My NEW LinkedIn business growth strategy (with Natasha Vilaseca)




My NEW LinkedIn business growth strategy (with Natasha Vilaseca)

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Get ready to skyrocket your LinkedIn growth in 2024! In this video, LinkedIn consultant Natasha Vasa shares the secrets to building a powerful personal profile, optimizing for maximum visibility, and expanding your network strategically

To grow fast on LinkedIn in 2024, prioritize creating strong personal profiles for key individuals within your company, optimizing your profile with attention-grabbing visuals and relevant keywords, and actively growing your network by connecting with relevant people and engaging with their content.

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My name is Natasha Vasa and I am a LinkedIn consultant I am going to be Contributing to hubspot's YouTube Channel with a few videos on LinkedIn Lead generation today we're going to be Going over how you can grow fast on LinkedIn in 2024 and the secret ways in Which you can boost your LinkedIn Business page step one is to create your LinkedIn business page now when I say Business page a lot of people assume That I'm speaking about the company page But the people are the company so I Think it's actually more important to Focus on anybody who's a key decision Maker the founders anybody who is Customer facing to have a really strong Personal profile when you actually focus On the key people within the company Instead of the company page you Essentially end up with multiple landing Pages that potential prospects might Land on that will convert them into Buying a product or a service instead of Just one Hub like this company page with No people on it and just boring articles So focus on the people people make sure That everybody sets up their profile Correctly when you actually go to set up A LinkedIn profile LinkedIn will walk You through all of the main steps in Order to complete it now this wouldn't Be a great video without a free resource So HubSpot of bringing a free resource

For you guys for this particular video Which is called the complete LinkedIn Playbook your guide to mastering Network And growth this guide goes through Everything from how you can set up your Profile which we just went over in Step Number one through to creating content How you can get found on LinkedIn Different networking strategies and also Best practices for Success I used to binge watch LinkedIn Content on YouTube and I would just Watch all these different videos not Even just LinkedIn content sales content Marketing content just trying to consume As much information to help me get Started with my business and I actually Realized it was just a form of Procrastinating from taking action I Would consume the content and not Actually put into play anything that I Was learning or taking away from that Video so I want you to either pause this Video now to make sure that you download This resource actually read through it And just create a folder on your desktop Of the resources that you can download And make sure that you refer to those When you're setting up your strategy and Implementing all of these best practices So once again this guide is completely Free you don't need to pay anything just Click on the link in the description Download it and you're good to go so

Let's move on to step number two Optimizing your profile if you've ever Watched any of my content I think I go On about this maybe like every other Video but it's it's the landing page It's the first impression that people Are going to get of you and just as the First impression in real life is the Most important thing it's the same when It comes to your LinkedIn profile you Want to make sure that you maximize the Visual attention grabbing elements of Your profile so for example the first Thing that people are going to look at Is your face so in your profile photo Make sure that you try and fill that Circle with at least like 60% of it Being your face where people can clearly See your eyes like don't wear sunglasses Or anything like covering you up in your Face next is the banner a lot of people Leave this empty which I find like Strange like why not fill it up it's Free advertising space and you can put Anything in here from social proof to Company logo to your services to Anything um if you need any help with The banner if you get a little bit Confused on like how to position the Visual elements or maybe you're just not Big into graphic design you can either Hire a freelancer like Anywhere else or go on to this Is what I recommend to all of my clients you can type in LinkedIn Banner and it will give you a template With the correct Dimensions now aside From your name the next thing that you Want to be top of mind for people when They think about you or the industry That you work in is your headline so It's what you do who you help and how You help them like what's your USB For example I give you one of mine Helping B2B businesses generate leads on LinkedIn using social selling 30 plus New appointments per month without being Salesy and that's telling people exactly What they need to know in a nutshell About me so my ideal prospects will Either resonate with that or they won't And that's how you want to kind of build An attention grabbing headline for Yourself so just brainstorm some Different ideas um pick the best one and Maybe even split test it and switch it Up after a few months and see if you Notice any difference in acceptance of Your connection requests and stuff like That step number three is your about Section now writing your profile as if It's a CV is something that we left a Long time ago and now we want to present You as someone who is compelling with a Story with good experience and someone Who's capable of helping your ideal Prospect when they land on your profile What we want to do with your about

Section to ensure that your profile gets Found by the right people is working on Your SEO so to improve your SEO ranking Within linkedin's search for your Profile we want to focus on keywords I Would recommend just creating a list of 10 keywords that are relevant to your Industry so for example for me lead Generation B2B LinkedIn sales Navigator Consulting all of those words are things That I'm going to put throughout my Profile and as many times as possible Without it being too much so that my Profile gets found found by people who Are searching for Consultants like me a Quick hack is to look at the website of The company that you work for or you own And have a look through the website copy Because generally when you click on the Who are we or what we do or the homepage There will be a few paragraphs or one Paragraph on what the company does who They help and it will be full of all of These keywords that you need to find to Also add into your profile number four Is making sure that you add your Experience at the bottom of your profile Make sure that you don't just add the Company that you worked for in the time Period but also descriptions and again This is going to be for SEO so just add In your keywords detailed descriptions In here and then you're pretty much good To go phase three is growing your

Audience and here are three quick ways That you can get started doing this and Some best practices that are going to Get you well on your way past those 500 Plus connections and also on your way to Getting some influential key figures Within your network as well number one This is like the easiest thing is you Can just import your contacts from email Or a few different sources and then add All of your colleagues anybody that you Know who's in the same industry and also Follow or try to connect with any Influencers within your industry so Anybody in the space that's going to be Posting relevant content that will help You stay ahead of the curve and stay Ahead of Market insights everything That's happening stuff like that number Two is to make sure that you send out Your 100 connection requests every Single week if you are sending these out Monday to Friday which is what I would Recommend a lot of people aren't on LinkedIn on Saturday and Sunday this Works out at 20 per day so 20 per day Gives you 100 per week every day set Aside like 20 30 minutes just to focus On LinkedIn to send out these Personalized connection requests to the Right target audience and you will Steadily start to see growth hey it's Jake again real quick are you a B2B Marketer struggling to measure your

Campaigns LinkedIn and its marketing Partners have you covered from real-time Analytics to attribution reporting LinkedIn and its trusted Partners like HubSpot are transforming how you measure And optimize all of your marketing Efforts and here's something new for you The LinkedIn Revenue attribution report If you're using HubSpot or Salesforce or Dynamics as your CRM you can now sync Your CRM data to see the influence of Your LinkedIn campaigns on sales Pipeline check the link in the Description for their most recent ebook To see how marketers at businesses of All sizes are measuring the ROI from Their campaigns now let's get back to The video step number three is to post Content consistently sometimes this can Feel a little bit defeating if you're Posting content and you're getting no Engagement and you're putting in that Effort but what you can do to double Your chances that you're going to Increase your exposure is by also going To find other thought leaders industry Leaders in influencers colleagues people That you know and leaving comments under Their content I would normally leave a Compliment like say something that I Like about the content that they posted And then maybe ask a question or add Some value or all three even better and This way you can get the author to

Engage back with your com comment and if You've also given value and it's Relevant to your industry other people That follow this person will then be More likely to see you click on your Profile maybe send your connection Request or engage with your content as Well that is everything for today's Video I hope you took notes and just a Reminder to make sure that you click on The link in the description to download The free resource and also make sure That you turn on notifications for this Channel so you can get updates when we Post part two in this LinkedIn Series Where I'm going to be going over the Best LinkedIn lead generation strategy For 2024 with a step-by-step process of Exactly how to do that A [Music]

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