Reality of Digital Marketing degrees in Germany (Berlin)




Reality of Digital Marketing degrees in Germany (Berlin)

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0:00 Introduction
1:07 Background in Digital Marketing
2:18 Why digital marketing degree?
3:51 Why choose Germany?
5:01 Is degree making you job ready?
7:24 Marketing internship during degree
9:08 Students jobs for financial support
11:05 Have the seniors got jobs in Digital Marketing?
12:38 Public vs Private universities in Germany

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Today I am outside a very popular University here in Berlin I get a lot of Emails comments asking me whether people Should come here to pursue Masters in Digital marketing I decided why not talk To the students for doing it already so Let's go and talk to Them hi can you tell us your name and Where you from hello I'm leas Carol is From Greece I'm here in Berlin for 9 Months okay and what are you uh studying Here digital marketing Master my name is Ruie and I come from Mexico I'm starting A masters in digital marketing and I'm Also working I arrived in February so I Think it's like 8 months already so my Name is yatan vad and I'm from Delhi India studying my I'm doing my Ms in Digital marketing I am bu I from turkey How long have you been in Berlin Germany Uh approximately for 7 months this April I came here now I am studying at dist Marketing my name is fad I'm coming from Iran MH and I'm here I think probably One year her name is is easy I'm Studying here my master's degree in Digital Marketing can tell us a bit about your Education and work background have you Worked in digital marketing industry Before yeah of course uh I was working In digital marketing for 5 years uh for Uh lots of international companies in Iran and then was working as a social

Media marketer as a marketing strategist As a marketing researcher and then I got Into digital marketing I had a bachelor In applied informatics mhm but I was Also selling olive oil there was a Family business in Greece okay I have no Experience about digital marketing Before coming here uh I was started my Career as a lawyer oh lawyer okay yes Approximately for three years I was Worked as a laer in Istanbul in turkey And after I want to change my career I Was a project manager in a digital Market marting agency in Mexico ah in Mexico okay and uh how long did you work There 6 years started my graduation Business administration simultaneously I Started working at an MNC okay I have an Experience of 3 years in Communications And sales I started my own company with My Sister what was your reason uh why did You want to pursue Masters in digital Marketing well as I told you I I'm Coming from a different background I was I had master degree in petroleum but I Always loved uh Marketing in Germany you Need to have academic background because I think somehow it's important for some Companies well actually I studied Fashion design but then I always worked In digital marketing but I didn't have The background so I wanted to go deeper In the topic like I wanted to understand

The basis behind this okay so um so what You're saying is you have your own Business and you want it to you know That it's dependent on digit digital Marketing and you wanted to learn just To promote your own business not for job For example exactly and because this was Going very good I had to transition to Something more uh similar to sales Digital marketing was a good tool for me So that's your objective to learn and Then you apply it on your own business And grow your business using digital Marketing exactly why did you choose Digital marketing Masters to pursue uh I Think that it's more International Because I don't want to stay in the same In same country for a long time yeah I Would say yeah digital marketing best For that because it's like a global Skill you can go anywhere and work Anywhere because this field has you know Uh has come up so vast in in the few Years that uh it looks like I don't find Any reason not to do it yeah I Agree and uh why did you choose Germany Because it's one of the biggest Economies in the world also because I Started learning language M and I Already knew the language before coming To Germany if somebody asked me uh I'm Coming to Germany for anything work Studies anything I would say the first Thing you do is learn uh the language

Off year and fall I don't understand That but yeah well I thought first I I Wanted to go to Canada okay but that was Far away from my home country and I Wanted to have like somewhere yeah Closer some somewhere in between so far Are you happy with your decision to Choose Germany over Canada and other Countries absolutely before I search Some countries and some universities for Digital marketing I want to be in Europe Because I'm from Turkey after that I Chose Berlin because of the Multicultural becausein is a yeah you See people from everywhere but so far Are you happy with your decision Choosing Germany for uh your Masters yes I'm happy for choosing Berlin yeah I Mean Berlin is an amazing place yes but Sometimes I had some difficulties about German language because now I am Learning it Do you think this course is making you Job ready so once you finish the course You will be able to get a digital Marketing job what do you know so Far uh only this course isn't enough for This I know it I choose L Master because I have no background about this Marketing but uh only these lessons not Enough for me because they are too Theorical uh I should do some practical Things I know that in universities They're never going to let they never

Teach you the tools because Don't know them MH like we don't have Any tutors not here not any other like Any other universities which have like Looked a lot that the tutoral know how To work the tools they they're coming From marketing backgrounds okay and I Think most of the time they're talking About marketing marketing mix marketing Strategy Global Marketing management Most famous university in the world is YouTube if you want to learn anything You can search it in the YouTube so Basically what you mean is while Students are pursuing their masters they Need to on their own learn these Technical tools uh and uh that makes Them job ready just relying on degree And finishing the degree will not make Them job course in Masters in most Private schools I've seen because I also Have friends uh who are studying in Business schools in Germany I've seen That they just uh like teach you more of Theoretical things okay not of the Practical skills so I really suggest People who are looking forward to come To Germany uh I'd really suggest to gain Some practical experience first because That's when you can relate all the Theory to it and you can apply in the Future definitely it's just about Theoretical I think people need to Search for the tools and extra courses

Outside definely yeah I got it but the Degree of course is very helpful because It gives you like The credibility to Work on the field definely and I think In Germany generally they put a lot of Emphasis on degrees for example I have Lived in Dubai for a while nobody looks At degrees I think in Germany if you Have Masters um it even affect the Impact the salary you'll be finally Getting I think they put a lot it's Helping a lot uh to get the theoretical Background uh but not so much regarding Practical I mean for me I didn't had any Background so it was very nice but uh Now I have to go solo to search for more Practical Things from your experience or what you Have heard from your colleagues and Friends in your um in in your course do You think it's easy for them to let's Say they say okay we want to know the Technical uh part of it and we want to Do an internship in a digital marketing Agency or a company what do you think How difficult it is to get in Berlin Specifically to get an internship in Digital marketing it's a student job Yeah it's for sure more difficult than It was 2 years ago if you have um a Knowledge of the German language and you Can communicate it's easier if you don't I'm not that okay I would really say it Is not easier it is quite difficult to

Get even internships or I would say w Student which is called working student In Germany it is quite difficult to get That sort of jobs in Germany for that You have to work really hard you have to Customize your resume a multiple times Let say 100 of times to do that and just Keep trying if they want to pursue a Related student job in digital marketing It's hard well German proficiency was Needed I'm already working in a company But I had experience before but I think Also the fact that they knew that I was Going through this master's degree it Helped me to get the position well in my I think in my case I can tell you that It was very easy because I found the job Luckily through a website like stepstone D but I know most of my friends they're Struggling in with finding a like Something that is related with marketing Because they don't have the language H It's not easy uh some companies uh also Want German language and some of them Wants some uh Experiences but I don't lose my hope I Don't I know I will find it I I hope So how difficult is to get a student job Or internship here even if it's not Related to marketing just they won't to Support themselves while they are Studying here I think there are a lot of Possibilities and options yes and how Much do they pay like these kind of jobs

On an average are do they pay enough for A student to kind of cover all the Living cost here I honestly will Recommend to have some savings before Coming here but uh what you can get is Between I think 13 to 17 year per hour And you're allowed to work 20 hours per Week okay I think uh people need to do Calculations I want to be you know quite Quite open about it because not everyone Gets to have an opportunity in a white Color jobs most people end up in being a Labor jobs because which is can I give Some examples which is like uh working In a restaurant working for uh startups And Company which are providing labor Jobs let's say delivering company food Delivery which is called Lea of to and Other or it can be anything like in a Warehouse sorting stuff and okay could Be anything okay I got it and um so how Difficult is to get um basically any of Those it's quite difficult forget about The white collor jobs even the labor Jobs are getting quite difficult to get Mhm but do they pay enough to cover your Expenses as a student in this city Definitely uh it depends on you Sometimes you can find easily if you uh Maybe if you know somebody in the sector And you can uh find easily sometimes I Try to find these jobs but until now I Couldn't do it a job it's easy related Job it's so hard it's not easy it's uh

Difficult if you try a lot you are going To find something maybe you have to Compromise German language is very very Important even for the student jobs 100% So you would suggest somebody who wants To come here to First work on uh your German language and then come here yeah Actually uh if you come here with with The B1 level it's much Easier and um do you know anyone any of Your peers in your University or some People who have already finished this Degree um do you think do you know any People who successfully landed a job After that in digital marketing after Finishing this degree here in Germany or Berlin of course I have two friends that They finished their studies last year MH And they found the job yes I do know People yeah many of them but all of them Had to uh work on their own and find Some other Practical yeah yeah and bootom or uh I Mean courses technical courses or maybe Internship or do freelance Project as a student how much money do You need every month to cover your basic Expenses here in the city €700 7 to 7 to 800 I think minimum like €1,000 uh I am Living with my husband And maybe for two Person at least 2,000 is St which is Like ,000 for each person yes things are Going worse so I guess maybe 1,000

€1,000 that covers everything your phone Bills your apartment rent your food and Travel and everything basically yeah but Uh just to survive yeah yeah that's what I wanted to know then it's subjective Somebody wants to have a lot of fun they Want to buy a Sou uh sports cars I can Say 1,200 is a sweet spot 1,200 whenever students want to come to Germany to study um the first question They have is they come to know about Public universities and private Universities can you tell me what are The main differences 10 or2 and which One should they opt for actually digital Marketing uh course in English in uh Public universities I don't think There's anything in barely okay there Are many uh private universities that uh Are better connected with the working Environment uh I think uh it's not an Easy decision because public Universities are for free private you Have to pay but there are PR in both Choices uh the main reference would be Uh I would say the people sing in public Universities they do not have time for Jobs okay because the lectures that they Have and it's like the house of Gaba Which is in German which is the homework Called and they get a lot of stuff to do Even after the college and that is the Difference between the private schools

The classes are less the lectures are Less uh so they get more time to invest In other things I think for example According to the things that I know if They want to go to a private university It's probably easier because uh you Don't need to know German and most of uh German universities if you want to go to The public ones that are free You need to learn German first okay and Especially if you're uh looking for Something related to marketing because If you're into something more scientific Let's say they have openings in English But if it's about marketing then it's Better to I think it's easier if you go To a a Private can you tell us something about Your business well I'm an astrologer Have a podcast where I share some Information about it and what I can do It's consultations about letting people Know about themselves the name of my Channel is this is yatin but I also post My training videos about Germany about Berlin life so I would really appreciate If you guys would uh show some love on Those channels as well uh so guys uh you Can check out about his Olive Oil Business Online can check what he's Doing how he's using his digital Marketing skills fad here also is doing Uh digital marketing content around Digital marketing and SEO in the

Description I'll put the link to his uh LinkedIn profile which you can Follow so guys that's all for this video I hope you find any kind of value and uh You got answers to most of your Questions thank you so much I will see You in the next one

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