Programmatic Advertising Veteran: Career Advice & 14 Years of Expertise Unveiled




Programmatic Advertising Veteran: Career Advice & 14 Years of Expertise Unveiled

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It was not a very popular field I had Difficulties explaining to my parents What I do but yes moving from agency to Client was a very big step I think you You you have fa what what helped you to Get a job in Singapore because obviously You working in India and did you go to Singapore a 2 to three year experience In PPC or programmatic advertising in India and he's getting a job offer in Singapore what are the average Sal if You are hiring and you have two Candidates one is very skilled and There's one more person who is not as Skilled but they have m in digital Marketing who would you prefer and they Want to learn programmatic advertising What's the first tool you would ask them To learn for example in agenes you can't Talk to a client and tell him you know What we did this test and it didn't work It didn't work does not exist hello and Welcome to another video of sanit vun Ads this is going to be a very special Video today here in Berlin I am with my Ex- colleague already he was a colleague Until last week now he's an ex colleague Already Carlton has been in programmatic Industry for almost 14 years years so I Thought why not talk to Carlton about a Lot of things which the questions I Generally receive got a lot of questions From India Pakistan even turkey uh about People asking me how do we uh make a

Move to Europe and Singapore and other Countries when you started in this Digital marketing uh field I did like 9 Years ago in 2014 you did like 4 years Before even at my time it was not a very Popular field I had difficulties Explaining to my parents what I do so When you started in this field very Similar it it was actually very similar Like to be honest I didn't know such an Industry existed it it was literally my First job coming out of college I'm a Computer engineer I knew coding was not My Thing and it came out of circumstance Something came up I like okay for now Let me do this and then see what happens So it's not like now like people are Like I want to be in digital marketing Industry you never knew what it meant Like this job came I didn't know such an Indust as you as I just said right like You never ever thought this was actually An industry okay but I mean what did Happen like you got a job opportunity so When I passed out it was still a Recession going on which year was it 200 2008 okay that's like the epicenter Epicenter recession so of course no one Was hiring all of that I was just Sitting at home for 6 months started off In a company called zedo it doesn't Exist now unfortunately because it got Acquired a few years ago by Discovery

Okay but it was a compy that was pre Programmatic time it was a time when ad Servers was a main main and only Ecosystem in marketing or advertising There was no bidding there was no RTV There was no Facebook ads nothing like That it was purely ad servers working as An act tech company I think the bidding And AD exchanges and all it all came After 2010 is yeah around 10 11 Somewhere around there that's Interesting because uh even me I I ended Up in this field not knowing what it is I got a job 90% of people in marketing At least until uh very recently right Nobody wanted to be a digital marketer You were like okay now okay this thing Is growing this thing is picking up pace Okay so no need to change and the best Part that time was explaining your job Was yeah you see ads on websites yeah Yeah I work on that comp the scenario Has changed a lot now a lot of people Consciously want to be digital maret And now it's so vast fi like back then I Remember I once went for an interview And I used to work on dfp publishing Site and they were like okay we want Someone to run our Google AdWords we Know you work on different thing but you Are a digital marketer can you learn Google ads and uh we can give you a job I swear this is what used to happen but Now it's a very different game but I

Think there are a lot of reasons for That because um if you look at the job Market now the only uh if you're a Digital marketer you don't need to worry About job loss or there are no jobs in The market if you're skilled you can get Jobs anywhere right before we proceed Further I want to say a big thank you to Wism for sponsoring this video and Making it possible for us to create These kind of videos my favorite feature In wism is the recently launched feature Which is wism forms which can actually Transform your engagement rates of your Landing pages in last few years all the Marketing tools we have been using there Has been some kind of innovation landing Pages and Farms is the only thing where There was no innovation and wizm Fs has Actually done that the whole process is So simple and straightforward once you Register you go here you click on Create And in order to create a form you click On form after that you choose what kind Of form you want to create so for Example I will choose newsletter sign up It'll give me a lot of templates now Let's say I click on this one I click on Edit to see how this looks now I can Customize all of this now once I Finalized this the next step is connect Where I can connect it to any email Marketing platform a lot of options are Available there including Shopify

MailChimp and even Google Sheets now Let's say if I connect Google Sheets the Next stage is publish and it gives you An option now let's say if you don't Have a website you can directly copy This link and use it as a landing page Or if you have a website there is Another option where you can click on Embed copy code embed it on your website And you are all done you can access all The data here as well for this Particular form so I'll put a link in The description below where you can sign Up for free as well as I'll put the link To the case studies where you can see How companies have used visme forms to Increase their engagement by even 100% Now back to our video how long have you Been working which countries and uh sure Like as I said like I started off at Zedo which was primary an ad server I Worked in their tech support of course Fresia you don't have choice so start Tech support learned the fundamentals of Advertising of AD serving grew up from That then moved into their media Division which there was more on the Rich media outstream ad units and all That as a sales engineer led the team Over there for a few years and then so You kind of used to talk to the clients Of the company and tell them how you how To implement tags like it's like old School things how to implement tags how

Tags work testing the tag using Charles Or Fiddler of those you used to connect The p and what comes back P what comes Back then edit the code real life and Then see the real implications of the Tags and all of that so and then I got An opportunity to move to Singapore with Denu where I part of the amnet we Created curated marketplaces for clients As a whole so like if we had a gaming Client we to have a curated Marketplace List of sites that are more tailored to That to move brand marketing spense from Direct iOS to programmatic so I think YouTube lineups and all came after that But that's the concept exactly so I Worked for three years in denu with the Publisher team over there but before we Move to the next role um um you did in Singapore and then in other countries What what helped you to get a job in Singapore because obviously you working In India and did you go to Singapore and Find a job did you find no no it was Definitely through connections like I Knew people over there I reached out to Them they check they of course had Friends over there working already so They knew people over there and that's How it comes out yeah so it's funny Because uh I just published a video 7 Days ago and in that I put a lot of Emphasis that how you need to create Connections to grow in your career

Because sometimes knowing someone is as Important as how skilled you are exactly So that's actually I that's why I was Asking you I mean LinkedIn works for a Lot of people if somebody says okay I Don't have connections what do I do LinkedIn works but then connections are Very very important no and even like you Said like people say that oh I don't Have any connections it doesn't mean That you should not try there are a lot Of people like I have a close friend of Mine who used to be hardcore sales like He worked in India he worked in Canada And all and he didn't know heads not Tales of programmatic today he's Associate director for publes in Canada For programmatic why because he didn't Say oh I don't have con he didn't have Connection he just reached out he just Went asking people hey can we just have A catch up not a job or anything let's Have a coffee or let's just I just want Someone to Mentor me or something like That there are always people it might Not be the first person second person But there'll always be people like hey Yeah show up why don't we just catch up And that's how you end up having Connections yeah even you go to a Webinar and talk to people there exactly And this is what I think maybe you will Disagree when it comes specifically to Programmatic advertising this field is

Still not saturated there are a lot of I Mean vacancies and a lot of people don't Understand programmatic in a way they Should right correct so I mean in last Few years I have seen that okay uh There's an opening for programmatic Advertising okay I used to work with This guy two two years before in that Company let me call him up it still Works that way right I think and when it Comes to India specifically there are a Lot of people who are experienced in Programmatic advertising because there Are so many agencies so many clients and A lot of tech teams in Google and other Companies but it's just they need to Work on connections yeah definitely and We would hire people from anywhere on The globe if you find the right exactly I see I mean even here for the team in Germany or uh I was in few interviews For Dubai rules uh last last week and Half of the people we were interviewing Were not based in UAE so it's quite Normal I think yeah that's that's the Way to go about it okay so let's move Ahead uh with the story um you worked in India then you went to singer you worked For densu for a while and after densu What what what did you do yeah so after Densu I moved to a what what people call It the Uber of Southeast Asia grab okay Where I was leading the programmatic Strategy for the region well I got laid

Off because of when Co hit uh and then I Moved to delivery hero for Singapore Where I was for food Panda the food Pand Which was quite similar to grab like It's the same it's a part of the Vertical overlap is there because grab Sees to multiple verticals now it's even More but yeah the food delivery division Did have overlap where I moved to food Panda where I was leading the mobile Marketing uh efforts for uh for the Brand This is interesting uh for me to Ask you uh because you initially worked On the tech side right uh kind of um the Role and then you moved to uh denu and You were kind of looking at the Partnerships obviously uh having the Knowledge of programmatic landscape was Important and you were driving those Kind of conversations and uh projects And this after denu you move to grab and Then food Panda which is like uh client Side now you were the one kind of Looking at the programmatic advertising Of these companies how was the Transition from Tech side agency and Then client side this is always my Favorite question no so to be honest From Tech side to agency I didn't find It that difficult but yes moving from Agency to client was a very big Stu I Think you you you have fa a similar Similar scenario like client like people In the agency and it's it was me being

Completely honest but also other friends And all of everyone thinks that oh Cent Is easy because agencies do everything It is fine if the agency is doing Everything if the client is doing a lot Of In-House stuff oh it's it's a Different Beast Al together and that is Something where you have to adapt and Get used to yeah I mean it depends if The client side is like uh okay you just Have to manage an agency then it's a Very different thing but for me it'll be Boring yeah at the same time on the Client side you have some leverages you Don't have in agencies for example in Agencies you can't talk to a client and Tell him you know what we did this test And it didn't work it didn't work does Not exist on the client side you're like Okay I I I disagree with that to be hon It really depends on who the POC with The agency is from the clan side even When I was a den there were one two Clans who were like yes do like I have No problem you trying it out but tell me What happens so I had FMC clients as Well who have told me that as well when I was working with them so it is it That's what it's a lot of perception Yeah that I think maybe it's just me who Didn't see the best of the client for For me personally I mean when I moved to Client side which was delivery hero and Uh I felt it was very relaxing maybe and

There was a room to experiment things And you will be like okay yeah this this Didn't work you mentioned Charles I mean You remember those days when you used to Look at the string of the add request What are the parameters what came back What are the sizes and all nowadays you Don't see those kind of things Everything is kind of automated you look At the macro okay we put the macro in Here how did it expand why is it showing Different sizes and all those things we Worked on Tech side and when I moved to Agcy and client sites and I talk to People about okay uh so for example when I used to work in agency they'll be like Okay the publisher is saying the Creative is not working something needs To be changed okay I used to ask my Teammates what needs to be changed They're talking about some macro I used To go and test it I Us open an HTML 5 Creative check the code okay there's no Exit event they'll be like how do you Know this so I think initially in your Career it's very important in digital Marketing Performance Marketing Programmatic advertising you work for Tech side companies like this or at Least agencies yes do you agree I agree Completely agree so yes Tech side would Be ideal but the number of tech Companies also are small especially at Tech so if anyone ask me today like

Where should I start like as a beginner Always agency yeah grind agency the Beginning it it is a grind especially When you're starting off it is hard work It is a lot of long hours I don't know About the European side of things as you Know but in Asia in general it is a Grinding job be it India I'm pretty sure UAE where you have worked as well as Single it's a grinding Job but yeah that is where you learn the Most and in any marketing field I think The or anything that you do in marketing The moment you understand the basics Everything else is a very easy learning Curve that's what I keep tell telling Everyone your fundamentals should be Very strong don't go after like okay It's a bit irrelevant but I still want To mention it you go to uh YouTube I Want to learn digital marketing then you Land on videos we say make $200 a day Okay this click bank that click it's I Mean you need to understand the Fundamentals of marketing first then Digital marketing fundamentals and then You can grow and I always say this Agencies you need to work for agencies In the beginning of your career true you Learned so much from agency because Unlike the client side where you only Focus on one thing and trying to Dy that One thing with a limited set of things Like you can't do too many things with

With agency you work with so many Clients there for so many other partners Which means you always have something New to come up with exactly you work With different kind of businesses There's one e-commerce client there one Exposure so big in the agency exactly I Have seen some big clients for certain Roles they prefer uh people who have Agency experience yeah I mean it's a Plus Point even now I if I go and I am Interviewing for a role uh if I see Someone has agency experience I would Prefer him any day candidates one of the My colleagues in one of my ex I'm don't Want to mention names but she also like If I ever hire someone I know if I hire Someone from agency I know my my work Will get done okay so um you moved to um Singapore you worked in India then you Worked in Singapore for grab food Panda And now um you worked in um Germany what Are the main differences you think uh Working in these three countries like an Overview in terms of work culture where Did you enjoy most to be Honest it each one had a different phase In my life where I enjoyed each place Because of that like in India it was Initial start of my career it was all About getting things done learning as Much as I can working through shifts Working nights understanding everything And growing there then I moved the next

Phase of my career which happened to be Singapore luckily where it was more About growing myself career-wise getting More connections understanding things on A larger a larger scale of things having A little better work life balance as Compared to India I think again similar To Dubai it is one of most safest Countries in the world you can walk at Like 3:00 400 a.m. in the morning as Long you don't break any rules no one's Going to touch you or do anything to you Everyone lives their own life everyone's Happy over there and I think it's the Center of like that um Asian market when It comes to Indonesian Market ex the Exposure in marketing the exposure that You get in Singapore is huge and uh Taxfree money as well I mean the tax is In it's insignificant for the amount you Make it's insignificant so in terms of Salaries I I let's say a 2 to three year Experience in PPC or programmatic Advertising in India and he's getting a Job offer in Singapore what are the Average salary so again like I don't Know the salaries now because again There been a lot of changes since I've Left Singapore I think that time someone With 2 to three years experience would Get somewhere around 50 to 60,000 Singapore dollar Singapore dollar And someone with experience of 5 to S Years of experience expert in program

Anyone anyone above that you can easily Touch 9200 it's a lot of money a l and When you deduct taxes like literally Nothing yeah I mean I think it's under 10% overall when you look at yeah on Average you can just consider 10% being The upper limit and then after that you Move to Germany in terms of work culture What are the differences you see here Work yes you they treat quality of life A very different way as compared to Singapore yeah like if you if you're Supposed to work from 9: to 5 you you Finish at 5 No One expects you to work Beyond if you want you can but no one Expects you and the and the thing that I Really like the most is that when you're On leave you're on leave no one is going To call you like hey do you have just no Matter what whether the company is going To crash or anything nothing like that You're on leave take your time off you Require that time off I know I mean just An example we have been working together For one and a half years in the team I Just have your phone number and my Manager's phone number that's all I Don't even have phone numbers of others Yeah and one thing over here which I've Realized which is not which is there in Sorry one thing that is not here that is There in at least in Singapore I don't Know in Dubai or anything is that you Always have your office groups on

WhatsApp exactly I mean when I used to Join a company in Dubai the first day They would add me to 10 different WhatsApp groups okay this is with this Client this is with this client and a Lot of and also with the team this is The wider team with your with your Directors and all then there's one with Only the Traders then there's one only This so there always and over nothing Like that like everyone values privacy Everyone knows if you want to be part of Any group you create your own group Whatever but nothing related to anything Beyond this point exactly I and but at The same time like you are supposed to Work from 9: to 5 that's what you do There's a lot of things you you can kind Of highlight okay I am having work Pressure I'm not able to con concentrate If a do doctor tells you you need to Take a break for one one month yeah the Company cannot fire or anything they Need to give it is very Pro employee They they make sure that employees Operate to the fullest when they are Com When they are 100% capable with regards To hiring yes they rather wait 3 4 Months and get the right hire than just Hire okay because we have an opening Because as I said over here it is a very Pro employee labor loss and you can't Just let go of people like you can and Other countries you have to have there's

A process to it which is more difficult Than it initially seems so when they Hire they make sure that they're hiring The right person for that particular Role if you cross your probation a Company needs to give you a warning Letter and then after they need to give You another warning letter after 6 Months okay you haven't improved and now We are ESS essentially they have to Justify why they letting go because an Employee can sue a company for a Wrongful termination over here yeah Exactly and that's one reason as well When they hire they you need to properly Know your shift they do not compromise At at all I I mean what happened last Year when you were hiring interviewing For 3 months or 4 months you didn't find Anyone then there was a companywide Hiring free and uh yeah so but I have Seen in Dubai and all if you are hiring You you interview four five candidates And you go with one okay you will Compromise a bit and because you know You can fire them later but here if you Are applying for a PPC role you need to Make sure that you are very very good at What you do whatever role you're Applying for make sure you know the in Out because whenever someone going to Interview you over here they're going to Make sure that you are absolute expert In that field exactly and not just okay

Oh at a high level you can do this and That no okay now we will uh kind of Switch uh the gears a bit and I will uh Go to the questions which actually the Subscribers have asked me one of the Question a lot of people are interested To know is they think that uh they ask Basically okay I I'm a fresh college Graduate I came to know about digital Marketing field I want to start a career In digital marketing field uh is it Saturated uh a lot of people say it's Saturated there are no jobs now or U Things like that what what what do you Have to say about it I don't think Digital marketing will ever be saturated For a pure reason that any brand be it a Startup or be it something that an Influencer brand they will still depend On some form of digital marketing to Grow it like organic will only lead you To X but if you need to scale to why you Need marketing skills be it Basic Influencer Marketing or meta Facebook ad Manager marketing or even Google ads There will be some form so there's never Going to be saturation there's always Going to be an evolution like uh we were Discussing that day uh five 6 years ago People said TV advertising is dead yeah Fast forward 5 years now the big Companies are actually pushing CTV Advertising it is just going to evolve It's never going to change I mean it's

Never going to die out it is always Going to change so more than saturated You have to always keep yourself updated So that you can adjust to the evolution And always be ready whenever someone Brings up something new startups and Mediumsized businesses are very Dependent on digital marketing I mean I Can't think of a brand who who just Depended on organic and uh they had a Huge uh growth and I think digital Marketing is like a backbone for smaller Being medium compan But at the same time even big companies They invest a lot on online advertising C Nike exact because they need because Advertising is the only way where they Can always maintain awareness within the The people otherwise it is going to Slowly die off digital marketing is Needed by all companies which means There is always requirement for people Skilled and which goes back to this as We discussed uh there's a lot of noise Everybody calls him a digital marketer But then let's let's let's be honest Here when we look for candidates when we Are hiring sometimes we are like I mean The people who are looking for job and They're like there are no jobs more than That we are frustrated there are no Candidates no right candidates for I Think the reason for that is because a Lot of people get caught in the noise

They don't actually understand what Digital marketing is or how much efforts They have to put how to learn the Fundamentals and all that no I agree With you if somebody wants to be a Programmatic arts expert let's talk About a fresher now Would you suggest him to uh basically Look for entry-level jobs within Programmatic advertising and wait until He gets a chance or would you suggest Them to initially work on let's say a PPC Google ads Facebook ads for a year Or two and then kind of move to Programmatic advertising within the Agency and once they have the Fundamental knowledge of these platforms If you're fresher and all and you're Getting say a job with say Google ads or Facebook ad manager go for it but if you Still want to do programmatic make sure Your skills are still sharp enough Update your skills grow your skills on Programmatic because in the end be it Google ads be it programmatic be it uh Facebook ad in the end the fundamental Concepts are still the same they all are RTV systems so different Channel exactly It's just different uh different types Of campaigns that they have because of The inventory and how they fit in Overall Channel mix or strategy of the Company it's it's it's all interrelated But yeah like

If you get something never say no my Simple thing is say yes do it see and Then adjust accordingly but just waiting For oh maybe I might get this job it it Doesn't work out you might be lucky I'm Not saying it is never going to be a Possibility there always a possibility But probability is low yeah and again I Would say if somebody let's say an Agency is hiring for programmatic Traders as an entry-level job they would Prefer someone who at least knows any Other channel like Google ads or Facebook for them Le easier and than uh Someone who is a complete new be so if Um somebody wants to move um let's say Somebody is working in India and uh They're working in Facebook ads or Google ads have 2 three years of Experience or programmatic ads and they Want to move to let's say Singapore or Germany because you know about these two Countries which applies to all European Countries would you say they should Focus on becoming expert in one Particular Channel or they should have Uh knowledge of all these channels you Can try and be an expert across all Channels but you'll never when you'll Never know the ins and out of all the Channels at any point of time you'll Always be an expert on one channel and Have knowledge about how hard the Channels work to some extent it also

Depends on which what is your phase in Your career if You're what you say a midlevel role mhm Then stay focused on one channel know That channel in and out know what works What doesn't work how you scale it how You grow it how you improve optimize and So on so forth if you're the most senior Level mid senior and all manager leads And all then you be an expert in one Channel but you know concept and Strategic use of the other channels Because at that point you you don't need To know okay if this bid what how it Impacts this campaign or if I change This setting of this campaign how it Impacts the performance and all you Don't need to know the ins and outs you Just need to know okay we can use Google Ads to scale this way and that way Facebook we use this campaign to scale Uh uh re attributions and so on so forth So conceptually you need to just know Strategically and high level on how each One works for higher level and as you go Up Less dependencies on the platforms Comes in so it really depends on which Level you are at and where you want to Focus it on we all know that digital Marketing is kind of um a mixed skill if You would say uh kind of it's a mix of Crunching numbers data analytics it's a Mix of knowing adtech tools and at the Same time it's a mix of creativity how

You kind of design your campaign Structure your campaigns or how you what Kind of creative testing you do uh now That you need to know all these things Uh what do you think what are some uh Important skills you look in a person if You're hiring let's say for example uh What are some important skills so it Comes back to what we've been discussing The first thing I do is check this how Strong his fundamentals are mhm without That the rest of interview really Doesn't go ahead too much because if he Doesn't know his fundament he just knows High level then I know what I'm getting Into like he can the person he or she Can only say things but not do it but if He know the fundamentals no matter how Limited is knowledge maybe on a Particular topic I know that because his Fundamentals are strong for him to pick Up that something will be very easy Because his Baseline so I always first Check the fundamentals what it is like The most common question I asked today Doing interviews is why would you when And why would you use Google ads versus Dv360 in a particular case yeah what is The benefits or which one would you Prefer in a particular scenario yeah Let's say the objective of a digit Marketer is to be a kind of freelancer In 2 years they need to work on clients And take projects how important do for

Them do you think uh data crunching and Data analytics oh it is important Because again to justify use case you Need to understand how to play around With data like you cannot just say oh Our campaign ran we got XYZ Acquisitions And all but how we call this what what Type of uses led to those Acquisitions That is where the skill set brings in Comes into picture as well Understanding what the platform is doing To drive the performance that is where Data crunch crunching comes also so no Just not just running the campaign but Complimenting what you're running to an Actual performance is where data and Understanding data makes a big Difference okay one more question from The subscribers a lot of people ask me This uh it's it's a mixed question so we Can split it into two parts one is People say is having a degree in digital Marketing career important let's say Somebody now wants to drop out of College or they didn't finish college And they want to pursue digital Marketing as a career and obviously grow Uh in and take it as a long-term career Do you think at any point of career uh Even beginning a degree is important to Have like a bachelor's degree or a Master's degree you don't require a Degree to be digital marketing come on I'm an engineer I should be doing coding

And all I'm doing digital marketing me Too I'm an electronics engineer exactly I'm a computer engineer so it a degree Is got nothing to do with uh digital Marketing it is basically what drives You if you're driven to do digital Marketing do it if you are hiring and You have two candidates one is very Skilled in let's say programmatic Advertising or you're hiring for let's Say Google ads role UAC Uh and there's one more person who is Not as skilled but they have MBA in Digital marketing who would you prefer Experience I'm sorry yeah I mean that That's what I would do as well and I Have never seen a particular company or A particular role where they prefer Ro Digital I I don't think we are in the Generation now where degree what degree Are done correlates your job if somebody Asks you an advice they say I have an Option to work for an agency for 2 years I want to make a long-term career in Digital marketing option number one I Work for an agency for 2 years I want to Go for MBA in digital marketing Mar work For agency in 2 years what about people Who don't have bachelor's degree and They want to learn digital marketing Work for agency freelance as a Freelancer and then make a career in Digital marketing do you think that's Possible at any point they will be kind

Of course again like it comes down to Experience right like even as you said You always look at the experience a Person so if a person say let's say the Same thing one guy who has done a degree In digital marketing and then we have Another another guy who's done say Um freelance job in a Google ads another Freelance job in Facebook ad manager I Will still pick him because he has that Relevant skills which I actually need Versus someone who may or may not have Based on what the co showed to work on a Particular platform I think digital Marketing overall is a very experience And skill driven industry you basically Literally do marketing for companies Help them make more money money they Don't care whether you have a degree or Exactly if you're able to generate more Leads more sales that's all they need And I don't think degree is relevant or It's a blocker if you don't have a Degree if you are very skilled at uh at It and a lot of people uh asked me they Didn't even start digital marketing uh As a career but they asked me okay with All these AI tools now do you think in 5 Years there'll be no digital marketing Jobs AI will do everything uh what do You think about it I don't think it will Like it's still very early to say Anything like AI is still new yes there Will be some processes that AI will

Eliminate like creative scaling or Creative alterations which AI can help But if you're talk about operational Jobs automation still require someone to Have a look relook verify validate Whether it makes sense and even prompt Yeah and prompt yeah I think you touched An important Point that's what I think Think I mean in certain areas it will Free our time as digital marketers like Creative scaling and things like that But then marketing is so unique for Every company like we work for food Delivery apps within the same brand two Different we work for two different uh Apps and the marketing because they are In different markets and how people Pursue them is so different one thing That works for one app doesn't Work if you take an example Google has a Lot of AI tools in the back end running And they give you optimization tips but Half of the recommendations they have Are not even relevant to your business Because they cannot choose for every Business individually you as a marketing Manager know what works for your company What doesn't how things are changing Corre they cannot have like that's what I think at least at this point and the Most important thing also in digital Marketing people forget is where the Company is in its uh what do you say in Its growth is it a mature company it is

A growing company it is a startup Saturated Market they need retention More I mean there are so many parameters Hundreds and hundreds of parameters Which are very uh tricky but as you said That's what I believe it AI tools they Will free us from certain from task yeah Like creative scaling and all but they Cannot Define a strategy they cannot Define a plan for you I don't think I Mean even if they do then you would have To put so much time into explaining to The AI that what do what where we are What is our Focus what do we need it's Easier to just Define a strategy on your Own then true true true very true yeah That's what I think at least what I see In the foreseeable future that's what I Think a lot of people are scared about It I don't know I mean I don't see it Happening in foreseeable future it comes To a time when people like oh we're Going to a culus world advertising going To shut and I'm like we still going into The cookless world 5 years later yeah There's always there's always yeah to be Honest like again as I said evolution is The more important part of digital Marketing digital marketing always Evolves and never gets shut somebody who Is a digital marketer who is uh been Working for one or two years in PPC or Facebook ads or anything uh any channel And they want to learn programmatic

Advertising what's the first tool you Would ask them to learn I think the First tool would be understand Understanding the two major platforms That there are for programmatic mhm Straight away the 360 trade desk because Most if not all I think 99% all all Agencies use these two platforms and Everything else is built based onas Their concept if you want to be the First mover it has to be the trade desk I'm not going to lie they always been The first mover they were the ones who First pushed for CTV then pushed for out Of home Google is now on that Google is More of the mature DSP mhm while trade Des is more of the first move of DSP but Yeah learn these two dsps and then the Rest is just trying to decide for what That does that trade doesn't dv36 Doesn't let's switch a gears uh so Because you have worked in India you Have worked in Singapore and uh Germany I'll tell you if somebody is looking for A particular priority in their life Which country is best for them let's say Making money Singapore uh work life Balance Germany developing a strong Technical uh Concepts and Knowledge and Skills any country yeah I guess it's uh Country it depends on the job what you Do and it all depends on what you want To push yourself to thank you so much For all those insights and uh it was

Pleasure hosting you on my channel Though we are sitting in your home but Thank you so much pleasure to have you

Internet Marketing Tips That Are Making Experts Millions

The internet is the future. If you have or will have a business, whether it be local or online, having a presence on the web is essential to survival. Marketing your website and business on the web is confusing and difficult for most average business owners. This article will give you some pointers on ways that you too can effectively promote your business online.

Maintaining a popular business is about more than getting visitors to your site; you need to have them return again and again. So whatever type of web business you’re in, you need to be sure that you are constantly updating your content, even if it’s only a page or two on your website. Give people something to come back for.

Internet marketing can be a very easy way to make money. People will be able to buy higher and sell lower. If you buy products in bulk then you will be able to sell the products at a lower price which yields a higher net profit for you.

Become a regular figure on blogs and forums in your area of business or specialty. These forums and blog sites are filled with people who will visit your site if you give them reason. Participate in discussions and postings. Build up a network of people who know you and your business online. They will want to check out your site and refer other people to it as well.

As stated in the beginning, having an active presence for your business online is essential in today’s business economy and market. Consumers want to find you in search results and check you out online before they visit your physical location. Now that you have a better understanding of what you can do, your business should see the benefits in no time.

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