Pinterest SEO: Do THIS and the Algorithm Will LOVE You




Pinterest SEO: Do THIS and the Algorithm Will LOVE You

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Pinterest SEO is one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal and it is SO easy to do, all it takes is a little time and attention. In this video we’ll show you essential tips and tricks to boost your business by taking advantage of Pinterest SEO and explain the steps you need to take to get the Pinterest algorithm to love your content. You’ll learn how to create discoverable Pinterest boards, optimize your pins for visual search, and so much more — including some quick and easy tips that will help increase your Pinterest SEO value in no time.

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What if I told you everything you Thought you knew about Pinterest was Only a fraction of what it's actually Capable of sure Pinterest is a great Social platform for interior designers Or fashionistas looking for inso but Once you start diving deeper you'll Discover something incredible Pinterest Isn't just for sharing mood boards it's An incredibly powerful search engine and It's one with huge opportunities for Your business so let's explore how we Can make the Pinterest algorithm Absolutely love You there are two primary ways to get Your content found on Pinterest the home Feed and search the home feed is Basically the algorithm showcasing Content it thinks users will be into Based on behavior and search is where Users search for things like cookie Inspiration for example to find new Things what you'll find is that people Are searching Pinterest for the kind of Content you're already probably creating For your business you just haven't Optimized it for this particular Platform yet so with a little bit of Time planning and creativity utilizing Pinterest as a social search engine Could be a huge game changer for you so Here are some tips I learned about using Pinterest to boost SEO hpot writer Manny Bray has an

Incredible piece called 20 Pinterest Tips to drive Discovery and clicks that Was really informative and easy to Digest I'm including a link below so you Can check it out for yourself but I'm Going to run through eight of the most Helpful things to get you up and running Tip number one set up a business account This is key because it gives you access To the Pinterest business Hub and Analytics to really dig down into how Your content is performing this will Even let you add a hidden Pinterest tag To your website which lets you track the Visitors who visit from Pinterest this Means better insights on performance the Kinds of audiences you're reaching and Platform specific conversions tip number Two Mandy recommends optimizing your Pages about section Pinterest gives About 500 car for the section plenty of Space for a simple concise but Descriptive and keyword-rich overview of The who what and where of what you do And even though it's a lot of work to Perfect this part don't forget to add The simple stuff like you know your Website URL and here's something Especially critical I learned research Top keywords just like you would for a Traditional search engine you can do This by using traditional research Methods like keyword Surfer or Google App Keyword Planner to plug in whatever

Might be relevant for example cookie Recipes and cookie ideas that way you Can see how much search volume those Terms have and be able to see Recommended suggestions cookie recipes Has a lot of overlap with the more Niche Christmas cookie recipes that can Provide Insight on how you might be able To funnel more users to your content by Matching their search intent another Even easier way to do this is by using Using pinterest's own autocomplete Feature to see what pops up tip number Three one of the best things you can do Is use the 100 characters available in a Pin title to include keywords here's a Great example from vessie comfy Waterproof shoes for healthcare workers For this pin that links to one of their Products it's very specific and I would Bet that it's matching a specific search Trend they saw to build on that they Made sure to write some keyword heavy Description copy in the pin description Which is tip number four from Mandy There are 500 characters available in The field and you can see that it's Packed full of keywords of the kinds of People who might be searching for shoes Like this this isn't a place for keyword Stuff jargon though this is a place for Thoughtfully describing your pens add Links to your pages or products and Think about related terms that might

Catch a user's eye after you craft the Perfect copy it's time for tip number Five make sure to include some sort of Call to action it can be sending the User directly to your website or just to Follow your board or maybe click on Related pins CTA increase engagement of Your pins which in turn makes the Algorithm surface your stuff more often Even though using those keywords are Important great visuals on Pinterest are A must so next tip number six it's Critical you optimize your pins for Visual search you want your stuff to Really stand out to use that vessie Example again their pin had an Eye-catching visual that blatantly shows What the content is is about shows off The product and even includes a Testimonial this is where hubspot's free Pinterest templates for business can be Super helpful it makes it incredibly Easy to get started creating visually Appealing images for your pins it's Awesome tip number seven I learned from My Pinterest Deep dive was to rename Your photo files to include keywords I'm Not going to lie it's a tedious task Considering this is a visual heavy Platform but as an example Christmas Cookie recipes 202 for. jpeg is a lot More searchable than a random string of Nonsense now one of the craziest things I learned from Mandy is tip number eight

Keep track of Trends you come across and Pin Jack them meaning create pins or a Board relevant to your brand based on What's already popular for example when The Barbie movie was at Peak popularity Shoplook created a board of Barby Inspired fashion and added links back to Their store this takes some work and You've really got a strike while the Trend is hot but one simple way to do This might be to recycle existing Content by changing the title and Description to be holiday or season Specific for example gift ideas for men Becomes Christmas gifts for men during The holidays things like that this is The perfect place to get really creative With your Pinterest content and expand Your brand so after all of this you've Kind of done all the heavy lifting but What other easy tips are there for Making sure your Pinterest SEO is on Point all right rapid fire here we go First pin consistently the more quality High engagement pins you create the more Likely you are to get funneled into the Feeds and searches of users pin new Stuff at least once a week to keep your Boards feeling fresh number two make Sure your videos and images are size for Pinterest videos should always be in Portrait mode just like on Instagram or Tik Tok number three add backlinks to Your website these won't help boost SEO

Authority but they will funnel users Back to your site And number four explore Niche topics That vessie pin from earlier is a good Example of this just like you did with Keyword research you want to see which Topics adjacent to your business you Might be able to Target in order to draw More users to your Content I really can't emphasize enough How much of a contribution Pinterest can Make to your SEO and it's definitely Worth investing the time into don't Forget that hubspot's got these free Templates to get you started creating ey Popping pins for your page head down to The comments to let me know about any Pinterest tips and tricks that have Worked for you and don't forget to Subscribe to the HubSpot YouTube channel For more of my videos now if you'll Excuse me I got some pitting to do my Friend until then I'll see you next time [Music] N

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