The Only WhatsApp Business Tutorial You Will Ever Need (For Beginners)




The Only WhatsApp Business Tutorial You Will Ever Need (For Beginners)

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This video is your one-stop guide to using WhatsApp to grow your business. Tory will show you everything you need to know, from setting up your profile to engaging with customers and even exploring advanced features.

0:00 – Intro
0:07 – WhatsApp Business Setup
1:42 – Catalog Feature
2:26- Short Links
3:18 – WhatsApp Business Messaging Tools
4:04 – Custom Labeling
4:52 – How to Create a WhatsApp Channel
6:19 – Status Updates
6:45 – Advanced WhatsApp Features
8:09 – Business Example
8:42 – Biggest Whatsapp Mistakes

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I'm going to show you how you can use The top messaging app in the world to Boost your engagement optimize customer Support and drive sales for your Business it's time to craft a profile That will begin to boost your business Here you'll want to enter the specifics Of your business for example I'd enter Tor's hats as my brand name then add a Logo or photo that best represents your Business if you choose to go with a logo Remember to resize it for the circular Display the point is to become Immediately recognizable to customers And that can't happen if your logo is Awkwardly cropped so you want to choose An appropriate category so for my Business I would go with shopping and Retail and clothing store continue to Enhance your profile by adding your Shop's address website link and business Description your description is where You'll say what your business is and What makes it special there's a 139 Character limit so you'll want to keep It short if you're stuck here take a Breath and just focus on your unique Selling proposition tor's hats I'd say Exclusive hats unrivaled quality diverse Styles personalized for you tap at Business hours to let folks know when You're open while this may be simple Investing in this step can cut down on One of the biggest questions I know I

Personally ask businesses what are your Hours when are you open you can go for a Selected hours to specify opening times For each day always open if you're Operating all the time or by appointment For days when you're available for Appointments whichever you decide don't Forget to use the check boxes to select The days you're open in each template After making your selections click save To lock in your schedule from there just Toss in an email with your profile Looking good let's switch gears to speak On a feature that can transform the way Your customers discover and purchase Your products the catalog feature Showcases your products with names Prices and descriptions helping Customers easily recognize and learn About them to get started here just tap Tools catalog L add new item add a clear Photo of your product put in basic info Like name price and product description You can also choose to put in a website Link or item code these will let your Customers quickly access more details Make online purchases or reference Specific items for orders edit or delete Products Anytime by coming back to this Section keep your catalog updated with New arrivals and pricing changes with Your catalog now showcasing your amazing Products this next feature is like your Digital doorbell en customers to contact

You directly the short link feature Makes it simple for new customers to Message your business when potential Customers click on this link it'll open A chat directly with your business and Include a preset message this message is Meant to initiate conversation and could Lead to a high success rate in engaging Prospects the great thing is that a Short link for your business is Automatically generated when you created An account on the app you'll just want To tap tools and then short link here You can view your autogenerated link Link share it directly copy and paste it Onto your social media Pages or use a QR Code to give even faster access you also Have the option to edit the pre-filled Message that customers will send when They use the link a simple greeting like Hello I'm interested in your hack Collection will work perfectly here Automated messages are a lifesaver if You're an entrepreneur juggling multiple Tasks these are preset messages for Different scenarios your business may Run into there are three types your Greeting message is your virtual welcome To your new customers think of something Like welcome to tor's hats we're excited To help you find the perfect hat how can We assist you today your away message is For when your business is closed it Should provide reassurance and clear

Communication on when customers can Expect a response for example thanks for Reaching out to tor's hats we're Currently closed but we'll get back to You as soon as we're open and you can Set up quick replies for frequently Asked questions like can you customize Hats what are your store hours or an Order confirmation having answers to These questions ready to go reduces Friction and saves time now that we've Automated our greetings and responses Let's organize the chaos with labels Labels are the ultimate tool for keeping Your customer interactions neat and tidy They allow you to segment your contacts Into different lists just go to tools Scroll down and tap labels here you can Use some of their default label options Or if you have something a bit more Specific in mind you can create your own Like regular ERS custom orders or Promotions whenever you want to add Someone to your segmented group you can Click on the chat's name at the top to Access contact info scroll to labels and Add them to a group this level of Organization enables you to reach out More effectively to various customer Groups and their needs look at you Segmenting your contacts that effort is Invaluable for our next step Personalized messages build better One-on-one connections with customers

Boosting engagement and sales but how do You send a m message and still keep that Personal Touch WhatsApp lets you do this Easily through broadcast channels these Allow you to send a mass message to a Group while maintaining individual Engagement but be careful customers who Receive Mass messages and poorly filled Out templates are guaranteed to leave You on red to avoid this something as Simple as using a recipient's first name Can create a sense of familiarity and Make them feel valued so instead of Using a generic greeting like hello Everyone you can address each recipient By their first name or previous purchase But before sending out messages remember It's crucial to consider how you can Incorporate your business's unique Selling proposition into your messaging And find even more ways to tailor it to Your audience so if I have a group Labeled promotions knowing the Recipients are interested in exclusive Deals and special offers I tailor my Messaging to something like high get an Extra 10% off every custom hat order up To $200 you can also boost engagement Here by including images videos and Documents no matter how creative you Decide to get with your mixed media Messages make sure that each message Provides value to the customer whether It's informative promotional or service

Related the call to action should be Clear and direct another easy way to Generate attention on what'sapp for your Business is with status updates these Allow you to post timely and engaging Content like announcements sneak peeks And behind the- scenes glimp It's a low-lift way to keep your Audience engaged and informed with that Being said you can dig even deeper into What's that for business with our free HubSpot Academy course Master templates Lead generation and customer support Just click the link in the description To sign up now that we've got the basics Down let's explore some Advanced Features and tools designed to Streamline big tasks this is especially Important for large businesses handling A high volume of messaging first up is The WhatsApp business API this is a game Changer for businesses with larger Customer bases imagine managing Thousands of conversations effortlessly That's what the API brings to the table But what about integrating all this with Your existing systems here's where third Party tools come in integrating WhatsApp With a CRM system like HubSpot levels up Your customer management it synchronizes Your contact lists enables you to manage Conversations directly from the CRM Platform and tracks customer Interactions speaking of those customers

They don't want to have to to wait to Hear back from you as a matter of fact They expect an almost immediate response A study revealed that 71% of people Surveyed want to speak to companies in Real time if you're stressing out right Now thinking about how to get that task Done WhatsApp chat Bots and Autoresponders are the way to go they're Cost effective allow you to reach more Customers at the same time and increase Your ability to respond quickly in a Nutshell they can significantly improve Your customer support chat Bots handle Immediate repl replies to common Questions while autoresponders manage Customer expectations when live agents Aren't available by providing guidance And information about expected response Times okay so let's move from Theory to Practice and see the power of what's at For business in action Amaro a Pioneering online women's fashion Retailer from Brazil experimented with WhatsApp business as a messaging channel In 2019 they wanted to enhance pre- Purchase support customer care and Reduce costs since implementation they Saw a 58% reduction in phone support Costs a 93% customer satisfaction score And 92% of customer queries resolved on First contact with all that success in Mind let's talk about the other side of The coin here are some common mistakes

Your business should absolutely avoid When using Whatsapp mistake number one Over messaging businesses often make the Mistake of sending way too many messages To avoid this limit sending templates to No more than once per week unless it's For necessary account updates over Messaging can lead to customers opting Out or blocking your number which brings Us to mistake number two lack of optin Awareness make sure your marketing Messages are only sent to those who have Explicitly opted into receiving messages You must also provide a way for Consumers to opt out of your subscriber List at any time always include the Phrase to opt out reply stop with any Marketing message you send if you're Stuck on how to go about getting those Opt-ins I got you you can ask customers Directly in chat if they want updates From your business add a simple opt-in Form to your website or offer some old School paper signups in your store or at Your events easy and effective after Avoiding those common mistakes it's time To focus on Crafting a Content strategy That resonates and understanding how to Measure its impact a quick content Strategy hack is to create marketing Message templates these are ready to use Structures that you can use to speed up Your creative process process if you're Looking to increase your feedback

Response rate for example you could use This template hi it's been a few days Since your order was delivered could you Take a minute to tell us about your Experience you can create endless Templates for common situations just Make sure to customize them for each Campaign when it comes to measuring the Success of your campaign it can be Broken down into two parts set specific Objectives like driving sales during a Promotional period and track crucial Metrics these are things like rate of New subscription unsubscribed and Revenue generated this data will not Only measure the success of Tor Hat's Current WhatsApp campaigns but also Inform adjustments and improvements to Be made for future campaigns there you Have it we've covered everything from Setting up your profile to mastering Automated messaging and Beyond remember If used correctly what'sapp for business Is a game changer for personalized Customer interactions and efficient Business communication don't miss out on Our comprehensive what'sapp Business Course to take your business strategy to The next level as always subscribe to The channel for more insights tips and Tools until next time Bye-bye I can't find this client info Have you heard of HubSpot HubSpot is a CRM platform so it shares its data

Across every application every team can Stay aligned no out of sync spreadsheets Or dueling databases HubSpot grow Better

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