How Khan Academy Broke the Education System




How Khan Academy Broke the Education System

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Discover the journey of Salman Khan, from tutoring a cousin to launching Khan Academy, a global educational powerhouse. Dive into the marketing strategies that propelled their success and learn how they’ve reshaped online learning. If you’re curious about Khan Academy’s rise and what it means for business strategy, this video is for you. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights!

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How did one phone call a dinner party And a YouTube video spark a global Education Revolution all right let's Rewind the clock and go back to 2004 Salomon Khan or Sal as we'll know him is Trying to help his youngest cousin out With some math homework they're Struggling with the catch she's in New Orleans s's in Boston so he tutes her Over the phone and guess what it works Her grade shoot up word spreads and Suddenly SS tutoring half of his family With so many students scheduling became Difficult that's when at a dinner party Someone suggests something that changes The course of sa's life forever why Don't you record them his videos and Upload them on to to YouTube for your Family after initially calling it a Horrible idea YouTube is for cats Playing piano for dogs on skateboards it Is not for serious mathematics he warms Up to it and soon his lessons are on YouTube for his entire family the Feedback overwhelming they told me that They preferred me on YouTube than in Person but s why now they can pause and Repeat their cousin now they can without Feeling like they're wasting my time Even though he made it for friends and Family people from around the world were Watching KH Academy content and sharing Results with one comment saying first Time I smiled doing a derivative by 2009

There were 100,000 people using KH Academy every month so s quit his day Job and decided to go Allin he turned KH Academy into a non profit and officially Adopted the mission of providing a free World-class education to anyone anywhere I know it's wild to believe but try to Imagine a world where money is a barrier To education crazy right through the Creation of its entirely free website Con Academy smashed those barriers but Wait it's not just about offering free Lessons it's about the value of those Lessons we're talking about engaging Videos insightful articles and Interactive exercises it worked so well That educated started using KH Academy To flip the classroom some teachers Start saying hey you already gave the Lecture on XY or Z I don't need to give The lecture anymore so instead of me Giving the lecture and the homework Happening at home I flipped the Classroom where the lecture now happens At home and homework is now happening in The classroom this allowed Educators to Spend class time interacting with Students rather than lecturing in 2014 Khan Academy debuted there you can learn Anything campaign they put a short film On a new website that they promoted on Social media media with the hashtag you Can learn anything it was mentioned 500 Times on Twitter on the first day alone

Currently studies found that students Who doubled their con usage from 5 hours In 2021 to 10 hours in 2022 saw an Average one point rise in map growth Scores but they didn't stop there while Most platforms might be content with Just casting a wide net KH Academy Decided to get up close and personal They recognized something fundamental Every student is unique not just another Face so they rolled out a genius Personalization feature where students Can share what subjects they're studying And boom the platform would customize Their dashboard with specific lessons to Help them all year long it's like having A personal tutor who knows exactly where You're at and where you need to end up By doing this students weren't just Passively absorbing information they Were actively participating in their own Education fast forward in Con Academy Would soon be called into action to face One of the greatest educational Challenges in human history the pandemic Schools are shutting down left and right Parents are scrambling students are Stuck at home and the demand for Reliable online learning platforms is Surging and guess who's right there Already at the Forefront yep Khan Academy during this time their platform Skyrocketed from a daily usage of 30 Million minutes to a whopping 90 million

Minutes but even though they're winning There're still thinking how can we make This even better inter stage left Adobe Yeah you know that Tech Giant known for Its creative tools together they dropped This bombshell teach creativity with Adobe and KH Academy wasn't just any Collaboration through a $1 million Donation it's a fusion of adobe's Cutting Edge creative tools and Khan Academy's top tier educational content We're talking over 100 teaching Resources the goal to not just feed Information but to nurture both both Creative and critical thinking skills This strategic collaboration benefited More than 3 million students and 40,000 Teachers the story of Khan Academy isn't Just about education it's about Vision Adaptability and the power of Collaboration remember sometimes all it Takes is a phone call and a little Belief to start a global movement what Are your thoughts on KH Academy and the Strategies they use drop a comment below Share your thoughts and don't forget as Always to subscribe for more interesting Case Studies

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