3 Secrets to Evergreen YouTube Videos (Get Traffic for Years)




3 Secrets to Evergreen YouTube Videos (Get Traffic for Years)

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In this video, we’ll dive into the secret sauce of creating Evergreen YouTube content that drives consistent traffic to your business for years! If you’re looking to maximize your video marketing strategy and build a long-term source of traffic and leads, this is the content for you. You’ll learn the definition and importance of Evergreen videos, the types of content that remain relevant over time, and how to optimize your videos for search engines. The three secrets we share in this video will be in your toolbox to content creation success, so have a watch and subscribe for more of these types of content!

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Evergreen YouTube videos everyone has Heard about them and everyone wants the Benefit of the consistent traffic that It sends to our business I've spent Thousands of hours building YouTube Channels and in this video I'm going to Show you what I have seen work the most Consistently howdy howdy everyone Nate Here I was approached by HubSpot to make This video because they saw that I knew A thing or two about this there are Three types of videos that consistently Get Evergreen traffic for channels like Yours first type of video for your Channel is this guides now at its core a Guide on YouTube is a video made for a Specific audience looking to accomplish A specific outcome they have a specific Goal a certain thing that they're trying To accomplish think how to pressure wash My driveway or have a consistently Green Lawn year round the concept of guide Videos is not new by any means and I'm Willing to bet that you watching this Have watched at least one guide video in Your lifetime I would be very surprised If you hadn't done that yet but the Thing to know here is how you approach Apprach that guide video can determine How successful it will perform long-term As an evergreen video when you're Thinking of a potential guide video that You're going to produce for your Business I want you to think of it this

Way we've got a pyramid here that Represent the type of questions that Your potential clients might have Related to the niche that you're serving With your products Okay so we've got Highlevel questions mid-level and Low-level questions highle questions are The types of questions that a lot of People are asking and therefore the Competition on these types of questions Might be a bit higher now with these Mid-level questions these are the types Of questions that they might want to Know if they're a little bit further Into being your ideal client maybe They've been educated a bit more maybe They're further along in exploring how To accomplish this outcome that your Business helps them accomplish and Therefore it goes to say that these Low-level questions will have fewer People looking for them therefore a Smaller audience for a guide style of Video but there are also the types of Questions that tend to have less Competition and therefore can be more Niche or perhaps an even better fit for Your audience here's how I want you to Look at it play in this space if you Have a brand that is well known already And you want to own the space on YouTube To create those Evergreen videos so for Here because the competition is higher The more well-known you are before you

Make that video the more likely it is That you will win that Evergreen spot so Here we're looking for this if you're Just starting off with making these Evergreen videos I want you to play more Here here in fact as a general rule of Thumb if you're wondering where to place Your guide videos on this spectrum I Would spend the most time in this space The mid level which leads us to this low Level right here you can make videos Here just know that they probably will Not spread as much as videos up here now There are advantages to playing in this Low-level space here because it might be Easier to win search which we're going To get to here in a bit so again to make This point land of the difference Between these high level and low level It could look like this if you are a Lawn care Channel a high level would be How to get my lawn to be green anyone Who has a lawn is wondering how do I get My lawn to be green a low-level question Would be how to air rate your lawn in The Pacific Northwest you can see the Differences between those two questions The low level is much more targeted but If your ideal clients are wondering how To aate their lawn in the Pacific Northwest and you provide a service for Them in that area boom your video could Win that space and a establish that Authority you're looking for with that

Specific targeted audience all right and It's time to move on to the next type of Evergreen video here I'm calling these The raw originality type of Evergreen Video this type is the type that we most Often think about when we think viral Video or videos that we watch and we say Dang that was a good video I'm going to Go ahead and share that with my friend This might not work for all business Types and it might not be worth the Effort for all business types but when It's done correctly can be extremely Successful let me give you some examples Red Bull if you've ever watched any of Their videos they have been absolutely Crushing it on YouTube recently and the Crazy part about these Red Bull videos Is it's often not immediately obvious That it is Red Bull if you take a step Back and look at what they're actually Doing with these videos they're making It about people doing cool stunts that Happen to have Red Bull branding it's Not the other way around and that is a Very important distinction with what Red Bull is doing because you almost don't Realize that it's a business esque video Until partway through because the Enthusiasm for the stunts is what comes First another example du lingo I don't Know who is in charge of their marketing Department on YouTube but I just want to Meet them and shake their hand du lingo

Has done everything from memes to Musicals they're completely owning that Brand because spread and originality is Their game plan here so here I've Diagrammed how the Evergreen traffic Looks like on YouTube a person will Become aware of your raw originality YouTube video they'll watch it and if It's good they will tell someone else About it who will then hopefully go and Watch the same video and what this cycle Does is very important for the YouTube Algorithm it does this Authority is a Word that I Loosely use to describe what Happens when the algorithm sees that a Video is a good video for a certain Audience and if it consistently performs Well for that audience they will Consistently promote that video creating The Evergreen cycle effect because the Bonus here is if this original person or If a new person decides to then watch Another one of your videos you have Created the coveted space of an Evergreen Channel because you've shown To the algorithm that you create the Behavior where a person watches your Video they like it they share it someone Else watches the video and then those Two people in this example watch another One of your videos and another and Another so the big strategy for this Evergreen video style is this brand Association if you make videos that have

An idea or something that's very Original and spreadable first that is Associated with your brain brand it's a Great way to spread awareness all right And we've got the next Evergreen style Of video here but first go ahead and Like this video if it is being helpful To you that allows this video to spread And potentially be more Evergreen to Other people that need to learn this so Thank you for doing that yes we have Come to search if you have spent any Amount of time on YouTube you aware that Search is huge on the platform the YouTube Traffic Engineers go through Iterations of how they classify search And this isn't an SEO or search engine Optimization video we could talk about That in another video but what this is Is talking about the behavior of Searchable videos for Evergreen traffic Let me show you what I mean here there Are three types of audience spread Behavior that I see within videos a fast Burn is if you publish a video let's say You publish right here you publish and It gets an initial Big Spike and then it Kind of Peters off and then maybe it Drops down to a very low here a slowburn Is the type of video that it can start However it wants to with spikes Etc but Afterwards you start to see this Happening with your views the third type Again can start however it wants to but

It will often look like this and then a Spike and then a flat all three of these Cases can't be successful for your Business but the most Evergreen of them Is this one and one of the best ways to Accomplish this type of your behavior Where it's consistently sending traffic To your video and thus to your business Is through search is by winning specific Search meaning they're going to watch Your video and they want an outcome so You can offer them something within that Very same video which means if you're Going for for the slowburn style of Evergreen video you want to include a Lead magnet of some type in every single One of those videos in fact if you need A little boost on how to best create the Packaging to win search I've included This array of HubSpot templates where They've essentially done most of the leg Work of getting that Foundation down for The packaging on your searchable videos So if you want most of that leg work Done for you I'm going to put a link in The description on this video now here's Where we get to the bonus extra super Secret sauce of this section here if You're looking to Win Evergreen search Here I want you to do two things with The packaging of your videos first is With the thumbnail include the text of The title of your video in the thumbnail Again or include a major benefit of

Watching your video for the audience in The thumbnail the second thing is with The title of your video format it this Way first what the video is and second The major benefit of watching that video For your audience that comes from Observing and testing thousands of YouTube videos and seeing that those are The types that tend to win search the Most often in fact the next time you Search for something on YouTube why Don't you check and see if they aren't Formatted that way so again like I Mentioned if you want that massive array Of HubSpot templates where they put in Most of the leg work of producing this Starting point for you you can get it With a link below this video it's Totally free and also if this video has Been helpful to you you can watch this Video next where I explain another very Important concept

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