Top 10 Reasons to grow your business




Top 10 Reasons to grow your business

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Hey! I’m Adam Erhart, and I’m what you might call a β€œMarketing Strategist” (…though I prefer Marketing Mad Scientist).

What this means is that I help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers create proven and effective marketing strategies so they can attract more (and better) clients and customers, grow their businesses, and make more sales …without feeling β€œsalesy”.

What I’m most proud about though is how I’ve helped create hundreds of millionaires, thousands of 6-figure, and multi-6-figure earners, and how my clients have added over a BILLION dollars to the global economy.

Marketing is the single most important element to business success. So, my job is to pull back the curtains to show you everything I’ve learned over the past decade creating marketing campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry including Google, Meta, Amazon, Snapchat, Salesforce, HubSpot, and over 1500+ small businesses from around the world.

It’s awesome to have you here, and I’m honored to get to be your guide along the way!

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See what's really interesting about Business is that it's going to force you To become a person that's capable of Achieving those things so you don't earn A million dollars you become a person Capable of earning a million dollars and The beauty of that is well the byproduct Is a million bucks but the secondary Byproduct is the ability to do it again Again and again if we look back at my Agency Journey from when I first got Started Living in a tiny apartment with No money living on rice and beans and Wondering if I was even going to be able To survive much less my agency and you Fast forward to the person that I've had To become to build multiple seven figure Agencies make millions of dollars impact Thousands of lives it's completely Different I'm almost unrecognizable for The person that I was back then and all Of that I can credit to trying to grow Trying to provide as much value as Possible trying to impact as many lives In as positive ways possible trying to Grow the agency to help more people and Then to share so there's a lot of talk Online right now about building a Oneperson business or being a Solopreneur or essentially staying small Rather than trying to grow a big and Mighty Empire and what I'm here today to Tell you is that while this sounds Really good on the surface and it's

Definitely something that I've bought Into in the past it's probably probably One of the most damaging and dangerous Mindsets that you can have at least when It comes to making more money and Helping more people and building a Business and a life that you're actually Proud of and that you actually enjoy Waking up to every morning and Fulfilling your purpose and becoming Well essentially as as big or as great Or as capable as you're capable of Becoming so I'm not here to tell you That if that really is all that you want To be a solopreneur a oneperson business To just keep things as small as possible Then by all means means go for it but if You're using that as a scapegoat or as a Crutch as a sort of um a bit of a cheat In order to stop yourself from really Trying as hard as you want because you Can't really be disappointed if you set The bar nice and low well I'm going to Argue that this is going to lead just to Frustration and a lack of fulfillment Ultimately just terribly bad results Rather the alternative is to setting the Bar high and setting the bar so high That you're forced to become someone That you never even knew you were Capable of becoming you're forced to do Things that you previously believed were Completely impossible and you end up Achieving things along the way that your

Previous self could have only ever Dreamed of so if staying small and Operating a solopreneur business is your Thing and that really is all you want Then by all means go for it this video Is clearly not for you but if there's Even a slight bit in you that thinks oh Maybe I'm playing it safe maybe I'm Using this as a bit of a hedge that's Holding me back and not really sort of Allowing myself to fulfill my potential Then you might want to stick with me Because I'm going to give you 10 reasons Why growing a business as big as Possible is in your best interest as Well as that of humanities and why there Are 10 reasons why staying small may be The very worst thing that you can do and I've got my trusty markers here today so We're going to go with um blue for all The good reasons of why you want to grow A business we're going to go red for all The reasons why staying small is Possibly the worst thing that you could Do so let's uh let's get going all right So the very first thing is maximizing Potential big goals are going to require You to become a bigger person setting The bar really really high is going to Force you to learn new skills to adapt To different environments to take on new Responsibilities to essentially become a Person that's capable of achieving these Goals you see we don't really do these

Goals we don't really do the work for The sake of getting the work done we do The work so that we become a person Capable of actually achieving the things This it's sort of this backwards Paradox Where we can't get something without First having done it but we don't really Become the person that deserves it Unless we've done it it gets a little Bit messy but essentially it's hard to Argue with the fact that if you're Pushing the bar as far as you possibly Can you're going to basically achieve a Whole lot more there's an absolutely Terrible expression that is Astronomically incorrect which is you Got to aim for the moon because even if You miss you'll land Among the Stars Again someone obviously didn't study Astronomy very well but regardless That's kind of the point we need to aim Really really high so that even if we Miss it we're still better off than we Were before this is kind of the reason That I believe that everybody should set A million dollars a year as their Business goal because even if you set a Million a year and you fall short by say 50% well you still brought in 500k on The other hand let's say your goal is a 100 Grand a year and you hit it you made 100 Grand there's a $400,000 discrepancy There and I can assure you that anybody That's ever hit a million has had the

Goal of a million or more same thing Goes with 10 million then 100 million And continuing to go on from there so Maximizing potential clearly number one For why you want to make sure that You're setting big lofty goals and Trying to grow your business as big as Possible number two is economies of Scale econ we're going to use some short Form here essentially the bigger that You get the cheaper that Things become To do you now have more purchasing power You have more team and more resources Behind you you can start buying Enterprise level software if you're Doing any kind of physical products you Can look at it that way but this gives You just a ton of potential to take Advantage of larger cost savings not to Mention when you show up at the table Whether it's through a negotiation or You're trying to purchase a new piece of Software or you're even having Conversations with potential clients They're going to look at you and give You more clout and more credibility Based on the size of the business behind You rather than if you're a small solo Preneur who's bootstrapping this and Doing it all on your own speaking of Clout and credibility the next thing is Attracting Talent here's the deal if you Want to attract a players you want to Surround yourself with other a players

High Achievers goal oriented people then You need big goals you need Big Dreams Big high achieving people are not Attracted to businesses and to other People that are playing it safe and Playing it really small so if you want To surround yourself with other people That are going places you need to sell Them on the vision that you have for Yourself that you're going places as Well and you simply can't fake this uh In fact if you look at any successful Mastermind or or circle of friends or Network or anything like that you're Going to find similarities between them That they all have similar income either Currently or where they're trying to get To they're all working on big projects Fact of the matter is you just don't Attract High achieving people with Really small goals number four is Diversification now this was kind of a Double-edged sword because one of the Biggest mistakes that businesses big and Small make is they diversify too quickly And they end up spreading themselves way Too thin but the fact of the matter is As you start to grow you're going to be Able to expand your services across Different clients across different Service lines across different areas and This is going to give you a ton more Opportunity as well as help to mitigate Any risk of changes in seasonality

Changes in market conditions changes in Political environments whether there's Recessions or inflation or whatever it Is when you've got more growth you can Sort of buffer things out especially if You've done it wisely and you've got a Healthy amount of cash flow coming in All right next let's talk about Legacy You can't talk about Legacy without Talking about the depressing fact that We're all going to die and when we do Well it sure be a lot nicer to leave Something that actually stands for Something in the uh in the halls of time Whether this is a large enough business That bears your name whether it's books That you've written videos that you've Made podcasts you've recorded content You've created or simply the amount of People that you've helped which we're Obviously going to talk about in just a Minute Legacy is a powerful one and You're not able to make the same kind of Impact if you're staying small than if You're focused on growth it's just Common sense I mean let's even look at It completely objectively if you've got A business that's doing a million a year And you're serving 100 people well You're making an impact on the lives of 100 people on the other hand if you've Got a business that's serving 10 people And making 100 Grand a year Well 10 People impact so easy mouth next up is

Market leadership some of these are Going to cross over as Market leadership Also leads into a little bit of Attracting Talent a little bit of Diversification essentially maximizing Potential but what this allows you to do Is to essentially Move Yourself to the Top of the pyramid and basically Roi or Profits or revenues they're not Distributed equally across all of the Businesses in a different industry or Market or segment or sector they're are In completely weighted to the top one or Two businesses getting the bulk of the Profits and of the revenue um it's Called The Law of Duality this is talked About a lot in the book called Positioning there's a ton on it but Essentially you do want to be at the top Top of the food chain not even Necessarily the main person at the top But even in the top 10% you're going to Get disproportionately better rewards And better outcomes for the same amount Of effort that you put in all right Moving on next is innovation we could Also call this development we could call It R&D but the fact is is that growth Does take time does take energy and it Does take money you simply cannot invest In your growth and the growth of your Business if you're trying to stay small Cut every corner making sure that you're Never overspending you're never pushing

Yourself too far I can tell you that There is a clear line in the growth of My agencies from the point that I Basically decided to grow as big and as Profitable and help as many people as I Could what ended up happening is we Attracted more clients this brought in More cash flow this led to attracting Better Talent not only internally inside Of the agency but also externally by Attracting better clients that money That allowed us to use different Softwares to invest more heavily in our Outreach to invest more in our marketing Which created this sort of Perpetual Cycle this flywheel effect where we made More money we invested more money we Therefore made even more money we Therefore attracted better clients which Made us more money which allowed us to Invest and all of this sort of came down To this ability to innovate and to Iterate and to evolve along with our Growth speaking of this magical flywheel Another benefit here is brand Recognition there we go brand Recognition the beauty of brand Recognition just cannot be said enough It is one of the most powerful assets That you can have and the only way to Build a brand is to show up consistently In front of enough people enough times With a similar message attitude belief Mission values all of that thing and

Then it becomes almost this Brute Force Mentality of just showing up again and Again consistency surviving living Through business is kind of a war of Attrition in many ways because the Failure rate for so many new businesses And so many new agencies is just so Astronomically High simply Sur surviving Is one of the best ways to build a brand Just stick it out for as long as Possible and of course based on all of These factors this is why we want to Grow because staying small we've just Eliminated all of our buffer and all of Our margin it makes us uh puts us in a Very dangerous position rather than Making sure that we've got enough cash Flow we've got enough talent and team And brand and Innovation and all of that To ensure that cash is going to keep Coming in and you're going to create an Asset that increases in value Significantly over time all right moving On expanding customer base expanding CER Customer base again lot of overlap here But the beauty of an expanding customer Base is that it allows you to not only Diversify your risk but increase your Profit potential I can tell you that Probably the most dangerous position any Business any agency could ever be in is Having one customer maybe two clients Something like that you're in a horribly Dangerous position because if something

Changes in their business through no Fault of your own and they decide to Pack things up and call it quits with You you could be out 50 to 100% of your Entire revenue on the other hand if You've got 10 clients 20 clients 50 Clients 100 clients if one of them Leaves that's fine you replace it you Can build a weight list thanks to all of These other things so now you can be Even more selective of the clients that You work with and when that happens you Get them better results they like you More you make more money you grow in the Business you everything just gets better And then I think the final one to tie This all off which circles back to the Main one up here of maximizing potential Is this personal development aspect see What's really interesting about business And about trying to grow is that like I Mentioned right at maximizing potential Is that it's going to force you to Become a person that's capable of Achieving those things so you don't earn A million dollars you become a person Capable of earning a million dollars and The beauty of that is well the byproduct Is a million bucks but the secondary Byproduct is the ability to do it again And again and again because you've now Become a person capable of achieving Those things if we look back at my Agency Journey from when I first got

Started Living in a tiny apartment with No money on rice and beans and wondering If I was even going to be able to Survive much less my agency and you fast Forward to the person that I've had to Become to build multiple seven figure Agencies make millions of dollars impact Thousands of lives it's completely Different I'm almost unrecognizable for The person that I was back then and all Of that I can credit to trying to grow Trying to provide as much value as Possible trying to impact as many lives In as positive a way as possible trying To grow the agency to help more people And then to share that wealth so if That's not enough let's talk about the Dangers of staying small so we'll switch Out to the red pen the first of which is Missed opportunities missed Opportunities this goes hand inand with Attracting Talent with Market leadership With brand recognition with an expanding Customer base all of those things the Fact is is that when you're small you're Going to miss a ton of opportunities not Only through attracting better clients Uh but also through Partnerships through Affiliate deals through all of the other Things simply because this mindset is It's too limited it doesn't attract the Kind of we'll get a little bit woo woo Here for a second but like it doesn't Attract the kind of energy that this

World wants to uh to give you Essentially in this life we can either Be growing or we can be shrinking and if We're consciously and actively committed To staying small and protecting and in Kind of a scarcity mindset versus an Abundance mindset that's exactly what You're going to get so you're not going To be as open and receptive to different Opportunities you're not going to be as Desirable to the opportunities that come Come across your plate and you're going To miss the really really big potential Opportunities because your mind is so Set and so focused on trying to stay Small or trying to protect what little You already have all right the next Thing is vulnerability to competition This one should kind of go without Saying but it's worth beating this point Up a little bit and uh I'll tell you a Story about one of my first agencies When I first got started in the agency World back over a decade ago My Philosophy was that I was going to take What little profit that I had and Reinvest it back in my agency to try to Grow as much as possible I first heard This quote from I believe it was Dan Kennedy that said whoever can outspend Your competition wins and so what I did Is I took a very small amount of money At the time I believe it was like $5 a Day and I spent it on Facebook ads for

My agency and then slowly but surely I Started to increase the amount that I Was spending on those ads as a result of The profit that I was getting so I'd Spend five bucks a day and I'd invest $50 maybe $100 but i' get a client and Then I would turn that and then I'd Invest $10 a day and then I'd get Another client then it became $20 then $50 then $100 and sooner sooner than Later I was spending hundreds of dollars A day acquiring clients at will which Meant that any new agency in the space Simply couldn't afford to come onto the Scene and start spending thousands of Dollars on ads or on content or anything Like that and I started to build a Really large gap which allowed me to Basically buy up the market share now The good news for you is it doesn't Matter where you're starting at today You're going to be starting especially If you were anything like me from zero But that doesn't mean that you can't Invest time energy or money into your Agency into your Outreach into creating Content in order to create a gap that's Going to allow you to become essentially Bulletproof to your competition okay Another danger limited resources this One kind of goes without saying but if You've got an agency making a million a Year and an agency making 100 Grand a Year well clearly the agency that's

Making a million a year has more Resources to invest in their own Marketing in their own education in Their own growth in attracting talent in Proving to clients that they're worth it In acquiring more and better clients Being willing to pay more to do that Being willing to provide a better Service by onboarding them properly Sending them gifts all of these Different things none of that is Possible if we're focused on saying Small next is perhaps one of the most Common and dangerous one which is Compacity kills there we go complacency Kills again at the uh at risk of Sounding a little bit repetitive here we Can either be growing or we can be Shrinking there really is no staying Still and if we hit a point where we've Hit all that we need to do let's say That we've determined we need $5,000 a Month to pay all our bills and cover our Rent and our food and our car and all That and we stop there well a dangerous Thing happens when you hit 5 grand a Month you stop trying you stop doing all Of the things that got you to that point You stop doing Outreach you stop Following through you become complacent And comfortable and if you become Comfortable you start to atrophy and so Does your business we need goals and we Need powerful goals and we need big

Goals motivating goals something that Drives Us in order to keep growing and Keep achieving there is no real staying Small the problem with it is that it Basically just equates to shrinking it's Very hard to maintain the exact level That you have you're going to find that The feast and famine Cycles the ups and Downs are going to become more Pronounced and this leads to a Significant amount more stress because Here we can afford a few little ups and Downs as we're continuing to grow but Here all the ups and downs are Catastrophic because we simply don't Have the resources baked in by focusing On growth all right next is impact and Influence this one might not sound like A big deal if you have no intention of Becoming famous or an influencer or any Of that nonsense I would actually Strongly advise against it there's a Powerful philosophy called stealth Wealth that essentially ensures that we Make as much money as possible behind The scenes so that we don't become the Victims of uh some of the weirdos that Are out there but even if we're not After massive influencer status we still Simply cannot make the same level of Impact as we can if we're focused on Growing and building a more profitable Company good example here if you've got Someone that walks into a room and start

Speaking to people about business growth About strategies about life about Success and we find out that they're Operating a billion doll company we're Going to pay attention to them we're Going to respect their opinion we're Going to listen to what they have to say Even in matters outside of business Where they may not even be qualified on The other hand if we've got someone that Walks in barely making 30 grand a year With a goal of making 50 or 100 Grand a Year we're going to ignore most of that Which is unfortunate because they may be Great parents they may be really good With health or with nutrition Or with relationships or whatever it is But because they simply don't have that Report behind them that success that Impact a lot less of what they say gets Taken as seriously as it should all Right the next point was difficulty in Raising Capital but I'm going to say Difficulty in later growth and Everything essentially everything Everything is harder when you're playing Small all of these things become harder Because we lose out on all of them we Lose out on the brand recognition we Lose out on Market leadership we're not Really building a legacy so it's hard For us to feel motivated about doing the Challenging things that are necessary to Run a profitable business or agency we

Lose economies of scale we don't attract The right Talent all of these things Become significantly more difficult Which is why it's this completely Counterintuitive approach something that I completely disagree with in basically Every way is that one of the arguments Made for staying small is that it's Going to be easier it's going to be more Fun you're going to have better work Life balance but that's complete because the fact is if you're Saying small you're doing everything Yourself on the the other hand when You're growing a business you're Attracting people you're raising more Money you're essentially providing a Bigger impact and making a better impact On the lives of the people that you Serve you get better people you're able To delegate more you're able to focus on The things that actually matter and Actually drive your business forward Your life gets significantly better in Every way shape and form man that was a Was a bit of a rant there all right Moving on the next one is limited we Could say Legacy we could say impact we Could say reputation ation we could say Brand it's going to be a little bit Squiggly there but essentially limited Everything when we're focused on saying Small again all of these points get Flushed down the toilet we limit our

Potential the power of our message the Legacy that we're leaving the amount of People that we can serve the level that We can serve them it just ain't fun all Right next let's get a little more Tactical here and we'll say risk of Obsolesence rather than spelling it We're going to just say OBS risk of Obsolesence essentially if we're not Innovating if we're not reinvesting if We're not focusing on growth both for Your business and your agency and also Yourself as a person well the risk of Becoming outdated and irrelevant and Left behind are insanely High simply Because we're not prioritizing making Sure that we are growing and again we Can either be growing or we can be dying I don't think I need to say too much More about that one all right limiting Your network this one's important There's a great quote by Jim Ron that Says you become the average of the five People that you spend the most time time Around now I am by no means suggesting That rich people are better than poor People that's not it at all I am Suggesting that there is something very Powerful about being surrounded by a Group of goal oriented High achieving People money aside we can say the same Thing about sports if they're dedicated To family if they're dedicated to some Kind of hobby there is an energy and

It's very contagious when you're around People that are going places they have a Mission they have a vision they have Things that they're trying to do and Things that they're trying to accomplish Opposed to the alternative which is just Most people the average person who's Just kind of like coasting kicking Through life relaxing a little bit Watching way too much Netflix never Really going anywhere I mean again think Of the different kinds of people that You've interacted with the the kind of Person that stands tall they're proud They talk loudly and clearly they're Clearly going somewhere they believe in What they do versus everybody else well Unless you're one of these people that's Focused on growth it is very hard to get In the circles of other high achieving People it's not that they're rude They're not going to be mean to you most High Achievers real essentially actually That's bit of a side note here but if You're ever worried about people Criticizing you or saying that you're Not good enough or anything like that no High achieving people they don't do that That's just not how it works the only People to criticize other people for Trying and putting themselves out there Are people that are are basically Jealous or miserable or scared of you Embarrassing them by you actually living

Out your dreams but I CR the point of The the matter is if you want to be Around energetic and enthusiastic Passionate people that care about what They do you need to be one of those People as well otherwise those people The energetic passionate enthusiastic People that care about what they do they Won't be rude but they'll ignore you or They'll quickly try to get out of a Situation or a conversation or a Relationship so that they can focus Where they're going to have the highest Impact again doesn't matter whether We're talking about just money or sports Or relationships or anything like that High achieving people are attracted to Other high achieving people full stop All right and then to bring bring this All home I think this one is the most Painful and certainly the one that I Think about all the time whenever I am Oh man let's write first talk after that Should say restricting your potential But bear with my handwriting this to me Is the one that is the thing that sort Of puts the fear of death in me which is This uh maybe you've heard the story but The worst thing that could happen is you Get to the end of your life and you meet The person that you could have been and You realize just how you've wasted your Time your energy your reason resources You never took the risks you should have

Done you never put in the work that you Should have done and you see this person That's you and who you could have been And I don't know about you but that Scares the living hell out of me so I Want to make sure that I'm fulfilling Whatever potential I have inside of me And I would strongly suggest that you Pursue the same not just so that you can Get to the end of your life and look Back and feel proud but also for the Kind of person that you're going to Become along the way the kind of impact That you're going to be able to make Along the way not just for yourself but For the lives of your friends and your Family and your clients and basically Everyone else that you interact with so With that said clearly I want you to Grow I think you should as well I think It's a worthy and Noble goal that's Going to empower you to become a better Person and make a bigger impact on not Just yourself but everyone that I've Said before if you do decide that Staying small is for you just be very Careful make sure that this is a Decision for you and that you've Essentially weighed and measured the Trade-offs that you're going to have to Make by taking this very dangerous Position position all right with all That said let's wrap it there I'll link Up a video right here if you're

Interested in some more tips and Otherwise I'll see you in the next video

Lucrative Tips To Give Internet Marketing Gurus A Run For Their Money

Many people aspire to be Internet marketers, but are confused about where to start. If your goal is to make your living by marketing to others on the worldwide web, the advice and tips in this article can clear up a lot of confusion, and give you the information you need to jumpstart your dream.

Try not to break your readers’ trust. Your biggest source of traffic will be repeat visitors. Because of this, you should have ads for trustworthy products that you believe in. You shouldn’t fill your site with ads either. Readers know when they’re being taken advantage of. But if you have good ads for good products, hopefully you’ll keep that trust with your readers and word will spread about your site.

While using Twitter during an internet marketing campaign, do not use your company logo or a gimmicky avatar. Stay away from cartoon avatars as well. Try changing the avatar to a picture of a human being, that human can be yourself or someone else in your company. This may increase your chances of getting more followers.

Keep your website clean and focused. You don’t need to add every plug in that is available for your templates. Clocks, calenders, and unnecessary widgets will turn people off. Keep your site focused on things that relate to what you are selling or you will turn people off as an amateur.

Let your readers grade your website. There are several ways to do this, including outside websites, installing your own feedback system, and emailing the consumer directly. Asking a customer what they would change about your website is a cheap and easy way to fix any issues, as well as developing rapport with your customer.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you are better off than your peers and ready to launch your online career. Whether you want to peddle beauty cream, sell other people’s gym equipment or make your own product, go apply what you’ve learned here, and enjoy a successful marketing endeavor.

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