How I Make $600k/year So You Can Just Copy Me (Step by Step)




How I Make $600k/year So You Can Just Copy Me (Step by Step)

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If you’re tired of endlessly chasing clients and feeling stuck in your marketing strategies, I have the answers you need.

It’s how I blew up my own business to more than $600k/year without spending thousands on ads, having a big team, or going viral on social media.

And you can do it, too.

It’s YouTube marketing. And it can change the game in your business.

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I blew up my business to over 600,000 a Year without spending thousands on ads Hiring a massive team or going viral on Social media and it's the same thing That Alex Heros and all these small Business owners did to grow their Businesses quickly too believe me I've Been right where you're sitting you know I know what it's like to constantly be On the hunt for your next client Pitching yourself over and over to People who are skeptical of your skills And totally fixated on price so when I Show you what it is what it's done for Me and for all these other businesses And how you can easily get started Yourself you won't even think of wasting Your time with anything else so what is This huge opportunity well to get it to Really work for you we need to get clear About the big problem with most Marketing the problem that you're Probably stuck with right now most Businesses hunt for clients you're out There always on the Move looking for the Next catch it's exhausting right and the World worst part just like game in the Wild your prospects are going to catch On to your tactics and try their best to Avoid or outrun you now compare that to Farming planting seeds and helping them Grow you're not chasing anyone You're Building trust and nurturing Relationships this way your dream

Clients come to you naturally attracted To what you offer have you guessed what I'm talking about yet I'm going to give You a hint you know it works because You're here listening to me it's YouTube Now you might be thinking I'm not hot Enough for YouTube I don't know the First thing about making videos what if People judge me I get it you have doubts But I'm going to show you why none of That matters in just a bit but let's Rewind so I started out just like a lot Of you as a service business owner Specifically I was a web designer and Most of my clients just found me through Google searches and I decided one day to Make my very first YouTube video about Web design trends for for 2016 and it Did okay but I didn't make another video For about a year I didn't really have Any more good ideas I was you know too Busy with client work but mostly because I didn't yet understand the true power Of YouTube then I started thinking I Should really get back into this you Know I didn't know exactly what I should Make videos about but I thought why not Just make videos that answer questions I Get all the time so I started with these Simple 3 to 5 minute videos at first They got like a 100 views but soon it Was up to a th000 per video and don't Forget here I didn't have any secret Playbook I was pretty much just making

It up as I went along and you can see For yourself these early videos were Kind of rough no production value and I Had no real strategy but people were Watching and subscribing that's when I Started noticing something kind of cool During my consult calls with potential Clients before YouTube these calls Always felt kind of like a job interview You know they asked all the questions And sometimes they didn't agree with What I said especially when it came to My prices but then people started Finding me on YouTube they were suddenly Listening to me really interested in my Ideas and they were ready to pay more For my work and when I hit around 10,000 Subscribers that's when things got even Better I could choose the clients that I Wanted work on cool projects and charge Big like over $10,000 per project and my Earnings that's the best part they went Up to over $200,000 in the first year Alone and they've been consistently Growing ever since nothing I did was Special I pretty much just did what Everybody else in my Niche was already Doing all it really took was getting Started then committing to one short Video every week so it was either stuff I knew about or that I could easily Research and I could just make a bunch Of them in a few days every month and in A minute I will show you how you can do

This too in just four easy steps but When I did that my channel got bigger And I was actually able to shift away From doing client work and I started Teaching business owners how to do it Themselves through my online course plus I was making money from YouTube ads now I'm making around $600,000 a year and I'm expecting that to almost double this Year and sure my videos are a little Fancier now that's just because YouTube's pretty much my main job now But that's just me and it's what's so Cool about the strategy you know you can Make it whatever you want when you get Serious about YouTube now you might Think that your business doesn't have The wow factor for video or that you Don't for that matter but don't be so Quick to judge just look at these guys Accountants pool cleaners personal Trainers HVAC installers computer Repairmen and dermatologists none of These industries sound super glamorous They're real people not models and these Aren't exactly Hollywood level Production values but they're still Racking up thousands of views they're Interesting because they're useful to Their audience but now you might be Thinking well it's good for all those Other people but it can't possibly work For me well let me tell you YouTube can Be good for any business but there are

Certain businesses that it can be great For and figuring this out is much more Straightforward than you might expect First think about your business's reach You know if your business can help People regardless of where they are Whether in your hometown or halfway Across the world YouTube is a great fit I mean think about it it's a global Platform and that means your potential Audience is massive and that doesn't Mean that local businesses can't still Benefit from YouTube channel it just Means that you're going to get views From everywhere but you'll only be able To work with the people you can Physically get to next up think about What you know and what you could share Just take a quick look on YouTube for Your industry are there videos about What you do are people watching them if So that's a good sign it shows that There's an audience eager to learn from Someone like you it doesn't matter if You fix leaky faucets design websites or Coach people to their best selves if There's interest in your field on YouTube you have a shot at capturing That audience and we're almost to my Easy video formula that you can just Copy to get going and get great results But first let's talk about which kind of Video you should even be making shorts Or longs YouTube shorts are easy to make

And they're great for grabbing some Instant attention and there's literally Zero expectation of high production Values with shorts so you're completely Off the hook there just pull out your Phone shoot a video and you're done so They're perfect for getting your feet Wet without the stress of longer videos Not to mention you can repurpose them Pretty much everywhere you know Tik Tok Facebook Instagram even LinkedIn and Pinterest but remember shorts are more For getting some quick views than for Deep engagement long form videos though Are where the magic happens for building Trust they let you share more connect Deeper and really show your expertise And yeah they take more effort but the Trust and connection you build totally Worth it so ultimately I think starting With shorts is smart they're easy and Low pressure and they help you ease into Talking to a camera just make a list of The questions you could asked the most And answer each one in a 30 to 60c video Video then by the time you get all the Way through those topics you're going to Be a lot more confident and then you can Start mixing in longer videos to Strengthen your connection with your Audience and I've promised you an easy Video formula that you can use to start Making videos today to start getting the Right views that are actually going to

Turn into clients so think of it as a Simple yet effective four ingredient Recipe first up you got to start strong And grab their attention right away so Kick off your video with something that Makes your viewers go tell me more this Could be a shocking fact a Thought-provoking question or maybe a Statement that challenges common beliefs The goal here is just to spark curiosity And set the stage for what's coming next Next you want to present the problem That your viewer has that your video is Going to solve for them so this is Really important because it sets the Stakes and it reinforces that they're in The right place and that you get what They're going through because when you Show empathy for your viewer that's when They start seeing you is more than just Another talking head on YouTube suddenly You're someone they trust and a Relationship is created then it's time To deliver the good so this is where you Actually teach what your viewers came to The video for in the first place and as The super successful YouTuber Al abdal Once said every video is really just a List a list of tips a list of steps a List of mistakes to avoid you know you Get the picture here just keep it clear And engaging and remember you're not Just sharing information you're also Sharing a part of yourself so sprinkle

In your experiences your stories it's These personal touches that transform a Good video into a great one and finally And this is really important you're Going to end it not with a conclusion or With a okay guys I hope that was helpful Because what does that tell you that the Video's over right you know that's when People click away cuzz they know that no More value is coming up what you do Instead is just seamlessly transition Them to the next video of yours that They should watch this creates a binge Session which is a great signal to YouTube that people are loving your Content and that transition usually Looks a little something like this so Now you know how YouTube changed the Game for me and for all these other Businesses but there's actually a secret Method you need to use that'll explode Your AUD audience like you wouldn't Believe it's really simple and the Sooner you can Master this secret the Closer you're going to be to hitting all Your money goals in your business so Click right here and I'll show you the Secret

Check Out These Great Tips For Successful Internet Marketing

Sometimes you just know it is time to utilize new marketing methods, and with internet marketing so effective for today’s market you have a great opportunity there. However, you could be a bit put off by the many processes and factors, as well as tasks that are involved. However, if you learn more about it, you can understand better how it all works together. You can use these internet marketing tips to start learning a great new marketing method for your business.

For a successful internet marketing campaign, consider doing online market research. Search for your brand, product or services and look at what people are saying on blogs, forums and social network sites. This may give you an idea of what people are actually thinking about your current marketing efforts, thus providing valuable insight that you can incorporate into your internet marketing strategies moving forward.

To direct people toward your product, write an article on a website where everyone can contribute and build content. Your article should be legitimate, well-informed and related to the product you are selling. Include a link to a page with more information on the product as a resource at the end of your article.

When marketing a product on your website, reduce distractions and increase focus. You want your customers to look at your page and instantly know what they are looking at and why they’d be interested. If your page is cluttered, or worse, uninteresting, you will lose them in the first couple of seconds, with no chance to make a sales pitch.

If you are a little aprehensive to get started on your own, you may just need to take a little more time to get to know internet marketing and find a good flow in the process. Internet marketing tips like these could help build some skills that you could put to use in internet marketing as you realize just how it all connects for the best benefit.

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