Digital Marketer Reacts To HORRIBLE Marketing Advice On Tiktok




Digital Marketer Reacts To HORRIBLE Marketing Advice On Tiktok

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the TikTok tips and advice, this video is for you.

TikTok has some really great videos that can teach you how to do just about anything, but let’s face it – there’s a lot of garbage in there, too. And if you don’t know any better it’s hard to tell the garbage from the gems.

I’ve been helping small businesses with their digital marketing for over ten years, and I’ve gotta say, some of these TikToks are actively ruining people’s businesses.

In this video, I’m gonna help you sort through the TikTok chaos and boost your business the smart way.

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And most of the time the answer is a Solid hell no I already don't like this So I have kind of a LoveHate Relationship with Tik Tok you know There's some really great videos that Can teach you how to do just about Anything but let's face it there's a lot Of hot garbage in there too and if you Don't know any better it's really hard To tell the garbage from the gems now I've been helping small businesses with Their digital marketing for over 10 Years and some of these Tik toks are Actively ruining people's businesses so Let's just jump in into it I don't think Anybody here is going to like what's About to come out of my mouth I want Every person in this room after this Conference to go home tomorrow and post Somewhere between eight and 15 pieces of Content on LinkedIn YouTube Shorts Facebook Instagram snap Tik Tok and I Want you to do it every day yeah I've Heard him say this kind of it's G ve I've heard him say this kind of thing Before and honestly while he's probably Right on paper talk about a recipe for Burnout right right no small business Owner can possibly keep up with a Strategy like that so it's bad advice For that reason alone I think what's Going to help the average business owner Way more than just cranking out crazy Amounts of content is to really

Concentrate on one weekly piece whether It's a great article or better yet a Long form video or a podcast that can Just go out there and develop a really Strong connection with people then turn Around and then use an AI tool to find The best bits and pieces in that Longterm content to repurpose and post Once a day across the various platforms That he's talking about 8 to 15 pieces a Day is just unrealistic and unless You've got a team like Gary has you're Going to start with the best of Intentions and you'll quit in less than A month not sustainable making a website For your service business is an absolute Mistake and here's why websites are Expensive and timec consuming to Maintain and when you're out there Running your business the absolute last Thing you need to be doing is spending Time on your website trying to figure Out the back end Etc hard disagree I Mean can we first of all just all agree That the right website that's set up Correctly can be up there and bringing In leads for you you know I'm telling You I know that to be true I see it Every single day so if you're too busy Running your business to worry about Your website that is the ultimate Argument for needing the kind of website That's going to take some of the Marketing and the selling off of your

Plate and basically put it into Automation instead what you're going to Do is create a business listing and then A service listing for each of the Services that you provide then customers Can go into your service listings and Book an appointment with you without you Having to do anything extra I'm really Not even sure what she means here like Does she just mean to create this within Your Google business profile that's not Going to do the same thing as having a Strategically formatted and worded Website period even if you set it up Like she said where they could book your Service from right from the listing they Won't because you're giving them zero Reasons to trust you or want to buy from You and I'm sorry this is 2024 you're Telling me you as a business owner can Just not have a website in 2024 how much Would you trust a business that told you Okay sorry we don't have a website to me That's a business that sounds like they Just opened up yesterday and they don't Plan on being around tomorrow just Terrible advice there and speaking of Websites I think we have another website Clip next there are five things that Every service-based business needs to Include on their website real world Examples of your work stats to back up The importance of your services Testimonials from your previous clients

Okay so far I agree with all of that Detailed application form for your Services whoa wait a minute did you see That application form okay this is where It gets into a major gray area so so yes If you're trying to get appointments or Bookings or consultations scheduled from Your website a form like this is one way To go but not like this one I wouldn't Make a form this complicated ever unless You're super in demand as it is and You're consciously trying to make people You know jump through hoops so that you Can weed out about 90% of your audience Out of ever even contacting you for Almost any service business I recommend Asking them for their first name their Email address possibly their phone Number if you plan on calling them and You can ask a more open-ended question Like you know what's this meeting going To be about but even that question can Make some people just freeze up if they Don't have the words ready and then they Leave your website you know it is Considered best to ask three questions On a form and it's actually been shown That asking even one more question drops Your conversion rate in half boost your Local SEO with this special strategy Create a Google stack a Google stack Involves creating content on all of Google's resources like Google Docs and Google PowerPoint and Google Sheets and

Google sites filling all of those Documents with keywords related to your Business using the links generated from That content or containing keywords and Links back to your website Google tends To index their own resources very Quickly and potentially gives you a Bo To your traffic what is he even talking About so he's saying that if you make Some Google docs and Google spreadsheets Where you use the keywords you want your Website to be found for and then put Links to your website inside of Google Docs that's somehow going to help your Website rank if only it were that easy But no Google might index certain Google Docs if they're made public and like Linked to from other sites but they Wouldn't have any Authority at all this Is just complete BS and a waste of time I award it zero points I award you no Points and may God have mercy on your Soul I had my dad bring me to Bass Pro Shops I bought those Bass Pro Shop hats That you know everyone wears now I got Them for $4 and then I brought them to School with me I took one of the hats I Gave it to the most popular kid in School everybody copied this kid I Recognize that at a young age so I gave Him this hat and all of a sudden Everybody wants this hat so I would go Over to their lunch group pull out my Backpack and just have 10 Bass Pro Shop

Hats on me that I bought for 4 bucks and I'm like hey you want to look like Daniel buy them for 12 bucks actually I I like I kind of like that I mean it's a Funny story I have no idea if it's true But he's basically talking about Influencer marketing here right so Forget the fact that he did this in Person at school but just imagine if you Can find you know that cool kid who has A lot of influence with your ideal Customers and pay them to you know Basically wear your hat and talk up your Offer the sway they have with your Audience can work really well and There's whole marketplaces where you can Find these smaller influencers who you Don't have to pay a ton of money to who Will absolutely do that for you I know That Tik Tok has a Marketplace like that And so does Instagram now too A lot of People ask me should I display my Service pricing on my website and most Of the time the answer is a solid hell No I already don't like this but why is That here's the thing if you're running A service-based business and you show People your pricing straight off the bat Then you're instantly making the entire Conversation all about price customers Will straight away start looking around For the cheapest possible rate and Comparing your price against your Competitors price that is such an

Assumption and not even necessarily true And unless you're the cheapest in town All the time you probably won't win the Job here's the thing though not everyone Is looking for the cheapest price some People are and if you're expensive you Actually want to push those bargain Shoppers away you think you're just Going to magically talk someone who Can't afford to pay your premium prices Into affording it but if they have to Call you to get your pricing that's Where the magic actually happens okay he Does he does think that this is the push Back I get all the time including from My own stepmom by the way people think That if you gatekeep your pricing that They're going to want to get on the Phone with you to find it out the Problem is 96% of today's website visits Aren't anywhere near ready not just to Buy but they're not ready for that Conversation yet and they won't call you And they won't remember you when they Are ready they will remember the Business that gave them their prizes Though so keep your pricing off your Website and change the conversation from Price to Value exactly change the Conversation so part of putting your Pricing on your website is about giving Context to it tell them why you charge Charge what you do and let them self Select if they want to pay more for a

Higher level of service and if they Don't now you don't have to waste your Time on sales calls that don't go Anywhere not to mention people are Looking for prices on your website so be The business that helps them out and is Transparent about it back when I was Doing client work I didn't consider any Lead qualified until I knew that they Had seen my pricing page and then after That if they still wanted to talk I knew I'd have a much easier Time closing that Deal short form vertical video content Is the way to go if you can Master Content creation and short form video Making it doesn't matter what you decide To do online you can make so much money Focus on Tik Tok first create content For Tik Tok that will perform well on Tik Tok then you can disperse that Content to all other platforms okay so I Half agree with this but not really so While I do think that short form video Is great for you know grabbing attention It doesn't do the best job at converting That attention into anything more Serious and let's be honest the days of Putting out short videos and then just Automatically getting millions of views Those days are over so rather than Concentrating on short videos I would Personally concentrate on longer you Know YouTube classic videos that let People go a little bit deeper with you

And then use an AI tool like Opus clip To find the best bits to just chop out And then repurpose them into shorts that Way you get the quick attention grabs But you also get the deeper connection You can really only get with those Longer videos how I advertise my small Business made it to Walmart doesn't know where to Itage okay I mean this is just silly but But don't do that a the store is Probably just going to toss them B it's Not a great look for your business it Kind of makes you look desperate for Clients and there are just literally a Hundred better ways of getting your name Out there let's see if this next clip is Is one of those ways now I'm going to Show you two hacks for local SEO that You guys can do and it's completely free And these are going to help you begin to Rank higher on Google search first one Is finding local business citations okay Yeah I mean local SE would be a much Better way to get seen than just Dropping business cards on tampon boxes At Walmart citation is just getting your Name address phone number and website on Another website like Yelp Yellow Pages Squarespace and more some of them are Going to be free some of them are going To be paid but they will be worth it as It's going to be a strong local backlink Yeah I mean citations like this are

Still a relevant ranking factor and They're fairly easy to do but the Problem is it's kind of considered you Know just the bare minimum of local SEO These days meaning you have to do more Than that if you want to outrank your Competition so let's see sounds like He's got more here let's see what else He's got and then the second strategy is To get Niche relevant blog comment Backlinks go into Google and put in Leave a reply and then whatever service Or keyword you want to improve your Rankings for and make sure that leave a Reply is in quotation marks and now Basically we're trying to find websites And blog posts that allow comments on Them as well as a backlink oh man yeah That's just going to be a huge waste of Time for any kind of SEO you do want Links from other sites back to yours but The kinds of links he's talking about Here aren't going to do much of anything For a couple reasons first just about Any website that still allows comments Has them set to what's called No follow Meaning if you did manage to to get your Link in there it wouldn't pass on any Linking power to your website it's why If you were to link to your website on Facebook or on social media it's not Really considered a backlink so secondly If you were to add your own link to Someone's comment section it just feels

Like spam and that website owner is Almost always going to take it down You'd be much better off just going After real links by offering to write Guest posts for blogs in your Niche Where they would then link back to your Website in that author Bio Section if You're running Facebook ads there are Three things you absolutely need to be Doing if you want to be profitable one You need to be spending at least $30 to $50 a day if you can't figure out a way To afford that you probably shouldn't be Running ads in the first place I kind of Agree with that actually you know Facebook ads have gotten pretty Expensive lately especially when what You're selling isn't on the really High-end price-wise two you should Always be using conversion objectives Like leads or sales otherwise you're Really just wasting your money okay so This is some really common advice that Definitely used to be true but I can't Really 100% get behind it anymore so Here's the thing yes if you want Facebook to optimize your ads for Conversions that would be the best Objective on paper at least but like I Said ad costs have been going higher and Higher pretty much moving the goalposts For how profitable your ads can really Ever be and what I've been hearing from A lot of Facebook ad experts more and

More lately is that if you were to back Off of that conversion objective to more Of a traffic objective you can actually Get results for like 10 to 20 times Cheaper now bear in mind and this is the Catch 22 the results aren't necessarily As good but when it's the difference Between being profitable or not Conversion ads just aren't affordable For smaller businesses anymore plus There's a huge reason to run more of Those like awareness style campaigns Aigns that have has nothing to do with Short-term conversions you want to just Put a few bucks a day behind ads that Push out your content like videos or Articles to warm up those cold audiences That you can then retarget later I have Got to cool it with chat GPT I can spot A chat GPT caption a mile away they all Look exactly the same they are worded Exactly the same and to be honest with You they are not going to convert all Chat GPT captions sound like a 30second Infomercial trap GPT captions are meant For a wide audience they are not made Specifically for your ideal target Audience your target audience pain Points your target audience desires this Is such a common misconception that's so Easy to fix so she is a little bit right That you're you know your standard chat Gbt written stuff she's talking Specifically about social captions here

But this applies to every kind of Content that it can create so the way it Writes on its own is not the best right But it's so easy to just train it up on Your own style and specifically tell it Who your audience is and even let it Help you figure out their pain points so That all that's in there and I know that A lot of people out there love to hate On chat gbt but the truth is it's an Amazing tool that can help you get more Done and be more efficient in your Business so the takeaway shouldn't be to Stop using it all together or you're G To quickly become obsolete so it's much Better to start using it in a smarter Way to get more out of it so that you Can actually get ahead so one sentence Will change how you use chat GPT forever So here's what you're going to write in Chat GPT you're going to say in a minute I'm going to ask you to write copy for My business this includes sales email Blog post Instagram captions Tik Tok Ideas whatever it is that you need and Here's the question that will change Everything so I want you to ask me 15 to 20 questions to better understand my Customers my business my audience my Values and my tone of voice within Seconds chat gbt is going to ask you all Of these questions to help you Purposefully and intentionally reach the People you actually want to reach and

Have your tone of voice without sounding Like a robot that is such a smart move It basically lets you take a more Passive approach where chat gbt can Steer the ship to where you want to go And all you need to do is just answer Some questions it gives you I I love This Chachi BT knows you now come back Mon later requesting the same Information because it always remembers Who you are okay so that's where she Loses me a little bit that part's not Actually true at least not by default so Chat gbt doesn't remember information it Got from you in previous chats unless You go back to the same chat so I can't Have a session where it learns all about Me and my business needs then start a New chat weeks later and expected to Remember all that but there actually is A new feature if you go over to custom Instructions you can actually give it All the background on your business and Your audience as well as your tone of Voice and your overall style and when You put it in there it will remember it From chat to chat so pretty cool this is The Z website and when I say zero I Actually mean zero setup cost and zero Running cost and it will look highly Professional like this website right Here so what you normally need for a Website is a domain hosting and maybe a Designer usually you have to buy a

Domain and buy hosting for WordPress to Work but when you go to this link right Here you can actually register and Create a subpage at WordPress Directly now all you have to do is find A fitting theme and include your content Yeah don't do this this is one of those Cases where free actually costs you a Lot so what he's talking about is a Website that you set up on a free Hosting plan and it's hosted on so the issue here here is That then the website address you have To tell people to go to is going to be Something like you know your business Name which is hard for People to remember plus you can't even Add plugins and you can't really control Things like the content blocks and your Content in general as well as you could If you just got a $3 a month hosting Plan it definitely not worth giving all That up to save three bucks a month That's just the minimum cost of doing Business three reasons you need to start A YouTube channel in the New Year if you Already have a business YouTube is kind Of like a cheat code because typically If you get like a th000 views on a video On YouTube you're not going to make a Lot of money but if you can sell a Product or service to that thousand People you can make some serious money Okay so this is actually what I would

Say is the smartest marketing advice of Not only this year but for the next 10 Years or more I mean I'm I'm not even Kidding if you're not seriously Considering putting your business on YouTube you need to start thinking about It it is 100% responsible for 10 Xing my Business profits over the past five Years or so just because it builds so Much trust between me and my audience That then goes on to buy things like you Know Consulting packages or my paid Program and when I was still offering Full service every new client that I Talked to was pre-sold on me because They had seen you know five 10 of my Videos already which meant that I didn't Have to work nearly as hard to close Them and then that led to me being able To dramatically increase my prices too But maybe you feel like you know nobody Would want to watch a business like Yours on YouTube the thing is though There's an art to creating business Videos that absolutely blow up and can Get you clients on demand and I've got The recipe for that in this video so Click here and I'll show you exactly What to do if you want to get all the Benefits the video can get for you Without the pain of watching them flop So I'll see you over here in just a Second

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