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Best of Gary Vee @ INBOUND

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In this compilation video you’ll get a crash course in Gary Vee’s
no-nonsense approach to B2B marketing strategies, personal branding, and the art of the hustle. From understanding the power of a singular moment to realizing the impact of long-term branding. Discover why “ruining everything” could be the best thing for your business, and how a simple tactic could close deals every time. In this compilation, Gary Vee leaves no stone unturned. This is your chance to learn from one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our era. Subscribe now for a front-row seat to game-changing insights!

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If you understand and start respecting Both art and science math and creative Equally friction creating that diamond You'll be a successful marketer over the Next decade if you have not achieved What you want to professionally or in Life time is the number one thing you've Got you need to deploy as much of that As humanly possible that is the asset When you have not achieved the things That you want to happen in life and it Is because of time that you haven't Wanted to put into these platforms or Worlds that is a massive mistake it's The one asset you have not everybody in This room has money it's true for Everybody in this room you will sit back In 20 30 years and regret if you didn't Execute in this era and by the way I Don't want to hear that this is for 20 And 30 year olds 40 50 60 70. it's an Equal playing field if you're willing to Be a practitioner and understand the Ecosystem that I've been speaking about Tonight I'm spending so much time with 40 to 60 year old executive lips who are Dwelling and are upset and tell me dumb like but Gary I didn't grow up with This neither did I Alice my friends I want you to become historians of Marketing I want you also understand What marketing is we have confusion in The marketplace of marketing and Branding versus sales we have a lot of

People in this room that are digital Natives and they really understand sales They understand optimization UI ux they Understand cost per click they Understand how you convert and change Things and things of that nature but What they don't do is actually brand and Market and if your business is growing You have to have a healthy balance of Marketing and sales and branding If I Had One Plea for the collective room Tonight from a marketing and branding And business standpoint it is that we Have to understand the following and This is tough for the digital landscape But very easy for the Madison Avenue Landscape creative is the variable of Success the one thing that we all trade On in this room no matter how and what You do Whether you're B2B or b2c whether you Sell sneakers or wine or books or your Services no matter what we are all tied To attention we are all battling for Your attention but once you have my Attention that creative is the variable One amazing thing about B2B we and I'm In it now with vaynermedia we know The name of the customer we know the Businesses we want we even know the Decision maker we want the problem is we Suck we get real lazy and we send bulk emails on linked in can We make a pledge tonight actually you

Know what let's do this if you're Willing to pledge to no more bulk email Horseshit spec email on LinkedIn stand Up so I can clap for you personally in 1997 I had a 200 000 person email Newsletter for Wine Library at that had 91.3 open race Not because I was a hero but because Email marketing hadn't existed yet the Thing that I'm most fascinated by is That I know as a marketer and I'm a Marketer as a marketer the number one Thing the thing that I know more than The sun will come up tomorrow is that Marketers ruin everything you show me Attention and I'll show you a place that I want to sell And that's how it gets changed if you're In a B2B environment you have to run Facebook ads and you have to do it now And first and foremost you're not going To Outsource it to somebody else you're Not going to find Little Susie That's 23 In the office and be like you you're Young you know social media you're not Going to do that you're going to Actually spend 10 hours and read and Watch videos it's crazy you can learn Anything so many people like Gary but I Don't know how to use the Instagram Product I'm like I get it you go to Google and you search it face okay That's what you do it's not super Complicated it's crazy anything you

Don't know you can search in two seconds Everybody's crippled like they don't Know it's there you become a Practitioner you actually deploy the Facebook ads yourself so you have some Ability and knowledge so somebody can't Hose you you need to be the person that Knows it the best one more time B2B Raise your hands you guys know who You're going after I want you to Target The employees of that company One by one the employees now you take a Step back now you know you're targeting 15 17 22 different businesses if you Want to get really crazy you target them One by one and you make videos or Pictures just for that company but if You want scale you can put them all in a Bucket and now you're gonna make a video Or a picture you know a billboard or Print ad or a television commercial and What you're gonna do is you're gonna Make the creative start with does your CFO know does your CTO know does your CIO know you know exactly who in that Organization in that organization is the Person that needs to see that content And you're going to start the video or Your picture with that statement and I Promise you for hundreds of dollars Depending on the size your business Sometimes for thousands of dollars that Person is going to get 12 to 25 to 100 People forwarding them that piece of

Content and that piece of content will Be the gateway drug to your sales team To convert and close it works every time

Internet Marketing? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Internet marketing is the promotion of products over the internet. It easily brings together the creative aspects of the internet with the technical. This will bring a rise in sales to companies that put time into it. You will be reading many tips that will help you develop internet marketing for your company.

To promote what you are selling, write a review of the product. Make sure to use the name of the product and the word ‘review’ in your title. People looking for the keyword ‘review’ will find your web page and chances are, they are thinking about buying the product, if they were looking for a review.

To increase your productivity and ascertain that you are getting to the right people, analyze and create a viable target market on the internet. This will allow you to focus in on the type of people that will purchase your product, which ends up facilitating business. Keep this target market happy and appeal to their liking.

Knowing where your visitors are coming from and how much traffic your site attracts, will help you to optimize your site to attract even more customers. There are many free and easy to use tools that can analyze your traffic and show you exactly who is visiting your site and why. Use these tools to improve your site and bring in more traffic.

When you begin an internet marketing venture, it is important that you understand who your competition is, as well as what your goals are. If you do not understand these key parts about your journey, you can never succeed. You must know where you are going before you can get there.

You have learned the definition of internet marketing, and why you should be doing it. There has been a lot of advice given, so make sure to take your time and reread this article to make sure that you did not miss some of the information that could save your company.

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