook and maybe if you're An expert in digital marketing for real Estate clients go to real estate Webinars and go to Real Estate Conferences it helps in a lot of ways One literally some people I know not Everyone shares valuable things they There sometimes you don't see anything Groundbreaking there but sometimes

You'll get a lot of value where people Will be talking what are the challenges In digital marketing in real estate Market now they literally will be giving Their recipes their secret recipes to You and people will be talking about Challenges you'll be aware about the Market you will have that understanding And at the same time you will meet a lot Of new people I know people who I met in Conferences and then later I extended a Job offer to them or I got a job offer For someone I met in conference then we Connected on LinkedIn and they know came To know about what exactly I do and all And sometimes they reach out okay is This something you're looking for now Imagine this let's say you are a real Estate marketer and you are an expert in What you do you go to a real estate Conference and you meet an owner of a Real estate company or an agency or a Manager senior manager of a big real Estate company and you add them on LinkedIn they keep seeing your post what You have done for other clients and get An idea the moment they need someone Expert in real estate marketing the First person that's going to come in Their mind is you it happens a lot of Times you just need to try everything Not you cannot just follow one of them And say okay I will have a success rate Within 6 Months 8 months one year or

Whatever you need to keep doing all of This and they give you a lot of Long-term returns so stop worrying about All this being stuck in this lowend Spectrum of the salary go and conquer The world plan something and you can Also watch this video where I tell you How digital marketing can get you Anything you want and that's all for This video thank you so much I will see You in the next one

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