How to use ChatGPT for SEO the right way in 2024




How to use ChatGPT for SEO the right way in 2024

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It seems like everybody’s talking about AI, but what can and can’t it actually do for your business? In this video, we’ll prove that one great use for it is forming utilizing ChatGPT for your SEO strategy. By using this free generative AI platform, you can streamline your workflow of creating a robust digital marketing roadmap for your business by taking advantage of a few tips and tricks to let ChatGPT take on some of the more tedious tasks of SEO, like metadata, schema, and even keyword research. ChatGPT SEO isn’t a shortcut to the finish line, but it will change the way you work and free you up to devote more time to the big picture.

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In 2023 a marketer did something pretty Awesome but also really unethical our Protagonist let's call him Bob used AI To create an SEO Heist the process was Pretty simple he downloaded the sitemap Of his competitor's websites turned that Entire list into blog titles and use Those titles as prompts for an AI Content generator like chat gbt to cut To the Chase he used the hard work of Real people to create duplicative Versions of their website and Successfully siphoned 3. 6 million views Away from the original Source a success But definitely not cool and it's worth Noting his success plummeted after 18 Months so I'm telling you this because Chat gbt is a tool but not a replacement For human thought the content generates Isn't reviewed or tested by experts Which makes the results in the hands of Our good friend Bob uh kind of money That is definitively the wrong way to Use chat gbt so let's talk about the Right way specifically to boost your SEO a great place to start is to use Chat gbt to begin your basic keyword Research use a prompt to come up with a Group of keywords related to your Business I'm going to make up a business Just so I can explore how it all works So let's say I'm trying to boost the SEO For a new blog about my favorite food in The city of Boston because what would be

Better than getting paid to eat someday I'm going to prompt it for 10 key word Phrases and see what it comes up with Pretty sweet right but you'll notice That these aren't necessarily helpful in And of themselves because when I checked This list in sem Rush's keyword overview The search volume on some of these is so Low or not existent they're probably not Worth my time but I do notice that Food Tours Boston has some volume and looks Like the keyword difficulty is low Enough that I might have a shot at Getting content based around this idea Ranked highly so now I'm going to ask Chat gbt to create a topit cluster Related to this keyword and see what it Comes back with and holy cow that's a Lot of to topics and subtopics one way I Like to narrow things down is just to do My own casual Google search for the ones That catch my eye and see what comes Back if there aren't any notable results It might be worth pursuing now I feel Like I've got a good place to start in Building authority for this keyword I Like this tips for enjoying a food tour In Boston so I'm going to start there You can use chbt to help you generate New headline ideas tied to your keyword For example boom you can take it further And ask for help crafting outlines and Even the content itself but where's the Fun in that remember this isn't a

Replacement for the human work it's a Facilitator of it we'll get into more of Its shortcomings in just a bit but Basically chachy BT is prone to simple Grammar errors factual inaccuracies and So nothing it spits out will contribute To your s's eat if you don't know what That stands for it means experience Expertise Authority and trustworthiness Eat is the Marquee metric that Google Uses to determine the quality of your Page so that's why it's essential to Keep a human expert in the process for The sake of quality control and accuracy Luckily there's a free chat gbt bundle At hubs SWAT that includes some Incredible resources for using this tool Including this handy content refinement Checklist that makes it super easy to be Sure you're double-checking the ai's Output in all the right ways okay so Here's another place chat gbt can be Super helpful which is generating Structured data or the schema markup for Your website basically it's the code That you can insert on the back end of Your page to help search engines deliver The best results when you pop up in Search I'm terrible with code so this Has been a huge help I think one of the Most exciting parts of chat GPT is that It can take on some of the duller Aspects of building your SEO like Metadata honestly I hate writing

Metadata it's so boring so instead I'll Prompt it to create metadata for our Food tor blog along with some meta title Options it's a little flowery but it's a Great starting place with some edits and Tweaks it'll be good to go and my Research I found that chat gbt could be Helpful for performing some competitive Analysis like this search I did for Other Boston based food writing now that I have this comprehensive list I can Branch off and do further research on The people I'm going to have to Outperform in the search rankings this Is all great stuff here for sure but What about chat gbt's limitations Like I said earlier Chad gbt is not a Replacement for human work because as Cool as it is it's pretty limited first And foremost it's widely known for Responses that are either completely Incorrect or out of date since his base Of knowledge only goes back so far for Instance at the time I'm making this Video in April 2024 chat gbt's last Update was April 2023 that's a whole Year A lot can happen in a year if Someone told you a year ago the Barbie Movie was going to be nominated for best Pay at the Oscars uh would you believe Them the food blog example I've been Using is fairly low stakes obviously but If you're using this for something with More impact it's critical you keep

Factchecking all the data that it spits Out facts are obviously important but Chachi BT's other major limitation is That it's just generic it has no context For what it's spitting out and thus no Real voice or point of view that's why The human element is so critical in the Age of content creators and social media Generic is the opposite of what builds a Brand you want all your content to match Your company's brand whether it's snarky Or professional or witty or whatever you Can still use chat gbt to brainstorm or Even create the skeleton of your content But you're going to need to spice it up With your Brand's particular flavor plus Generic keyword stuff content doesn't Work like it might have back in the Early 2000s Google will detect these Things as spammy and it could impact Your rankings enough about the negatives Though are you ready for one final tip Most businesses benefit from having an FAQ page on their website answering Common questions from customers about Their products or Services chat gbt is An excellent resource for predicting the Kinds of things your customers might ask Like if you are running a doughnut shop For example not going to lie talking About this fictional food Blog has Unleashed some cravings for me but as You can see in 2 seconds I got a list of Common questions that I could easily

Incorporate into my website that will Not only helpful for any customers Visiting the page but also potentially Boost my SEO Authority chbt is an Exciting tool especially for small Businesses who are light on resources Whether it's time money or people power This going to be a really powerful Assistant in making some of the more Menial tasks of marketing your business Just a little bit easier but remember It's not an all-encompassing solution Think of it as a head start in the race But not a shortcut to the finish line And definitely check out help's free Guide to chat gbt for businesses it's Got everything you need to get started Taking advantage of this miracle of Technology there's tips on creative ways To use chat gbt for your business Templates to help you create the most Effective prompts and tons more have you Already taken chat gbt for a spin in Your business let me know in the Comments below now if you'll excuse me I Got some prompting to do my friend until Then I'll see you next time [Music] N [Music]

Best Ideas For Marketing Your Business On Line Now

Internet marketing lets any business reach a wide audience of potential customers. You’d probably be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use the Internet these days. As technology advances so does the necessity for internet marketing. Because search engine advertising comes across so subtle, the majority of users do not realize they are seeing an advertisement.

Making customer participation voluntary is an Internet marketing strategy that can keep website visitors happy and improve their opinions of a website. Most web surfers are fiercely protective of their personal information – as they should be – and a website that respects their privacy stands out as one that cares about them.

There are a wide variety of sites out there that provide your site with traffic at a cost. While this may get your site traffic, none of your visitors will visit with the intention of visiting the site and reviewing the content. For this reason, it is important that you stay away from these sites.

The more original content your web site has, the more appealing it will be to visitors. Try to make sure that you have as much or more content than your competitors and be sure to add new content on a regular basis. Search engines will rank your site more highly if you regularly offer fresh content.

When you are marketing a service online, make sure that your website represents your business well. Your website is the front face of your business. When a potential client lands on your website, he should be able to easily find out how your business will fulfill his needs, and why your business is better than the others. Your website has to convince him to stay.

Advertising online will help businesses target a specific audience. This definitely helps companies in terms of advertising more efficiently. In addition to the savings, Internet marketing will help improve the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. The Internet is a great place to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to investing in advertising.

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