Grow Your YouTube Channel NOW With QR Codes (Free & Easy)




Grow Your YouTube Channel NOW With QR Codes (Free & Easy)

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Are you looking for a creative and low-effort way to grow your YouTube channel? QR codes let you instantly turn any relevant call-to-action into a conversion. In this episode, we’ll take you step-by-step through the simple process of QR code creation with a tutorial that specifically links to your YouTube subscribe page. Then we’ll follow up with some light video editing to easily cut clips to their specific aspect ratios and quality levels required by each social platform. In just seconds, audiences can use their phone to scan a QR code directly from your videos and subscribe to your channel, check out related content, or any destination you choose!

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With over an estimated 5 billion Global Smartphone users the time is now to Bring QR codes into your YouTube Marketing strategy as a free fast and Low effort way to grow your audience you Can easily promote your YouTube channel Across social platforms advertise on Printed media and add your videos to Encourage viewers to subscribe or check Out related content in literal seconds So in this video I'll walk you through The QR code setup for your marketing Channels as well as a super easy Software to do some light video editing I'm talking just oh maybe a cut here and Music track there and a gift of Elon Here you know nothing crazy let's use PBS spots YouTube channel as an example When viewers subscribe to your channel a Special link is generated that looks Like this open a new incognito window Then paste that URL into the address bar Now highlight and delete the subcon from The question mark to the end which takes You to the homepage if I paste the full URL back in with the confirmation at the End you'll see the auto subscribe link As a popup to create your own customized Version all you need to do is replace This part of the URL with your YouTube Channel name now to make the QR code you Need a QR code generator such as this Click URL and insert your personalized YouTube subscribe link here and

Customize your frame shape and color you Can also sign up for a free account to Access more features and customize Further with a specific CTA like sub Subscribe and your business logo and Download we're making moves here people You'll see a message pop up here that Says your QR code is in progress and not To refresh the window a popup will Prompt you to sign up while your QR code Is downloading we'll ignore this you Want to make sure that your QR code Works properly before you add it to any Print collateral or digital content the Easiest way to do that is to point your Camera app at it and scan you'll get a Popup within seconds that'll link you to Your QR code content and it's looking Good now let's add it to our final video Export use your video editing app of Choice like cap cut or YouTube create Though for this video we'll use Adobe Premere rush if you're looking for a Quick easy and free way to cut clips for Social media Rush will convert your Videos to the specific aspect ratios and Quality levels required by each platform Which is perfect for YouTube content go To adobe's website and choose the Starter plan to access this you'll need A free Adobe ID account which you can Create with your email address or Through Google Facebook or Apple Accounts open the app and import your

Video clip now move the playhead to the Spot where you want the QR code to Appear in your video click on the blue Plus icon in the lower left corner and Choose media tap on the folder or Location where you Sav your QR code Select and then click add now in this Window you can drag and drop your QR Code onto the top layer of your video Clip to resize tap on transform in the Menu and choose scale we're going to Size it down and slide it over to the Lower right you may want to add a styliz Transition if you want something more Than a simple cut just remember to leave The QR code up long enough for viewers To have time to scan it I'll choose Transition and this first cross disolve Here to save Click Share in the top Toolbar then local add the file name and Choose a location to save to preview Your video before you render and click Export now to see it an action scan for Yourself you're directed to the Subscribe link without having to search For it it's literally magic to be honest With you now that we've made our Channel Subscriber code I'll share some of the Best practice is to keep in mind for any QR code you're looking to create add a Call to action the CTA on your QR code Gives users a clear purpose on what they Need to do next whether that's to click On a link purchase a product or

Subscribe to your email list it could be Part of a border surrounding the code or Simply a line of text above it customize Add your own brand spin to it again Notice in our example how we use Hubspot's brand color as the background Of our QR code along with our logo Mark And offer value make sure you're using Codes to Aid in the customer Journey Such as linking to helpful information a Free itm or service custom content or an Enhanced customer experience you can Also generate Dynamic QR codes that come With tracking data to measure how well Your QR code campaign is working which Could actually be a whole other video in A world where convenience is King QR Codes create a seamless experience in The customer journey by giving people What they need in just a snapshot if You're ready to use QR codes for any and All of your marketing purposes download Spots free QR code guide to learn how to Leverage them to flawlessly merge your Physical and digital brand Experiences that's you merging let us Know how you plan to use QR codes in the Comments below and don't forget to like And subscribe for hubspot's latest Marketing tips and strategy now if You'll excuse me I've got some codes That I got to go scan the world is wide There's a lot to see out there and I Want to see it until then I'll see you

Next Time I can find this client info have You of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM platform So it shares its data across every Application every team can stay aligned No out of syn spreadsheets or dueling Databases HubSpot grow Better

Conquer Part Of The Internet With Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a bustling new area of business that shows great opportunity and growth. Internet advertising has reared its head as one of the biggest industries around, best characterized by the prolific giant Google. Initially based off of their advertising revenue from their search engine, Google has realized the potential profits to be earned by selling their search hits to the highest bidder, at least with respect to the larger corporations. This article explores the origins of search engine advertising.

Try using multiple domains with your website. This is especially helpful if your site covers multiple topics since search results generally preview one or two pages from your domain. This way can ensure that you can be found and that you attract more traffic. This can also help you get more listings via directories.

Get backlinks. These types of links that go back to your site from other sites are some of the best ways to get search engines to notice you and rank your website highly. The more backlinks you can get, the better for your business. Work on getting 5-10 new backlinks everyday and watch your sales rise.

Increase traffic to your own site pages by linking back to yourself. When you create new content, or a new page, make sure to include a link to your previous material, archives, or other relevant information. It will increase the traffic and interest to these pages, making them more interesting to the search engines.

Individualize your Internet marketing. Make it personal and meaningful to the customers. Choose keywords they are likely to use and remember that they may not be as Internet savvy as you are so they need simple and easy to use websites when they get to yours. Do not use jargon or too much technological babble. You want to keep your customers, not lose them.

Google’s almost subtle usage of advertising is characteristic of the current technological epoch. Innovation and outside the box thinking are necessary when dealing with a new market. Google’s exploitation of the available resources and their consequent launch into mainstream corporations indicates just how valuable a good idea can be.

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