I Found The Copywriting Secret To Making MILLIONS




I Found The Copywriting Secret To Making MILLIONS

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I was looking through some of my old copywriting books the other day in search of a little inspiration for a sales letter I was working on, but in the process I ended up stumbling on something even more powerful

…and what I discovered will teach you one of the most important lessons about copywriting I think you’ll ever come across.

Secrets that made me question everything I thought I knew about writing effective copy and forced me to deep dive into dozens of books, hundreds of swipe files, and thousands of words of copy in order to confirm if what I found was true, and to see if there were any more clues, patterns, or phrases that ALL of the best copywriters in the world used and swore by to help make them richer than they could have ever even imagined.

And I couldn’t believe it when I discovered … .that they did.

All of them used the same hacks, every time.

So in this video I’m going to show you what those hacks were, how you can use them in your copy, and how to use them to grow any business you apply them to.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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I was looking through some of my old Copywriting books the other day in Search of a little inspiration for a Sales letter I was working on but in the Process I ended up stumbling on Something even more powerful and what I Discovered will teach you one of the Most important lessons about copywriting I think you'll ever come across secrets That made me question everything I Thought I knew about writing effective Copy and forced me to Deep dive into Dozens of books hundreds of swipe files And thousands of words of Copy in order To confirm if what I found was true and To see if there were any more clues or Patterns or phrases that all the best Copywriters in the world used and swore By techniques that helped make them Richer than they could have ever even Imagined and I couldn't believe it when I discovered that they did all of them Used the same hacks every time so in This video I'm going to show you what Those hacks were how you can use them in Your copy and how to use them to grow Any business that you apply them to but To fully understand the power of these Techniques I need to tell you a story About just how badly things can go when You don't take this seriously in December of 1911 and January of 1912 two Explorers set out to conquer what had Previously never been done to be the

First person to reach the South Pole While both eventually succeeded in Reaching the South Pole the two Explorers experienced wildly different Outcomes on their return Journeys back To the safety of base camp the first red Amonson a Norwegian Explorer succeeded The second Robert Falcon Scott a British Naval officer died tragically along with Five other members of his team both men Were equally capable equally equipped And equally experienced on paper they Each had an even chance to accomplish Their goals and survive so what happened Why did one succeed and the other fail And more importantly what does this have To do with copyrighting and marketing And making more sales the answer to this Question and the secret behind our Explorer success and failure as well as Your future success or failure as a Copywriter can be found in the following Word sequence in any given situation There are a number of things that need To be done in order to accomplish the Goal in the case of our explorers both Had a strategy to place Depot to restock Supplies along their path but only Amon Ensured they were placed in the right Sequence and were as easy to find as Possible as well as stocked with Sufficient supplies if we look at a Copywriting or direct response marketing Campaign for example well the first

Thing you need to do is determine Exactly what you're trying to promote From there you need to decide what kind Of customers you want to attract or what Target segment to go after then it's Time to figure out the message this part Is incredibly important so that's what The rest of this video is about because It's here that you're going to lay out The specifics around the offer and Messaging that will allow you to clearly Communicate the value that you're Offering and why someone should care Enough to actually take action but Simply knowing what the steps are isn't Enough you need to know the right order And the right sequence that they go in Like baking a cake things need to be Done in the right order otherwise you Just end up frosting an empty cake pan Or serving your friends a raw uncooked Puddle of cake soup uh yeah I'm uh I'm Not going to eat that and this is why The next thing I need to show you is why You must always write your first draft On sticky Notes In the world of copyrighting and direct Response marketing there is perhaps no Bigger name than Agora a truly Fascinating and polarizing billion dooll Publishing company that generates Anywhere from 20 to $50 million a week Through the sale of its newsletters

Books and information products and one Of agora's most valuable copyrighting Secrets was shared in a little known and Hard-to find book called The Secret copy Boarding system a system I've used for Years now and that has indeed held up to Its promise of helping me to write copy That's generated millions of dollars in Sales and I found this technique to be Useful not just for sales letters but Also emails social media posts sales Pages webinars pretty much anything else You can think of the best part is that It gives you a structured and Streamlined system to follow ensuring That you present your idea well with one Convincing argument leading perfectly Into the next so here's how it Works the first step is to come up with Your big idea this is what makes your Offer different unique special for Example I'm not just telling you a Copyrighting technique here I'm sharing With you a multi-million dollar Fill-in-the blank outline step two is to Do an objection audit this is where you Want to list out on sticky notes all of The possible objections someone might Have against the claim or the big idea That you're making the big ones here are Typically something like why should I Listen to you and what's in it for me Does this actually work how are you any Better than your competition and why

Should I act now but don't stop there Try to list out as many objections as Possible step three is to then organize These objections in the order that a Customer is likely to experience them From start to finish for example if your Big idea is the claim that you just Discovered a revolutionary new system That's allowing business owners to Generate 300 new leads for just $1 a day Then the first objection is likely to be Something like that's not possible or That sounds like too much work the next Objection from there could be okay but Why don't I just do XYZ instead and from There all kinds of other objections Could arise like it sounds like too much Work and the infamous sales killer okay But I'm too busy right now the power and Importance of writing these all out on Sticky notes cannot be overstated here As it's the visual element of Reorganizing your arguments that makes It compelling presenting each point Strategically and sequentially in the Order they're likely to arise in the Customer for example nobody's going to Think it's too expensive as the first Objection before they even know what it Does how it works or what it even costs So thinking things through this way Helps make sure you're not bombarding Your reader with ir relevant information Way too early in the process step four

Is where things start to get at least in My opinion pretty fun because it's here That you're going to overcome each Objection by rewriting that objection as A benefit-driven subheading sounds Totally confusing though let me explain What that means let's say that we've Figured out the first few objections we Want to overcome and have arranged them In this order first that sounds like too Much work second okay but why don't I Just do XYZ instead third it's too Expensive and fourth I'm too busy right Now well sticking with our or original Example of an offer that's claiming to Be a revolutionary new system that's Allowing business owners to generate 300 New leads for just $1 a day that sounds Like too much work objection turns into A subheading like effortlessly integrate Our system into your business in less Than a day the okay but why don't I just Do XYZ instead objection turns into our System is proven to outperform XYZ by 200% it's to expensive turns into invest A dollar gain a fortune and I'm too busy Right now turns into in the time it Takes you to read this you could be Generating 300 New Leads or too busy to Succeed not anymore step five then is to Fill out the rest of the body copy using The Cppb loop which stands for claim proof Proof proof benefit the first part

Claims are easy to make you just say Something true about your product or Service that relates to the subheading Proof is easier to find than ever before Thanks to the internet and the ability To get your hands on research and Articles as well as easily reach out to Customers and benefits too are Straightforward enough to come up with You just ask yourself what are the Advantages and outcomes or how is the Customer going to be better off Afterwards thanks to your offer copy Boarding is a powerful tool and a good Step towards making sure you hit all of Your persuasion points and don't go off On any irrelevant or confusing tangents That will most assuredly lose you sales That said it still misses answering a Few important questions like where and When should you talk about guarantees Bring up pricing bonuses and the all Important call to action all important Elements that are necessary to guide a Reader persuasively through your sales Copy and make sure that they end up at The end pumped primed ready to buy so Next I'll walk you step by step through A complete sales page template and Blueprint that'll make writing High Converting copy faster and easier than Ever Before imagine for a second that you Woke up one morning and found yourself

In the position of a high paid Hollywood Director in charge of filming the latest And greatest Blockbuster hit but rather Than planning things out and writing a Screenplay and hiring actors and Figuring out your cameras lighting and Location you decide instead to just grab Your phone a few of your more Interesting friends to see if they want To be in your movie and hit the streets Ready to capture whatever comes your way Cuz you're a Movie Maker darn it a Director with Big Dreams and ain't Nothing going to stop you from making This thing a success but as you and I Both know this story doesn't end well And after stumbling around awkwardly for A few hours with nothing to show for it It becomes painfully clear that you Can't just wake up one day and make a Masterpiece without any kind of planning At all and yet I see this happen in the Copyrighting world all the time you Young ambitious and often very talented People who think that all they need is a Little passion uh some confidence Dash Or creativity and they'll make millions Of dollars every time they sit down at The computer to type something out the Better alternative then is to start with A framework a template a guide that can Help work you from one step to the next For short form copy like a social media Post then any of the more common

Copyrighting Frameworks are going to do Just fine here so a personal favorite of Mine and one I still use pretty much Every single day is Pas which stands for Problem where you start start by first Highlighting the thorn in their side or The pain in their neck then agitate Where you show them how bad this problem Really is and make them squirm just a Little bit then offer the solution where You swoop in with your offer to save the Day but for longer form copy like a Sales page a sales letter a webinar even An email series you're going to need Something a little more robust to make Sure that you've got all of your bases Covered so here's the blueprint the Step-by-step top to bottom guide to Constructing a sales page that Sells we'll start at the top with a Headline your headline is your hook Where you grab the reader's attention With a bold statement or a question Think of it like your opening act and Here are a few tips to help you write a Good one first don't be afraid to be Daring ask questions that make people Stop and think what's this all about Next be provocative not too provocative Now you got to keep it classy most of All keep it clear and third always make Sure to tap into emotions fear Joy the Thrill of finding free Wi-Fi use them Next comes the sub headline the sub

Headline is your teaser a supporting Statement that it adds intrigue or Explains the headline it's like the Sidekick to your headline superhero and Gives you a chance to add a bit more Context and curiosity to the mix some Tips here are to make sure that you Clarify the message spell it out just Not too much as that's what the rest of The copy is for also create Intrigue Because who doesn't love a good mystery And make sure to speak their language Your goal throughout your copyrighting Is to be conversational not Shakespearean after that comes the Introduction so here you want to Introduce the problem and why it's Essential what you're doing here is Setting the stage for what's to come so Highlight the problem but don't overdo It nobody likes a whiner and if you can Then share a relatable story fact or Fiction you decide then offer some hope Which is where your offer comes in and That's what this next part is about in The offer section you want to show What's included break down the product Or service the features and benefits Think of this as the main course in a Fine dining experience so highlight Features and benefits not just what it Does but why it matters and focus on Selling the solution painting a pretty Picture of success emphasizing the

Outcome the end result and how the Customer is going to be better off after They do business with you step five is The guarantee the safety net if you will Guarantees alleviate risk kind of like a Warm blanket of reassurance so be Specific what's guaranteed exactly the More Rock Solid it is the more trust You're going to build and the more your Sales are going to increase next Testimonials use this section to Showcase real customer feedback it's Social proof that your product or Service is as awesome as you say it is Also make sure to keep it real and Authentic you don't want to make these Things up because it looks fake sounds Fake and it will definitely come back to Bite you what works best is real stories Real Results and add some visuals if you Can because a picture is worth a Thousand words but a video testimonial Is worth a million words next up the Bonuses section adding bonuses is like Putting a cherry on top of your offer Sunday highlighting any additional Incentives and bonuses or exclusive Content the key here is to offer real Value no fake freebies and create a Sense of exclusivity because who doesn't Want to be part of the cool crowd also No matter what you're selling bonuses Give you the opportunity to inject Urgency into your offer as the old

Saying goes time waits for no sale I Think that's how it goes next up lay out Any pricing and purchasing options and For the Love of All Things holy try to Make this as clear as possible while not Leaving any important information off The page three things here to help you With this section first use transparent Pricing no one likes hidden costs next If you can then provide choices like a Buffet but for your wallet third Highlight the value why this is worth Every single penny a sale is made when The perceived value what someone's going To get is greater than the cost required What someone's going to have to pay next Up FAQs this is one of the most valuable Sections of your copyrighting as it Gives you a chance to covertly address Any other issues or problems or Questions that you didn't have a chance To cover in the main copy think of this Section like having a friendly chat with Your reader where you get to solve their Problems right here right now so use the FAQ section to anticipate and answer any Other objections so you can stay once One step ahead next up the all important Maybe even most important CTA or call to Action the part of the copy where you're Going to ask someone to do something and Take action keep it clear make it Compelling and tell them exactly what to Do next nicely of course then the PS

Section which serves as a friendly Reminder to restate the offer or add a Final thought it's like a friendly wave Goodbye but with a Twist reinforce the Offer they might have forgotten already Or they might have just scrolled down All the way to the bottom of the page to Get the tldr version and re estate why Now is the best time to take action of Course as great and valuable as all of These things are copyrighting is just One piece of the overall sales and Marketing puzzle that's why to help you Get even better results from everything You do from this day forward I've linked Up a video right here that's going to Give you access to some of my best Marketing strategies tips tricks and Tactics so make sure to tap or click That now and I'll see you in there in Just a second

Grab A Piece Of The Online Market With This Advice

Research your specific niche and find out as much as possible about Internet marketing. Look at this article to learn of helpful tips.

If you have a large amount of text which must appear on every page of your website, consider placing this content in an iframe. If you do not do this, your web pages may not appear unique to search engines and your page rank will be affected. Using iframes with invisible boarders will ensure that your website is optimized for search engines without confusing visitors.

Be responsive to your readers. If someone emails you, don’t keep them waiting. Make it a point to respond to inquiries within a respectable time, typically within forty-eight hours. Remember, it is easier to lose your customers’ trust than to gain it back. Being communicative and offering timely responses is an easy marketing win.

When you try to begin an Internet marketing venture, it is important that you make your website easily understandable. If your guests cannot figure out how to navigate around your site then they are never going to be able to purchase anything from your site and will probably never return to your site.

You should insert a privacy policy on your site because it will increase the amount of users your site gets. There are many instances of web fraud so having a privacy policy available will let them know that you have a site that they can use with no worries.

Don’t forget to call your customers out. They are not unintelligent. Customers are aware that the point of your website is to sell them something, so do not be afraid to tell them so. Add buttons that tell them where to buy, and promote yourself! They are not going to be irritated with you for doing what they are already aware of.

When it comes to Internet marketing, it can be hard to learn everything. But everyone needs to start somewhere. Even people who have had years of experience with Internet marketing will still search for the most up to date information.

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