These 5 Surprisingly Simple Tools Fixed My Procrastination




These 5 Surprisingly Simple Tools Fixed My Procrastination

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Ever find yourself at 7:00 pm, realizing your deadline is tomorrow, and thinking, “No problem, I’ll just pull an all-nighter”? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But guess what? There are better ways to tackle those looming tasks and avoid the stress of last-minute rushes!

I’ve spent years diving deep into the world of procrastination. In today’s video, I’m sharing my top 5 strategies and tools that have helped me (and can help you) beat procrastination for good.

Combining these strategies will help you procrastinate less and achieve more, so have a watch and let m know if they are helpful or if you have your own tools that have helped you in the past and present.

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Does this sound familiar it's 700 p.m. And you've just realized that your Deadline for the project that you've Been working on for the past 2 weeks is Due tomorrow but you feel like you've Still got some time I mean you'll just Need to pull an all nighter and have Everything done by morning no problem so Maybe you can get started or catch up on Those late night emails or with that YouTube video from your favorite creator Or maybe just a little game before you Start a couple of hours pass and now you Are exhausted hey I'm o a designer and Content creator and I've spent a lot of My time and years researching about Procrastination so today I'm going to Share with you five strategies and tools That can help you beat procrastination Anytime but first just because you're Putting off a certain task doesn't mean That you're procrastinating at that Moment because sometimes not all tasks Have the same level of importance for Instance clearing out that desk that you Said you would may not be as important As turning in that project that's Actually due tomorrow morning the best Description of procrastination I've come Across says procrastination is when we Avoid a task that we said we would do For no reason despite expecting our Behavior to bring negative consequences This often happens because our brain

Sees that particular task as stressful For a bunch of different reasons Including expecting insanely High Results regardless of actually starting The task so these five tools have Actually helped me to procrastinate a Lot less one a to-do list tracker one Way to simplify a task is by breaking it Down into smaller chunks I personally Use to doist and have even created a Shortcut on my phone that helps me Capture and break down larger ideas into Smaller actionable tasks for the day Taking this whole process to a new level Would be realistically time blocking Each task as well a really nice Alternative to to-do list is things Three if you love a more minimalistic Interface or do not mind using apps that Are mainly on the Apple device then You're going to really love this one I Read once that work would always expand To fill the time slot allocated for it So if we do not manage our time Effectively we could end up spending an Entire day just working on one task Alone two a physical or Digital Timer App like the one natively built into Your devices this might sound so simple But hear me out the principle here comes From one of my favorite productivity Books Atomic Habits by James CLA which Says when you are trying to do something You don't really want to do simplify the

Task down to 2 minutes or less this will Simplify the starting process because The goal here is to limit the time slot To only 2 minutes or less back when I Was in school I was fond of waiting till The last minute to actually do my Assignments or even study and this Generally increased my stress levels a Lot then a friend who was a Psychology Major explained to me that because I Already had high expectations of the Results I wanted from doing the work I'd Automatically get stuck and eventually Abandon that task over the years setting A 2-minute timer to get started forces Me to focus on the task and not Overthink anything else this drastically Reduced the stress while while helping Me to complete my work another approach That's similar to this but also very Effective is the pomodora technique in This scenario you're setting your timer For a longer period about 25 minutes of Deep uninterrupted work after the first Timer goes off you can take a 5minute Break followed by another 25 minutes Focus session one thing I love about the Pomodora technique is that it is Progressive meaning that that after About four promod sessions you can now Start taking longer 15 to 30 minute Breaks the rule here is that you break That complex project into smaller tasks Which brings us to the next tool three a

Daily planner now this helps me to Visualize my day and stay on top of what Needs to be done now it's important to Always do this a day before to avoid Spending time planning when you should Be getting things done while you can Totally keep physical planners I found That those don't really work for me and I've even tried using templates on my IPad however I found a digital planner That just works sonama is a digital Planner app that allows me integrate all Of my work and tasks in one place with Integrations to apps like Gmail to-do List Google calendar notion and so much More now I can successfully visualize my Day and properly plan tasks accordingly But if you are a fan of digital Templates I found this digital planner From hopspot that is perfect not only Does it help you visualize your day on a Daily and monthly basis but it even has A tab that helps you actually prioritize What needs to get done and when I don't Want to rumble on about this template so If you are interested I've dropped a Link in the description below so you can Check it out for yourself for time Blocking time blocking is a time Management technique that is so Effective because if you struggle with On focused execution especially when it Comes to your daily tasks implementing Time blocking which is simply dividing

Your day into smaller blocks for Specific tasks using a calendar will Help you focus and achieve more in some Way it's actually more effective than Having a to-do list because you will Achieve more when you Dev divide your Day into smaller blocks for specific Tasks my goal to calendar app is simply Google Calendar I don't know it just Works plus I love that you can integrate It into different apps as well honestly Blocking off certain time periods on Your calendar especially for focused Time helps ensure that you've minimized As much as possible any distractions the Goal isn't to plan every single second Of your day but rather to block time for Important activities at this point it's Important to mention and as you can tell That there isn't one to or hack to help Anyone overcome procrastination but Rather It's a combination of strategies That will help you procrastinate a lot Less and hopefully eventually never Procrastinate Again hey it's Jake again real quick are You a B2B marketer struggling to measure Your campaigns LinkedIn and its Marketing Partners have you covered from Real Time time analytics to attribution Reporting LinkedIn and its trusted Partners like HubSpot are transforming How you measure and optimize all of your Marketing efforts and here's something

New for you the LinkedIn Revenue Attribution report if you're using HubSpot or Salesforce or Dynamics as Your CRM you can now sync your CRM data To see the influence of your LinkedIn Campaigns on the sales pipeline check The link in the description for their Most recent ebook to see how marketers At businesses of all sizes are measuring The ROI from their campaigns now let's Get back to the video The final strategy is to find some time To actually do nothing and I know that Sounds really counterproductive but Honestly cramming every single free time You have with activities will only lead To procrastinating in the future it's Important to take some time to rest Recharge and even get bored that Weekly Reset is so important to helping us Maintain a healthy mind and body as well And if anything I've mentioned sparked Your interest I'll be sure to leave all Links in the description below so that You can start beating procrastination as Well all right that's it for this video And I'll catch you in the next one [Music]

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