I Paid the Top Rated Pros on Fiverr for THIS Website.




I Paid the Top Rated Pros on Fiverr for THIS Website.

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I found the top rated pros on Fiverr and hired them to design and create copy for a local business website. In this video, I’m sharing my experience working with these Fiverr freelancers, and you’ll get to see the business owner’s reaction first hand. The result may surprise you!

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Okay well I'm not gonna make you wait Any longer check out your new website Um Getting a new website can be Unpredictable even when you pay a lot For it so I want to find out if any Small business owner regardless of their Website marketing knowledge can get a Truly great website for their business Without a crazy price tag attached and Without months of searching waiting and Revisions using nothing but fiverr.com And know before you ask this is not Sponsored in fact I'm actually going to Be putting up my own money for this Little experiment the game is simple I'm Going to choose one lucky or possibly Unlucky business from my YouTube Audience then I'm gonna pay out of Pocket to higher fiverr's top rated Website copywriter to write the best Home page and their top rated web Designer to turn that copy into a Functional nicely designed website That's actually live and online and I'm Just going to choose the ones with the Best reviews and trust them to do what They do best only providing them with What they ask me for because while I Know all too well what goes into a Successful website the average small Business owner doesn't so I wanted this Test to really closely mimic how this Would go without someone like me getting

In the way of the process and no I'm not Going to let the pros in on the game When I hire them as far as they know This is just any other job in the end I'm going to reveal the final price tag But the real test here is going to be Whether or not the finished website is Actually good enough for our real Business owners to want to use it Instead of what they have now Or did I just waste money on a site that Isn't good enough to see the light of Day so who did I choose is our guinea Pig in this little test I got a lot of entries from you guys but I ended up picking this one Vegas bees Is a Humane bee removal service that Relocates the bees rather than killing Them we'll put them in a beehive box and Then we'll take them to one of our Apiaries where they continue to live in Their happy life that's that's amazing And because the world needs bees Is the alliance with the bees that I Share my rooftop patio with I knew this Was the website that needed my help the Most so I asked Pete and Betsy what they Liked about their current website and it Came down to one main message that they Wanted to keep a lot of the information About saving bees and getting the Message out what we do and this is the Better way than calling an exterminator We really want to focus on that they

Also told me that they think their Current wording is you know on the Amateurish side so they wanted to amp up The professionalism and Trust factors But they wanted to keep their more Quirky side intact with the redo so Knowing that gives me what I need to get Things going with phase one of this Little experiment which is choosing and Hiring the best copywriter for the job Okay so then when it's all finished I'm Going to show you guys the finished site And then it's your decision to make if It's up to par for you to either use it Or not sound good awesome can't wait to See it okay I really like these guys and I want to see them succeed so the Pressure is really on me now to find the Perfect writer So I'm here on fiverr.com and if you Don't know about the site it's basically Just a Marketplace for Freelancers and You know pretty much any category you Can think of but The quality is all over the place in my Experience So the best way that I can think of to Choose is to just put my trust in the Reviews that other people have left and I also think it's a good idea to search For Freelancers who are designated as Pro verified so you'll just want to go To fiverr.com Pro then you can do a Search for website sales copy so why are

We even hiring a writer at all here you Might have opened this video thinking That we're just gonna hire a talented Designer and that's all we need right Well for any good designer to create a Good site they really need to be Starting with the words because believe It or not the words or the copy on your Website or what's going to sell you or Sync you all the beautiful design in the World won't help you if you're not Starting off with something compelling To say and unless you know how to come Up with that on your own this might be a Really cost effective way of hiring a Trained professional so hopefully that's Exactly what we'll find here now I'm Looking through these listings and it Can be hard to know who to choose right Well like I said I'm going to be looking For options with a perfect five star Rating as well as a high number of those Five star reviews I'm also going to Factor in the descriptions just to make Sure it's what we're looking for which Is sales focused copywriting for Conversions if it's mentioning SEO Optimized copy that's something Completely different so I'm going to be Ignoring those so this one looks like a Solid Choice a perfect 5 star rating With 85 reviews and checking him out on His listing I can see he's got three Different packages and it's based on the

Number of words And going through the current Vegas B's Website and applying my best judgment on What the new version needs I actually Think our best bet is going to be a Mostly single page website that lays Everything out right on the home page so Given that I think we probably need the Premium option here which is going to Give us a really strong 1200 word Homepage and that should be plenty to Give out all the important information And to have enough good quality content For Google to latch onto for searches Now your site may need more pages and You would just need to factor that into Your choices here I just think this Particular business is easily explained In a single page okay so I just ordered This and then after I paid it's asking Me to provide some basic info on the Business to get them started and boy is It basic Going through these questions my first Reaction is that this is putting way too Much on me as a business owner basically Making me tell you what I need when Maybe I don't know what I need right I Mean that's what a good web Pro is Supposed to bring to the table they're Supposed to ask smaller questions that Will help them piece all the written Content together in whatever way will be Most compelling and persuasive to the

Reader but this is asking some basic Questions about the business and about Who the ideal customer is but beyond That it's pretty much asking me to list Out the pages in this case it's just the Home page and then to tell them what Should go on that page I don't know man you tell me ideally What I would expect here would be for Him to want to schedule even a 15-minute Zoom consultation where it could be more Of a conversation where he can extract What he needs to get out of me as the Business owner so that he knows what to Write or at the very least a much more Detailed questionnaire here I'd expect To see questions here like what problems Do your customers come to you to help Them solve uh how do you solve it is That solution unique what features does Your service include that would be Beneficial to your clients that sort of Stuff but in the spirit of not Micromanaging this project myself I Literally just filled it in the way a Typical business owner might who's not Necessarily super Savvy about what Should go on their website so at this Moment I don't have a whole lot of Confidence that this is gonna go that Well so um let's just see what we get Okay so it's just been a few days and I Got the draft back for the homepage copy I gotta say it's not what I was

Expecting So based on what I filled out I thought it wouldn't be enough to write A really good page but I'll admit it I Was wrong and it's actually really good It's got all the solid information that Conveys why bee rescue is better than Extermination it has some persuasive Benefits and it's even written with a Lot of Personality remember they wanted To keep some quirkiness and it's even Got some dad jokes sprinkled in there no Homeowner wants to take a one-way trip To Singapore I mean come on and if there Was anything that's not right it would Probably be easily solved in just one Round of revisions but I think we're Good to get onto the next phase here Which is choosing the best designer who Can take these words and give a good Shape to them so we're back here on Fiverr.com Pro and this time I'm gonna Search for a custom Elementor website so I could have just said custom WordPress Website but I actually specifically want Someone who's going to make it with Elementor because that's going to make It really easy for anyone to go in and Make small tweaks to it which I think is Super important so there are actually Lots of seemingly good options here with Five star reviews and lots of them but Immediately I'm going to start Eliminating people who have less than 100 reviews and anyone who mentions that

It's for e-commerce since we don't Really need that and you know anyone Whose work just looks amateurish and I'm Also going to do some price filtering Too so this option looks pretty solid to Me and he's also got a perfect five star Record with nearly 1 000 reviews not to Mention his work samples look pretty Good and so his basic package will be Plenty for our one-page website plus Blog section so I like couldn't see Let's do it okay so I just ordered and I Did confirm with him that he is going to Be using uh Elementor to build the site Out which is great and of course he Requested some basic info including that Copy document colors we like as well as Sample websites that we like for Reference and inspiration and that's Actually super important because if you Don't give this random designer anything To go on they'll probably make you Something super random and where most Businesses actually go wrong here is They just start looking at their Competition for inspiration and those Websites are probably at least 10 years Old so you're basically starting from Behind what I like to do instead for Current website inspiration is go to a Website called themeforest.com and just Go down that rabbit hole for a while Just start looking at all the different Sites and I just bookmark the websites

That I think would be a great starting Point in terms of colors uh layouts Image Styles whatever I gravitate toward The most So I actually found a few on behalf of Vegas bees and these are the two that They liked best so I filled out the rest Of the questionnaire and now we just Wait to see what they come up with Okay I just got the alert that the home Page is ready so let's just take a look Together okay so they're using the hero Image I asked them to because you know It's always a good idea to show the Happy result of your service over you Know in the weeds image like if we Showed bees or B's being removed that's Really not what people want to see Necessarily but the problem here is that This image really just doesn't connect With the headline yet so we might want To tweak it to say something like take Your yard back with Las Vegas beer Removal and rescue something to just Bridge the gap here but anyway I'm not Sure why this section's broken off from The hero it really should be up here I Feel like I'd rather see this section Treated as two separate ones and this Beekeeper 3D image just really isn't Doing it for me um overall I feel like I'm underwhelmed with this Design to be honest Um it does not feel like it takes the

Inspiration sites into account very much It just feels very very basic and before I show it to Pete and Betsy I do want to Give the designer one more shot to get It right but the good news is here Unlimited revisions are included with This particular designer so I do think That if I can just let him know it isn't Working for me hopefully he can fix it Pretty quickly Okay it's been another couple days and We've got the revision back so it's Definitely better we've updated this Headline to match the photo behind it And you can see that the colors are just More in line with the example website That we gave them it feels a little bit More special than the first version did I think but it doesn't really matter What I think will Pete and Betsy at Vegas bees like their new site enough to Replace the current one with this new Version or did I just weigh 1600 bucks Let's find out I'm actually a little bit Nervous Are you guys excited to see how this Turned out very excited these past two Weeks have been rough we've been dying To see it so bad okay well I'm not gonna Make you wait any longer check out your New website How are you feeling Um intrigued Um the picture that's chosen is

Interesting as far as a one-page website Like how this is set up I I think it Looks great I know the page we had was Very long and this is more to the point And I like it I like the white space I Like how clean it looks I think it's a Win anything you don't like no it's it's Only going to be maybe two or three Things a picture or two might change but As far as I I love the hero section ah They liked it they're probably gonna Make a few revisions with the designer But in the end they've decided to use it So what did it end up costing me I paid One thousand twelve dollars and eighty Cents for the copywriting and 522.23 for the design for a grand total Of one thousand five hundred thirty five And three cents for a single page Website plus a Blog section so was it Worth it for what we got I think I would Classify this as a modest success for The price point on one hand we got some Pretty great copy for the home page but Overall I was less happy with the design And yeah I did pay double for the copy Because in my opinion the copies at Least twice as important so I would take Stellar copy with a mediocre design over Bad copy and a great design any day and Keep in mind this is only for one page Granted the home page is generally going To be your most intensive one so if you Were to add in you know an about us page

Pricing FAQs for instance those pages Wouldn't likely cost you nearly as much But it's definitely worth bearing in Mind So what could have made this more of a Win in my book well for starters I might Have actually hired a different designer But it's hard to know that before you've Already gotten back the finished product So I think that I'd be more careful to Choose someone who Brands themselves as Definitely more of a designer than a Developer so I think that's what went a Little sideways here I get the idea that He's more on the it developer side than The Creative Design side which explains A lot of the painfully basic choices he Made here In terms of copywriting this particular Writer just so happened to knock it out Of the park but I honestly don't know How with that questionnaire so I Wouldn't count on getting that lucky Yourself so it would really help to walk Into that hiring process with a really Good grasp on what kind of content you Need just in case they don't pull it out Of you with their questions and I've got You covered in that department with my Free on-demand masterclass so I'm going To show you what pages you need and what Needs to go on those pages so you can Either do it completely yourself or You'll at least know what to ask for if

You decide to hire it out so click right Here to save your spot and I will show You everything you need to make your Website an automated client generating Machine click right here and I'll see in A second

Internet Marketing Basics: Tips That Will Change Your Game

For many people starting a new business or seeking to advertise their existing business, internet marketing is the most efficient and cost effective method to pursue your goals. However, finding a reputable consultant and becoming well versed enough in the industry to understand what you are looking for is often cumbersome. This article seeks to provide you with the requisite information you need to market your business on the internet.

Post a video on a video website. These sites to view videos are some of the most popular sites on the Internet, and you only build your business when you post a video that will reach so many eyes. Your video is easy to share and will reach a lot of prospective clients.

There are a lot of free e-books and videos available on the internet to learn about internet marketing. Take your time and learn about these methods. If you have the resources, consider hiring someone to do an internet marketing campaign for you. You can research the credibility of the person you want to hire by asking them to provide you with a portfolio of past internet marketing experience.

Remember to try to test out your internet marketing before you launch it. You may think it is awesome yet the general public may not respond correctly. Or you may have used a word that niche markets no longer consider timely. Or you may have indirectly left out significant keywords. Ask for feedback through compensated crowd- sourcing or simply ask your friends if it is direct and understandable.

Internet marketing is not only the most efficient and cost effective method for marketing your business, as print ads fade it will be absolutely necessary to engage it for your business to survive. If you apply the tips and familiarize yourself with the advice from this article, you will be poised to venture forward with your business in the world of internet marketing.

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