8 Google Docs Hacks to Maximize Productivity (Free Master Guide)




8 Google Docs Hacks to Maximize Productivity (Free Master Guide)

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Google Docs is so multi-faceted and multi-functional; it’s easy to get overwhelmed when learning your way around. In this video, you’ll learn how to maximize efficiency and productivity in Google Docs with keyboard shortcuts, productivity features, the Explore tool, streamlined collaboration methods, and much more. Save time with these must-know Google Docs hacks to help you crush 2024.

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Basics
1:10 – Building Blocks
1:55 – Voice Typing
2:16 – Explore
2:51 – Keyboard Shortcuts
5:02 – Outline
5:21 – Sharing
5:55 – Translate
6:18 – Working Offline

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In this video I'm going to build a short Business proposal while running through Some Google docs Basics as well as eight Essential hacks that have helped Maximize my efficiency and trust me You're going to want to stick around Until the end of this one because I Promise hack number eight is a total Game Changer let's get started from the Main Google Docs Hub you'll find a huge Selection of templates ranging from ResumΓ©s to project proposals to Newsletters and more which can be a Helpful place to start if you're not Sure how you want to to format something I like to start from scratch so I'm Going to select a blank document the Toolbar here should look familiar if You've used a word processor before You'll find a variety of simple features To choose your font font size formatting Options like bold italics color indents And bolded lists in the top left corner There are some menu options including File edit and View files where you go to Save print and share the documents you Create edit has options for copying and Pasting as well as searching within the Document view lets you choose to go full Screen and toggle features like the Ruler or switch between editing Suggesting and viewing mode okay now That we've got the fundamentals down Let's really dive in so I've got a sense

Of what I want to include in my business Plan but maybe I just want to have a Meeting with business partners before I Start drafting which leads me to hack Number one building blocks and smart Chips this is a great little feature That lets me automatically create notes For a scheduled meeting or draft an Email from the body of a gole document I Just type an at symbol and options come Up letting me insert dates to book Meetings make drop- down menus for Status updates or connect to my Google Calendar for easy tracking of meeting Notes agenda items and assignment of Action items to meeting attendees so now That I've met with my team I've typed up The basic texts I want to include for my Business proposal for a retail expansion Of my online Bakery you might be Wondering how I did this so quickly Which leads me to hack number two voice Typing all all you need is Google Docs And a working microphone on your Computer and you can dictate your Documents if you find that easier or Like to pace around the office like I do Just head to tools and select voice Typing a little microphone icon will Appear and all you've got to do is click And start talking and if you're Struggling with what to add to your Document or are looking for sources or Reference material to include here's

Hack number three the explore function Go to tools select explore and Google Will scan your doc for suggestions on Details you may have emitted or internet Articles to help you out and since we're Talking about hacks I want to take a Second to shout out the biggest hack of All hubspot's incredible Google Docs Master guide a One-Stop manual for Everything I'm talking about today I've Got their cheat sheet by my side at all Times and it's been a huge Lifesaver be Sure to check it out in the description Below okay so looking at my copy I'm Realizing I want to have my vision Section come after my goal section to do That I'm going to highlight the vision Text and copy and paste it elsewhere Which I could do using the edit menu but Here's hack number four keyboard Shortcuts it's as easy as hitting contrl C or command C on a Mac selecting where You'd like the text to go then contrl V To paste there are tons of easy Shortcuts like this and the good news is You can even use control forward slash To bring up a menu for you to refresh Your memory it might sound like a lot to Remember but with a little practice It'll become second nature okay I know What we've got right now doesn't look Super pretty but thankfully Google Docs Has a host of formatting options to Customize your documents first I'm going

To use the headers feature to delineate My sections for my overall title I'm Going to go to the drop-down menu and Choose title then heading one for the Remaining sections for any subsections Like these under Milestones I'm using The slightly smaller heading two to Format my text all I've got to do is Hide the words I want to change and use The option in the toolbar to adjust the Font size color italics bold or Underlines as desired for whole Paragraphs I can set left center right Or Justified alignments and adjust the Spacing between lines all I have to do Is highlight the desired paragraph and Go back to the toolbar for options to Adjust alignment indents line spacing And more I can also create bulleted or Numbered lists which I'll do under goals By highlighting the text and choosing it From the toolbar if I wanted to go even Deeper I can even insert images by going To insert then images uploading from my Computer or my Google photos but Google Docs has a cool feature that I love that Allows me to search images from the web Without leaving the document so I'm Going to find a delicious cookie image And throw that in here finally since I Use the headings feature to separate my Different sections it's easy to create a Table of contents at the top of my Document I just go to insert then table

Of contents and choose the style I like And and Bam our document is formatted Just how I want it which leads me to Hack number five the outline feature if I go up to view check show outline and Look over on the left here it Automatically uses my headings to create An outline for the document that can be Used to navigate easily between sections This is particularly useful for really Long documents now that I've got my Document ready to go it's time for hack Number six streamlining workflows and Collaborating sharing with collaborators So they can leave comments or make Suggestions is super easy I'll go to File share then add the emails of anyone I want to send to I can also set Different levels of permissions in case I don't want everyone to be able to make Edits if there are others editing I can See a version history by clicking this Little clock which will bring up all the Edits made since the document's creation And if I need to leave a comment Somewhere I just have to rightclick on The spot I want and click comment Google Docs has a host of add-ons that you can Find by going to extensions then add-ons Like hack number seven the translate Feature let's say I'm going to share This document with a colleague who Speaks a different language this makes It super easy to translate your entire

Document into French for example just by Choosing tools translate which will Create a copy of the document in the Selected language and finally hack Number eight this one is a game changer Really important for me as I'm always on The go you can't always depend on the Wi-Fi on planes and so hack number eight Is working offline all I've got to do is Go to my Google doc settings from the Homepage and make sure the offline Button is checked and blue this lets me Edit documents without internet and my Changes will sync to my Google Docs Account once I'm back to civilization And now that my business proposal is Done it's time to share it with Investors and to start my takeover of The national gourmet cookie Market Google Docs is a robust free resource For your business with tons of features That can help make your life easier Don't forget to check out hubspot's Google Docs Master guide for all the Tips and tricks you need to make Google Docs work for you and your business let Me know in the comments if there are any Google Docs hacks that have boosted your Productivity cuz I'd love to hear them As always subscribe to the HubSpot YouTube channel for more easy how-to Guides and marketing tips now if you'll Excuse me I'm going to go Google doctors In my area to figure out how many

Cookies is too many cookies tea in a Single sitting I'd like to get right to That limit and be just below it until Then I'll see you next Time I can find this client info have You heard of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM Platform so it shares its data across Every application every team can stay Aligned no out of sync spreadsheets or Dueling databases HubSpot grow Better

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