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How To Simplify Your Life

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I have a few confessions to make. And if you’ve ever felt like your life was too busy and overcomplicated then this is probably going to sound familiar.

For a long time much of my time was spent trying to do what other people expect me to do, and the other half was spent exhausted, distracted, and unable to focus.

I’d say “YES” to too many things I didn’t want to do. Take on waaaaay too many tasks and responsibilities. And always feel frustrated and a bit bitter at the end of the week looking back and realizing just how little I’d accomplished when it came to my own goals, my own dreams, and the things that actually mattered to me.

That’s why I made this video. To help you avoid the mistakes I made and show you a better path to take instead.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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All right do a quick I have a confession to make three Actually and if you've ever felt like Your life was just too busy or Overwhelming or over complicated then This is probably gonna sound familiar First I have a bad habit of agreeing to Do way too many things that I don't Actually want to do I agree when I say Yes way too quickly without even Thinking about it go on that camping Trip I don't really want to see you Tomorrow spend my weekend helping you Move even though we just met you got it Buddy we have sort of a problem here Make sure I'm putting cover sheets on my TPS reports did you see the memo about This yes sir Mr Lundberg Next confession the little time I do Have left over after helping everybody Else with their problems in their life Well it often gets wasted on things that Just don't even really matter to me busy Work unimportant tasks and projects Meetings and of course those classic Time wasters like compulsively scrolling Social media or checking email Creative and innovative solutions in Order to get out of all the things that I agreed to do in the first place is it Better to say a family emergency came up Or that I broke my leg or maybe I could Just move out of the country change my Name and start a new career farming

Sheep in the highlands of New Zealand Third confession I tried minimalism but Didn't work for me at first it was Exciting to purge my closet and donate a Bunch of old sporting equipment and make A bunch of space for nothing but shortly After getting rid of all my stuff I Realized that I kind of liked my stuff And I even needed it in some cases which Led me down a path of having to buy back All of the things that I just gotten rid Of which left me in the exact same place With the exact same amount of stuff but Less money yay minimalism long story Short I've got a problem but I'm also Not alone as people today are more Overworked and more overwhelmed and have Less free time and less sense of Accountability and personal fulfillment Than ever before caught between these Two worlds of minimalism and Hyper-consumerism where we would like to Be able to get by with less but we also Still kind of need stuff to get by and Do things also walking that fine line Between being an overt people pleaser That says yes to everybody all the time And not being a completely selfish jerk That just lives for themselves it sounds Terrible and and maybe even unsolvable But I have good news ultimately what it All comes down to though is just too Much confusion way too much overwhelm Spending half my time trying to do what

Other people expect me to do and the Other half distracted and unable to Focus and work on things that actually Matter to me yay life And sadly I'm not alone this is what Most people are doing taking on way too Much all the time falling into the Trap Of actually believing that you can do it All and have it all and be it all and Still somehow live a balanced and Stress-free and amazing interesting life But that's crazy and our over Complicated lives are leading to more Burnout exhaustion anxiety overwhelm and Depression than ever before so the Solution I found that's worked at least For me and I'm hoping might work for you As well is something that I call radical Simplicity or just more good less bad Identifying what's important to you and Then building your life around that Rather than living your life according To the expectations and demands of other People and then trying to fit in the Things that are actually important to You in whatever tiny pockets of time you Have left over so let me show you how This works starting with what is perhaps The most important point of all which is That anytime you say yes to something or Agree to someone else's demands you're Simultaneously saying no to the Thousands maybe even tens of thousands Or hundreds of thousands of other things

Could be doing at that time or in other Words every yes is a thousand no's Here's the deal unless we miraculously Invent some kind of super safe cloning Machine you're going to have to accept The simple fact that you just like Everybody else on this planet is limited To the same 24 hours a day but that's Also kind of cool when you think about It I mean let's break this down we all Have the same 24 hours in a day and Seeing as you're watching this video now It also means that you have access to The internet and some kind of a phone or Computer which means that you also now Have access to all of the tools that you Need in order to do well pretty much Anything you could ever think of the Only thing then that separates you now From where you want to go in the future Is what you do with that time as like I've already covered you pretty much Have all of the tools and information That you need to succeed right there Right at your fingertips what a world so Time then is your single most important Asset and you need to guard your time With your life because that's pretty Much all we've got this is why one of The first steps that I took in one of The most dramatic when it comes to Living a life of radical Simplicity or At least simplifying the over Complicated mess that I called my

Existence was learning how to change and Reframe my default answer of yes to Maybe or no or at least pausing before Responding essentially making sure that Each yes had to be measured and Calculated and earned I mean sure I Could technically free that space up by Backing out of other commitments Canceling my plans or rearranging other Things around a future time but that's a Lot of emotional work a lot of extra Emails and phone calls and excuses that Future Adam is going to have to deal With I wouldn't want to be that guy And I'd pretty much wind up in the exact Same situation that I was in before Having to rearrange and cancel and Switch up all kinds of plans that I Probably shouldn't have agreed to in the First place that said there are certain Things that you do need to say yes to Like eating maybe sleeping and working So that you can make sure that you have A roof over your head somewhere safe and Warm and dry for you to sleep and live Which is why it is important to make Sure that you have a system in place to Make sure that you're actually doing the Things that you need to do something Like a calendar or a work schedule or Making sure that you're aware of what Bills you have coming up so you can make Sure that you're paying them on time but You've got to be very careful to not

Confuse things that you think you need To do with things that you actually need To do that sounded kind of confusing Though so let me break it down for you Now using a very powerful tool something I use pretty much every single day Called the Eisenhower Matrix the Eisenhower Matrix is an incredibly Powerful tool it's something I've been Using for over 20 years now and Essentially it involves grouping your Tasks or to do items or more commitments Into one of four different categories so Here's how it works first you need to do Kind of a mental brain dump and get all Of your thoughts and ideas and to do's And tasks all of your commitments and Everything out onto a piece of paper in Front of you you can use the notes app On your phone or some kind of a digital Document but you'd be amazed at just how Powerful it is to have good Old-fashioned pen and paper to actually Put things there in a tangible form then Just set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes And literally get everything out of your Head and onto that piece of paper so you Can look at it more objectively and from A higher level 30 000 foot overview then Once that's done it's time to move on to Step two and to start to label and Categorize them by putting them into the Different section do decide delegate and Delete the do quadrant is made up of all

Of the things that are both urgent and Important these are things that are Critical to your survival both Personally and professionally they could Be requests from a key client demands From a Boss family or medical Emergencies basically anything that you Need to do to make sure that everything Just doesn't go up in Flames next is Decide these are things that are Important but not urgent this would be Something like working on a new business Plan or a new marketing strategy it Could be writing a book or learning a New skill that's really important to you Maybe it's planning a vacation or Starting that YouTube channel that You've always wanted to whatever the Case these are the things that you need To schedule otherwise they'll just keep Getting put off till tomorrow and as you Probably already know tomorrow never Comes and doing something later just Means doing it never but I'll talk more About how to properly schedule these Things so they actually do get done in Just a minute okay next you have the Delegate quadrant these are things that Are urgent but not that important things That need to be done but maybe not by You so it's useful and helpful to start Thinking of ways or automations or Software or even artificial intelligence Nowadays to take care of these for you

For example these could be things like Basic bookkeeping or tax preparation Maybe meal planning but it could also be Something as simple is setting up Automatic bill pay so that you ensure That all your bills are paid on time Without you ever having to think about It again basically delegating to a Computer and then the final quadrant you Have the delete quadrant these are Things that are not urgent and not Important these would be things like Compulsively checking email or Responding or dealing with requests that You have no desire in doing or basically Any other trivial task that chews up Your time and gives you nothing back in Return then once you have all of your Tasks assigned in different quadrants Well it's time to move to the top and Take a very close look at the do and Decide quadrant because that's where you Want to focus most of your time and to Do this we're going to use the very Fancy and very powerful name of Something called a power list so let's Talk about that now the concept of a Power list is really nothing new it's Been used for decades if not centuries But it remains one of the most powerful Life simplification tools available to You what you want to do here is take a Look at the tasks in your do and decide Quadrants and then choose the top three

Single most important things that would Have the greatest overall positive Impact on you on your life and on your Goals for example maybe you've been Neglecting your health and you know that You need to exercise or maybe there's a Side project or a side hustle that you Really want to start but you just Haven't found the time or maybe there's A TPS report that's in desperate need of A cover sheet what's happening the point Is is that when you first take a look at Your brain dump on your piece of paper And the long list of tasks and Responsibilities and obligations that You have it can feel kind of Overwhelming but when you start to break Things down and classify them as Important or not well you start to see That there are very few things that are Actually incredibly important to you Right now and a long list of things that Are probably safe to just ignore put off Maybe never do it all and when you break It down even further by classifying the Top three things that are the most Important to you and to your life and to Your goals well things start to get a Whole lot easier not to mention simpler More manageable more fun too but it's This next step where things really start To have a positive impact and that's Time blocking here's the deal if there's Some thing that's important to you then

It's up to you to make sure that you've Set aside the time to ensure that it Gets done if you don't do this I can Guarantee you that that time is going to Be filled with other people's demands Other people's goals and if you're not Accomplishing yours oh you're just Basically accomplishing theirs so the Best way to make sure that you're Prioritizing yourself and your goals is To put that time on the calendar and Mark it as an unmovable obligation an Unmovable appointment with yourself like A doctor's appointment or an airplane Ticket that you need to show up on time For the plane will leave without you and Seeing as the pace of life and the Increases in new information and the Rate of Technology increases is only Ever getting faster well things aren't Going to slow down on the outside so It's up to you to make sure that you're Slowing down on the inside focusing and Spending time on the things that matter That are going to provide the biggest Return for your time now in the early Stages of time blocking if you're Already currently overwhelmed Overextended and exhausted this is Probably going to look like taking time I'm from somewhere or from someone else In order to give it to yourself so start Small if you have to just 15 minutes a Day is a really powerful way to start

Building up this habit but over time as You get better at saying no and at Focusing on the things that are the most Important and Powerful to you you'll Find that you will have more time than You ever imagined before all that said The single most important thing that you Can do that's going to make everything I Just talked about that much easier is to Get crystal clear on your goals exactly What you want and mapping out a Strategic plan for your life and there's One tool that I've found that's helped Me do this better than anything else Which is exactly why I've linked up a Video right here on how I journal for Mental Clarity that's going to walk you Step by step through my exact journaling Process in order to help you get the Maximum results in the least amount of Time so make sure to check that out now And I'll see you in there in just a Second

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Unconventional advertising on the internet may be very useful. For instance, you could create a YouTube channel where you demo your products for all to see. Not only does this let your potential customers comment and rate your product, but it can also create a closer bond between you and your customers. They will feel they are closer to your company and will return for more products.

YouTube is one of the most fascinating marketing tools in the business world today; as you are able to create videos that promote your business at no cost. To improve your bottom line and upgrade your marketing plan, produce YouTube videos that show either your product characteristics or overall strategy to your potential clients.

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If you understand the primary target for your Internet marketing site, take the time to do some research on how women and men may shop differently online to boost your sales. This information can give you insight on how to position your product or services to account for these differences and how much information to offer about them.

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