My BEST LinkedIn Strategy for Lead Generation (w/ Natasha Vilaseca)




My BEST LinkedIn Strategy for Lead Generation (w/ Natasha Vilaseca)

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If you’re in B2B sales and not leveraging LinkedIn, you’re leaving money on the table. Today, we’re diving into a killer LinkedIn strategy that will boost your lead generation in just 4 simple steps!

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Data separates the top 1% of salespeople from the rest. Start optimizing your profile and strategy today to see real results!

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Hi guys welcome back this is part two of The LinkedIn series my name is Natasha Veka and I am a LinkedIn lead generation Consultant if you haven't watched part One today we're going to be going over How you can grow fast on LinkedIn in 2024 and the secret ways in which you Can boost your LinkedIn business page go And watch that now because part two Follows on from this in today's video I'm going to be showing you how to build The best LinkedIn Le generation strategy For 2024 so make sure that you grab Something to take notes with and let's Get started one of the main questions That I get asked a lot is what separates The top 1% of salespeople from the rest The answer is data and throughout this Video I'm going to be going over four Different simple steps that you can Implement straight away to make data Work for you and to also approach it in A way that's less intimidating so you Feel confident to jump onto LinkedIn and Start generating leads as soon as Possible number one is your LinkedIn Profile having your LinkedIn profile set Up is the most important step because it Is the landing page and the landing page Is where interest is peaked and where Conversions are hopefully going to come Off the back end of it when we look at Your profile you want to split it into Three different sections to make it easy

The top profile which are the visual Elements where we have your profile Photo and the banner your headline then We have the mid section which is your About section which we want to make make Keyword heavy with a call to action in That as well remember to tell people What to do in terms of like the next Step to getting in touch with you and Then we have the final section of the Profile at the bottom which is your Recommendations and your work experience So adding in detailed descriptions of Your previous experience and then Getting 5 to 10 recommendations from Current clients or previous clients so That you're not the only person on your Profile talking about how great you are You have 10 other people to back you up With extra social proof so me and HubSpot actually had conversations about This and we wanted to create some Special resources for you that would be Specifically based on the content in These videos now this is a resource that If it existed when I first started out And needed it it would have changed my Life I had the most basic Google sheet Content planner in the world and HubSpot Has gone through all of this effort to Create a step-by-step content planner With everything that you could possibly Need and a talk through of exactly how To use it so inside the planner you can

See you have the different tabs at the Bottom we have the LinkedIn schedule the Content bank and then LinkedIn breast Practices which are mainly just Reminders in the content Bank you can Brainstorm different ideas of all the Different pieces of content you want to Create I would recommend even like Frontloading this and doing 30 days at a Time so once a month you sit down and Let's say you create three pieces of Content for each week so you have 12 Pieces of content write out all of the Ideas the titles the brainstorms and Then once you've done that you can add It into the schedule and plan out Exactly what day you want to post on What time if you're posting for and then We have the topics and then the hashtags And any links that you're going to put In the post quick reminder do not add a Link into your post add it in beneath as A comment because adding it in the post Itself will harm the SEO and the reach Of your content piece so this is today's Resource make sure that you either pause This video now and go and download it or Grab it at the end before you leave make A copy add it to your drive and use this Every day because having the strategy is One thing but actually applying it and Then tracking how effective your Strategy is is going to be what Separates you from success to failure

Moving swiftly on to number two which is Content now when it comes to content I Would rather see high quality content in A smaller frequency then content like 20 Times a day low quality so focus on your Quality instead of your quantity and Think about Value First how can you Actually help somebody's day if you were Were a potential client and you saw your Post on the Main feed would you stop Would you save that post would you Interact with it would you think thank God somebody wrote this post cuz I Really needed that answer if the answers Are no to any of those questions then The post probably isn't good enough and It's better to go back to the the Drawing board and come up with another Post when it comes to the types of posts There's lots of different types articles Photos with a caption short form text Long form text short form video long Form video and what I would recommend Doing is maybe starting with the type of Content that you're most comfortable With at first and mixing it up a little Bit and at the end of every week just Make a note inside the content planner Of how many likes comments like Engagements over all that your post got And then at the end of the month you can Go and actually review that and this is Where the data comes into play you can See what's performing the best so

Instead of you being skewed by like Personally what you enjoy posting about If your audience is saying that they Love long form written post and short Form video you should be pushing out More of that so let the audience tell You what they like and then let that Guide your content strategy in the right Direction step three and this is Something that is so obvious when you State it but the key to engagement is Engaging if you expect to receive all of These likes and comments and shares and Questions and compliments and all of These things on your content why would You not increase the chances of that Happening by doing it to other people to What you give you shall receive it's Kind of like content Karma um I would Spend time every single day even if it's 5 to 10 minutes of just going through People in your space key influencers People that you know people in your team Te colleagues relevant industry thought Leaders and just leaving valuable Comments and this is also going to Increase your chances that everybody Else who is viewing this person's post Might see your name in the comments and If you've added on more value that Person is more likely to click onto your Profile have your name top of mind and Maybe send you a connection request or Engage with your content hey it's Jake

Again real quick are you a B2B marketer Struggling to measure your campaigns LinkedIn and its marketing Partners have You covered from realtime analytics to Attribution reporting LinkedIn and its Trusted Partners like HubSpot are Transforming how you measure and Optimize all of your marketing efforts And here's something new for you the LinkedIn Revenue attribution report if You're using HubSpot or Salesforce or Dynamics as your CRM you can now sync Your CRM data to see the influence of Your LinkedIn campaigns on the sales Pipeline check the link in the Description for their most recent ebook To see how marketers at businesses of All sizes are measuring the ROI from Their campaigns now let's get back to The video step four is data which I got A little bit over excited about Throughout the rest of this video so I've kind of covered this a little bit Already but just make sure that you set Aside some time every single week Analyze all of the performance of your Content every month have a look and Review the weekly analysis that you've Done and use that to then think about The direction that your content strategy Is going to go in because you could end Up if you didn't do this you could just Just post for 365 days and be posting Stuff that's just not working and what

Is the point cuz it's going to be a loss Of time and a loss of potential profit So make sure that you analyze the data Use the content plan that we went Through download it in the description And start putting everything that you've Learned in these two videos to good use I hope you learned a lot make sure that You follow this Channel and give it a Thumbs up and also leave any questions That you have in the comments or any Just like nice things you have to say Leave in the comments as well thank you For watching [Music] [Music]

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