I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign




I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign

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In this video I’m going to show you how I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign from start to finish including ads, social media posts, blog posts, email sequences, SMS messages, and a sales page.

So I’ll show you how I created every single word of an entire marketing campaign using ChatGPT, how it all turned out, and most importantly of all I’ll show you how you can do all of this too in order to get better results faster than ever before.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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Hey my friend Adam here and in this Video I'm going to show you how I got Chat gbt to build me an entire marketing Campaign from start to finish including Ads social media posts blog posts email Sequences and SMS sequence and a sales Page now I admit it all sounds a little Too good to be true and I was a little Bit skeptical going into this project I Mean could a robot really replace a Professional human marketer well my Friend if you're anything like me then The answer may surprise you so I'll show You how I created every single word of An entire marketing campaign using chat GPT how it all turned out and most Importantly of all I'll show you how you Can do all of this too in order to get Better results faster than ever before And it all starts by first understanding A few simple rules and guidelines in Order to get the absolute most out of Chat GPT so let me show you how it's Done starting with that when it comes to Using chat GPT in order to help you Create content sales and marketing Materials there's a few important things That you need to know number one it does Best when coming up with content and Ideas from 2021 and before this means if You're in an industry that relies on Cutting Edge technology or that changes Quickly there are going to be some Limitations that you're going to need to

Work around number two chat GPT is a Robot I mean technically it's a Generative pre-trained Transformer based On natural language techniques that Provides answers to questions in a Conversational tone but that makes it Sound way too confusing so we're just Going to call it a robot a robot that is Amazing at doing what you tell it to do But nothing else which means that the Quality of the answers that you get is Directly proportional to the quality of The questions that you ask so I'll show You how to phrase your requests for Maximum Impact in just a minute then Number three chat GPT is one of the most Powerful tools I've seen when it comes To generating text but for images Landing pages and other creative Elements you're going to want to look at Other resources fortunately I've got you Covered there with a few more Nifty Tools that you're definitely going to Want to check out as well okay so with That said let's talk about prompts next Which are the key to getting the Absolute best results possible like I Said before the key to getting good Stuff out of chat GPT is by first Putting good stuff stuff in this means Asking good questions or giving good Prompts for example rather than just Asking chat GPT to write you something Like say a Facebook ad which in this

Case gives me back a random example of a Facebook ad for a product and a service That I don't even offer sell or promote You'll want to use the following Guidelines and parameters instead in Order to make sure that you end up with Something that's actually usable so Let's try again using this framework Write me a kind of text that is style And tone highlighting Slash featuring Characteristics so in this example that Works out to write me a Facebook ad that Is persuasive funny and conversational And highlight the benefits and Importance of marketing strategy and After reading the ad over well it's not Too bad but it could be better and I Think what would be the most beneficial Here would be to create a second version Of the ad you see the original ad that Chat GPT cooked up looks like it's Targeting and focusing mostly on people That already own a business which is Fantastic but I think I'd like chatgpt To give me another option aimed at p People who are wanting to or thinking of Starting a business in the future so Let's update that now by asking it to Write another version of this ad Focusing on and targeting people who Want to start a business and I'll be Honest this one looks pretty good to me I mean maybe a few tweaks here and there But overall I'm gonna call this a winner

[Applause] [Music] Now before moving on to the sales page I'd like to generate an image to use Alongside of this ad but in order to do That we're going to need to step outside Of chat GPT for just a second but that Gives me an opportunity to introduce you To another couple pieces of powerful Software in order to generate an almost Unlimited supply of AI powered images And Graphics the first piece of software That I'm going to use here is called Dolly now known as Dolly 2. just like Chat GPT dolly is also powered by open AI the company behind them both and is a Pretty neat AI system that can create Realistic images and art from a Description in natural language for Example let's say that I decide that Being lost at sea stranded alone in a Rowboat in the middle of the ocean is a Pretty good metaphor for the modern Entrepreneur who's struggling to figure Out their overall marketing strategy Well I could ask Dolly to get me a photo Of a man on his computer in a robot in The middle of the ocean now I don't Really like these very much so I'm going To try again using a 3D image instead Still not loving them how about a Animated image hmm maybe a pixel image Hmm I'm not loving this either and that Dude Looks naked which is Never Gonna

Fly so let's try something else maybe an Image of a person's scared and alone With the computer this one's fine I Guess but we could do better and if I Decide that I also want to create a Retargeting ad alongside this one I Figure it's best to probably use an Image of myself as well which is going To make a bigger impact with those who Are already familiar with me and with my Content so for that I'm going to use a Piece of software called lensa lensa is An AI powered image editing app that Allows you to upload a whole bunch of Different selfies then it works its Magic and it gives you back a whole pack Of different images that have all been Edited and tweaked and modified using AI Now this one costs a few bucks to use so It isn't free but it is pretty crazy in Regards to the quality and the variety Of images that you get back so after Looking through all of these I think This one's probably gonna work just fine Next let's hop back into chat GPT to get It to write the sales page for the Digital marketing Academy now when it Comes to writing longer form content Like sales Pages email sequences long Form blog posts video scripts or podcast Outlines all the same rules and Guidelines apply meaning the secret here Is to give chat GPT as many good clear And relevant inputs as you can and then

Don't be afraid to tweak and change Things once it's had a chance to work Its magic so let me get it to write a Sales page now based on the Facebook ad It wrote before all right now overall It's okay sure there are some important Points it's missing and some things that Aren't entirely accurate about the Program but overall it's not terrible That said I would like it to be longer Which is the perfect point to remind you Of the obvious fact that chatgpt is a Robot and therefore just does whatever You tell it to it's not a mind reader And if this is what it thinks a sales Page should be then that's what you're Gonna get but that doesn't mean that you Need to accept it this is why the next Step is to get it to do exactly what I Want with just a little bit of Creativity and a few extra commands for Example I know that one of the biggest Benefits of the digital marketing Academy is the fact that it shows you How to create a complete marketing Strategy from A to Z and in my humble But accurate opinion having a complete Marketing strategy is one of the single Most important elements to marketing and To business success so what I could do Then is ask chat GPT to write me a 500 Word blog post on the importance of Marketing strategy and unsurprisingly It's not half bad either and I can use

Parts of this on the sales page as well As use the entire thing as a standalone Blog post in order to drive even more Traffic to the course plus I think There's also enough good stuff in here That I could ask chatgpt to turn it into A few different social media posts as Well so let's get chat GPT to do this Now by asking it to turn this blog post Into a few different shorter social Media posts now like before I probably Could make a few tweaks here and there In order to make sure that it accurately Reflects the digital marketing Academy As well as comes off in my tone and my Style but in all honesty I could Probably just copy and paste this and Put it directly as an Instagram caption Or a Facebook post or a YouTube Community post or maybe even trim a few Words out and post posted as a tweet and All of this took seconds not minutes not Hours certainly not days which is kind Of mind-blowing when you think about it But wait there's more sounds like I work For chat GPT this video is not sponsored You see next I can also ask it to write Me an email sequence to sell the course And well there we go and uh might as Well get it to write a three-part SMS Sequence as well yep not bad but it's a Little bit long for an SMS so I'll get It to make it even shorter and you can Continue to refine and adjust and make

Further tweaks until you're left with What can only be described as a pretty Good piece of marketing material but Wait there's more nah I'm not kidding There's there's actually a lot more for Example let's say that I want to make The course even more internationally Accessible well no problem I can ask Chatgpt to translate this sequence or Anything else that I put into it into Pretty much any language I can think of Let's do Spanish for now ah bueno then Maybe Portuguese And how about Japanese too while we're At it ah yoy crazy right and as the Technology continues to evolve and Become more adopted by others in the Business Community we'll just keep Seeing New Uses and practical ways to Use this in order to help us create Better marketing and more profitable Streamlined and efficient businesses That said like I said in the beginning The biggest limitation with chat GPT in Almost all AI Technologies out there Right now is that they're basically Robots that operate on mathematically Programmed algorithms which means There's still a need for creative and Strategic thinking in order to know what To ask them for or what to tell them to Do in the first place but if you'd like To see even more examples on how to use Chat GPT in your marketing as well as a

Few other of the most important Marketing Trends and strategies going on Right now then you're definitely going To want to check out this video right Here next as it's loaded with some of my Best marketing tactics and strategies so Make sure to check that out now and I'll See you in there in just a second

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