5- Facebook Ads Course | Campaign Types and Objectives




5- Facebook Ads Course | Campaign Types and Objectives

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In this video, we will discuss about the different campaign types and objectives available in Facebook Ads. It is very important to understand the objectives available in the Facebook Ad manager

0:00 Introduction
5:36 Campaign Objectives in Facebook
11:49 Awareness Objective
14:53 Traffic Objective
16:41 Engagement Objective
18:01 Leads Objective
19:09 App Promotion objective
20:20 Sales Objective
21:45 Common questions and examples

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Hello and welcome to the fifth video of The Facebook ads Mastery course and in This video we are going to discuss some Interesting stuff I'm going to introduce You to what are campaigns what are Different types of campaigns which are Available in Facebook ads and what is The strategy behind it okay we will Obviously create different kind of Campaigns in this um course I will show You when to use what but now that we Have an idea what a business manager is How do we do create Pages how do we add Pages how do we add payment methods And stuff like that now we also have Created an ad manager account so the First logical step after this is to Create a campaign but before we create Our first campaign I just want you to Understand first what are campaign types When do we use it what does Facebook What are the options available in Facebook so talking about that if you Are super new to digital marketing space If you haven't worked on any other Um Ad manager Google ads or anything else I'll just give you an idea so a campaign Is like a basic basic building block in Uh digital media space so it's like an Advertising project when an Advertiser Or a company wants to run ads for them They create Any AD manager platform whether it's

Google ads whether it's dv360 or for That matter any DSP tick tock the first Thing you create is a campaign a Campaign is like a project it has Details like objective what is the Objective of The Advertiser what do they Want from this do they want to increase Sales do they want to increase traffic Let's say for example if I run a Campaign for my own business to sell Courses or digital products the Objective would be to generate more Sales from this campaign So every campaign has objective that is What we will discuss in this video and Then it has a budget obviously if you Run campaign for a company or your own Self the first thing you will need to Know after objective is how much budget Am I willing to pay Um is it ten thousand dollars thousand Dollars 50 000 rupees whatever and then it has Creatives creatives meaning um you run a Static post which will say okay there's A sale or um about your course or it can Be a video it can be a carousel so that Is what a Creator basically means in Digital media and then the flight date So these are like the important things You need to know before you start a Campaign you need to know what the Objective is very important you need to Know how much budget you are able going

To spend you need to have creatives the Actual ads which will run whether it's The images videos whatever And then you need to have flight dates Okay when until when uh when will the Campaign start when will The Campaign End and that duration is generally Termed as flight dates right So different companies run different Campaigns for example Um that few naming conventions are uh Summer campaign let's say uh you work With any fashion brand they'll have a Summer camp in a spring campaign where They will promote their summer products Or whatever or sometimes you will come To know about always on camping and Always on campaign means that um this Campaign runs indefinitely so for Example if um you go to Google and you Search for let's say Um iPhone 14 you will probably see an Amazon ad right so Amazon ad always runs Keep a campaign targeting this keyword Uh let's say iPhone 14. so it's an Always on campaign so that's what always On means back to school campaigns are Very popular as well and then Um let's say soba Heartland launch Campaign so let's say Shobha is um big Developer real estate developer in UAE So they they will tell you okay we have A campaign let's say soba Heartland Lodge campaign so they have a new

Project Heartland where they want to Sell Villas and apartments so when they Launch it they'll have a launch campaign After that they will have one more Campaign whatever so I'm just giving you An idea what campaign means this is Super basic now as I told you budget is Um straightforward how much money you Are willing to spend creators is Straightforward whether you run ads you Run static posts you run videos you run Carousels and flight dates as well Whether it's always on whether you know Um what dates you are going to run the Campaign but this thing here objective Is very important to understand every Campaign once you run a campaign you Need to understand objective which is Very important the actual thing you want To achieve with this campaign right Which it's very very important to Understand And considering this whatever objective You have Facebook gives you an option so When you go to Facebook to create a new Campaign Let's say this is our Um Facebook ad manager if you remember We go to business.facebook.com and then We come here uh then we go to add all Tools and you go to ad manager and this Is where you land this is the ad manager Where actually the campaigns run so this Is the ad manager we created in the

Previous video and we don't have any Campaigns as of now so the first thing If you want to run ads you create a Campaign you go into this campaign tab You click on Create and if you see once You click on create This is the first thing Facebook will Ask you okay for this campaign what is Your objective so Facebook gives you six Objectives but before we dive into this I wanted to show you that before just Maybe a few months ago or two months ago This before if you created a Facebook Campaign in um Facebook ad manager you Used to get these options one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten Eleven and they were categorized in These three Um kind of it's called marketing funnel You have awareness consideration Conversion uh if you don't know what a Marketing funnel is just do a Google Search you need to have a basic idea What it means but it was a bit Complicated now Facebook simplified it And we get these six options which I Showed you now as of now we get these Six options you still have all these Options available but it's just there Categorized Within These six and then You have more options going forward now Before we dive into these six objectives Which are very very important for you to Under Stan I want to give you some basic

Information why does Facebook even have Multiple campaign types right why does It give options as I told you each Advertiser has a different objective Let's say for example if I am an Advertiser I run a Facebook camp and my Objective will be to make score sales my Objective would be to get more digital Product sales on my website right But at the same time there will be an Advertiser let's say for example Um a real estate company they just want To generate leads from their website They just want to generate leads for From from their campaign so that people Go they provide their information email Name Um and whatever and what kind of Apartment they are looking for so that The sales agent can get back and call Them Similarly a car distributor would have Their objective would be to generate Leads again so that people fill Information I'm looking for Nissan Altima and then the sales guy would get Back to them and blah blah blah a hotel When they run campaigns what their Objective is that people come on their Website and book hotel rooms so it's a Different objective right and a new Company who is launching a new product Or a new company at Who's just launched launched their

Objective is that people should know About them what they do and become Familiar with the company which is kind Of an awareness right so different Companies have different objectives Let's say Coca-Cola when they run Campaigns all they care about is Branding people should uh kind of Position them as Coca-Cola wants people To position them as uh it's a fresh Drink it brings people together so That's their objective right every Advertiser's objective is different That's why Facebook gives you an option While you create a campaign that what is Your objective and accordingly Facebook Will use your budget to fulfill that Objective right for example if I choose Objective sales Facebook will show my Ads to people who are most likely to buy My product or media plan or My course however if a hotel runs a Campaign Facebook will most likely show The Campaign to people who are most Likely looking for a room to book a room In Dubai in a particular City so Objective you have to Define your Objective accordingly Facebook will Optimize use their algorithm to help you Achieve that objective right that's why Facebook gives you multiple options this People sometimes ask in interviews as Well And each Advertiser has audience in

Different purchase Journey so um as I Told you for example Um let's talk about Um Jeep Rubicon right Now um Jeep Rubicon their Pro everybody Knows so whoever is their Prospect Client who can buy a Jeep Rubicon they Already know that there's a car called Jeep Rubicon right so they just need to Probably motivate them to go for a test Drive Um that's their objective right their Purchase and that's where their Prospect Audience is they know about them it's Just they need that extra push to make Them go for a test drive right so they Are kind of their purchase journey of Their Prospect clients is somewhere in Middle they know about them but it's Just they need to kind of go interact With the brand do a test drive however a New company their purchase journey is They first need to people to know about Them right So the purchase Journey for their Prospect lines has just started so they Are in a different spectrum and then Somebody looking for let's say iPhone 14 Amazon Uh for them they're selling iPhone 14 People know about iPhone 14 they want to Buy iPhone 14 it's just they have to Decide whether they buy it from Amazon They buy it from kaufland or any other

Website right so the purchase journey of Their Prospect lines is towards the end So they just have to make the purchase So accordingly based on this journey Um advertisers run different campaigns With objectives some will run up with Objective awareness they should know About us similarly Amazon's Um in terms in case of Amazon they will Run a campaign where they show an offer To a client to a customer right so that Okay we'll give you 50 euros discount so That they make that purchase on Amazon So that is uh one more reason and we can Mix campaign types to create a funnel so Which I will show you later so an Advertiser does not only run a campaign With one objective they mix different Objectives around different campaigns to Kind of have an overall impact what what They want And each Advertiser wants Facebook ads To have a different outcome which we Already discussed it's kind of redundant So going back to our six objectives Which our Facebook Um provides us if you see that when you Run campaigns I want you to kind of be a Little bit familiar with these types so That you have this thing uh in back of Your mind so that when we create Different kind of campaigns I will show You in reality how would I go about if I Am my own client and I have to sell

Digital products or my courses how will I set up my Facebook and what kind of Campaigns will I create but you just Have to get familiar first it's very Important to understand So the first one here is uh choose a Campaign objective and which is Awareness now if you see here in your ad Manager you will see that it will show You show your ads to people who um are Most likely to remember them now this is Good for each uh which means these the Maximum number of people who may be Interested in your brand so as I told You if you're just launching uh you're a New brand let's say you're a competitor Of Um let's say Uber Eats or you help uh People uh deliver their products from Let's say one place to another place Right let's say you want to move stuff From Germany to Dubai they help you move Your stuff so if you just started a Company this objective will be good for You awareness you want people to know About your brand and within then you Will go for reach because you want to Reach maximum number of people who may Be interested in your brand and within Awareness you have another option which Is brand awareness which just Reach People who are most likely to remember Your brand and then video views Reach People who are most likely to watch your

Video so for example if there's a movie Coming up and they want to promote their Trailer probably they'll go for Awareness and then video views because They want to reach people who are most Likely watch your video so that they can Watch their trailer I'm just giving you Examples and once you select the Objective type here like awareness while Creating the campaign in settings you'll Get option that which of these you want To focus on but these are like the big Categories these are the sub categories Under each of them but all of them go Under awareness because whether you want To reach as many as people you want People to remember your brand they all Come under awareness And store location awareness Reach People using the physical location for Your business organization so let's say For example Um there's a new dentist who just opened An office or a clinic somewhere and he Wants people around three kilometers to Know that there's a new dental clinic That started so they will go with Awareness and then store location Awareness time right so Facebook gives You all these campaign types objectives And suburb types to exactly customize What you want and optimize towards that They will show ads to people who most Likely are going to do this they will

Basically Optimize the algorithm will optimize and Bid on your behalf to achieve this Particular objective this will be all Clear when we run the campaigns when we Select different options but I want you To understand what a campaign objective Is and when do we use it what do we use It for and get a bit familiar with this Because this is very important if you Talk to a client and he tells you you Know what this is what we want you Should understand that okay this Objective is important for them and in Strategy while you are explaining the Strategy to client you need to explain To them okay you know what this is the Objective campaign objectives we will Use we will do that I'll show you uh examples it will be Clear then um the second type is traffic Send people to destination like your Website app Instagram profile or Facebook event this is good for link Clicks this is good for landing page Views this is good for Messenger Instagram WhatsApp calls and Instagram Followers so if you want people to click On the let's say for example you are a News website when you advertise on Facebook you want people to see the Headline click on it go to your website And read the news on your website In that case you will choose objective

Traffic because you won't link clicks Landing page views as well Similarly there are some clients small Let's say small businesses who don't Have websites and all they want people To reach out to them on messenger Message them hi how what's the product Let's say uh a woman starts uh an online Jewelry business custom-made jewelry Business and she wants people to see the Hats that jewelry she is making and Obviously she doesn't have a website and Stuff she wants whoever is interested Click on it go to the Facebook messenger And message her hi I am interested in This what's the price then obviously You'll choose traffic and the sub Traffic will choose messenger Instagram And WhatsApp messages right you can link These Or some people want calls let's say I Have worked with a lot of doctors all They want is somebody seeing their ad Okay this is the guy um this is againi Or this is an orthopedician if you're Suffering with back pain click here and Directly make call and the receptionist Will pick up the call and probably book You an appointment And Instagram followers because some People want to increase so for example I Worked with a guy Who is a famous football player and um He joined a club a famous club and all

He wanted is increases Facebook in Instagram and Facebook followers so then You choose this objective right Remember this maybe watch this again Just to get familiar Then we have engagement Um get more messages video views post Engagements Pages likes or event Responses so this is for people who want Traction on their Facebook pages right So because we are in a world where Um your Facebook page Instagram page the Engagements like Shares are kind of Identity of your brand how many people Are engaging with you some people want To increase that even Facebook page Likes so if you specifically want to Create increase Um Facebook Um likes of your page there is a format Which you see a follow button there so That comes under engagement if your Client wants to run that campaign to Increase followers on the Facebook page And the ad should have a follow button Easy somebody sees the ad clicks on Follow and they already follow the page Then you have to go this to engagement It will get you you some time to use to Get used to all these options so Messenger Instagram WhatsApp video views Post engagements conversions calls now If you see here video views was in Awareness as well and video views is

Here as well Because if somebody watches your video It's an engagement in a type so you will See multiple options within different Objectives but because they fall in Different categories and then we have Leads leads is a specific format where Somebody clicks on your ad within Facebook they open a form Facebook form And you fill the information there it's Very important for people who don't want Users to click and go to their website The website loading time they people Just close the browser once they realize They're going so they are on Facebook App they click on ad they go to the Browser they're like it's hassle they Don't want to leave Facebook app they Close it so for that some companies Advertisers have a Facebook lead form Which opens within Facebook Um app and it's easy sometimes it's Autofilled based on how you interacted Previously with forms so it's easier It's a user is seamless user Journey for The person who is filling a lead form as Well as it's important for um so let's Say if you just started listed business And you don't have a website you don't Need that you can just use lead forms Good for people Um Who are willing to share their contact Information I'll show you how it looks

And we will do a campaign lead campaign As well Messenger and Instagram Conversions calls then we have app Promotion this is specifically for Companies let's say for example ubereats All their advertising leads their app Right they either want people to install Their app if you don't have or if people Have the app and they are not ordering They probably send them an offer okay You know you have 10 dollar offer if you Order today so businesses like uber Business is like Um food Panda businesses like zomato Businesses like these they're app driven Businesses so all they want is either People to install their app or people Who have the app they want them to use The app more often so this is Specifically for those kind of Businesses right so you can have Um app install sub-objective to make People install or app events if you Already have they want you let's say for Example ubereats runs a campaign so that More and more people purchase to the Ubereats pro right subscription and they Can run a campaign and Target only People who already have the app but they Want them to purchase or subscribe to The ubereats pro which will be an app Event they want people to do a certain Event within their app Then we have sales which is the last one

Uh find people likely to purchase your Product or service Uh good for conversions catalog sales Messenger and WhatsApp and calls so Conversions would be anything our user Does on your website so for example as I Told you for a real estate client Filling uh downloading a brochure on Their website can be a conversion you Can set up your own conversion what is a Conversion for you Or catalog sales is a specific format on Facebook so you connect kind of your E-commerce website or store to your Facebook and automatically Facebook will Show Um kind of dynamic ads if you ever seen Any e-commerce website on Um Facebook let's say Amazon you can Infinitely scroll and you can see like Thousands of products Um in in the in the carousel it doesn't Mean that Amazon or uploads all those Images it's connected to the store Whatever products you have based on your Rules Facebook will show ads from your catalog Right so that's that's when this is Specific format for Um e-commerce websites But that's what I wanted to know in this Video that what um what are the Different objectives and why do we even Have objectives so this is the same

Thing Um these are the six objectives these Are the subtypes we came to know now Um some common questions which I Generally get when I am delivering this Particular lecture in the past how many Types of campaigns does clients use the Quick answer is multiple so every if you Go to ad manager of any Advertiser in The world you will not see that there's Only one campaign with objective Awareness some have leads all the Clients generally use multiple Um campaign types for each objective They use and if they create a different Campaign Which will be clear but um for now That's the quick answer how do we decide On campaign type So if uh you are working with a client How do you decide you decide on what the Client wants from that particular Marketing budget right so if I go to a Freelance consultant or an agency I tell Them listen I want to generate sales Now based on what I want from the Marketing budget they will say okay we Will probably go with sales campaign Objective type and sometimes they might Tell me okay you know what Um people don't know you uh we probably Need to run an awareness campaign about Who you are and why should they buy your Course and then

Um people will start knowing you at the Same time we will run a sales campaign For people who already know you and Probably the people who watch the Awareness video they come to know about You then we tell them okay now you need To buy or they can tell me these two as Well as your Facebook followers are very Less people will not be as impressed so Let's run one more campaign to increase Your Facebook and Instagram followers so I'll have three campaigns three Different objectives but my overall Objective is to generate sales but the Agency or the freelancer can tell me Yeah but to generate sales we also need To kind of increase your followers which Will in turn support us to sell more Courses right That's how it works any real estate Client wants leads WhatsApp what type Shall he use now obviously he should use A lead form or if they want to generate These leads on their website then Conversion campaign a new brand launched An influencer campaign what type shall They use a new brand launched an Influencer Campaign which means it is a New brand nobody knows about them they Hired some influencers which talk about Their brand and they want to promote Those videos with influencers obviously You will use awareness objective maybe You will use two campaigns awareness

With reach and awareness with video Views depending on what strategy you Want I'm just giving you an idea how the Objectives are used A new company just started their Facebook page what type should they use Right ahead engagement and the Facebook Follow I want to sell courses on my website What campaign shall I use I told you the Answer to this at new dental clinic Launched in my area what the campaign Type shall they use awareness and store Location subtype Okay Um then we have Okay so now uh just a small exercise to Make you understand Um let's say I um I'm a freelancer or um Agency Mr came to me they say they're Saying uh we are launching La Rosa Project and selling High ticket Apartments La Rosa is a new project they Have very expensive Apartments there They want to sell the blueprint and the Project details are already available on The site Um which means Laro they have created a La Rosa website where you can know about The project but they will release a Show Reel on January 1 2024 which is like a Highlight a high uh video with Influencers or they talk about the Project they show how green how

Sophisticated how uh how the community Will look like which is like a launch Project so generally to create a hype Okay uh you know what everybody starts Talking have you seen the new uh project Launch of Mr it looks amazing man the That's how these things work right and The project registrations will start on February 1. so on January they will Launch the Show reel to create our Attractions to get people talking and February one onwards you can register For that right for uh Um maybe have a viewing in the apartment So that you can book it uh with the down Payment or whatever they have created a New Facebook page for the project as Well so this is the kind of information The client will tell you now the media Plan to give you an example how Objectives are used how multiple Objectives are used this is how the Media plan will look like one campaign With objective page likes 7500 which Will start from November already though The Show reel will go live on Jan 1 but They will already create start one Campaign with objective page likes from November onwards so that till January They have some followers already then Awareness objective for the Show reel The show will be a video they will run a Campaign with this creative and Objective awareness so that more and

They reach more and more people right The more and more people remember Um that Mr has launched this new project Which is La Rosa and they will spend 20 000 and start on January because the Story will be released on January 1 they Will use start the same campaign and run It for maybe three months And then they will have one more Campaign which is objective leads for Registration purpose because the Registration will start on February 1 They will start this campaign on first February and run till end of March so This is just to give you an example how The media plan will look like how the Different types of objectives are used And I hope this was Um uh helpful for you to get familiar And Um thank you so much and I will see you In the next one don't forget the quiz uh The link is in the description below and I have also linked the helps and Articles which are really really helpful If you want to learn a bit more and deep Dive into this topic

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