How I Built my TikTok to 100k Followers (and why it doesn’t matter)




How I Built my TikTok to 100k Followers (and why it doesn't matter)

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Ready to crack the TikTok code and skyrocket your follower count? In this video, I’m spilling all the secrets to how I organically grew my TikTok to over 100,000 followers (no paid ads involved!). This is your ultimate TikTok masterclass, where you’ll learn the #1 TikTok growth tip (hint: it’s not about followers!), the 3-second rule to hook viewers instantly, the power of testing different content styles, how to analyze your retention graph like a pro, and my all-time favorite growth hack. Plus, I’ll share real-life examples from my own TikTok journey and break down how you can apply these strategies to any niche.

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I've grown my Tik Tok account to over a 100,000 followers I've also secured once In a-lifetime Opportunities just as a Result of showing up I didn't pay to Grow by the way I just created a ton of Content today I'm here to teach you Everything you need to know about how to Get your first 100,000 followers fast on Tik Tok consider this your Tik Tock Master class now I want to be like fully Transparent with you the reason Reon why I've been able to grow so much has Actually not been because I've cared About followers it's because I've cared About one other thing and that takes me To our first Tik Tock growth tip and Number one and that is focus on Engagement and not followers and listen I understand why it might be your first Good instinct to focus on followers for The longest time we've glorified Follower counts because we've always Thought of followers equaling the amount Of influence that someone has Immediately you could look at a follower Count and think that that person has Power and influence but all of that is Changing because of the Tik Tock Algorithm Tik Tok takes the following Metrics into account when they're Thinking about engagement average watch Time percent of a total video watched Likes saves shares follows comments all Of those count toward engagement on the

Tik Tok platform you can even see in my Own account how Tik Tok prioritizes Those metrics so on Tik Tok even if a Video doesn't earn a like from a viewer If that viewer is watching the video all The way through Tik Tok is still going To take that as a positive signal so Your biggest goal should be to create Content that is highly engaging and that Also encourages viewers to watch the Video for as long as possible ideally All the way through by the way if you're Thinking that you can like shortcut this With like a two second video it's not Going to work I typically see videos That have high success rate to be Between 15 seconds to a minute long the Longer people watch and do things like Comment or share the higher likelihood Your video has the chance of hitting the Bigger Tik Tok algorithm also known as The for you page and from Tik tok's Point of view there really is no reason In them pushing a video that already has Low engagement to the broader algorithm And that reason being is that Tik Tok Wants as many high engaging videos as Possible because the more highly engaged You are the longer time you're going to Spend on the platform and when you spend More time on the platform Tik Tok has More opportunities to serve you ads Plain and simple now I have just the Thing for you if you are looking to grow

Your engagement I recently came across This awesome report from hubs spot that Teaches you how to grow your account on Tik Tok and if you're looking for the Blueprint on engagement and follower Count like this is it so I will leave a Link to it in the description below Check it out and let me know what you Think so how do you actually get people To watch longer let's talk about it Let's open your Tik Tok account and We're going to scroll and we're going to Find a video that pequs your interest so Go to your Tik Tok account and go to the For you page and let's start to scroll And see what pops up all bet one of the Biggest things you notice right off the Bat is that the videos that are really Good they just pull you in and kind of Hold your attention for a little bit and I call that the 3 second effect if Viewers don't get pulled in in the first 3 seconds they're out of there and That's Tik Tock growth tip number two is Make sure to pull people in within the First 3 [Music] Seconds love you I Do I there are some videos that pull people In that are result of great storytelling Too that aren't just a result of the 3 Second hook and you'll notice that all

Of these videos regardless of the hook Or the storytelling they create Intrigue It's dangling just enough of a carrot to Convince people to watch just a little Bit longer oddly enough the videos that Have performed really well for me on my Tik Tok Channel have actually been the Ones that either talk about a problem up Front in the first few seconds it's Actually happening I can't believe I'm Actually saying this but Google might be In trouble or address something negative Starbucks is just not having a good time Every time I do that the video usually Performs pretty well now I create Marketing content but you could also Easily do something like a ghost story And tell that in a really spooky manner Or talk about and show your dog who Loves to sit at the dinner table either Of these videos could still perform Really well because there's no Niche That has a leg up over one another it's All just utilizing that 3 second effect Here is something else that works really Well for me personally that I love to do That I now do in all of my videos and That is this putting some kind of red Text at the top that specifically like Summarizes or creates a little bit of Intrigue at the very beginning of the Video now how would you really know if You're creating enough Intrigue in your Videos I have the perfect answer for you

Tik Tok actually introduced recently This thing called a retention graph Which you can actually find in your Analytics on your Tik Tok account after You create your video you'll be able to Go into your analytics scroll to the Graph and see the percent of people who Have dropped off over a period of time In your video the faster the drop off The higher likelihood that your video Just wasn't super engaging for people And you probably need to work on your Hook or really taking advantage of the 3 Second effect the longer that people Stay on the video that actually shows That it is pretty highly engaging and What you did works the biggest takeway Here though is really to make sure that You plan out your content in chunks to Get people to watch for as long as Possible let me show you something when I first started my Tik Tok account I Decided for some reason I thought this Was a good idea to start writing on Whiteboards now I wanted to continue Writing on whiteboards because honestly Selfishly it was really easy for me but I had to stop one because my videos Weren't really performing that well and Then two someone actually commented Saying that they had a hard time reading My handwriting that one hurt if I wanted To succeed I knew that I had to change And that meant getting uncomfortable and

Honestly testing different kinds of Formats so Tik Tok growth tip number Three is test until you know that you Grow this means testing everything Testing different topics different ways That you say things different music Different styles literally anything that You can think of to really see if you Can move the needle on your growth You'll also notice something if you go On Tik Tok frequently that your favorite Creators are usually in what I would Call like a Content creation Groove they Have either serialized content that they Do over and over again again or they Just have like a certain style that they Know Works super well you have to find What works for you and stick with it but You'll know what works for you based on The metrics that we talked about earlier Are more people watching your video Longer than other videos are people also Watching your video more like they're Watching it all the way through and are You reaching more people so that really Means Tik Tok is pushing you into the For you page like are you actually Growing and reaching people Beyond who's Following you listen all in all if you Follow the five tips that we've talked About in this video I know that you're Going to succeed on Tik Tok and listen Even if you don't get a 100,000 Followers who really cares if you're

Succeeding at your goal reframe your Mind go out there and absolutely crush It oh and I promised you my favorite Hack at the beginning of the video so Let's talk about it quickly hey it's Jake again real quick are you a B2B Marketer struggling to measure your Campaigns LinkedIn and marketing Partners have you covered from real-time Analytics to attribution reporting LinkedIn and its trusted Partners like HubSpot are transforming how you measure And optimize all of your marketing Efforts and here's something new for you The LinkedIn Revenue attribution report If you're using HubSpot or Salesforce or Dynamics as your CRM you can now sync Your CRM data to see the influence of Your LinkedIn campaigns on the sales Pipeline check the link in the Description for their most recent ebook To see how marketers at businesses of All sizes are measuring the ROI from From their campaigns now let's get back To the video Once you create a video and Post it start to engage with the Comments as they come in for the first One to two hours why is this because When people land on a video often times Their first inclination is to go look at What people said in the comments and by Doing that it helps them ramp up their Watch time so that your video ranks Higher and higher in the algorithm try

It for yourself and let me know what you Think and I will catch you in the next Next marketing video [Music]

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