Copy This Perfect Landing Page To Double Your Leads Instantly




Copy This Perfect Landing Page To Double Your Leads Instantly

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There’s a type of website page you’ve never heard of before – that could triple your traffic and double your leads.

That’s exactly what happened when one company tried it. And it wasn’t just luck. It’s 100% repeatable for any business.

In this video, I’ll show you what it is, how it works to increase both traffic and lead generation, AND how you can use it on YOUR website.

But to get this to work for you, we need to talk about the big problem that most websites have that limit their lead-getting ability – and I’m betting you have this issue right now too.

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What if I told you there was a type of Website page that you've never heard of Before that could triple your traffic And double your leads it's exactly what Happened when this company tried it and It wasn't just luck this page is 100% Repeatable for any business so in this Video I'm going to show you what this Brand new page is how it works to Increase both traffic and lead Generation and how you can use it on Your website to get this to work for you We need to talk about the big problem That most websites have that really Limit their lead getting ability and I'm Betting you have this issue right now Too imagine this glass contains your Helpful engaging content articles blog Posts this is what draws people to your Site and this one this is your sales Content your homepage and service pages That turn visitors into customers now on Most websites these two are kept Separate your visitors might appreciate Your helpful content but they never make It out of this glass and into this one Where they can become a customer but When you mix them together you create a Powerful reaction in your customer's Brain exploding your sales as a result So if you want to sell way more let me Introduce you to the hybrid landing page Think of it like a sales page cleverly Disguised as an article it's perfect for

Showing up in Google searches or for Targeting with paid ads and the best Part they read the content piece which When done right creates a real demand For your paid offer educating them and Warming them up the whole way before Seamlessly transitioning to the sales Content and by the time they reach that Part they're ready to go now this Strategy is still underused enough to be Novel but smart marketers have been Experimenting with this type of page for Years and have gotten some incredible Results from it for boom Cosmetics this Hybrid landing page is their number one Highest converting landing page ever so Much so that they pretty much only send Their Facebook ads to this page nowhere Else this marketing agency owner says It's outperforming every other landing Page they're using and this top sales Copywriter has used this exact format to Generate more than $20 million for his Clients so now let's look at the simple Page layout that did all of that so that You can easily copy it for your own Business so starting right here at the Top you'll notice this pretty much looks Like an article right that's because We're starting with the content piece And every article needs a great title so This is going to be your first step Deciding on the right topic and title For your article that's going to be

Really intriguing to readers who may not Be ready to buy yet but they do know That they have a problem they need to Solve so your first step is to decide What's the biggest problem that your Business solves for your customers is it An ugly yard high taxes or a place for Their dog to stay while they go on Vacation you know once you have that Problem in mind you can use chat GPT to Help you brainstorm a list of topics That you can actually use as the basis For your article so just head on over to Chat GPT and you're going to paste in This prompt list 20 engaging topic ideas For specific demographic I'll put in Here 20-some entrepreneurs that address Their main challenges with staying Motivated working from home focus on Unique scenarios relevant to this group Offering diverse perspectives and Solutions without pushing a specific Service or product keep these as broad Topics not specific titles and then we Would just see what it comes up with and From there you would just pick the topic That you think would work best then Create the perfect title for it so you Can either do that yourself you know Modeling it on other titles you've seen That really stood out to you or you can Just ask Chad gbt to write you you know 20 or so titles for that topic But be Sure to ask it for intriguing titles

Only and to not use colons for some Reason Chad gbt loves putting in uh Colons right in the middle of a title Which is just a dead giveaway that was Written with AI so once you've got the Title it's time to write the actual Article and it's important that you Start it by really connecting with your Reader so how do you do that well you Know the problem they have so it's all About bonding with them over that Problem so for this example we're Talking about a um a shared office space Let's say you own one of those I don't Know um but anyway so you know the Problem that your your audience is Dealing with is working from home can Just feel very limiting distracting Nonproductive right so you'd bring that Up as a huge problem that exists but you Wouldn't want to stop there You' want to Make the problem even bigger by bringing Up specific examples or scenarios of how This affects their life right you we're Bringing up the fact that like housework Uh May distract you or a quick TV break That turns into a binge watching session So what we have here is Negative negative until you quickly flip It into a positive you basically just Say you know I see your problems but it Doesn't have to be that way now from There you're just going to write the Article so listicles can work really

Well here like you know five tips points Or steps But really the format here is up to you As long as it's helpful for your ideal Future client and delivers on the Promise of the title now I'm sure you're Wondering okay Wes but how long should This article be before we get to the the Good stuff the sales stuff so that is Going to depend on how you plan on Getting people to this page in the first Place if you're planning on running paid Ads to it like from Facebook or Instagram it can be fairly short and to The point like remember the one from Boom Cosmetics that I touched on earlier That's really short I would probably go A bit longer than that just so that People feel like you know they're Actually getting what they came for but Honestly the way that one's written it Offers five definitive tips that they May not have thought of before so it Works however if you're planning on Going for search traffic you'd want to Make it you know I don't want to say Longer for the sake of longer but you Want to make it much more thorough Because Google does not really want to Rank Pages at the top of search results That deliver thin content and I really Do hate assigning a word count to Pages Because it really isn't about the word Count but I will say that you should be

Aiming for at least a thousand words of Good quality stuff that uses your Keyword phrase a few times in a few key Places like up in your title in a Subheadline or two and a few times in Your body copy as well and I'm not going To get too far in the weeds here on SEO But I do have a video that you can watch Next that's going to help you get all That dialed in perfectly and I will be Leaving a link to that in the Description below so let's get to the End of the article here at the end Rather than wrapping it up with uh a Conclusion paragraph like you learned Back in school this is actually where we Want to seamlessly transition it into Your sales page and we do that with what I call the sales solution bridge and Here's how that works so you're just Going to use a transitional sentence Along the lines of okay so you know Knowing all this is one thing but Actually doing it is another but don't Worry we're here to help or I'm here to Help whichever the case is you then use Just a paragraph or two to introduce Yourself why you're so passionate about What you do and what you offer that'll Help them so this works as the perfect Transition between the advice you gave Why you're qualified to give it and Finally how you can help them even more If they pay you and I do highly

Recommend including a photo right here Of either you your team or the person That your clients would most likely be Working with directly it just helps to Put a friendly face to the promise and That really helps in building trust Especially with someone who's never Heard of you or your business before and This is also where you would put your First call to action button you know Just encouraging people to click here if They're ready to get started but the Text that you put here on this call to Action button really matters don't say Something vague like contact us or get Started because they won't know what That means exactly so whatever it is you Want people to do whether it's to book a Tour schedule a consultation book an Appointment directly or even buy Something make that action your called Action text now with the bridge built Everything that comes after this point Is designed to sell and we're going to Start with laying out the three big Reasons that someone would want to take You up on your offer This is your benefit section and I do Have to really stress here these are Benefits not features and most people Confuse the hell out of the two so let's Clear up the difference a feature is a Thing and a benefit is a result so take A look at this example from Ali just

Notice how each of these items talks About a result you know they could have Easily just talked about specific Nutrients and ingredients but instead They talk about what those nutrients Will do for your dog and ending it with The ultimate result that your dog will Live a longer life how much more Powerful is that than if they just said Something like developed by vets and if You have trouble here don't worry most People do luckily this is another great Use case for chat GPT just tell it all The things you offer you know your Features things like emergency service Experienced technicians or you know a 60-day guarantee then ask it to make a Table with the feature in column A and Then to brainstorm corresponding Benefits to each in column B then just Pick the three most compelling benefits And list those as the headlines here and Then in one short sentence underneath it Bring up the feature that makes that Benefit possible and because visuals Help us get our ideas across about six Times better than just text alone you're Definitely going to want to use some Kind of an icon or a photo or some kind Of an image for each benefit then just Add a super clear headline here that Emphasizes that this is what people can Expect from you but nothing speaks Louder than the words of a satisfied

Customer so let's break down how to Craft a testimonial section that's not Just impressive but also authentic and Convincing so first off if you've got Video testimonials use them they're like Gold a real person speaking about their Experience is incredibly persuasive but If you're working with text testimonials Making them stand out is going to be key Here so when choosing your testimonials It's important to choose the best ones I Like to use three on a page like this so What you want to be looking for are Statements that talk about Real Results Or address common objections that people Might have about hiring you and the way That you format these testimonials can Make all the difference between people Actually reading them or not and this is What's always worked great for me so you Want to start with a powerful headline From the testimonial that goes beyond Saying something generic like you know Great service or highly recommended what You want to do is highlight a specific Result or overcome a doubt then you just Want to follow it up with a short and Sweet little version of the testimonial Itself nobody wants to read a novel here So just cut it down to the very best Parts and after you've cut it down it Still might be too long for people to Read it word for word which is why you Want to use Bolding on key phrases that

Really don't want them to miss also I do Recommend adding a five-star graphic Here to visual ually show that this is a Positive testimonial and if possible Include the name in a photo of the Person as well with their permission of Course you want to make sure you get That but having the name and the photo Makes the testimonial feel much more Real and relatable as if someone Believes in you enough to publicly stand Behind their words really makes a big Difference next we have to overcome a Common sticking point with your prospect So when people are at all unsure about What's coming they tend to just back off And say no so that's why we use a simple Transparent three-step process plan so This is where we're going to spell out Exactly what your potential customers Need to do to get started and give them A clear picture of what working with you Looks like by removing all of the Guesswork and the wh ifs we're Paving a Really smooth path for them to follow This is all about just creating a sense Of familiarity and Trust right from the Start because when customers know what Each step involves they're much more Likely to take that leap with you and The cool part is you don't have to Figure out what these three steps are They're already prefigured out for you So step one is always just going to be

Whatever your call to action is you know For example schedule a consultation or Book an appointment in this scenario Here it's scheduling a visit for a Walkth through now step two admittedly Is a bit of a cheap because it's where All the work you do happen so the whole Point here is that you're making all That work sound super simple on your Client's end so if you were to list out All the steps that you take in your Business it's going to look overwhelming To them but this way it's almost like You're saying don't worry we've got this For you and step three is always the Happily ever after where they get to Reap the rewards of the work that you Did okay so for our next section it's Really important to understand how Buying decisions typically work you know 95% of that decision is based on Emotions and that goes for just about Any Yes even including B2B purchases too Which is why so much of what we've laid Out on this page so far is there to Appeal to their desires their dreams all That good stuff but emotion alone won't Always get people past the finish line So a lot of people need to feel like They've backed up that emotional Decision with logical reasons why that They should buy what you're selling and That is where the features section picks

Up the slack so remember all those Features that I had you list out when You were brainstorming your big three Benefits well now is the time to include As many of them as you can think of so Just list them all out by name and maybe A you know short one sentence Description of each and then we have a Really simple call to action block that Just asks if they're ready to go and if They are to click this button to get Started and as well as this landing page Works on its own you do want the rest of Your website to be set up just as well To bring in new visitors consistently And turn them into paying clients Automatically so I've got a seat for you In my free Master Class where I'm going To break it down really simply what you Need on your site to get clients and What you'd better remove right now Before you scare them off so click here To get your spot and I'm going to send You your access right when you do so Click here and let's make your website The client generating machine that your Business needs

Learn What Internet Marketing Can Do For You

The internet is one of the newest and most effective tools you can use for marketing a product or a service. Whatever it is that you are trying to market, if you learn a few simple tricks of the trade, soon you will be a master of online marketing.

To best market your website, hire a quality SEO designer. These professionals can set up your website so that when relevant keywords are typed into a search engine your company is found. A novice SEO writer can run into many pitfalls, so having a professional on your side is important.

If you have a phone number that clients or customers call, put your web address or domain name in the outgoing message on your voicemail. Anyone who calls in and hears that, may just sign in to your website to see if they can find the answer to the question that they were calling about.

Be as detailed as possible when marketing a product. Studies show that large percentages of the population need profuse explanations about the benefits of the products they are thinking of buying in order to be persuaded. If customers genuinely believe the marketing, they will be much more willing to buy the product. Researchers have found that many people will trust a website with several paragraphs of information about a product over a website that is very succinct.

Decipher what vernacular is used regarding your brand by looking at all conversations about your brand online. You can make a word cloud and use the most prominent words in your online marketing campaigns to more effectively reach out to audiences. You will be able to speak to them more clearly if you are using terms they know, use and accept as sensible.

As was previously mentioned, the internet is an extremely good tool for marketing. It gives you access to a vast, literally worldwide, marketplace. It is full of opportunity. If you take the time to learn a few simple yet effective tips, you will find your pockets filing up twice as fast.

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